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The King whose touch means death - literally! VIDEO
The Game Of Thrones Actor Who Almost Played Robert Baratheon
CINEMA BLEND Game of Thrones actors are so perfectly fitting, it's hard to imagine others in each role.... 2 days
don t get too excited about that hellboy 3 talk just yet Don't Get Too Excited About That Hellboy 3 Talk Just Yet
GIZMODO Marvel’s Inhumans TV series finds itself a director. Celine Dion is returning for the new Beauty... 3 days
‘Game Of Thrones’ Theme Song Gets An Orchestral Makeover Thanks To 2CELLOS
SCIENCEFICTION.COM 2CELLOS are a Croatian duo made up of Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser who have gained thousands of Youtube views for their covers of ‘Smooth... 3 days
How Much The Cast Knows About What’s Coming On Game Of Thrones, According To Maisie Williams
CINEMA BLEND We've known for a... 5 days
One Of The Most Reviled Deceased Characters In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Making A Comeback!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We’ve just learned that the seventh... 5 days
Two Game Of Thrones Stars Asked For Young Pics Of Themselves And Fans Responded
CINEMA BLEND Winter is coming, and so is a ton... 6 days
let s speculate wildly about the latest rumored game of thrones return Let's Speculate Wildly About the Latest Rumored Game of Thrones Return
GIZMODO Part of the fun of each new season of Game of Thrones is that,... 6 days
The Wild Way A Dead Character Could Return To Game Of Thrones
CINEMA BLEND It looks like a dead character from Game of Thrones is returning for Season 7, and in a crazy way. 6 days
A Long Winter: Showrunners Still Deciding Length Of Final Season Of ‘Game Of Thrones’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM For those ‘Game of Thrones’ fan anxious awaiting... 6 days
Game Of Thrones spin-off being considered by HBO execs
SCI FI NOW Game Of Thrones might be getting a spin-off show 6 days
watch got s the mountain hurl another washing machine in the name of glory Watch GoT's 'The Mountain' Hurl Another Washing Machine in the Name of Glory
GIZMODO Hafthór Björnsson, the Game of Thrones actor who’s currently the... 7 days
This Game Of Thrones Season 6 Video Includes Every Single Nude Scene
CINEMA BLEND Game of Thrones is known for a lot of things, including cinematic battle scenes, crisp dialogue and impressive storytelling. However, it will also probably... 7 days
One Reason The Game Of Thrones Spinoff Could Happen, According To HBO
CINEMA BLEND Over the past year, we've heard some conflicting reports about the possibility of a Game of Thrones spinoff series heading to HBO. Here's what... 7 days
What’s Happening With Game of Thrones’ Final Season, According To HBO
CINEMA BLEND he award winning fantasy drama has two more short seasons left, with Season 7... 1 week
hbo holds game of thrones season 8 renewal in hopes of more episodes HBO Holds Game of Thrones Season 8 Renewal in Hopes of More Episodes
GIZMODO It looks like there’s a reason HBO hasn’t formally renewed... 1 week
a dumb chair ruined mahershala ali s game of thrones audition A Dumb Chair Ruined Mahershala Ali's Game of Thrones Audition
GIZMODO Mahershala Ali stole every scene he was in on Luke Cage and has had the kind of... 2 weeks
Peter Dinklage Is Rumored To Be In Talks To Join ‘Avengers: Infinity War’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It appears that Peter Dinklage is in early talks to... 2 weeks
Avengers Infinity War eyes up Game Of Thrones star for key role
SCI FI NOW One of the best things about Game Of Thrones could be joining Avengers Infinity War 2 weeks
George R.R. Martin’s ‘Winds Of Winter’ Will Be Out This Year… Maybe
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It’s now going on six years since the last installment of George R.R. Martin‘s ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ novel series, which inspired... 2 weeks
Avengers: Infinity War May Be Adding A Major Game Of Thrones Star
CINEMA BLEND It won't just be established players showing up in Avengers: Infinity War. Some newcomers will appear as well, and now there's word that this... 2 weeks
One Game Of Thrones Actor Won't Be Back For Season 7, But What About The Character?
CINEMA BLEND Many actors leave Game... 2 weeks
George R.R. Martin Reveals When He Thinks The Next Game Of Thrones Book Will Be Finished
CINEMA BLEND And now Game of... 2 weeks
first details on the dark star trilogy author marlon james african game of thrones First Details on The Dark Star Trilogy, Author Marlon James' 'African Game of Thrones'
GIZMODO “African folklore is just as rich, and just as perverse as [Lord of the Rings],” Marlon James said in a Vulture interview more than... 2 weeks
Why HBO Isn't Worried About What Happened At The Golden Globes
CINEMA BLEND The subscription cable channel earned 14 nominees for shows as wide-ranging as Westworld, The... 2 weeks
We May Need to Wait a Little Longer for the Han Solo Movie
GIZMODO Iain Glen talks bringing more characters together for the climax of Game of Thrones. Get a look at a new alien from... 3 weeks
Open Channel: What Are You Most Psyched About in 2017?
GIZMODO It’s a brand-new day in a brand-new year, and there’s a lot to be excited about in 2017. We’re getting a brand-new Star Wars movie, Game of Thrones... 3 weeks
Why It's Actually A Good Thing Game Of Thrones Is Shooting Fewer Season 7 Episodes
CINEMA BLEND diehard fans are disappointed that Season 7 and 8 will be shorter in length than the previous six.... 3 weeks
There's a Good Reason to Be Excited About Game of Thrones Having Shorter Seasons
GIZMODO Shortening the final two seasons of Game of Thrones seems, on its face, to be a bad thing. All previous... 3 weeks
Once Again, Game of Thrones Is the Most Pirated TV Show of the Year
GIZMODO It’s a dubious honor the show has held for the past five years, but once again, Thrones has “triumphed” to become the... 3 weeks
The 100 Most Popular io9 Posts of 2016
GIZMODO To paraphrase Charles Dickens, 2016 was the worst of times, and the pretty good of times. It was a year of wonder (Game of Thrones) and disappointment (Walking Dead), amusement (Deadpool) and aggravation (Suicide... 3 weeks
A Look Back at the Movies and TV Shows of 2016 (NSFW)
GIZMODO Do you want to take a look back at 2016? Yeah, me neither. I’ve blocked out so much of what happened this year that... 3 weeks
New ‘Emerald City’ First Look Clip Reveals An All-New Oz (Which Looks A Lot Like ‘Game Of Thrones’)
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We’re not in Kansas anymore… and from the looks of things in... 4 weeks
Why Game Of Thrones Is Difficult To Shoot, According To One Actor
CINEMA BLEND The end of Game of Thrones is getting ever closer, and according to one actor, the ending has some giant stakes for the show's... 4 weeks
HBO Is Airing A Massive Game Of Thrones Marathon, So Merry Christmas
CINEMA BLEND Christmastime means many things to many different people. And, now, thanks to HBO, it just might mean binge watching the hit show Game of... 1 month
How The Game Of Thrones Cast Feels About The Series Ending
CINEMA BLEND It isn't just Game of Thrones fans that are already having anxiety attacks over thoughts of a life without the Starks and Lannisters, Here's what the... 1 month
Rally The Realm: HBO Announces ‘Game Of Thrones’ Marathon To Close Out 2016
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Well ‘Game of Thrones’ fans, your Holidays just got more epic. HBO has just announced via Twitter that there is going to... 1 month
Where Sansa Is Headed For Game Of Thrones Season 7, According To Sophie Turner
CINEMA BLEND After seeing her tortured by both the Lannisters and Boltons, Sansa finally came into her own and was presented as... 1 month
Which Show George R.R. Martin Thinks Will Beat Game Of Thrones For Awards
CINEMA BLEND Game of Thrones is one of the most popular and talked-about series on television, but George R.R. Martin thinks that another show... 1 month
Some Major Spoilers From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Have Leaked
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones‘ only having 2 short seasons until Winter brings Westeros to a close forever, there is some major action coming up and the results of one... 1 month
How HBO Is Approaching A Game Of Thrones Spinoff, According To The CEO
CINEMA BLEND HBO's CEO has addressed the possibility of a spinoff, and how the network is approaching such a daunting task. 1 month
Wait, Did HBO Threaten To Sue A 13-Year-Old Game Of Thrones Fan?
CINEMA BLEND A father is claiming that HBO has threatened to sue his Game of Thrones loving 13-year-old, but there's two sides to every story. Get... 1 month
New Game of Thrones Set Pictures Confirm One Big New Alliance
GIZMODO Jon Spaights gives an update on his Forever War adaptation. We know when to expect The Batman to be released. 12 Monkeys adds some important new cast members.... 1 month
What The Sand Snakes Are Probably Doing In Game Of Thrones Season 7
CINEMA BLEND If the reports prove true, this Game of Thrones article features a slew of major spoilers. Don't keep reading if you want... 1 month
Book and Bookshelf Giveaway
SF SITE Chronicle Books and Out of Print Clothing are giving away a bookshelf filled with 50 books as well as Out of Print Clothing merchandise. The drawing will be held on January 4 from anyone who enters before December 27. The... 1 month
The Most Illegally Downloaded Show Is No Longer Game Of Thrones
CINEMA BLEND For several years now, the annual list of most-pirated TV shows has seen The Walking Dead riding Game of Thrones' coattails on a regular basis. But... 1 month
Deadpool, Westworld, and All the Other Golden Globe Nominations You Care About
GIZMODO The Golden Globes, given out annually by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, has released its nominations for this year. And there are some great... 1 month
The Grand Tour May Be The Most Illegally Downloaded TV Show In History
GIZMODO In a short time, The Grand Tour has set a record or two. Its $3.2 million opening is likely the most expensive television scene... 1 month
Open Channel: What Spinoff Should We See Next?
GIZMODO Disney’s CEO has confirmed that another standalone Star Wars film is on the way in a couple of years. We’ve got Logan coming out in 2017, Game of Thrones could get a prequel... 1 month
The Crazy Way Finn Jones' Iron Fist Role Ties To Game Of Thrones
CINEMA BLEND Earlier this year, when Game of Thrones star Finn Jones was cast as Marvel's Iron Fist, fans rejoiced, but we had no... 1 month
Stephen Amell Talks About the Impact of Arrow's Midseason Finale Twist
GIZMODO Gareth Edwards talks about the state of the Jedi in Rogue One and leaving Godzilla 2. There are new details about Conor McGregor’s potential role in... 2 months
Game Of Thrones Has Finally Confirmed A Season 7 Character
CINEMA BLEND Game of Thrones often goes through a long round of rumors before each season begins, and it looks like one has turned out to be true for the... 2 months
Does Game of Thrones or Walking Dead Have More Character Deaths? We Now Have An Answer
CINEMA BLEND Many fans have been wondering which series actually contained the most character deaths, especially since this... 2 months
One Massive Chart Tallies Up Every Death In the First Five Seasons of Walking Dead and Game of Thrones
GIZMODO Who would’ve thought that between the combined powers of Game of Thrones... 2 months
Peter Capaldi Discusses His Future on Doctor Who
GIZMODO Is work on the next Star Trek movie getting underway? Taron Egerton dicusses the Kingsman sequel. Game of Thrones is courting a UFC star. We know when to expect the final season... 2 months
Leftovers Season 3 gets an air date
SCI FI NOW Looks like The Leftovers' last season has the Game Of Thrones slot 2 months
RIP Peter Vaughan, Game of Thrones' Aemon Targaryen
GIZMODO Peter Vaughan, known to many for his role as Maester Aemon in the first five seasons of Game of Thrones, has passed away at the age of 93.Read more... 2 months
Game Of Thrones Actor Peter Vaughan Has Died
CINEMA BLEND Death comes to Game of Thrones frequently, but it's less common that an actor on the hit HBO drama passes away in real life. Regardless, the long-running series employs a variety of... 2 months
Obituary: Peter Vaughan
SF SITE Actor Peter Vaughan (b.1926) died on December 6. Vaughan may be best known to genre audiences for his role as Maester Aemon on Game of Thrones, but he also appeared in Brazil, Time Bandits, Village of the Damned, and Fatherland. 2 months
Westworld Just Broke A Major Ratings Milestone For HBO
CINEMA BLEND If you thought HBO couldn't deliver another series that could compare to Game of Thrones in the ratings, know that there is a new contender being groomed, and its name... 2 months
Is Game Of Thrones Adding A UFC Champion?
CINEMA BLEND Game of Thrones Season 7 is still months away from hitting the airwaves, but spoilers have hit the web ever since the end of Season 6. Some of those spoilers have had... 2 months
Open Channel: What's Your Craziest Fan Theory?
GIZMODO It’s time to go a little bit crazy! Tonight, it’s the last call for Westworld surprises in season 1. We’ve got the next season of Game of Thrones coming up, The Walking Dead is still doing... 2 months
Game of Thrones: What To Expect From Theon In Season 7, According To Alfie Allen
CINEMA BLEND Alfie Allen has revealed a bit of what to expect from Theon Greyjoy in Game of Thrones Season... 2 months
The Big Challenge Sansa Will Face In Game Of Thrones Season 7
CINEMA BLEND Sansa Stark hasn't had an easy time over the years on Game of Thrones, but she ended Season 6 in a pretty safe place.... 2 months
Stark Tidings: HBO Releases New Images of ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 in ‘Coming in 2017′ Trailer
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Well, you know that we are desperate for ‘Game of Thrones’ news and for... 2 months
‘The Magicians’ New Trailer Channels ‘Game Of Thrones’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Adapted (ever more loosely so) from the novels by Lev Grossman, ‘The Magicians’ one of the latest additions to Syfy’s stable of original programming, and a new season is fast approaching. And... 2 months
How George R.R. Martin Plans To Finish The Newest Game Of Thrones Book
CINEMA BLEND Season 6 of Game of Thrones marked the series completely surpassing Martin's novels, making new episodes of Game potential spoilers for the... 2 months
Game Of Thrones Season 7 teaser catches up with the Starks
SCI FI NOW The North's first family are aptly grim in this Game Of Thrones snippet 2 months
Grape News! ‘Game Of Thrones’ is Releasing Their Own Official Wine Collection!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Even though they are in the midst of shooting the 7th season of the show (the second to last, meaning they only have a year... 2 months
How Game of Thrones Is Similar To Stranger Things, According To One Game Actor
CINEMA BLEND While it seems like a medieval fantasy epic and a sci-fi 80's aren't that similar, one Game of Thrones actress... 2 months
Anne Rice is Working on Vampire Chronicles TV Show
GIZMODO True Queen of the Damned Anne Rice has announced she’s acquired the rights to produce her Vampire Chronicles novel series for the small screen, and she wants to make it a Game of Thrones-style... 2 months
New Game of Thrones Set Pictures Hint at a Big Betrayal
GIZMODO Duncan Jones talks about how he’d want to do a Warcraft sequel. Sean Gunn teases the opening of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Ben Mendelsohn talks about... 2 months
NBC's Emerald City Looks Like it Owes a Big Debt to Game of Thrones
GIZMODO NBC shared its first promo for its Wizard of Oz-inspired fantasy series Emerald City, and it has all of the... 2 months
Game Of Thrones Recapped With Rhymes Is The Best Thing You'll See All Day
CINEMA BLEND A lot has happened over the six seasons of Game of Thrones so far, and it can be hard to... 2 months
One Horrifying Game Of Thrones Theory May Finally Be Dead
CINEMA BLEND One popular fan theory may have finally been denounced, to the joy of Game of Thrones fans. 2 months
Emilia Clarke Has Landed A Role In The ‘Han Solo’ Movie
SCIENCEFICTION.COM If nothing else, Disney’s upcoming ‘Han Solo’ solo picture seems to be rounding up quite a fan favorite cast.  Alden Ehrenreich, who stole the show in... 2 months
Star Wars: Han Solo spinoff casts Game Of Thrones star
SCI FI NOW One of the best things about Game Of Thrones has joined the Han Solo movie 2 months
The Han Solo Movie Just Added Emilia Clarke, And We Are Excited
CINEMA BLEND It's been officially announced that Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke has been brought aboard to the Han Solo spinoff. 2 months
The Deepest Cuts: Watch The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Deleted Scenes Reel!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With the arrival of the ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 box set, of course, we finally get to see  the big DELETED SCENES from Season 6,... 2 months
How Game Of Thrones Got Involved In Lena Headey's Custody Battle
CINEMA BLEND It looks like Cersei's not just involved in the battle for the Iron Throne. The recently crowned head of King's Landing is also currently dealing with... 2 months
New Game of Thrones Set Pictures Tease a Big Move for the Lannisters
GIZMODO The Crow remake suffers yet another setback. Gareth Edwards is full of praise for Alan Tudyk in Rogue One. The Flash casts a Heroes... 2 months
Before The Thrones: HBO In Preliminary Talks For ‘Game Of Thrones’ Prequel Series
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Fear not fans of Westeros, when HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ comes to an end at the end of Season 8, we may... 2 months
Telltale's Secret Marvel Project Has Finally Been Revealed
CINEMA BLEND Telltale Games has a full slate of projects under their wing, working on stuff like The Walking Dead, Tales from the Borderlands, and Game of Thrones. Well, now some leaks have potentially... 2 months
What's Going On With The Game Of Thrones Spinoff Series
CINEMA BLEND While Game of Thrones is not ending after next season or even after next year, we are reaching the end of the long-running drama, which will air its... 2 months
HBO Is Still Talking to George R.R. Martin About a Game of Thrones Prequel Series
GIZMODO Pretty much since it was seemingly confirmed Game of Thrones would come to a close after is eighth season, there’s... 2 months
Westworld And Two More Renewed For Season 2 On HBO
CINEMA BLEND Although Game of Thrones has continued to be a hit for the network, newer shows like The Leftovers and Vinyl have failed to make a notable mark, but... 2 months
More Surprising Details About Those Two Big New Game of Thrones Locations
GIZMODO The next X-Men film may tackle a familiar comic book storyline. RYou’ll have to wait a while for Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger show. New Flash set... 2 months
Game Of Thrones Season 6 Blu-ray review: Winds of winter
SCI FI NOW We dream of spring in our Game Of Thrones Season 6 review 2 months
The Queen of Thorns Delivers a Trademark Tongue-Lashing in Game of Thrones Deleted Scene
GIZMODO In Game of Thrones’ sixth season, things in King’s Landing went horrifically sideways for Olenna Tyrell (Diana Rigg). But in this deleted... 2 months
Game of Thrones Will Visit Two Major Locations From the Books We Haven't Seen Yet
GIZMODO The Troll Hunter remake is no more. Gugu Mbatha-Raw responds to those God Particle/Cloverfield rumors. Charlie Cox talks about the... 2 months
A Dastardly Game Of Thrones Character Is Returning For Season 7
CINEMA BLEND Game of Thrones has introduced plenty of bad guys over the first six seasons, and it turns out that one of the most loathsome will be... 2 months
Game of Thrones Gives a History Lesson on the Ancient War That May Still Lead to Westeros' Destruction
GIZMODO Westeros is a world with a long, rich history, which the Game of Thrones DVD and... 2 months
More Major Game of Thrones Rumors Tease Yet Another Huge Moment for the Show
GIZMODO The writer of the Mummy reboot promises it’ll be terrifying. Scarlett Johansson discusses being the star of Ghost in the Shell. A familiar face... 3 months
Justice League casts Game Of Thrones actor as Steppenwolf
SCI FI NOW The Justice League movie's big bad has been confirmed 3 months
Everything We Know About Game of Thrones' Seventh Season... So Far
GIZMODO The last season of Game of Thrones marked an unprecedented turning point for the series, as the show moved on from mostly adapting the content of... 3 months
Game Of Thrones Is Bringing A Ton Of Characters Together For One Epic Scene
CINEMA BLEND Game of Thrones fans are stuck in the middle of a hiatus at the moment, but a new leak from... 3 months
LA Comic Con 2016: Winter is Coming – A Musical Parody
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While perusing the panels at LA Comic Con this year, I happened upon a room that promised a musical parody of ‘Game of Thrones.’ Intrigued, I... 3 months
Game of Thrones Teases a Fateful Decision for Cersei Lannister
GIZMODO And there’s new details on another humongous new scene in season seven. A Wrinkle In Time expands its cast. Fox buys the rights to another young adult novel franchise. Plus,... 3 months
Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne: The Kotaku Review
GIZMODO The Iron Throne is what happens when you take pretty much every murderous stereotype about Game of Thrones, break them down then turn them into a board game where you... 3 months
Westworld's Sex and Violence-Filled Attempt to Outdo Game of Thrones Hid a Really Important Detail
GIZMODO Westworld has taken great pains in previous episodes to put the viewer and its guests in the same position, and more specifically... 3 months
New Details on a Major Battle In Game of Thrones' Next Season
GIZMODO Doug Liman teases the Edge of Tomorrow sequel. Ron Howard wants Willow to become a TV series. Barry Allen may have screwed up the... 3 months
Person Of Interest Was Anti-Prestige TV And Too Smart For Primetime
GIZMODO First, let me tell you what Person of Interest is. Person of Interest is the inverse of Game of Thrones. For every shock death from the... 3 months