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9to5Toys Last Call: Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker $85, Spider-Man 2 for iOS $1, Amazon Tap Speaker w/ Alexa $80, more
9to5Mac ... 1 hour
playstation 4 will be on sale for 250 from december 11th to december 24th PlayStation 4 will be on sale for $250 from December 11th to December 24th
THE VERGE Sony announced that it's offering the Uncharted 4... 2 hours
NVIDIA reportedly planning to introduce the new Shield Android TV at CES in January
9to5Google The NVIDIA Shield TV, first introduced at the... 2 hours
These are the new Forge canvases arriving in Halo 5's next update
Windows Central Following yesterday's reveal of the latest Halo 5: Guardians update, Microsoft has provided further information on the changes coming to the Forge and Warzone... 3 hours
9to5Toys Lunch Break: Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker $85, LG Destiny smartphone $30, Amazon Tap Speaker w/ Alexa $80, more
9to5Google ... 4 hours
alto s odyssey the follow up to alto s adventure is coming in 2017 Alto’s Odyssey, the follow-up to Alto’s Adventure, is coming in 2017
THE VERGE It looks like hit mobile game Alto’s Adventure is getting a sequel: the mobile... 5 hours
The very best games of 2016 - CNET
CNET Jeff Bakalar compiles his favorite videogames of the year. 5 hours
Pokemon Go to partner with Sprint, introduce new monsters video - CNET
CNET Game developer Niantic has struck a deal with Sprint that will turn its stores into PokeStops and gyms. Also, new Pokemon will arrive Monday. 5 hours
Here are the best videogames of 2016 - CNET
CNET 2016 saw a year of games that padded the libraries of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you own one of those consoles, here are the titles you should absolutely... 6 hours
Sony PS4 sales top 50 million - CNET
CNET First released in late 2013, the PlayStation 4 line breaks 50 million in worldwide sales as of December 6. 6 hours
pokmon go is adding 10 5k gym and pokstop locations at sprint stores Pokémon Go is adding 10.5K gym and pokéstop locations at Sprint stores
THE VERGE Pokémon Go players jonesing for more pokéstops, gyms, and a trip to their local Sprint stores are in luck. Pokémon Go developer Niantic announced... 6 hours
PSA: Android Pay has now arrived in Ireland
9to5Google Just last week we told you that Android Pay became available in New Zealand, and now the service’s world tour... 6 hours
Sony says it's sold 50 million PS4 consoles in three years - CNET
CNET Released in late 2013, the PlayStation 4 platform has sold 50 million units through December 6, including the new PS4 Pro model. 6 hours
The best videogames of 2016 video - CNET
CNET CNET's resident gaming expert shares some his top picks for 2016. These games are absolutely worth your time and hard-earned cash. 6 hours
9to5Toys Lunch Break: Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker $85, Spider-Man 2 for iOS $1, Amazon Tap Speaker w/ Alexa $80, more
9to5Mac ... 6 hours
Save up to 50% on select Xbox One games with Microsoft's 12 Days of Deals
Windows Central Microsoft's annual 12 Days of Deals promotion is marching on, offering up some big savings on Xbox One... 7 hours
Get Assassin's Creed III for free! - CNET
CNET From the Cheapskate: Normally $20, this enthralling action-adventure is a must-have for any PC gamer. Plus: three bonus deals and two giveaways! 8 hours
you may be able to play gamecube games on the nintendo switch s virtual console You may be able to play GameCube games on the Nintendo Switch’s Virtual Console
THE VERGE As we get closer to the next major... 9 hours
steep is nothing like ssx or any other blockbuster game for that matter Steep is nothing like SSX, or any other blockbuster game for that matter
THE VERGE A few minutes with Steep, Ubisoft’s perplexing open-world snowboarding game,... 9 hours
apple s top picks for the year include deadpool drake prisma and plants vs zombies Apple’s top picks for the year include Deadpool, Drake, Prisma, and Plants vs Zombies
THE VERGE If you’re looking for some distractions over the... 9 hours
Get Assassin's Creed III (Win) for free! - CNET
CNET From the Cheapskate: Normally $20, this enthralling action-adventure is a must-have addition to any PC gamer's library. Plus: three bonus deal and two giveaways! 9 hours
sony has sold 50 million ps4s Sony has sold 50 million PS4s
THE VERGE Sony has announced that sales of the PlayStation 4 have surpassed 50 million units as of this week. The console, which launched in November... 11 hours
Study finds 19% of Ontario adults experience problematic use of electronic devices
NEWS MEDICAL As many as 19 per cent of Ontario adults aged 18 to 29 experience moderate to severe problematic use of electronic devices, which includes... 11 hours
sony s playstation division to release 6 mobile games for ios next year Sony's PlayStation Division to Release 6 Mobile Games for iOS Next Year
MacRumors Sony is set to release up to six games for iOS in the financial year starting April in the hope of replicating Nintendo's phenomenal... 12 hours
sony s new mobile games studio is making hot shots golf parappa the rapper and more Sony’s new mobile games studio is making Hot Shots Golf, Parappa the Rapper, and more
THE VERGE In March, Sony announced the formation... 15 hours
Hands-on with VR Sports Challenge, the Oculus Touch version of Wii Sports
TechCrunch  When the Wii launched, no one knew what motion controller were or why we even needed them. So to get people excited about the new input... 18 hours
Chrome 55 for Android rolling out w/ new offline ‘Downloads’ feature, reduced memory usage
9to5Google Chrome 55 for Mac, Windows, and Linux was... 19 hours
apple s best of the app store in 2016 prisma and clash royale win top honors Apple's Best of the App Store in 2016:' Prisma' and 'Clash Royale' Win Top Honors
MacRumors Apple today published its annual Best... 21 hours
Dropbox for Android adds long-awaited support for offline folders
9to5Google Dropbox today updated its Android app with a new feature that brings it closer in terms of features... 22 hours
Humans play video game with signals sent directly to their brains - CNET
CNET No visuals, no audio: The only thing telling these humans how to play this game is a low current delivered directly to... 22 hours
Game of Thrones locations in real life video - CNET
CNET CNET writer Geoffrey Morrison went on a heroic journey to locate and document "Game of Thrones" locations in the real world. This video shows off some of those... 23 hours
Halo 5 is getting a huge update: a new server browser, skins, and the return of classic weapons
Windows Central Microsoft has announced the latest update for Halo 5: Guardians, which is... 1 day
Online shopping reaches new highs for the holidays
PHYS.ORG In a converted former broom factory in Baltimore, employees of PlayBetter.com checked inventory and pricing, prepared email blasts and packed up cartloads of gadgets to help golfers improve their game. 1 day
Comment: Google has finally made ‘Ambient Display’ useful
9to5Google Just the other day, Google officially kicked off the rollout of the latest version of Android, 7.1.1 Nougat, to both... 1 day
Android Basics: How to enable/disable “moves” on the Google Pixel
9to5Google Sometimes it’s the little things that really complete the experience on a device, and the Google... 1 day
the what s tech series finale The What’s Tech series finale
THE VERGE When I started at The Verge in 2014, I needed an excuse to learn about technology. My background was in covering video games, television, and pop... 1 day
twitch adds video calling to its curse game chat app Twitch adds video calling to its Curse game chat app
THE VERGE Twitch may be the go-to destination for watching video game players stream their screens, but a... 1 day
Star Wars Battlefront will take the battle to the EA Access Vault on December 13
Windows Central If you're an EA Access member on Xbox One, you'll soon get to check out Star Wars Battlefront... 1 day
dropbox pro and business users can now save entire folders for offline viewing Dropbox Pro and Business users can now save entire folders for offline viewing
THE VERGE While Dropbox has let users save individual files for offline... 1 day
No peeking: Humans play computer game using only direct brain stimulation
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have published the first demonstration of humans playing a simple, two-dimensional computer game using only input from direct brain stimulation — without relying on any... 1 day
4K movies come to the Google Play Movies & TV app
TechCrunch It may be getting a late start, compared with streaming services from Amazon and... 1 day
Forza Horizon 3 picks up 7 new cars with the Logitech G Pack
Windows Central Forza Horizon 3 fans can get their hands on a new pack of cars for the Xbox One and PC racer. ... 1 day
Google Play Store adds 4K UHD movies, now available for purchase/rent in US & Canada
9to5Google Following a premature rollout last month,... 1 day
the last guardian why this video game s developer kept fans waiting for nearly a decade The Last Guardian: Why this video game's developer kept fans waiting for nearly a decade
CBC VIDEO Few videogames have suffered a development... 1 day
Arago’s AI can now beat some human players at complex civ strategy games
TechCrunch  Arago’s flagship HIRO AI product plays Freeciv, a free civilization... 1 day
the westworld finale frustrations revelations and how the whole first season holds together The Westworld finale: frustrations, revelations, and how the whole first season holds together
THE VERGE [Warning: spoilers ahead for Westworld in general, and the season... 1 day
google is putting a news feed in android s home screen Google is putting a news feed in Android’s home screen
THE VERGE Google Now launched four years ago with a bold promise: instead of making you search for... 1 day
Android Basics: How to share your exact location for 24 hours in Google’s Trusted Contacts
9to5Google One of the best features found... 1 day
Android Nougat is now rolling out to the HTC One M9, to hit carrier variants in the coming weeks
9to5Google ... 1 day
Android Basics: How to send an alert to your Google Trusted Contacts
9to5Google With the debut of Google’s latest application, Trusted Contacts, users can now share their exact GPS coordinates with friends and family members in case... 1 day
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The Last Guardian: Why this video game's developer kept fans waiting for nearly a decade
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