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Social media and internet not cause of political polarization, new research suggests
PHYS.ORG The argument against echo chambers is well documented: helped by social media algorithms, we are increasingly choosing to interact in safe spaces, with people... 6 hours
Greek parliament to probe 10 politicians over pharma scandal
ABC NEWS Greece's parliament voted early Thursday following a marathon 20-hour session to investigate 10 senior politicians, including two former prime ministers, over allegations they were involved in a pharmaceutical bribery scandal 10 hours
Top Greek politicians facing probe over pharma scandal
ABC NEWS Greek lawmakers were voting after marathon debate on whether to investigate 10 senior politicians over allegations they were involved in a pharmaceutical bribery scandal 12 hours
How the 1984 Olympics Almost Created a Refugee Crisis
HISTORY The last time Russia skipped the Olympics was in 1984, when it was terrified of a fringe group encouraging mass defections of athletes. 16 hours
Are bots a danger for political election campaigns?
PHYS.ORG Normally, autonomous computer programmes known as bots trawl the internet, for example, to help search engines. However, there are also programmes known as social bots which interfere in social media, automatically generating... 1 day
Top experts warn against 'malicious use' of AI
PHYS.ORG Artificial intelligence could be deployed by dictators, criminals and terrorists to manipulate elections and use drones in terrorist attacks, more than two dozen experts said Wednesday as they sounded the alarm over... 1 day
How political parties influence our beliefs, and what we can do about it
SCIENCE DAILY Fake news is everywhere, but why we believe it is still unclear. Psychologists suggest that valuing our identity more than our accuracy... 2 days
How political parties influence our beliefs, and what we can do about it
PHYS.ORG Fake news is everywhere, but why we believe it is still unclear. Drawing on neuroeconomics research in an Opinion published February 20th... 2 days
Now there's a game you can play to 'vaccinate' yourself against fake news
PHYS.ORG The term "fake news" is everywhere these days. After gaining steam during the 2016 US election, it's become a catch-all phrase used... 2 days
Forced disappearances are on the rise as human rights violators cover their tracks
PHYS.ORG It seems the global campaign to protect human rights has had an unexpected side-effect: governments are changing their preferred methods of getting... 2 days
Drug trafficking can support terrorist activity, but not in ways most believe
PHYS.ORG Drug trafficking does help facilitate terrorist activity, but it is more often linked to local militant groups instead of well-known international terrorist organizations, according... 2 days
Assassination of political leaders connected to increase in social conflict
PHYS.ORG An increase in social conflict increases the likelihood of assassinations of political leaders, according to new research co-conducted by faculty at Binghamton University, State University of New York. 2 days
Researchers find high risk of suicide among unaccompanied refugee minors
NEWS MEDICAL In a report written on behalf of the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare, researchers at Karolinska Institutet have concluded that the risk of suicide among unaccompanied... 3 days
Google's firing of Damore in 'monoculture' case found legal
PHYS.ORG Google's firing of an engineer over his controversial memo criticizing its diversity policies and "politically correct monoculture" didn't violate U.S. labor law, a federal agency lawyer concluded. 3 days
Meet the new 'renewable superpowers'—nations that boss the materials used for wind and solar
PHYS.ORG Imagine a world where every country has not only complied with the Paris climate agreement but has moved away from... 3 days
Study reveals links between youth victimization, beliefs about government, and political participation
PHYS.ORG Young people's views about the government and their level of political involvement are shaped by their life experiences and start developing during adolescence. While... 3 days
Fighting back against ‘alternative facts’: Experts share their secrets
Science Magazine Speakers at AAAS meeting give advice for pushing back against politician falsehoods 5 days
Even without the clean power plan, US can achieve Paris Agreement emissions reductions
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have calculated that the US can meet -- or even beat -- the near-term carbon dioxide emission reductions required by the... 6 days
Even without the clean power plan, US can achieve Paris Agreement emissions reductions
PHYS.ORG Carnegie Mellon University researchers have calculated that the U.S. can meet—or even beat—the near-term carbon dioxide emission reductions required by the United... 6 days
10 Ways Parents and Schools Can Prevent School Shootings Now (Op-Ed)
LIVE SCIENCE While politicians argue endlessly over gun control, here are 10 practical ways the rest of us can work to prevent school shootings. 6 days
Genetics makes Asians, Europeans susceptible to dengue shock syndrome
SCIENCE DAILY As globalization and climate change spread tropical diseases around the globe, not all populations are equally susceptible to infection. Gene variants common in people of Asian and European ancestry, for... 7 days
Political Methodology Lab to dig deep into new kinds of data
MIT Founder Teppei Yamamoto designs new tools to comprehend political behavior transformed by digital technology. 7 days
Top telecom regulator faces internal probe: lawmaker
PHYS.ORG The top US telecom regulator is the object of an internal watchdog probe into the handling of rule changes that benefitted a politically sensitive merger of two major broadcast operators, a lawmaker said Thursday. 7 days
un committee approves space sustainability guidelines UN committee approves space sustainability guidelines
SPACE NEWS A United Nations committee reached agreement last week on nine guidelines intended to reduce the risk of collisions in space and other harmful space... 1 week
Unprecedented climate events: Historical changes, aspirational targets, and national commitments
Science Magazine The United Nations Paris Agreement creates a specific need to compare consequences of cumulative emissions for pledged national commitments and aspirational targets of 1.5° to 2°C global warming.... 1 week
Risk of extreme weather events higher if Paris Agreement goals aren't met
PHYS.ORG The individual commitments made by parties of the United Nations Paris Agreement are not enough to fulfill the agreement's overall goal of limiting global... 1 week
Fake news production and social media 'trolls'
PHYS.ORG A network of digital workers are designing political disinformation campaigns, creating fake news and fanning the flames of public discontent in the Philippines, new research has found. 1 week
Ideology is not main factor that pushes children to join terrorist groups
PHYS.ORG Counter-terror efforts based on widely-held assumptions about the ideological motivations of children and youth recruited into extremist groups are unlikely to be effective, and... 1 week
Exceptional architecture and its impact on cities
PHYS.ORG The Guggenheim Museum, designed by star architect Frank Gehry, led to an economic boom in the Spanish city of Bilbao. This "Bilbao Effect" is appealing to many urban planners and politicians who look to... 1 week
The Terrorist Attack That Failed to Derail the 1988 Seoul Olympics
HISTORY After North Korea’s bizarre bid to co-host the 1988 Olympics, it tried to disrupt them with a bomb. 2 weeks
Białowieza Forest: Political stands
Science Magazine 2 weeks
Tea Party movement has paved the way for racialized language in US politics
PHYS.ORG Overtly racially motivated rhetoric is becoming increasingly acceptable in Republican politics in the US. Two Italian researchers now argue that this can... 2 weeks
Chemical-free, low-cost crop storage bags that preserve food longer now commercially available
Rising sea levels put Pacific salt marshes at risk for extinction, study finds
From compost to composites: An eco-friendly way to improve rubber
Robotic crystals that walk n' roll
Some black holes erase your past
These shallow-water fish can use their eyes like flashlights
Science Magazine
Video: How chemistry can improve bargain hot cocoa
Unique chemistry—which one day might help fight serious disease—found in the New Zealand glowworm
Why your tourist toilet habits are bad for locals – and the environment
Technology to improve the resilience of bridges
Australian eggs under review
Now you see us: how casting an eerie glow on fish can help count and conserve them
Anthropocene began in 1965, according to signs in the world's 'loneliest tree'
New robotic system could lend a hand with warehouse sorting and other picking or clearing tasks
Augmented reality takes 3-D printing to next level
Robo-picker grasps and packs
Astrophotographer captures Musk's Tesla Roadster moving through space
Improving the shopping experience on mobiles
Investing in Aussie wines
The surprising benefits of oysters (and no, it's not what you're thinking)