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round ufo watches astronaut on space walk at space station video ufo sighting news Round UFO Watches Astronaut On Space Walk At Space Station, Video, UFO Sighting News.
UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY VIDEO Date of sighting: February 20, 2017Location of sighting:... 3 hours
international ufo congress met in phoenix arizona this week feb 2017 video ufo sighting news International UFO Congress Met In Phoenix, Arizona This Week, Feb 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.
UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY VIDEO This is awesome. The International UFO Congress met... 4 hours
ufo near boeing 777 causes it to cloak on radar feb 2017 video ufo sighting news UFO Near Boeing 777 Causes It To Cloak On Radar, Feb 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.
UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY VIDEO Date of sighting: February... 4 hours
Peer Left Taxi Running While He Dashed In To The House Of Lords To Claim His Allowance, BBC Documentary Reveals
HUFFINGTON POST A peer left a taxi running while he... 5 hours
Jeremy Corbyn Warns Stoke And Copeland 'On A Knife-Edge', Attacks The Media For New Huge Tory Poll Lead
HUFFINGTON POST Jeremy Corbyn has warned that two crunch by-elections are “on a knife-edge”... 5 hours
Gender Pay Gap Will Take 62 Years To Erase Without Plan You Just Dismissed, Government Told
HUFFINGTON POST The Government will fail to erase the gender pay gap without implementing an action plan it... 5 hours
Milo Yiannopoulos Loses $250,000 Book Deal After Outcry Over Child Abuse Comments
HUFFINGTON POST Milo Yiannopoulos’s book, Dangerous, has been dumped by his publisher after footage emerged of the alt-right agitator appearing to defend pedophilia.He confirmed the news... 5 hours
NASA Live Feed Cut AGAIN As 6 Large ‘UFOs’ Creep Past ISS
DISCLOSE.TV Six unidentified flying objects have been spotted by UFO researchers on NASA’s live feed of the view from space from the International Space Station... 8 hours
University Challenge Contestant Sophie Rudd Becomes Quiz Show Legend With Incredible Last Minute Answer
HUFFINGTON POST Some University Challenge contestants steal our hearts from the second they appear on screen - Bobby Seagull and Eric Monkman... 7 hours
Steve Hewlett Dead: BBC Broadcaster, Presenter Dies Aged 58
HUFFINGTON POST BBC broadcaster Steve Hewlett has died aged 58, it has been announced.The former Panorama editor, ‘The Media Show’ presenter and longtime journalist had been suffering from oesophagus cancer, and had... 9 hours
NASA press conference on 'major discovery beyond our solar system'
DISCLOSE.TV A question asked by our species for generations, dating back to ancient times is that does life exist elsewhere in the universe? This question is perspective though-do we... 8 hours
Eric Monkman Reveals What It's Really Like To Be A University Challenge Legend
HUFFINGTON POST In the space of 30 minutes Eric Monkman went from academically gifted nobody to cult hero, and arguably even University Challenge’s greatest fan... 9 hours
‘Emmerdale’: Robron Wedding Interrupted By Police, As Faith Dingle’s Accused Of Murder
HUFFINGTON POST Emmerdale’s Robron wedding week got off to a suitably dramatic start on Monday (20 February), when police burst into the Woolpack just as the... 9 hours
the coffee cup conundrum why aren t more of our paper cups recycled The Coffee Cup Conundrum: Why Aren't More Of Our Paper Cups Recycled?
HUFFINGTON POST VIDEO Image: Getty. What happens when a celebrity chef with a prime-time BBC programme shines a spotlight on a business practice that some companies would... 12 hours
Donald Trump Defended Over Sexism And Racism By Tory MPs During UK State Visit Debate
HUFFINGTON POST Donald Trump has found unlikely support from some British Conservative MPs, who defended the US President against charges... 10 hours
Jeremy Corbyn Tries To Rally Labour MPs For Copeland And Stoke Central - Despite Huge Tory Poll Lead
HUFFINGTON POST Jeremy Corbyn will try to rally Labour MPs ahead of two crunch... 10 hours
Donald Trump Protest Comes To Parliament Square As MPs Debate Petition Calling For No State Visit
HUFFINGTON POST Hundreds of people descended on parliament on Monday in a colourful show of defiance against the... 11 hours
'The Replacement': BBC Drama (Vicky McClure, Morven Christie) Sees Maternity Leave Cover Take A Very Dark Turn
HUFFINGTON POST ‘The Replacement’ “promises to do for maternity leave cover what Fatal Attraction did for... 12 hours
Churchill's Essay on Extraterrestrials is a dark reminder of dangers we face
DISCLOSE.TV Winston Churchill wrote an amazing essay about aliens ... 11 hours
'The Trouble With Dad': David Baddiel On Father's Struggle With Rare Dementia, Pick's Disease
HUFFINGTON POST Comedian and author David Baddiel has opened up about his father’s battle with Pick’s disease, a little-known type of dementia.In... 11 hours
New Image Analysis: Has NASA faked the Moon Landings in a studio?
DISCLOSE.TV A collection of NASA images showing identical backgrounds from different areas of the moon could provide proof that the Apollo landings were filmed in... 12 hours
The Ocean Could Contain A Near Limitless Supply Of Nuclear Fuel
HUFFINGTON POST Scientists believe they’ve found a viable way to extract uranium from the oceans, opening up a source of energy that could supply today’s nuclear power stations... 12 hours
It's Not OK To Be Racist
HUFFINGTON POST It's not ok to be racist. Yes that includes you, world leaders and parliamentary hopefuls, but it's also you non-racist people making what you think are light-hearted comments. If you've never been persecuted just for the... 12 hours
The New Normal: How Social And Economic Attitudes Swapped Places
HUFFINGTON POST Here in the UK, February is LGBT History Month, and this year sees in a momentous anniversary. Fifty years ago homosexuality was decriminalised in England and Wales. The... 12 hours
'Tully monster' mystery continues to endure
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES A peculiar prehistoric discovery has left scientists scratching their heads for more than five decades. Known as the Tully Monster after collector Fra... 12 hours
Leeds Freedom Bridge Acts As A 'Shining Beacon' For City's LGBT People
HUFFINGTON POST An unassuming railway bridge in a city centre has been given a wonderful makeover to celebrate the city’s LGBT community.Work began on the bridge... 12 hours
Gralien Report Daily News for February 20, 2017
THE GRALIEN REPORT Here are today’s headlines… We thought New Zealand was an island nation. Scientists say it’s the tip of a ‘hidden continent.’ ‘Tully monster’ mystery is far from solved, group argues Commercial space... 11 hours
Kerry Howard Interview: The ‘Witless’ Star Talks Famous Siblings And Why You Should Never Meet Your Heroes
HUFFINGTON POST Kerry Howard might not be a household name yet, but we have a feeling... 11 hours
William Hague Says Tony Blair's Hopes Of Blocking Brexit Will Cause 'Endless Conflict'
HUFFINGTON POST William Hague has warned that overturning the result of the Brexit referendum would open up a “endless conflict” in British society, as... 12 hours
Paul Joseph Watson's Twitter Offer For Journalist Trip To Sweden Spectacularly Backfires
HUFFINGTON POST Paul Joseph Watson, provocateur-in-chief at ‘alt-right’ and conspiracy site Infowars, has had his offer to pay journalists to experience the ‘crime ridden’ reality of... 12 hours
the answer to the mysterious handbags of the anunnaki The Answer To The Mysterious Handbags Of The Anunnaki
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Dating back to the end of the Ice Age, certain art pieces found on cave walls have resembled what is known today as a handbag or purse ... 15 hours
how being outward looking makes denmark a great place to run a business How Being Outward Looking Makes Denmark A Great Place to Run A Business
HUFFINGTON POST I have lived in Copenhagen for a long time and... 14 hours
world whale day 2017 an update on mass strandings World Whale Day 2017: An Update On Mass Strandings
HUFFINGTON POST In recognition of world whale day tomorrow this article covers one of the stranger and sadder phenomenon in... 14 hours
The paranormal video diary of Michael Magee
FREAK LORE Freak Lore - Paranormal and strange news. Freak Lore - Paranormal and strange news. - Aliens, Ghosts, Demons, UFOs, Unexplained Mysteries and... 13 hours
Chile Again! Mass UFO Sighting During Air Force Flight Demonstration, February 2017
DISCLOSE.TV Eyewitness: Mass sighting of an unidentified flying object (UFO) in the city of Puerto Varas, Chile, seen from three different angles ... 15 hours
Poll Hands Conservatives 18 Point Lead Over Labour Ahead Of By-Elections
HUFFINGTON POST Theresa May’s Conservative Party has an eighteen point lead over Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour, according to a poll published today.The ICM survey for The Guardian showed the... 15 hours
Karen Matthews ‘Lied About Kidnapping Conviction To Get Coffee Shop Job’
HUFFINGTON POST Karen Matthews reportedly lied about her kidnapping conviction in order to get a job in a coffee shop.Matthews, who was jailed for eight years after being... 14 hours
'SS-GB' Wartime Drama: From Sam Riley To Kate Bosworth - Where You've Seen These Familiar Faces Before
HUFFINGTON POST ’SS-GB’ debuted last night, with the BBC’s brand new wartime thriller boasting a pretty... 15 hours
One Day Without Us Campaign Highlights Positive Impact Migrants Have On UK Economy
HUFFINGTON POST Britain’s economy would lose £328 million in just one day if migrants stopped working, new figures have revealed as part of a... 15 hours
'This Morning': Joey Essex Swears Live On Air, Sparking Holly Willoughby Apology
HUFFINGTON POST The week got off to a shaky start for producers on ‘This Morning’ during Monday’s (20 February) show, after some colourful language was aired... 14 hours
Bruce Springsteen Fan With Cerebral Palsy Goes To First Ever Concert And It's Amazing To Watch
HUFFINGTON POST A Bruce Springsteen fan who has cerebral palsy and vision impairment went to his first ever gig,... 15 hours
'Lift The Weight' Campaign Urges Rugby Players To Open Up About Mental Heath Issues
HUFFINGTON POST One in four people in the UK are affected by mental health issues each year and sportsmen and women are... 15 hours
Woman Documents Life As A Permanent Third Wheel With Hilarious Instagram Account
HUFFINGTON POST A woman has been documenting her life as a permanent third wheel, showing single people everywhere they’re not alone.The unnamed woman posts hilarious photos... 14 hours
What Do Apple, Ann Summers And Burberry Have In Common?
HUFFINGTON POST In today's fast paced market, things are changing at rapid speed, with hundreds of product choices available at the touch of a button, it's never been more important... 14 hours
'I'm At Celebrity' Australian TV Series At Risk Of Crocodiles, Hippos As Cyclone Dyneo Causes Floods
HUFFINGTON POST If you think the British participants of ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!’ have... 14 hours
Dramatic Footage: Two German Fighter Jets Intercept A Boeing 777-300
DISCLOSE.TV The dramatic moment that a London-bound flight is intercepted by two German fighter aircraft after it lost radio contact. Fighters scrambled on Thursday as Jet Airways plane was... 13 hours
Nazi Leader Adolf Hitler’s Personal Bunker Phone Sells At Auction
HUFFINGTON POST The personal telephone Adolf Hitler used to send millions of people to their deaths has sold for £161,000 at auction.The red phone, which has Adolf Hitler engraved on... 13 hours
Recurrent Mystery 'Crop Circle' Formations In Top End Northern Territory Town - ABC News
THE ANOMALIST Looks like a slow news week down under. ABC News has reported a "crop circle" appearing in a field over... 13 hours
YouTube Is Finally Killing One Of Its Most Annoying Advert Features
HUFFINGTON POST For anyone who has ever desperately searched for the “Skip ad” button on a YouTube video only to realise that you’re actually going to have to... 14 hours
Ship set to be deliberately trapped in ice
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Scientists are planning to sail a research vessel to the Arctic so it can get stuck in the ice on purpose. For early Arctic explorers, becoming trappe... 13 hours
International Human Rights Bodies Have Said It Loud And Clear: We Need Clear Targets To Reduce Child Poverty
HUFFINGTON POST The UK needs clear targets to reduce and eventually put an end... 13 hours
US Forest Service Declassified UFO Files - The Black Vault
THE ANOMALIST Indefatigable UFO FOIAer John Greenewald, Jr. displays the results of his prodding the US Department of Agriculture's Forest Service to release its UFO-related documents. There's a set of... 13 hours
Trail Camera Shows Fierce Mammal Not Seen In Iowa Since 1800S - KCCI
THE ANOMALIST Reports are coming in from Iowa of Fisher sightings, something mostly unheard of since the 1800s. This trail cam photo confirms witness... 13 hours
Croydon Tram Crash Investigation Reveals Driver Was Travelling Almost Four Times The Speed Limit
HUFFINGTON POST An investigation into the Croydon tram crash that resulted in seven deaths has revealed the driver was travelling almost four... 14 hours
'SS-GB' Cast: From Sam Riley To Kate Bosworth, Where You've Seen These Familiar Faces Before
HUFFINGTON POST ’SS-GB’ debuted last night, with the BBC’s brand new wartime thriller boasting a pretty stellar cast in its... 14 hours
'You Remind Me Of The Nazis And Fascists My Grandad Fought' Stoke Voter Lets Rip At Ukip
HUFFINGTON POST A voter in Stoke has left Ukip in no doubt what they think of... 14 hours
Fashion Blogger Megan Gilbride Reveals The 'True Face Of Depression' In Intimate Photos
HUFFINGTON POST A blogger has bravely opened up about her struggles with depression in a bid to highlight that regardless of what we may see... 14 hours
Simon Cowell 'Thoroughly Enjoyed' Learning That Zayn Malik Was Outsold By Bradley Walsh
HUFFINGTON POST It would seem there’s still no love lost between Simon Cowell and his former protégé Zayn Malik, after his album was outsold... 17 hours
Black Project Crafts Tested Over Nellis Air Force Base, February 19 2017
DISCLOSE.TV Here’s a new footage of a bright objects hovering in the sky above Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. This happened yesterday (19th February... 18 hours
NASA proposes redefining the word 'planet'
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES The move, if successful, could mean that our own solar system actually has more than 100 planets in it. In order for a body to be classed as a planet ... 17 hours
Plus-Size Pole Dancer Proves Size Should Never Stop You Doing What You Love
HUFFINGTON POST A size 24 woman is proving pole dancing is for anyone at any size by refusing to let critics knock her confidence. Jamie... 18 hours
5 ways YOU can survive a skinwalker attack
DISCLOSE.TV Skinwalkers are a very real and misunderstood threat in the dense forests of north America and Canada ... 18 hours
Oxford University Denies Claims It Will Open Paris Campus In Post-Brexit Move For EU Funding
HUFFINGTON POST Oxford University has denied claims that it is about open a campus in Paris to counter the impact... 17 hours
'SS-GB' Debuts To 'Mumbling' Complaints By Irritated Viewers Of Wartime Thriller
HUFFINGTON POST The BBC’s latest big-budget drama, wartime thriller ’SS-GB’, debuted last night, and became the latest TV epic to draw complaints from viewers about incessant mumbling.Some critics... 17 hours
TFL Journey Planner Issues Tube Strike Guide For Central And Waterloo And City Line Action
HUFFINGTON POST Transport for London has issued a guide to help commuters deal with Tube strikes that will hit the... 17 hours
A Simple Social Experiment Shows We Are More Than Just The Boxes People Put Us In
DISCLOSE.TV When we people stop to judge people by their looks, instead of by their actions. You... 18 hours
Charles Bronson’s Fiancee Paula Williamson Reveals Prison Wedding Ceremony Plans
HUFFINGTON POST Charles Bronson’s actress fiancée has revealed the couple will tie the knot in a prison chapel “sooner rather than later.”Paula Williamson, who has had small parts in Emmerdale... 16 hours
First Ever Muslim-Friendly 'Modest' Fashion Week Held In London
HUFFINGTON POST Not only does this weekend mark the annual London Fashion Week but now the capital’s first ever ‘Modest Fashion Week’ has taken place at the Saatchi Gallery. The event, created by... 16 hours
Watch SpaceX's Rocket Perform An Absolutely Flawless Landing
HUFFINGTON POST SpaceX has made what can only be described as a triumphant return after its Falcon 9 rocket made a flawless touchdown at NASA’s historic Kennedy Space Center. A post shared by Elon Musk... 17 hours
Top Gear's Matt LeBlanc Munches Horse Penis While Filming New Series
HUFFINGTON POST It seems the new series of ‘Top Gear’ has taken a lead out of I’m A Celebrity’s book, with new lead host Matt LeBlanc being forced... 18 hours
Google And Bing Launch Major Crackdown On Pirate Websites And Illegal Streaming
HUFFINGTON POST The days of simply Googling for an illegal stream of a football match or film will soon become near impossible as Google and Bing... 18 hours
Paul Nuttall 'Not Fit To Lead' Ukip Say Party Officials As They Quit Over Hillsborough Row
HUFFINGTON POST Two Ukip chairman have resigned from the party over the “crass insensitivity” of Paul Nuttall’s false... 18 hours
Gordon Ramsay Is Reviewing People's Cooking Attempts On Twitter And He's Being Harsh AF
HUFFINGTON POST Everyone’s favourite foul-mouthed chef Gordon Ramsay is reviewing people’s meals on Twitter and let’s just say he isn’t holding back.The... 17 hours
You Won't Find This Map In Your History Books
DISCLOSE.TV In the videos you can see where the Native Americans tribes were originally located before they were gradually oppressed out of their land, and by use of force finally ended... 18 hours
Home Office Set To Review Asylum Claims From Children In The Calais 'Jungle' Camp
HUFFINGTON POST Child refugees who have been turned away from the UK could have their cases reviewed, as the Home Office comes... 16 hours
Round UFO Watches Astronaut On Space Walk At Space Station, Video, UFO Sighting News.
International UFO Congress Met In Phoenix, Arizona This Week, Feb 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.
UFO Near Boeing 777 Causes It To Cloak On Radar, Feb 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.
The Coffee Cup Conundrum: Why Aren't More Of Our Paper Cups Recycled?
The Answer To The Mysterious Handbags Of The Anunnaki
Youtuber Freaks Out By Paranormal Activity During Live Stream
Five UFO Videos Of Same Two UFOs Over Kuwait, Feb 20, 2017, UFO Sighting News.
Castle Rock (2017) (TV Series)
SpaceX Cape Canaveral launch is a success
Glowing UFO Over Kenner Neighborhood On Dec 20, 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.
White UFO Shoots Past Chile Air Force Jet Over Chile Almost Hitting It, Feb 10, 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.
Elon Musk Says Aliens Are Watching Humanity, But Humans Are Not Smart Enough To Realise It, Feb 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.
Is Zealandia the world's eighth continent ?
Johnny Depp Says He Was Attacked By Chupacabra: 'I Fought with it for Hours' - Inquisitr
Mysterious spray of organic material spottet on planet Ceres
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