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Not just funny: Satirical news has serious political effects
PHYS.ORG Satirical news programs, often dismissed as mere entertainment, have real political effects on the people who watch them, new research suggests. 55 minutes
Not just funny: Satirical news has serious political effects
SCIENCE DAILY Satirical news programs, often dismissed as mere entertainment, have real political effects on the people who watch them, new research suggests. A study found that people chose satirical news that... 5 hours
As Trump takes office, there appears to be little hope of bringing people together, VCU political scientist says
PHYS.ORG As Donald Trump is sworn in today at noon as the 45th president of... 11 hours
trump administration assigns first political appointees to nasa Trump administration assigns first political appointees to NASA
SPACE NEWS NASA Associate Administrator Robert Lightfoot formally took over as acting administrator of NASA Jan. 20 as the new Trump administration... 24 hours
Global leaders announce launch of new council to help eradicate malaria
NEWS MEDICAL Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Ray Chambers, the United Nations Secretary-General's Special Envoy for Health in Agenda 2030 and for... 3 days
In Photos: Destruction of Iconic Monuments at Ancient City of Palmyra
LIVE SCIENCE New satellite images show that further destruction has occurred at Palmyra since the ancient Syrian city was retaken by ISIS last month. 3 days
ISIS Damages Iconic Monuments in Ancient Syrian City, Reports Say
LIVE SCIENCE New satellite images suggest ISIS has committed further destruction at the ancient site of Palmyra. 3 days
Europe cold front endangers 23,000 child migrants: UNICEF
PHYS.ORG More than 23,000 child refugees and migrants could risk respiratory infections, "even death from hypothermia," due to sub-freezing temperatures across Europe, warned the UN children's fund UNICEF on Friday. 3 days
Empathy, respect for one another critical to ease political polarization, sociologist says
PHYS.ORG The unprecedented level of political division in the United States has been worrisome to many Americans, but bridging that gap is not an impossible... 3 days
Trump steps into security bubble; will he bring his phone?
PHYS.ORG A few hours after President-elect Donald Trump was briefed by intelligence officials about Russian meddling in the election, an Associated Press reporter called his cellphone seeking an interview. 4 days
Spain arrests Russian wanted by US for alleged hacking
PHYS.ORG Spanish officials say a Russian computer programmer wanted by the United States on hacking allegations has been jailed while a decision is made on whether to extradite him. 4 days
Islamic radicalization in Central Asia is not one-dimensional, scholar says
PHYS.ORG As Turkish authorities have arrested an Uzbek man as the alleged gunman accused of killing 39 people on New Year's Day at an Istanbul nightclub, a University of... 4 days
From offense to defense in ecology and politics
PHYS.ORG As online social networks grow, it gets easier to turn our own social circles into echo chambers of the like-minded or heated debates across ideological divides, as we please. In a working... 5 days
US contributes $500 million to UN Green Climate Fund
PHYS.ORG The outgoing Barack Obama administration announced Tuesday a contribution of half a billion dollars to the UN Green Climate Fund, just three days before Donald Trump takes over the White... 6 days
E-waste in East and Southeast Asia jumps 63 percent in five years
PHYS.ORG The volume of discarded electronics in East and Southeast Asia jumped almost two-thirds between 2010 and 2015, and e-waste generation is growing fast in... 1 week
Building London's Houses of Parliament helped create clean-air laws
SCIENCE DAILY Britain's dazzling Houses of Parliament building, constructed from 1840 until 1870, is an international icon. But the building's greatest legacy may be something politicians and tourists don't think about much:... 2 weeks
Russia Jammed Your Satellites? US Military Develops Undersea Network as Backup
LIVE SCIENCE DARPA's 'plan B' for tactical military communications is a high-speed, fiber-optic network on the high seas. 2 weeks
Russia Jammed Your Satellites? US Military Develops Undersea Network as Backup
SPACE.COM DARPA's 'plan B' for tactical military communications is a high-speed, fiber-optic network on the high seas. 2 weeks
[Perspective] A matter of tree longevity
Science Magazine There is much scientific and political interest in using the transfer of carbon from the atmosphere to the biosphere, or carbon sequestration, to help mitigate the greenhouse effect (1). Because plants fix carbon dioxide (CO2) by... 2 weeks
[Editorial] Global clean energy in 2017
Science Magazine During the November 2016 Climate Change Conference in Marrakesh, much talk centered on implementation of the political commitments made in Paris in 2015. Governments are now focused on putting their words into action as they prepare... 2 weeks
Research shows how rebuilding Britain's Houses of Parliament in the 1800s helped create clean-air laws
PHYS.ORG Britain's dazzling Houses of Parliament building, constructed from 1840 until 1870, is an international icon. But the building's... 2 weeks
Scientists launch project to tackle global 'clean cold' challenge
PHYS.ORG Scientists from the University of Birmingham have launched a major research project to investigate how 'clean cold' could help to achieve almost all of the United Nations' (UN) global Sustainable... 2 weeks
How far do invasive species travel?
SCIENCE DAILY As a result of the globalization of trade and transport, in the past decades, tens of thousands of species have spread into regions where they were not originally at home. Potentially serious consequences of this include... 2 weeks
How far do invasive species travel?
PHYS.ORG As a result of the globalization of trade and transport, in the past decades, tens of thousands of species have spread into regions where they were not originally at home. Potentially serious consequences of this include... 2 weeks
First-time UN gathering aims to delve into using data
PHYS.ORG More than 100 countries don't keep accurate counts of births and deaths. More than 70 don't have robust data on poverty. There's a dearth of accurate, comparable figures on the... 2 weeks
Moralistic thinking on political left, right not so different
PHYS.ORG Sacred thinking isn't limited to political conservatives, according to a new report from researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Winnipeg. 2 weeks
Average people can make a difference on global challenges, says researcher
PHYS.ORG Amid uncertainty about how President-elect Donald Trump's administration will address climate change and the Paris Agreement struck last spring, many of those concerned about climate change... 2 weeks
Cyber experts report 'chasing ghosts' after US warning
PHYS.ORG After the U.S. government disclosed its first technical report publicly connecting Russia's intelligence services to U.S. hacking, the phones started ringing inside cybersecurity firm Rendition Infosec LLC. 2 weeks
China's Huawei sets high goal for US, global market
PHYS.ORG The top executive of number three smartphone maker Huawei on Wednesday laid out an ambitious agenda for the US and global markets, brushing aside political issues that have hampered the... 3 weeks
Higher pay no enticement to blue-collar politicians, study finds
PHYS.ORG Contrary to popular belief, increasing politicians' paychecks is not likely to encourage more working-class people to run for office, new research from Duke University finds. 3 weeks
Using the statistics of disorder to unravel real-world chaos
PHYS.ORG What do election polls, hospital records, and the Syrian conflict have in common? How can a hospital use a patient's vital signs to calculate their risk of cardiac arrest in... 3 weeks
Brexit, Trump and 'post-truth'—the science of how we become entrenched in our views
PHYS.ORG Finally a new year is here after the most politically divisive 12 months in a very long time. In the UK, Brexit... 3 weeks
Tech outlook dampened by political uncertainty
PHYS.ORG As tech industry leaders gather for an annual extravaganza showcasing hot new products, political uncertainty is casting a cloud over the sector. 3 weeks
Learning German In The Name Of Science And Cross-Cultural Collaboration
NPR Ninety young Syrian refugees are teaming up with neuroscientists in Leipzig to figure out the quickest and best way to teach German as a second language. Vocabulary first,... 3 weeks
Lessons in trust from America's experience with electronic voting
PHYS.ORG It reads like a Hollywood movie. Elite hackers, allegedly sponsored by the Russian government, infiltrate the computer systems of the Democratic National Committee. Thousands of emails are stolen and published... 3 weeks
US gives detailed look at Russia's alleged election hacking
PHYS.ORG The U.S. has released its most detailed report yet on accusations that Russia interfered in the U.S. presidential election by hacking American political sites and email accounts. 4 weeks
Rampant narcissism and social cheating – the importance of teaching social evolutionary mechanisms
PHYS.ORG As socioeconomic inequality grows,  the publicly acknowledged importance of traits such as honesty, loyalty, self-sacrifice, and reciprocity appears to have fallen out... 4 weeks
Hard-wired: The brain's circuitry for political belief
SCIENCE DAILY When people's political beliefs are challenged, their brains become active in areas that govern personal identity and emotional responses to threats, neuroscientists have found. 1 month
Hard-wired: The brain's circuitry for political belief
PHYS.ORG A USC-led study confirms what seems increasingly true in American politics: People become more hard-headed in their political beliefs when provided with contradictory evidence. 1 month
Turkey briefly restricts internet after release of IS video
PHYS.ORG Turkey restricted access to social media websites for several hours after the Islamic State group released a video purportedly showing two Turkish soldiers being burned alive, as Turkish warplanes on... 1 month
Swat team: scientists track humongous number of flying bugs
REUTERS WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Counting the number of bugs whizzing high overhead annually may seem all but impossible, but researchers in Britain have completed the most comprehensive tally ever conducted. And... 1 month
UN Will Take on 'Killer Robots' in 2017
LIVE SCIENCE International pressure mounts for a preemptive ban on lethal autonomous weapons systems. 1 month
Mass insect migrations in UK skies
PHYS.ORG As Britain voted for Brexit amid furious debate over migration, trillions of migrants were coming and going, unseen by all but the sharpest eyes. 1 month
Bold steps needed to protect global standing of UK science, says Lords report
NEWS MEDICAL Bold steps are needed to ensure UK science has a prominent place in the global economy after Brexit, says a Lords report... 1 month
China: Carbon dioxide footprint of wealthy households reaches European level
SCIENCE DAILY Between 2007 and 2012 the overall carbon dioxide footprint of Chinese households increased by 19 per cent. 75 per cent of this gain can be attributed to increased... 1 month
Above and beyond megathrusts—draining pore fluids dampens earthquake tremors
PHYS.ORG While metamorphic reactions in subducting slabs liberate large amounts of fluids, low-frequency earthquakes (LFE) largely occur beneath the impermeable, un-metamorphosed overlying plate, and are rarely found beneath metamorphosed plates. Scientists... 1 month
Globetrotting Vikings: The Raiding of Ireland
HISTORY Ireland appeared to be an easy target for the Vikings, but the politically fractured island’s apparent weakness turned out to be its greatest strength. 1 month
Without these ads, there wouldn't be money in fake news
PHYS.ORG It's never been easier to launch a wildly profitable online media empire. Whether you're an aspiring mommy blogger or political pundit, $10 gets you a URL and online... 1 month
In Photos: Historic Texts Hidden in Christian Monastery in Iraq
LIVE SCIENCE A few weeks before the Islamic State group (also called ISIS) occupied the Mar Behnam monastery, a young priest hid more than 400 ancient texts behind a makeshift... 1 month
Hundreds of Historic Texts Hidden in ISIS-Occupied Monastery
LIVE SCIENCE More than 400 ancient texts have been saved at the Mar Behnam monastery, a place that ISIS had occupied for more than two years. 1 month
New ancient otter species among largest ever found
Spanish scientists create a 3-D bioprinter to print human skin
Video: What might Trump mean for chemistry?
President Trump's 'Mysteries of Space' Joins Inaugural Speech Tradition
Amazing SpaceX images highlight perfect Falcon 9 landing
What is the Alcubierre "warp" drive?
Video: How machine learning is transforming the world around us
TEDxCERN “Ripples of Curiosity” videos are now online
Tools and techniques to track and study methane
Video: The unexpected intersection between art and science
Researchers still insisting that people in the U.S. will eat bugs for protein
Train like an astronaut!
Are There More Than Five Basic Tastes?
Online course on human spaceflight with ESA astronaut Christer Fuglesang
Scientists collaborate to reduce number of animals needed for breast cancer research
Listen to the Earth smash another global temperature record
Why the human voice is so versatile
Heart-hugging robot does the twist (and squeeze)
What humans and primates both know when it comes to numbers
Heart-hugging device could help keep the beat
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