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sn military space space force a political football the next big thing in space missile defense how to make satellites defendable SN Military.Space | Space Force a political football • The next big thing in space missile defense • How to make satellites ‘defendable’
SPACE NEWS ... 13 hours
How attitudes on race, immigration, gender will affect the 2018 midterm elections
PHYS.ORG Cornell researchers are taking a new approach to understanding how voters' attitudes about immigration, race and gender influence contemporary U.S. politics. 2 days
Links between tax havens, deforestation and illegal fishing exposed
PHYS.ORG The release of the "Paradise Papers" and "Panama Papers" exposed how multinationals, politicians and the wealthy use offshore tax havens to conceal their wealth and money flows, and reduce their... 2 days
UK wildfires—prevention is more than a fire service issue
PHYS.ORG The huge moorland fires at Saddleworth and Winter Hill in northwest England have shown just how serious a problem wildfires can be in the UK. Now the fires are out,... 2 days
u s government stands to benefit from next generation meo fleet beginning 2021 U.S. Government Stands to benefit from Next-Generation MEO fleet beginning 2021
SPACE NEWS At the annual SMI MilSatCom Conference in 2017, Army Major General Pete Gallagher, former... 2 days
How young people choose their news impacts how they participate in politics
PHYS.ORG Today's news media landscape consists of more choices than ever before. How young people go about selecting the news they consume in this environment... 5 days
Could computers help close partisan divides?
PHYS.ORG Researchers at the University of Wisconsin–Madison are using computers in new ways to develop a comprehensive picture of how people communicate about politics, and how those conversations can be shaped by media, social networks and personal... 6 days
Humanity confronts a defining question: How will AI change us?
PHYS.ORG What will happen when we've built machines as intelligent as us? According to the experts this incredible feat will be achieved in the year 2062 – a mere... 7 days
Damascus: Syria's first lady starts breast cancer treatment
ABC NEWS Syria's presidency says first lady Asma Assad has begun treatment for breast cancer 7 days
How people view crime depends on the politics of when they were growing up
SCIENCE DAILY A new study indicates that the different political periods in which people 'came of age' has an important influence on... 1 week
Terrifying insights into climate change could build legislative momentum for emissions cuts, researchers argue
PHYS.ORG New research in climate science indicates that extreme events, such as heat waves, the collapse of major ice sheets, and... 1 week
For popularity on Twitter, partisanship pays
SCIENCE-NEWS Pundits claim that we’re all living in political echo chambers. A new study shows that, on Twitter at least, they’re right. 1 week
Hitler: Election campaigner with limited influence?
PHYS.ORG While history has cast Adolf Hitler as a trailblazing propagandist, he has also been portrayed as a successful political campaign speaker—but does this narrative stand up to scientific scrutiny? Political scientists from the University of Konstanz... 1 week
How people view crime depends on the politics of when they were growing up
PHYS.ORG A new study in the British Journal of Criminology indicates that the different political periods in which people 'came of... 1 week
Brazil rushes to thwart measles outbreak from Venezuelans
ABC NEWS Brazilian health workers are moving to stem an outbreak of measles being brought by Venezuelans, many famished and sick, who have fled their homeland amid economic and political turmoil 1 week
Top math laureate gets new medal after prize stolen
PHYS.ORG A Kurdish refugee whose top mathematics prize was stolen minutes after he received the honor this week in Rio de Janeiro will get a replacement medal Saturday, organizers said. 2 weeks
Analysis chronicles changes in US investment in R&D
PHYS.ORG The distribution of U.S. investment in research and development (R&D) across countries and industries has undergone a dramatic shift since the 1990s, with R&D becoming less concentrated geographically and growing rapidly in... 2 weeks
Workplaces serve as training ground or deterrent for civic participation
PHYS.ORG Workplaces can encourage or deter an employee's participation in civic life outside of the office, depending on how the workplace is structured, according to research co-written by a... 2 weeks
UK higher education students feel less empowered than their Irish counterparts
PHYS.ORG Professor Rachel Brooks at the University of Surrey is leading on new research which looks at the differences between the political activity of English and Irish... 2 weeks
Q&A: How Facebook regulates the wild west of political ads
PHYS.ORG With less than three months to go before the midterm elections, Facebook is enforcing strict new requirements on digital political ads. Among other things, they force political ad... 2 weeks
US 'crypto-anarchist' sees 3D-printed guns as fundamental right
PHYS.ORG The US "crypto-anarchist" who caused panic this week by publishing online blueprints for 3D-printed firearms said Wednesday that whatever the outcome of a legal battle, he has already succeeded in his political... 2 weeks
Differences in social status and politics encourage paranoid thinking
SCIENCE DAILY Differences in social status and political belief increase paranoid interpretations of other people's actions, finds a new experimental study. 2 weeks
Politicization and prioritization in the judiciary
PHYS.ORG In "The Politics of Selecting the Bench from the Bar: The Legal Profession and Partisan Incentives to Introduce Ideology into Judicial Selection," published in the Journal of Law and Economics, Adam Bonica and Maya Sen analyze... 2 weeks
Kurdish refugee wins 'Nobel of mathematics' Fields medal (Update)
PHYS.ORG Kurdish refugee turned Cambridge University professor Caucher Birkar and an Italian who once preferred football to math on Wednesday were among four winners of the prestigious Fields medal, dubbed the... 2 weeks
Applying physics of gels to help understand formation of terrorist groups
PHYS.ORG A team of researchers from the University of Miami and George Washington University has developed a model to simulate terrorist group development using the physics surrounding... 2 weeks
Differences in social status and politics encourage paranoid thinking
PHYS.ORG Differences in social status and political belief increase paranoid interpretations of other people's actions, finds a new UCL experimental study. 2 weeks
Podcast: KHN’s ‘What the Health?’ Let’s talk politics
NEWS MEDICAL It seems increasingly likely that health care politics will play an important role in the midterm elections come November. But unlike every election since 2010, this year finds the Democrats playing offense... 2 weeks
Ebola outbreak in Congo spreads to active combat zone
Water matters to metal nanoparticles
Magnetic gene in fish may someday help those with epilepsy, Parkinson's
When mixing granular matter, order among disorder
Space-based tracker to give scientists a beyond-bird's-eye-view of wildlife
Ten reasons teachers can struggle to use technology in the classroom
Scientists-turned-students guide viewers through ‘The Most Unknown’
Powerful new microscope reveals inner workings of human cells with unprecedented clarity
Google's DeepMind AI could soon be diagnosing eye conditions
Why zebrafish (almost) always have stripes
From office windows to Mars: Scientists debut super-insulating gel
NASA's IMERG estimates heavy rainfall over the eastern US
'Building up' stretchable electronics to be as multipurpose as your smartphone
Amputees feel as though their prosthetic limb belongs to their own body
Zapping a new approach to solar cells
High-speed cameras show MOMO-2 launch failure in unprecedented detail
Is there such a thing as an objectively 'bad' song?
There's a reason Siri, Alexa and AI are imagined as female – sexism
The Parker Solar Probe has launched and is on its way to explore the sun
With launch looming, the Parker Solar Probe is ready for its star turn