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Giant cover up by the Smithsonian Institute
FREAK LORE Freak Lore Freak Lore - Aliens, Ghosts, Demons, UFOs, Unexplained Mysteries and more! The Smithsonian Institute, was forced to release documentation involving... 2 hours
Orlando witness reports object hovering over building
OPEN MINDS A Florida witness at Orlando reported watching a cylinder-shaped object silently hovering over a nearby building, according to testimony in Case 84126 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. 4 hours
TGR 06.26.17. The Sea Serpent: Monsters in Our Oceans?
THE GRALIEN REPORT This week on The Gralien Report, we discuss one of the most compelling sea serpent reports in the history, which was seen at Stinson Beach, California, in 1983. This post,... 7 hours
Photographer captures strange UFO above Oshawa Canada
Paranormal Globe This is one of the strangest UFO photo’s I have seen in a while. Ken Rice, a wildlife photographer from The post Photographer captures strange UFO above Oshawa Canada appeared first on Paranormal Globe. 8 hours
What If A Couple Of Angels Mated?
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS What If Demons Mated With Each Other? Procreation among Angels is strictly forbidden by the Omniverse Lord himself. However when taking biological form Angels have mated with humans to create holy Heaven sanctioned Demi-Angels, and unsanctioned... 10 hours
argentina unknown flashing object astonishes onlookers inexplicata Argentina: Unknown Flashing Object Astonishes Onlookers - Inexplicata
THE ANOMALIST VIDEO People are looking up in Argentina, and Scott Corrales translates a story from the local paper in Salta, a city with a metropolitan population of more than 600,000 in the northwest of... 12 hours
these nasa verified doomsday maps show why the mega rich are becoming preppers These NASA-Verified 'Doomsday Maps' Show Why The Mega-Rich Are Becoming Preppers
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Who is worrying about Doomsday and what are they doing about it? The power elite is buying up vast tracts of land all around the world... 12 hours
Gralien Daily News for June 27, 2017
THE GRALIEN REPORT Here are today’s headlines… Sea levels are rising faster than before, study shows ‘My chest was shaking’: SpaceX launches second rocket in 48 hours Watch a Giant Squid Wrap Its Tentacles Around a Paddleboard... 13 hours
A Menacing Old Man In Black - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST We can all agree that the topic of Men in Black is just plain eerie, and Nick Redfern has happily made it more so with a study on a MIB... 12 hours
John Spencer's Interesting, Useful 1991 UFO Book - UFO Conjectures
THE ANOMALIST Can you help a guy out? Rich Reynolds is looking for an account featuring a "Moose-duction" by a UFO and even stranger, if possible, behavior by a bullet... 12 hours
The Commercialization of Bigfoot: Culture, Consumerism, and Cryptozoology - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Micah Hanks waxes nostalgic over the good old days when people were afraid of 10-foot-tall hairy beasts, and we could count on the threat of "Bigfoot... 12 hours
mobile phones can reduce your brain power Mobile phones can reduce your brain power
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO Scientists have determined that merely having your phone nearby can reduce your capacity to concentrate. In a recent study conducted at the University... 14 hours
Ongoing Massive Cyberattack: Europe Is Hit By New Blackmail Virus Attack
DISCLOSE.TV Hackers have launched a fresh ransomware attack on Europe just a month after the 'WannaCry' virus locked computers across the continent ... 15 hours
cnn producer confesses hyping mostly bullsh t trump russia fake news for ratings CNN Producer Confesses Hyping 'Mostly Bullsh*t' Trump-Russia Fake News for 'Ratings'
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO The Project Veritas secret investigation seems to have struck again and this time in relation to a senior producer for CNN who has been caught on... 19 hours
smithsonian museum ordered large scale cover up of giant nephilim skeletons Smithsonian Museum Ordered Large Scale Cover-Up Of Giant Nephilim Skeletons
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Nephilim - the children of fallen angels and mortal men ... 17 hours
This Strange Spherical Sky Phenomenon Filmed Over Texas Is Going Viral
DISCLOSE.TV There is much discussion on what the orange/red spherical shape could be and although the people involved in the clip were convinced it was Niburu, the... 19 hours
Scientists Suggest The Universe Is A Self-Aware Entity
DISCLOSE.TV Scientists, along with philosophers, have for many centuries been pondering over one question, is the universe self-aware? Panpsychism: Universe Is Conscious Stars Can Think This is a concept that is compelling and... 17 hours
Georgia police officers stop speeding 'alien'
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES When the cops pulled over a car in Alpharetta this week they discovered a rather unusual passenger. The otherworldly occupant, which had been buckled ... 18 hours
These 6 Unexplainable Photos Taken By NASA Will Freak You Out
DISCLOSE.TV NASA along with other space agencies have taken many photographs of the Moon and captured what are seemingly strange alien structures on the surface to UFOs... 18 hours
curiosity rover captures stone circle on mars Curiosity rover captures 'Stone Circle' on Mars
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Communication. If you have watched The Arrival, you would know how important it is ... 21 hours
Alien Spaceship? Ancient Artificial Structures Discovered In Oklahoma
DISCLOSE.TV They had never seen ancient stone structured in such a way, they highly suspected that it was of artificial origin due to the small apparent stones, tightly interlocking which made up its... 22 hours
Tomb Of Ancient Alien 'Gilgamesh' Found In Iraq?
DISCLOSE.TV Is this leaked footage of the tomb of Gilgamesh? Regardless of its authenticity why all the secrecy? Are we as a species not capable of being presented with things, which test our... 23 hours
idaho witness says orb ufos joined disappeared Idaho witness says orb UFOs joined, disappeared
OPEN MINDS VIDEO An Idaho witness at Buhi reported watching three orange-red, rectangle-shaped objects that joined together and disappeared in place, according to testimony in Case 83942 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. 1 day
is disney cars real Is Disney Cars Real?
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS VIDEO What Sentient Species Are The Vehicles In Disney Pixar Cars? Top flight psychics, seers, and mystics with an eye into the worlds of parallel Universes have indeed confirmed that Disney Cars is real! In fact it’s a parallel Earth with... 1 day
Disney Pixar Cars World Exists In A Parallel Universe!
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS What Sentient Species Are The Vehicles In Disney Pixar Cars? Top flight psychics, seers, and mystics with an eye into the worlds of parallel Universes have indeed confirmed that Disney... 1 day
Who Is The Macroverse Lord?
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS The Macroverse is literally everything, and everyone that is for eternity, and beyond.  Probably what the average person would simply call the Universe.  The Macroverse is made up of parallel Universes, Parallel Multiverses, Parallel Omniverses, a variety of... 1 day
What is The Omniverse God?
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS The Omniverse God, or Lord, also known as The Source, is a 12 dimensional pure metaphysical energy being vibrating at a unique consciousness frequency inside which all mathematical probabilities are calculated.  This includes our Universe, all parallel Universes... 1 day
beyond the five senses the atlantic Beyond the Five Senses - The Atlantic
THE ANOMALIST VIDEO Matthew Hutson poses the question of how would our world change if we had new and different senses. Technology is allowing the enhancement of existing senses (think: cochlear implants for hearing) as well as... 1 day
spacex launches two rockets within 48 hours SpaceX launches two rockets within 48 hours
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO The double launch showcased the private space firm's ability to scale up and manage multiple launches. The first rocket, which was carrying a Bulgaria... 2 days
foo fighters ufos buzzed planes during world war ii Foo Fighters UFOs Buzzed Planes During World War II
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO UFOs Known As Foo Fighters Seen In World War II A long time before pilot Kenneth Arnold claimed to have seen a strange craft flying through the air in 1947... 2 days
Daughter of Michael Jackson says Illuminati killed her father
FREAK LORE Freak Lore Freak Lore - Aliens, Ghosts, Demons, UFOs, Unexplained Mysteries and more! Her father was one of... 2 days
Laser beam is 'as bright as a billion suns'
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES The high-powered Diocles Laser in Nebraska is changing the way that scientists look at the universe. One of the most powerful lasers ever created, the... 1 day
'UFOs: Reframing the Debate': The Complete Introduction - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST The editor of the new collaborative book UFOs: Reframing the Debate pours his whole Introduction to the work into this post. Although there's a slew of podcasts being... 1 day
British Ministry of Defence Finally Releases its Last Secret UFO-Files - Grenzwissenschaft-aktuell
THE ANOMALIST Well, not completely. The last 18 British Ministry of Defence UFO-related files haven't been put online, and probably won't be, so you've either got... 1 day
Doppelganger Exists! These Eerie Lookalikes Are Just Mind-Boggling
DISCLOSE.TV Well, the following images, collected by BoredPanda, speak for themselves. The resemblances are just mind-blowing... Matt Damon ... 2 days
stanley kubrick said pedophiles run the world claims nicole kidman 'Stanley Kubrick Said Pedophiles Run The World' Claims Nicole Kidman
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Nicole Kidman has opened up and talked about a conversation she had with director Stanley Kubrick. She says that he told her that pedophiles are running the world... 2 days
Ghost baby seen sleeping next to toddler in his cot on monitor
Paranormal Globe A mother from the UK says that these images from her baby monitor shows a ghost baby lying next to The post Ghost baby... 2 days
First ever image of the surface of another star, Betelgeuse, captured by ALMA
DISCLOSE.TV This orange blob shows the nearby star Betelgeuse, as seen by the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) ... 2 days
anonymous nasa to announce alien life Anonymous: 'NASA to announce alien life'
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO The hacktivist group has suggested that NASA may be on the verge of making a very important announcement. The prediction is based primarily on comment... 2 days
Vatican Offical: 'Introduce New World Order And Remove 6 Billion People'
DISCLOSE.TV The public has been stunned by the words of Professor John Schellnhuber, one of the speakers for the Vatican. The professor said that the Earth is... 2 days
What Is The Ghost School?
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS There is only one supernaturally certified school in the world dedicated to locating, and educating ghosts from around the globe. It’s known as the legendary Ghost School Of Glasgow or usually just The Ghost School. It’s located in... 2 days
A 300 million-year-old fossil inspired Alien in sci-fi classic
DISCLOSE.TV Those people who do not believe in the existence of aliens may want to think again when they see a 300 million-year-old fossil that was the inspiration for the alien... 2 days
deer filmed engaging in bizarre slap fight Deer filmed engaging in bizarre 'slap fight'
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO Footage recorded by a wildlife camera in Tennessee shows two whitetail bucks slapping each other silly. The bizarre clip, which has since gone viral o... 2 days
mystery of dubai marina s orange water solved Mystery of Dubai Marina's orange water solved
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO The alarm was raised in Dubai last week after the water started to turn a disconcerting orange color. The incident caused an outpouring of concern fro... 3 days
Miley Cyrus’s serpentine reptilian eyes shift during interview
FREAK LORE Freak Lore Freak Lore - Aliens, Ghosts, Demons, UFOs, Unexplained Mysteries and more! Her persona has captured the attention of... 3 days
Haunted, Cursed, And Mysterious Video Games - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST From the days of coin-operated machines to modern consoles, video games continue to make a lasting impact on culture. So pervasive are these games, myths and legends have sprung up... 2 days
How a Soviet Circus Clown Tried to Prove That Dogs Can Be Psychic - Atlas Obscura
THE ANOMALIST How much of Vladimir Durov's research was showmanship, and how much was true psychic talent? It's... 2 days
Remarkable Hand Drill Found At Ancient Dig Site Dates Back Thousands Of Years - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST We've heard of This Old House, but this is ridiculous! While this bit isn't an out-of-place... 2 days
A Meeting Of Minds... And Computers: What Are The Costs Of Using Technology To Merge Humans With Machines? - Religious D...
THE ANOMALIST Godlike artificial intelligence seems to be... 2 days
Ex-US Air Force Captain: 'UFOs destroyed ten nuclear-tipped missiles'
DISCLOSE.TV Conspiracy theorists are of the belief that witnesses who are high-profile were told to keep quiet about events that were extra-terrestrial related ... 3 days
the dark secret behind yoga that nobody tells you The Dark Secret Behind Yoga That Nobody Tells You
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO For many years, yoga has been considered to be one of the best things that an individual can do for both their body and mind ... 3 days
'The Illuminati Murdered My Dad', Claims Michael Jackson's Daughter
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Members of the Jackson family, such as the sister of Michael Jackson, LaToya have never been shy about telling the public that they believe that there was far more to... 3 days
CNN Deleting Fake Trump-Russia News Stories Amid Fears They Could Be Sued
DISCLOSE.TV CNN has been in a bit of a panic and has urgently started to delete any stories they have published on their website regarding... 3 days
science still has no explanation for dj vu being in sync with the universe Science Still Has No Explanation For Déjà Vu, Being In-Sync WIth The Universe
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO In 2016, it was believed that scientists have finally come up with a solution to explain the elusive phenomenon known as déjà... 3 days
The Picatrix: The 400-page book that reveals how to obtain ENERGY from the COSMOS
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO The mysteries of the Picatrix – the ancient Arabic text considered to be the ultimate magical handbook ... 3 days
Nuke test or not?! Today is the anniversary of the Korean War
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO North Korea may be gearing up for another nuclear test – and it could have terrible consequences ... 3 days
Could the universe itself be conscious ?
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES The idea that the cosmos may be self-aware has intrigued scientists and philosophers for centuries. Known as 'panpsychism', this compelling concept su... 3 days
Flight Attendants Never Drink Tea Or Coffee During Flights, And You Should Not, Too
DISCLOSE.TV Flight attendants are in on a special (and rather disgusting) secret that all of those who use air travel should... 3 days
Hollow Earth [Documentary]
DISCLOSE.TV The ultimate guide to the Hollow Earth Theory! The biggest cover-up of all time is the fact that there is a civilization of people living in the center of Earth, and that's just one of many secrets i reveal in... 3 days
Mummified humanoid alien found in Peru changes human history
FREAK LORE Freak Lore Freak Lore - Aliens, Ghosts, Demons, UFOs, Unexplained Mysteries and more! The question that has remained... 3 days
magnetic beam could dispose of old satellites Magnetic beam could dispose of old satellites
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO A French scientist is working on a novel new way to keep Earth's orbit clear of defunct satellites. The research, which is being conducted by Emilien ... 4 days
mysterious dogman sighting in south africa may explain others mysterious universe Mysterious Dogman Sighting In South Africa May Explain Others - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST VIDEO If you want to gain a dog's trust, act like a dog but is Philip Oliphant taking things a little too far? It's a... 3 days
scientists crack mystery of avian egg shape Scientists crack mystery of avian egg shape
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO Researchers have finally worked out why some bird eggs are rounder while others are more pointy. The traditional, rounded shape of a hen's egg needs n... 3 days
Solar System Survey Casts Doubt On Mysterious 'Planet Nine' - Nature
THE ANOMALIST Mike Brown may have railroaded Pluto's demotion, but his hopes of replacing our icy friend with something more substantial was dealt a blow per Gabriel Popkin.... 3 days
Close Encounters Of The Puritan Kind - EsoterX
THE ANOMALIST Best part of early UFO sightings, nobody can blame them on low-flying Russkies nor those newfangled drones hovering in the night. Taking a trip down memory lane, EsoterX relates one of the... 3 days
Hot Spots: The San Luis Valley, CO/NM - Our Strange Planet
THE ANOMALIST There are many paranormal hot spots around the world, but none measure up to southwestern Colorado's San Luis Valley. It's a nexus of Native American legends,... 3 days
world s biggest hacking group claims nasa is about to announce alien life World's biggest hacking group claims NASA is about to announce alien life
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO The hacker group Anonymous are claiming that NASA is going to announce they've discovered extraterrestrial life in a newly released video ... 4 days
Strange & Biggest Monster Found Deep in Amazon
DISCLOSE.TV What the hell is this? Certainly a big strange creature swimming in the Amazon river. Anybody saw something like this before? 4 days
eerie anomaly ghost sleeping on baby bed caught by cctv cam Eerie Anomaly: Ghost Sleeping On Baby Bed Caught By CCTV Cam
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO A young couple in England were checking on their baby via their baby monitor when they spotted something incredible which appears to be a ghost apparently... 4 days
this haunted house in indiana is said to have more than 200 demons This Haunted House In Indiana Is Said To Have More Than 200 Demons
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO One of the most spoken of unresolved topics often involves a non-human realm that has been debated to whether it truly exists... 4 days
They're using street lights equipped with microphones and CCTVs to spy on us
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO In the city of San Jose in California anyCOMM is installing between 300 and 1,000 street lights with microphones and surveillance cameras... 4 days
UK UFO files have finally been released
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES The National Archives has published a collection of 15 Ministry of Defence files on the subject of UFOs. The documents, which had been withheld for ye... 4 days
Donald Trump is Forrest Gump
Argentina: Unknown Flashing Object Astonishes Onlookers - Inexplicata
These NASA-Verified 'Doomsday Maps' Show Why The Mega-Rich Are Becoming Preppers
Mobile phones can reduce your brain power
Smithsonian Museum Ordered Large Scale Cover-Up Of Giant Nephilim Skeletons
CNN Producer Confesses Hyping 'Mostly Bullsh*t' Trump-Russia Fake News for 'Ratings'
Curiosity rover captures 'Stone Circle' on Mars
Idaho witness says orb UFOs joined, disappeared
Is Disney Cars Real?
Is Disney Cars Real?
Beyond the Five Senses - The Atlantic