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forget galileo uk space sector should look to young stars instead Forget Galileo – UK Space Sector Should Look to Young Stars Instead
ASTRO WATCH “British security firms could be BANNED from helping EU with Galileo satellite project,” the Mail headline screamed. “Brexit to ‘force work on Galileo sat-nav... 9 hours
Critics scoff at UK govt claim of Brexit spending dividend
ABC NEWS British Prime Minister Theresa May says a 3.4 percent a year boost to health care funding will be partly paid for by a "Brexit dividend" of money saved... 15 hours
Genetic engineering researcher: Politicians are deaf to people's ethical concerns
PHYS.ORG While a many Danes question whether genetically modified foods are unnatural, this concern is much less apparent among politicians, according to Professor Jesper Lassen at the University of... 21 hours
Genetic engineering researcher: Politicians are deaf to people's ethical concerns
SCIENCE DAILY A new study reports that political discussions about genetically modified foods have ignored concerns among Danes that GM foods are 'unnatural'. 2 days
The seed that could bring clean water to millions
PHYS.ORG According to the United Nations, 2.1 billion people lack access to safely managed drinking water services, the majority of whom live in developing nations. 3 days
The science candidates: Jess Phoenix says her defeat shows how much in politics needs to change
Science Magazine Volcanologist shares lessons learned—and future plans—after failed bid for California seat 4 days
esa celebrates unispace 50 ESA celebrates Unispace+50
ESA Next week, ESA will join the international community at UNISPACE+50 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first United Nations Conference on the Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space... 4 days
Britain eases visa rules with eye on post-Brexit migration plan
PHYS.ORG Britain said Thursday it is easing visa rules to address a shortage of doctors and also encourage tech entrepreneurs as it prepares a new post-EU immigration system, an... 5 days
Innovative concept for implementing WHO resolution to safeguard quality of cancer treatment
NEWS MEDICAL Cancer is a burden to those affected by it and a growing challenge to the political sector. In 2017, WHO therefore issued an international... 5 days
The fake news detector
PHYS.ORG A story on Reddit asks, "Did Palestinians Recognize Texas as Part of Mexico?" The origin of the story might be dubious, but it doesn't prevent the "fake news" story from accumulating 1.5 million likes across multiple platforms in just four... 5 days
Brexit could make UK car sector 'extinct': business lobby
PHYS.ORG The president of Britain's main business lobby on Wednesday warned that the country's car industry risked "becoming extinct" outside the EU's customs union. 6 days
Anthropology professor writes book on the bonds between humans, animals
PHYS.ORG Radhika's Govindrajan's book "Animal Intimacies" started attracting attention before it was even available to readers. A University of Washington assistant professor of anthropology since 2015, Govindrajan specializes in... 6 days
London hopes for bright tech future despite Brexit
PHYS.ORG London has a bright tech future post-Brexit working closely with other European capitals but the government should open up more to immigration, London Mayor Sadiq Khan told AFP. 6 days
How SMS texts on corruption helped to empower Ugandan voters at the polls
PHYS.ORG Uganda, in eastern Africa, is notoriously corrupt, and many Ugandans have little faith that their leaders will provide them with honest information.... 7 days
First public forecasts from ViEWS, a political Violence Early-Warning System
PHYS.ORG The challenges of preventing, mitigating and adapting to large-scale political violence are daunting, particularly when violence escalates where it is not expected. With funding from the European Research... 1 week
Urban agriculture—Europe's untapped potential
PHYS.ORG By 2050, two thirds of the world's population will live in urban areas, according to the United Nations. The shift away from rural living creates challenges for food security, the environment and people's well-being. 1 week
air force chief buyer don t believe the hype space procurement not broken Air Force chief buyer: Don’t believe the hype, space procurement ‘not broken’
SPACE NEWS Thompson: SMC is a "great industrial age model for building space weapons systems in a benign environment” but not suited to the current geopolitical... 1 week
Justice Department move on health law has risks for GOP
ABC NEWS GOP risks political fallout from Justice Department's move on health law protections for pre-existing conditions 1 week
GOP risks fallout from Justice Department move on health law
ABC NEWS GOP risks political fallout from Justice Department's move on health law protections for pre-existing conditions 1 week
Metal-organic frameworks: a breath of fresh air for gas masks
PHYS.ORG On 7 April this year, a suspected chemical attack on the Syrian town of Douma was reported to have killed at least 40 people and injured up to... 2 weeks
Professor tracks medieval winds of (climate) change
PHYS.ORG The Middle Ages – spanning the 5th to 13th centuries – witnessed the rise of the Catholic Church, the spread of Islam and social and political transformation that laid the foundation for the Renaissance... 2 weeks
Who should be on the $10 and $20 bills? How race, gender, and politics shape public opinion
SCIENCE DAILY Race, gender, political affiliation, and the prejudices and biases associated with them (racism, sexism,... 2 weeks
Study of Google search histories reveals relationship between anti-Muslim and pro-ISIS sentiment in U.S.
PHYS.ORG A trio of researchers from Duke University and the University of California has found that Google search data can offer... 2 weeks
Majority of Americans believe it is essential that the US remain a global leader in space
SCIENCE DAILY Roughly seven in 10 Americans (72 percent) say it is essential for the US to continue... 2 weeks
Using Internet search data to examine the relationship between anti-Muslim and pro-ISIS sentiment in U.S. counties
Science Magazine Recent terrorist attacks by first- and second-generation immigrants in the United States and Europe indicate that... 2 weeks
Who should be on the $10 and $20 bills? How race, gender, and politics shape public opinion
PHYS.ORG Race, gender, political affiliation, and the prejudices and biases associated with them (racism, sexism,... 2 weeks
Former head of Cambridge Analytica to testify
PHYS.ORG The former head of the defunct political consultant Cambridge Analytica is due to testify to British lawmakers investigating the use of Facebook data in election campaigns. 2 weeks
A new indicator of human development at subnational level
PHYS.ORG The Human Development Index, published each year by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), is the world's most famous indicator of the level of development of societies. It shows for... 2 weeks
Arizona work law found to affect US-Mexico migration
PHYS.ORG The current political environment has led to an increased focus on the issue of unauthorized migration from Mexico and Central America, with proposals ranging from reforming the U.S. immigration system to building... 2 weeks
Data 'hashing' improves estimate of the number of victims in databases
PHYS.ORG Researchers from Rice University and Duke University are using the tools of statistics and data science in collaboration with Human Rights Data Analysis Group (HRDAG) to... 2 weeks
Washington state sues Google, Facebook over campaign ad data
PHYS.ORG Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson on Monday sued Google and Facebook, saying the companies failed to maintain information about political advertising as required by state law. 2 weeks
WHO releases new International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11)
Rare mutation of gene carried by Quebec family gives insight into how the brain is wired
Purdue phoneme project creates new haptic communications future
New DNA synthesis technique promises rapid, high-fidelity DNA printing
Why a minor change to how EPA makes rules could radically reduce environmental protection
Odors are perceived the same way by hunter-gatherers and Westerners
Bringing the heat out of the city
Study unravels 'blood stem cell niche' puzzle
Zika Virus: What Does the Future Hold?
Sounding rocket takes a second look at the Sun
Interfacing with the brain
Researchers describe abundant marine life at the 'White Shark Café'
These frogs walk instead of hop, video reveals
Science Magazine
What's the minimum number of people you should send in a generational ship to Proxima Centauri?
Biological light sensor filmed in action
Researchers study lanternfly's potential to harm grapevines
Major work starts to boost the luminosity of the LHC
Ending AIDS? These three places show the epidemic is far from over
Science Magazine
A sprinkle of platinum nanoparticles onto graphene makes brain probes more sensitive
Video: Caesar's last breath and Einstein's lost fridge