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States leverage federal funds to help insurers lower premiums
NEWS MEDICAL When Tracy Deis decided in 2016 to transition from a full-time job to part-time contract work, the loss of her employer's health insurance was not a major worry because she... 14 minutes
New model of genetically engineered immune cells may help fight solid tumors
NEWS MEDICAL Scientists at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center announced that they have built a new model of genetically engineered immune cells in mice that may... 52 minutes
early opaque universe linked to galaxy scarcity Early Opaque Universe Linked to Galaxy Scarcity
ASTRO WATCH A team of astronomers led by George Becker at the University of California, Riverside, has made a surprising discovery: 12.5 billion years... 1 hour
Married people who fight nastily more likely to suffer from leaky guts, study suggests
NEWS MEDICAL Married people who fight nastily are more likely to suffer from leaky guts - a problem that unleashes bacteria into... 1 hour
Chemicals Produced by Vegetables Such as Cabbage and Cauliflower Protect Mice from Colon Cancer
SCI-NEWS.COM A new study led by Francis Crick Institute... 1 hour
astronomers discover supermassive black hole in an ultracompact dwarf galaxy Astronomers Discover Supermassive Black Hole in an Ultracompact Dwarf Galaxy
ASTRO WATCH Fornax UCD3 is a part of a Fornax galaxy cluster and belongs to a very rare... 1 hour
scientists discover organic acid in a protoplanetary disk Scientists Discover Organic Acid in a Protoplanetary Disk
ASTRO WATCH International team of scientists from Russia (including a research associate of the Kourovka Astronomical Observatory of Ural Federal University Sergei... 1 hour
Liva Healthcare announces appointment of Thomas Cooke as clinical services manager in the UK
NEWS MEDICAL Liva Healthcare, the digital health platform designed to tackle chronic diseases, has appointed Thomas Cooke as clinical services manager in... 1 hour
New device for accurately placing hemodialysis catheters on kidney patients
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers at Okayama University report in The Journal of Vascular Access a supporting device for accurately placing hemodialysis catheters on kidney patients. The device was successfully used on... 1 hour
FundamentalVR launches first-of-its-kind SaaS software platform for surgical simulation
NEWS MEDICAL FundamentalVR, pioneers of immersive training technology for the medical community, today launched Fundamental Surgery, a first-of-its-kind SaaS software platform that combines virtual reality with cutting-edge haptics (the sense of touch)... 1 hour
Clinical study shows how EarlySense system effectively detects opioid-induced respiratory depression
NEWS MEDICAL EarlySense, the market leader in contact-free continuous monitoring solutions across the care continuum, today announced that its system has been found to detect and alert for... 1 hour
Porvair Sciences' new automation-friendly BactiGrowth plates
NEWS MEDICAL Porvair Sciences has extended its BactiGrowth range of specially packaged plates designed to enable high yield growth of bacteria, yeast, mammalian or insect cell lines. 1 hour
Medical News Today: Urea dysfunctions in the liver may signal cancer
MNT New research suggests that a dysfunctional nitrogen metabolism may be an early sign of cancer. The findings may lead to better diagnostic tools. 2 hours
It's National Relaxation Day: 4 ways to relax at your office
ABC NEWS Take a moment, or a few, for yourself on National Relaxation Day. 2 hours
WATCH: Work out like Jennifer Aniston with these 10 moves from her boxing trainer
ABC NEWS Jennifer Aniston's trainer, Leyon Azubuike, shows us how to get fit like Aniston. 2 hours
Podcasts take growing role in shifting media landscape
PHYS.ORG As radio fades in the new world of digital media, podcasting has become hot. 3 hours
Alert level raised for volcanic island in southern Japan
PHYS.ORG Japan has raised alert levels on a small southern volcanic island, urging its 150 residents to prepare for an evacuation amid growing risks of an eruption. 3 hours
Researchers identify way to grow immune cells at large scale for preventing cancer reoccurrence
NEWS MEDICAL For the first time, Mount Sinai researchers have identified a way to make large numbers of immune cells that can... 3 hours
Kenyan farmers toast growing demand European demand for avocados
PHYS.ORG It may be loved and derided as the go-to millennial brunch, but avocado toast is proving a boon for Kenyan farmers as they cash in on the seemingly ever-growing enthusiasm. 3 hours
In Ivory Coast, global rubber glut erases profits
PHYS.ORG "We're not earning anything from it any more, we have nothing," says a rubber farmer in Ivory Coast, Africa's top producer, where revenues from natural rubber have been slashed by global oversupply. 3 hours
Modi says India will send manned flight into space by 2022
PHYS.ORG India will send a manned flight into space by 2022, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced Wednesday as part of India's independence day celebrations. 3 hours
Analyzing resident-to-resident incidents in dementia may hold the key to reducing future fatalities
NEWS MEDICAL Analyzing the incidents between residents in dementia in long-term care homes may hold the key to reducing future fatalities among this vulnerable... 3 hours
Real-time dynamic monitoring of cell's nucleus for effective cancer screening
NEWS MEDICAL To test for malignancy or monitor the effectiveness of cancer treatment, a person's tissue must be extracted, sent to a lab, stained and analyzed by a pathologist--a process... 3 hours
Scripps Research scientists uncover new approach for treating thrombocytopenia
NEWS MEDICAL Blood platelets are like the sand bags of the body. Got a cut? Platelets pile in to clog the hole and stop the bleeding. 4 hours
Scientists study effects of eating breakfast versus fasting overnight before exercise
NEWS MEDICAL Eating breakfast before exercise may "prime" the body to burn carbohydrates during exercise and more rapidly digest food after working out, University of Bath researchers have... 4 hours
Researchers move closer to finding potential soft spot in drug-resistant tuberculosis
NEWS MEDICAL Antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis is a public health threat. TB and other bacteria become resistant to antibiotics by evolving genetic changes over time, which they can do quite... 4 hours
Seven activities that prevent you from getting quality sleep during summer
NEWS MEDICAL Summer is the season of barbeque, beach trips, and some of the simplest joys of life, but if you're not careful, it can also be the... 4 hours
Innovative oncofertility program launched by RMA of New York and Mount Sinai Health System
NEWS MEDICAL Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York, a Manhattan-based fertility center, and the Mount Sinai Health System have launched an innovative,... 4 hours
India's Modi announces space mission, health scheme as election nears
REUTERS India will launch its first manned space mission by 2022 and roll out a health insurance... 4 hours
Scientists explore ways for drug therapies to reach deadly brain tumors
NEWS MEDICAL The blood-brain barrier is a specialized network of vascular and brain cells that acts as the brain's security system, helping to safeguard the brain and regulate... 5 hours
Researchers identify brain networks involved in object naming
NEWS MEDICAL Scientists at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston have identified the brain networks that allow you to think of an object name and then verbalize that thought. 5 hours
Study provides insight into link between sleep apnea and lipid metabolism
NEWS MEDICAL Obstructive sleep apnea is a clinical disorder characterized by repeated partial or complete blockage of the airway during sleep. 5 hours
Researchers focus on uncoupling obesity from diabetes
NEWS MEDICAL About 422 million people around the world, including more than 30 million Americans, have diabetes. Approximately ninety percent of them have type 2 diabetes. People with this condition cannot effectively use insulin, a hormone... 5 hours
Powerful psychedelic compound can model near-death experiences in the brain
NEWS MEDICAL A powerful psychedelic compound found in ayahuasca can model near-death experiences in the brain, a study has found. 6 hours
Model way to protect trees
PHYS.ORG Oak processionary moth and ash dieback are among the most notorious tree pests and diseases intro-duced into the UK. And many exotic pests and diseases are suspected of having been introduced, or are known to have been introduced,... 6 hours
Lockheed Martin: Prime Contractor for Orion Spacecraft
SPACE.COM Lockheed Martin has been involved in aviation and space exploration for about 100 years. 7 hours
Facts About Indium
LIVE SCIENCE Properties, sources and uses of the element indium. 7 hours
Prams may expose babies and toddlers to more air pollution finds study
NEWS MEDICAL According to a new study, babies put in prams and taken outdoors are exposed to 60 per cent more air pollution compared to adults.... 7 hours
“Zombie gene” protects elephants from cancer finds study
NEWS MEDICAL A new study has found that elephants do not get cancers as frequently as other animals because of a special gene that they carry. 7 hours
Ebola outbreak in Congo spreads to active combat zone
NEWS MEDICAL VIDEO The outbreak of the deadly Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo has spread outside the province of North Kivu according to a statement made by the country’s health ministry... 7 hours
India to launch first manned space mission by 2022
REUTERS India will launch its first manned space mission by 2022, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Wednesday, which... 7 hours
Trump Touts Space Force While Signing $717 Billion Defense Bill
SPACE.COM Today (Aug. 13), President Donald Trump signed the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act, a $717 billion defense-authorization act that will guide military spending and focus in... 8 hours
committee praises nasa s planetary science program but raises some concerns Committee praises NASA’s planetary science program but raises some concerns
SPACE NEWS NASA has done a good job implementing the recommendations of its latest planetary science decadal survey... 11 hours
New 'zombie' gene found in elephants could help humans fight cancer
ABC NEWS They may not be the fastest or the smartest or even the scariest, but when it comes to beating cancer, elephants are the superheroes of the... 11 hours
Suicide risk nearly double for traumatic brain injury sufferers: Study
ABC NEWS The study was conducted by researchers in Denmark and published Tuesday. 11 hours
New method makes spinning collagen microfibres quicker, cheaper, and easier
PHYS.ORG Scientists in Norfolk, VA have developed a new method of making collagen microfibres, which could have applications in research, medical devices and clinical treatments ranging from ligament damage... 12 hours
sn military space space force a political football the next big thing in space missile defense how to make satellites defendable SN Military.Space | Space Force a political football • The next big thing in space missile defense • How to make satellites ‘defendable’
SPACE NEWS ... 13 hours
lockheed martin awarded 2 9 billion air force contract for three missile warning satellites Lockheed Martin awarded $2.9 billion Air Force contract for three missile-warning satellites
SPACE NEWS The Air Force will use “rapid procurement authorities” in this program and is targeting the first next-generation OPIR launch in 2023. 13 hours
'Star Trek: Discovery' Beams Up Its Spock!
SPACE.COM An Original Series character returns for Star Trek: Discovery season 2. 13 hours
Chemicals found in vegetables prevent colon cancer in mice
SCIENCE DAILY Chemicals produced by vegetables such as kale, cabbage and broccoli could help to maintain a healthy gut and prevent colon cancer, a new study shows. 13 hours
Zombie gene protects against cancer -- in elephants
SCIENCE DAILY LIF6, a dead gene that came back to life, prevents cancer by killing cells with DNA damage. 13 hours
Water matters to metal nanoparticles
PHYS.ORG VIDEO When you purchase anything from makeup to paint to sunscreen, chances are it contains engineered nanoparticles. These nanoscale materials have properties that are revolutionizing products—from medicine to agriculture to electronics. But eventually, those nanoparticles will reach natural environments.... 13 hours
Transistor technology may improve speed, battery life for computers, mobile phones and other electronics
PHYS.ORG Purdue University researchers have developed transistor technology that shows potential for improving computers and mobile phones. 13 hours
Lipid droplets play crucial roles beyond fat storage
PHYS.ORG Lipid droplets: they were long thought of merely as the formless blobs of fat out of which spare tires and muffin tops were made. But these days, they're "a really hot area... 14 hours
Scientists find way to make mineral which can remove CO2 from atmosphere
PHYS.ORG Scientists have found a rapid way of producing magnesite, a mineral which stores carbon dioxide. If this can be developed to an industrial scale,... 14 hours
First reliable estimates of highly radioactive cesium-rich microparticles released by Fukushima disaster
PHYS.ORG Scientists have for the first time been able to estimate the amount of radioactive cesium-rich microparticles released by the disaster at the Fukushima power... 14 hours
New species of orchid discovered in Peruvian jungle
PHYS.ORG Botanists have discovered a new species of orchid in Peru's central Amazonian rainforest, the country's national parks service announced Tuesday. 14 hours
Tinder founders sue parent alleging cheating on stock options
PHYS.ORG Tinder founders and early employees filed a lawsuit Tuesday accusing parent firm InterActiveCorp of cheating them out of billions of dollars by manipulating the value of stock options for the... 14 hours
When mixing granular matter, order among disorder
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Mixing liquids is easy, or at least scientifically understood: a drop of food coloring will eventually mix into a cup of water through diffusion, and a dollop of cream can be mixed into coffee... 14 hours
NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite sees Bebinca east of Hainan Island
PHYS.ORG China's Hainan Island can't seem to get away from slow moving Tropical Storm Bebinca. The storm continues to linger near the island on Aug. 14 as seen when... 14 hours
Researchers use green gold to rapidly detect and identify harmful bacteria
PHYS.ORG Researchers from the University of Minnesota (UMN) have developed a method to screen and identify harmful or antibiotic-resistant bacteria within one hour using a portable luminometer.... 14 hours
meteorite bombardment likely to have created the earth s oldest rocks Meteorite Bombardment Likely to Have Created the Earth's Oldest Rocks
ASTRO WATCH Scientists have found that 4.02 billion year old silica-rich felsic rocks from the Acasta River, Canada... 14 hours
earth mini moons potential for exciting scientific and commercial opportunities Earth Mini-Moons: Potential for Exciting Scientific and Commercial Opportunities
ASTRO WATCH The detection of "mini-moons" -- small asteroids temporarily captured in orbit around Earth -- will vastly improve our... 14 hours
Snake fungal disease alters skin microbiome in eastern Massasaugas
PHYS.ORG In the first study of its kind, researchers characterized the skin microbiome of a population of free-ranging snakes to begin to understand how the animals' environmental microbial community may promote... 14 hours
News Clip Linked Coal to Climate Change — 106 Years Ago Today
LIVE SCIENCE More than a century ago, scientists already knew that burning coal would cause global warming. 14 hours
Satellite Sees Double When Snapping Solar Eclipse Pictures from Space
SPACE.COM A new image of a solar eclipse will have you seeing double. 14 hours
Suomi NPP satellite find Tropical Storm Leepi nearing southern Japan
PHYS.ORG Tropical Storm Leepi continued its northwestern track through the northwestern Pacific Ocean as NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite passed overhead and captured a visible image of the storm. Leepi... 14 hours
Scientists get new tool to track new pathogen killing frogs
PHYS.ORG An undergraduate researcher has developed a method to screen frogs for an infectious disease that has been linked to mass die-offs of frogs around the world. Thanks to... 14 hours
New study sheds light on how ultralow frequency radio waves and plasmas interact
PHYS.ORG Scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles present new research on a curious cosmic phenomenon known as "whistlers"—very low frequency packets... 14 hours
NASA gets an infrared view of Tropical Storm Hector
PHYS.ORG Infrared data from NASA's Aqua satellite provided forecasters with temperature data that showed the storm had two areas of strong convection. 14 hours
Magnetic gene in fish may someday help those with epilepsy, Parkinson's
PHYS.ORG VIDEO An aquarium fish that senses the Earth's magnetic field as it swims could help unlock how the human brain works and how diseases such as Parkinson's... 14 hours
WATCH: Sleep loss can make people more isolated and lonely: Study
ABC NEWS People have shaved off about an hour of sleep per night, the study said. 14 hours
Phytoplankton Is Affecting Earth's Climate in the Ocean's 'Twilight Zone'
SPACE.COM NASA scientists are venturing into the ocean's "twilight zone" to explore how phytoplankton are affecting Earth's climate. 15 hours
Endangered eel larvae make a tasty treat for fish in an ocean desert
Science Magazine DNA studies point to possible contribution to European delicacy’s decline 15 hours
This Woman Lost Her Contact Lens. Doctors Found It in Her Eyelid 28 Years Later.
LIVE SCIENCE Nearly three decades ago, a 14-year-old in the United Kingdom got hit in the eye during a game... 15 hours
Ebola outbreak in Congo spreads to active combat zone
Water matters to metal nanoparticles
When mixing granular matter, order among disorder
Magnetic gene in fish may someday help those with epilepsy, Parkinson's
Space-based tracker to give scientists a beyond-bird's-eye-view of wildlife
Ten reasons teachers can struggle to use technology in the classroom
Scientists-turned-students guide viewers through ‘The Most Unknown’
Powerful new microscope reveals inner workings of human cells with unprecedented clarity
Google's DeepMind AI could soon be diagnosing eye conditions
Google's DeepMind AI could soon be diagnosing eye conditions