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NBA Playgrounds 2 Trailer Promises More Over The Top Basketball Action
CINEMA BLEND There's already a new NBA Playgrounds game in the works despite the fact that... 5 hours
Devolver Digital Is Bringing Back Serious Sam
CINEMA BLEND It's been a long time since we've had a new canonical entry in the long-running Serious Sam franchise. The series has sort... 5 hours
Kratos Is Adorable In European 'Dog Of War' Commercial
CINEMA BLEND Sony decided to get creative with the commercial for the recently released God of War for the PlayStation... 5 hours
26 Years Later, Night Trap Is Finally Coming To A Nintendo Console
CINEMA BLEND According to a recent tweet from Limited Run Games, the cult classic FMV game, Night Trap, will be making its way to the Nintendo... 5 hours
Why Jane The Virgin's Finale Twist Means Jane And Rafael Might Not Be Happy In Season 5
CINEMA BLEND Well, folks,... 7 hours
3 Big Ways Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Just Set Up The Destruction Of The World
CINEMA BLEND The latest episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. revealed... 7 hours
Network Shows In Danger Of Being Cancelled
CINEMA BLEND The time has come to start worrying about the fates of certain TV series. Here's a rundown of network shows currently in... 8 hours
Chris Hemsworth’s Stuntman Has To Train Twice A Day To Keep Up With Him When He’s Playing Thor
CINEMA BLEND ... 8 hours
Sony’s ‘Masters of the Universe’ Lands Two Directors, Aaron And Adam Nee
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Directing brothers Aaron and Adam Nee are the latest to become attached to Sony’s ‘Masters of the Universe.’  The pair previously helmed the movie... 9 hours
Get Out's Jordan Peele Has Really Nice Things To Say About Oscar Winner Guillermo Del Toro
CINEMA BLEND Jordan Peele has deep... 9 hours
Final Frontier Friday: ‘Friday’s Child’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Hello and as always, welcome to ‘Final Frontier Friday’! It’s an original series week this time around, so join me as we take a look at... 10 hours
14 Huge Movies Coming To Theaters This Summer
CINEMA BLEND There's an avalanche of movies set to debut in theaters over this summer. These are the big ones that you... 10 hours
Star Wars: Episode IX Might Be Adding A Cool Expanded Universe Character
CINEMA BLEND The Star Wars Expanded Universe is no longer canon, but certain elements have been added back in, and now it's possible we'll see one... 11 hours
The Next Spinoff For ‘The Walking Dead’ Might Infect Your Movie Theater?!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We know that a variety of ‘The Walking Dead’ spinoffs have been pitched at this point but it looks like the next area we... 11 hours
Angry Birds 2 Has Cast Sterling K. Brown, Leslie Jones And More
CINEMA BLEND The animated sequel is adding more names to the original's already talented and funny cast. 12 hours
Seinfeld's Patrick Warburton Showed Up As Puddy At A Devils Game, And It Was Amazing
CINEMA BLEND Patrick Warburton reprised his beloved Seinfeld... 12 hours
Super Troopers 2 – Rate And Discuss With Spoilers
CINEMA BLEND You've waited long enough, and now Super Troopers 2 is here to save the day! Head inside to... 12 hours
Murphy Brown Revival Adds Another New Star, And Fans Will Be Touched
CINEMA BLEND Murphy Brown is coming back and honoring an original character. Here's how. 12 hours
The Teen Titans Go! Movie Fired Back At Ryan Reynolds For Deadpool 2's DC Burn
CINEMA BLEND Ryan Reynolds didn't think this would... 12 hours
Amazon Developing ‘East of West’ And ‘Transhuman Series From Jonathan Hickman
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Amazon Studios is now developing not one, but two series from one of my... 13 hours
Ash Vs. Evil Dead Cancelled At Starz, Will Not Return For Season 4
CINEMA BLEND We have some unfortunate news for fans of Bruce Campbell,... 13 hours
Pure Imagination Studios And FoxNext Destinations Are Offering A Unique Way To Celebrate ‘Alien Day’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM On April 26th, Alien Day, a... 13 hours
Why Westworld’s Evan Rachel Wood Turned Down A Role In Mean Girls
CINEMA BLEND Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood turned down the opportunity to appear in Mean Girls, but she had a good reason for doing so. 13 hours
Smallville's Allison Mack Has Been Arrested In Relation To Sex Cult
CINEMA BLEND Allison Mack's shocking cult rumors have taken a major step forward. 13 hours
What Tina Fey Says About Those 30 Rock Revival Rumors
CINEMA BLEND Tina Fey has something to say about the 30 Rock revival rumors. 14 hours
Rachel Weisz And Daniel Craig Are Having A Baby
CINEMA BLEND The acting couple will welcome their first child together. 14 hours
Watch The Rock Surprise A Teenager Over Her High School’s Loud Speaker
CINEMA BLEND Dwayne Johnson continues to make the case that he's the most likable human alive. 14 hours
Tina Fey Surprised Some Of Her Biggest Fans, And Now We Need All The Tissues
CINEMA BLEND Comedienne extraordinaire Tina Fey had a... 14 hours
12 Under-The-Radar Summer Movies You’re Going To Want To See
CINEMA BLEND This summer movie season is chock full of high-profile blockbusters like any other, but there are... 14 hours
One Hilarious Marvel Crossover Broken Lizard Wants For Super Troopers 3
CINEMA BLEND Crossovers are all the rage right now, and there's one Marvel crossover that Broken... 14 hours
How Jeff Goldblum's Ian Malcolm Fits Into Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
CINEMA BLEND Wondering how Ian Malcolm will fit into the events of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom?... 14 hours
Seinfeld's Patrick Warburton Showed Up As Puddy At A Red Devils Game, And It Was Amazing
CINEMA BLEND Patrick Warburton reprised his... 14 hours
Check Out The ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ International Trailer
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With the release of the ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ trailer, fans were given the briefest of glimpses into... 14 hours
‘Deadpool 2’ Trailers Contain Dialogue That Will Not Appear In The Movie
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Ryan Reynolds proved his comedic chops when he brought ‘Deadpool’ to life on the big screen. Now, the actor’s quick wits are already on... 14 hours
New Official Trailer for Ryuhei Kitamura's Sniper Thriller 'Downrange'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "Hell is on the way." Shudder has released an official trailer for a dark horror, thriller titled Downrange, the latest feature from Japanese genre filmmaker Ryuhei Kitamura (of Versus, The... 14 hours
Apparently There's A New Doom Movie Happening
CINEMA BLEND More than a decade after Dwayne Johnson led the critically-panned Doom, apparently there's a new movie based on the video game property... 15 hours
WB Has Two Competing ‘Birds Of Prey’ Scripts In The Works
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Ever since ‘Suicide Squad’ raked in $745 million in theaters, Warner Bros. has been... 15 hours
TV Review: ‘Arrow: The Dragon’ (Season 6 Episode 19)
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Last night’s episode was something somewhat different for the show, and I actually applaud them for the change... 15 hours
There’s A New Way Peggy Carter Could Eventually Come Back To The Marvel Movies
CINEMA BLEND Fans have wanted to see Hayley Atwell's adored... 15 hours
Why Every Director Should Hire The Rock, According To Rampage’s Brad Peyton
CINEMA BLEND Rampage director Brad Peyton -- who has directed The Rock three times now -- broke down exactly why every filmmaker needs this guy on... 15 hours
That Time Busy Phillips Almost Got Into A Bar Fight For Michelle Williams
CINEMA BLEND Busy Phillips talks about the time she almost got into... 15 hours
God Of War Director Cory Barlog's Reaction To The Reviews Might Make You Cry
CINEMA BLEND God of War finally released today, though reviews... 16 hours
Spider-Man Star Tom Holland Hilariously Proved He Has No Clue What RuPaul's Drag Race Is
CINEMA BLEND Tom Holland has some sizable gaps... 16 hours
How Grey's Anatomy Is Probably Writing Arizona Off
CINEMA BLEND With news of a returning guest star, Arizona's fate seems much more clear. 16 hours
Rob Liefeld Thinks ‘Deadpool 2’ And The ‘X-Force’ Can “Absolutely” Go Up Against ‘The Avengers’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While I’m going to be the... 16 hours
The Hunt (2019)
Michael C. Hall Makes An Intense Return To TV In First Trailer For Netflix's Safe
CINEMA BLEND Michael C. Hall is returning to... 16 hours
How Much Avengers: Infinity War Reportedly Cost To Make
CINEMA BLEND Shot back-to-back with the still-untitled Avengers 4, the upcoming Marvel movie has been touted as the biggest most-complicated... 17 hours
The Kardashians Are Closing All Their Dash Stores
CINEMA BLEND The Kardashians are about to dash the hopes of fans everywhere. 17 hours
Watch Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik Totally Freak Out After Meeting Mark Hamill
CINEMA BLEND The Big Bang Theory actress geeked out in a way... 17 hours
The Elevator Scene From Captain America: Winter Soldier Looks Even Cooler In Behind-The-Scenes Footage
CINEMA BLEND It seems that even the cast has been... 17 hours
Why Ghost Is A Female Character In Ant-Man And The Wasp
CINEMA BLEND One of the villains facing Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne in the upcoming... 17 hours
How Scary The New Halloween Movie Will Be, According To Jamie Lee Curtis
CINEMA BLEND Wondering how scary the new Halloween movie will be? As... 17 hours
Kodachrome Review
CINEMA BLEND While the story of Kodachrome may not be a home run, its cast and their performances are certainly worth raving about. 17 hours
Rick And Morty And Breaking Bad Got Awesome Shoutouts On My Little Pony
CINEMA BLEND A recent episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic... 17 hours
Deadpool 2 Has Already Broken A Ticket Sales Record
CINEMA BLEND Between the massive Marvel team-up and a new Star Wars Story, it feels like the Merc with a... 17 hours
Syfy Wants You To Attend A ‘Deadly Class’ With The Russo Brothers
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The Russo Brothers are still working on comic adaptations but their next outing won’t be from Marvel. Right now they are working with Syfy... 17 hours
One Lesson Anna Faris Learned From Split With Chris Pratt
CINEMA BLEND Here's what the comedic actress learned from her recent celebrity break-up. 18 hours
Deadpool 2 Trailer Has Some Major Hints That Juggernaut's Showing Up
CINEMA BLEND Why is this exciting? Because Juggernaut is an incredible X-Men villain who hasn't gotten... 18 hours
Taika Waititi’s Hilarious Response To Who Will Die In Avengers: Infinity War
CINEMA BLEND Thor: Ragnarok's director has the perfect response when asked about Marvel deaths. 18 hours
Reportedly, Netflix Wants To Buy Its Own Movie Theaters
CINEMA BLEND It looks like Netflix may finally get into the theatrical exhibition business by purchasing a theater chain of... 18 hours
New Images And Details For ‘Ant-Man And The Wasp’ Show How Important Michelle Pfeiffer’s Janet Van Dyne Is
That ‘M.A.S.K.’ Movie IS Happening And Is Laying The Groundwork For A Franchise!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Progress is finally happening on Paramount Pictures’ long-gestating ‘M.A.S.K.’ movie... 18 hours
Criminal Minds Season 14? Here's What Joe Mantegna And Kirsten Vangsness Told Us
CINEMA BLEND Will we get to see more from the BAU crew... 19 hours
Super Troopers 2 Reviews Are In, Here's What The Critics Think
CINEMA BLEND It's been over 15 years since the cult hit Super Troopers hit theaters and... 19 hours
Two Trailers for 'The Equalizer 2' Again Starring Denzel Washington
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "They're tying up loose ends." "Exactly." Sony Pictures has unveiled the first official trailer for the sequel The Equalizer 2, directed by Antoine Fuqua (Olympus Has Fallen, Southpaw,... 19 hours
Why The Changes For Disney's Live-Action Mulan Have Us Excited
CINEMA BLEND Disney is making some notable changes to Mulan, but this has got us excited about how... 19 hours
HeroBlend Podcast #2: DCEU Updates And Last-Minute Infinity War Predictions
CINEMA BLEND Welcome to the second edition of the HeroBlend Podcast! This week, Eric and Adrienne will go... 19 hours
Shonda Rhimes' Touching Tribute To Grey's Anatomy's Sarah Drew And Jessica Capshaw
CINEMA BLEND Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew are leaving the show, bringing a wrap to the story of both Arizona Robbins and April Kepner. 19 hours
Trailer for Underrated Filmmaking Doc 'Filmworker' About Leon Vitali
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "Stanley assigned Leon to me." Kino Lorber has debuted a trailer for the indie documentary Filmworker, telling the story of "filmworker" and Stanley Kubrick's right-hand man Leon Vitali. This is... 19 hours
7 Comics to Read Before Seeing Avengers: Infinity War
CINEMA BLEND We know you've got the hype, but are you prepared enough for Avengers: Infinity War? Here are some... 19 hours
How Avengers: Infinity Wars’ Anthony Mackie Reacted When Reading The Final Fight
CINEMA BLEND We're all expecting the final battle in Avengers: Infinity War to be a massive spectacle of epic proportions. We're waiting to be wowed. When... 19 hours
Xenomorphs Are Back On The Table As Ridley Scott Has Had An Alien Sized Change Of Heart!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Last heard,... 19 hours
9 Celebrities Famous For Other Things Who Have Won Oscars
CINEMA BLEND In 90 years of Oscar history, there are quite a few winners that come as a... 20 hours
Why Marvel Fans Need To See The Marvel: Universe Of Superheroes Exhibit In Seattle
CINEMA BLEND It is an incredible time to be a... 21 hours
New Official Trailer for Ryuhei Kitamura's Sniper Thriller 'Downrange'
Trailer for Underrated Filmmaking Doc 'Filmworker' About Leon Vitali
Rupert Everett as Oscar Wilde in Full UK Trailer for 'The Happy Prince'
One More Time: Netflix's US Trailer for Augmented Reality Film 'Anon'
Official Trailer for High School Debate Team Indie Comedy 'Candy Jar'
Legion Season 2: Bill Irwin on Cary and Kerry, style, secrecy and dance-offs
First Trailer for Sundance Breakout 'Blindspotting' with Daveed Diggs
Deadpool 2 final trailer auditions the X-Force, fights Cable, dodges most bullets
Two Trailers for 'The Equalizer 2' Again Featuring Denzel Washington
Two Trailers for 'The Equalizer 2' Again Featuring Denzel Washington