Secret Organizations
Faces and Crab Found On Mars In Newest Curiosity Rover Photos, April 26, 2017, UFO Sighting News.
UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY Date of... 1 minute
ufos over sydney australia investigate passanger jet on video ufo sighting news UFOs Over Sydney, Australia Investigate Passanger Jet On Video, UFO Sighting News.
UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY VIDEO Photo above has been darkened to enhance detail.Date of sighting: April 2017Location of sighting: Sydney, AustraliaThis UFO was captured using an infrared camcorder which allows... 2 hours
three ufos over old uk city of exmouth on april 2017 video ufo sighting news Three UFOs Over Old UK City Of Exmouth On April 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.
UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY VIDEO Date of sighting: April 2017Location of... 2 hours
glowing orb seen over field in spain on april 2017 video ufo sighting news Glowing Orb Seen Over Field In Spain On April 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.
UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY VIDEO Date of sighting: April 2017Location of sighting: Zargoza,... 2 hours
Saturated Fats 'Do Not Clog Arteries And Cause Heart Disease', Cardiologists Claim
HUFFINGTON POST The idea that saturated fats clog up arteries and therefore causes heart disease is “plain wrong”, experts have claimed.Writing in the British Journal of... 5 hours
Steps Speak Out On Ed Sheeran Album Chart Battle As Race For Number One Heats Up
HUFFINGTON POST There’s nothing quite like a good old fashioned chart battle, and this week it doesn’t get... 5 hours
Metropolitan Council: 'Full-scale' drill simulating 'complex' terror attacks in DC area on Wednesday
DISCLOSE.TV Feds in the Washington, D.C. area will execute a “full-scale” drill on Wednesday. The aim of the "drill" is to train for... 5 hours
Jeremy Corbyn, Tom Watson And Trade Unions Have 'Carved Up' Safe Seats For 2017 General Election
HUFFINGTON POST Labour candidacies for key vacant seats in the general election have been carved up under a... 5 hours
TGR 04.24.17. The Real Hobbit: Mysteries of Middle Earth
THE GRALIEN REPORT This week on The Gralien Report, we look at historical mysteries, and a comparison between the real-life "Hobbits", and the work of J.R.R. Tolkien's "Middle Earth". This post, TGR 04.24.17.... 7 hours
We Will Continue To Investigate Madeline McCann's Disappearance With Focus And Determination
HUFFINGTON POST As an investigation team we are only too aware of the significance of dates and anniversaries. Whatever the inquiry, we want to get answers... 7 hours
Zac Goldmith's 'Little Credibility' At Risk After Being Shortlisted For Tories In Richmond
HUFFINGTON POST Zac Goldsmith will “lose what little credibility he has left” if he stands in his old constituency just months after losing Richmond... 8 hours
Madeleine McCann: Met Police Admits It Doesn’t Know If She Is Dead Or Alive
HUFFINGTON POST Police have admitted they don’t know whether Madeleine McCann is alive or dead, a decade after the toddler disappeared in Portugal.She... 8 hours
New Book – Wild & Wonderful (and Paranormal) West Virginia
Paranormal Globe For anyone interested, I have a new book out called Wild & Wonderful (and Paranormal) West Virginia. It is available The post New Book – Wild & Wonderful... 8 hours
Origin of Mysterious Indonesian Hobbits Has Been Solved - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Back in 2003, fossilized remains of a very small species of human were found on the Indonesian island of Flores. Receiving the unfortunate nickname of The... 8 hours
strange new details in case of missing brazilian student mysterious universe Strange New Details in Case of Missing Brazilian Student - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST VIDEO Bruno Borges has been missing since March 27, 2017, from his family home in Brazil. Left behind were a dozen manuscripts written in a... 8 hours
People are Seeing UFOs Everywhere, and This Book Proves It - New York Times
THE ANOMALIST It's heartening that a serious book on unidentified flying objects has received a good review by a venerable journalist in,... 8 hours
"I Lost 12 Hours of My Life and I Have No Idea What Happened": People Who Are Convinced They've Been Abducted by Aliens ...
THE ANOMALIST ... 8 hours
New Book – Wild & Wonderful (and Paranormal)
Paranormal Globe For anyone interested, I have a new book out called Wild & Wonderful (and Paranormal) West Virginia. It is available The post New Book – Wild & Wonderful (and Paranormal) appeared first... 9 hours
Partner Of Paris Police Officer Murdered By Jihadist Delivers Moving Eulogy
HUFFINGTON POST The partner of the Paris police officer who was murdered in a Jihadist attack, has said he will “suffer without hatred”, while holding back tears.Addressing the... 9 hours
Trump urges NASA to speed up Mars mission
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES The US President has stated that he would like to see astronauts visiting Mars before the year 2021. This somewhat unrealistic timetable was hinted at... 10 hours
Hot Mugshot Guy: Photos Released From Jeremy Meeks' First Photohoot With Man About Town
HUFFINGTON POST Jeremy Meeks, aka Hot Mugshot Guy, had been on his way to the launch of his very first cover shoot... 10 hours
Are Your Favourite Fashion Brands Paying Workers Living Wages? Only 34 Out Of 100 Are Committed To Doing So
HUFFINGTON POST Very few fashion brands have made public commitments to paying living... 11 hours
Blue Riband Chocolate Biscuit Production Is Not Moving To Poland Because Of Brexit
HUFFINGTON POST Confectionery giant Nestle has dismissed claims that it is cutting almost 300 jobs in the UK, and moving production of the Blue... 11 hours
Gay Sex Is Not A Sin, Says Tim Farron
HUFFINGTON POST Tim Farron has said he does not believe gay sex is a sin, having previously repeatedly refused to answer the question.The Lib Dem leader told the BBC this afternoon he... 11 hours
A Hummus Shortage Crisis Has Hit The UK, This Is Not A Drill People
HUFFINGTON POST A hummus crisis has hit the UK and we’re weeping just thinking about how lonely our leftover pita bread will... 11 hours
Girl encounters staircase ghost
FREAK LORE Freak Lore Freak Lore - Aliens, Ghosts, Demons, UFOs, Unexplained Mysteries and more! Things become rather mysterious as things go bump in the night. This time is no... 12 hours
Soham Murders: How Ian Huntley's Killing Of Holly Wells And Jessica Chapman Shook The Nation
HUFFINGTON POST In 2002, schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman went missing. The 10-year-olds, both ardent Manchester United fans dressed... 12 hours
we sold everything we own to travel the world with our son in a motorhome We Sold Everything We Own To Travel The World With Our Son In A Motorhome
HUFFINGTON POST Do you sit in the office... 12 hours
Mysterious Canadian aurora nicknamed 'Steve'
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES The phenomenon was first discovered by a group of amateur Aurora Borealis photographers in Alberta. Consisting of a bright strip of light stretching f... 12 hours
'Little Boy Blue': Rhys Jones's Mother Melanie Hasn't Slept In A Decade, Reveals Writer Jeff Pope
HUFFINGTON POST “Rhys Jones’ mother Melanie hasn’t slept properly in 10 years,” reveals Jeff Pope, the writer of... 13 hours
Gralien Report Daily News for April 25, 2017
THE GRALIEN REPORT Here are today’s headlines… How Creativity Drives Human Evolution This Photo of Earth Peeking Through Saturn’s Rings Is Giving Us All the Feels Saturn Moon Tethys’ Giant Canyon Snakes into Darkness in... 13 hours
London Marathon 2017 May Be Over But A Man In A Gorilla Suit Is Still Racing Two Days Later
HUFFINGTON POST Two days after the start of the London Marathon, a... 13 hours
Theresa May Warns Tory Voters The Polls Could Be Wrong And Jeremy Corbyn Can Win
HUFFINGTON POST Theresa May has said all the opinion polls pointing towards an easy Conservative victory at the general election... 13 hours
Ivanka Trump Booed At Women's Summit In Berlin After Defending US President Donald Trump
HUFFINGTON POST Ivanka Trump was booed by angry audience members at the G20 women’s summit after she defended her father’s attitude to... 13 hours
why scottish nurse pauline cafferkey s trip to sierra leone is so vital for the ebola orphans still living with the virus devastating impact Why Scottish Nurse Pauline Cafferkey's Trip To Sierra Leone Is So Vital For The Ebola Orphans Still Living With The Virus' Devastating Impact
HUFFINGTON POST ... 13 hours
britain must put malaria out of business permanently Britain Must Put Malaria Out Of Business - Permanently
HUFFINGTON POST If you've kept an eye on social media this World Malaria Day then by now I imagine you've... 13 hours
Moments Of Social Change: Why Prince Harry Talking About His Mental Health Really Matters
HUFFINGTON POST In June 2012, in an otherwise routine Parliamentary debate, for the first time in our history heard a sitting MP... 13 hours
When A Bad Day Becomes A Good Day
HUFFINGTON POST Today should be considered a good day. I went to student placement. Facilitated my first ever proper workshop. I got wonderful feedback from the young people I worked with. My supervisor was... 13 hours
British Earthquake Hotspots Revealed In Groundbreaking Interactive Map
HUFFINGTON POST If you think Britain is rarely hit by earthquakes, think again. Since 1970, the country has been struck by around 10,000 quakes.Now, researchers have plotted each of them on to an interactive map, in... 14 hours
7 Perfectly Valid Reasons To Eat More Cheese
HUFFINGTON POST Cheese is utterly delicious, but sadly it’s got a bad rap.According to the British Heart Foundation, there are concerns that eating too much of it could lead to high cholesterol and high blood... 14 hours
'Line Of Duty' Spoilers: Steve Arnott Actor Martin Compston Teases Exit Of Major Character
HUFFINGTON POST ’Line Of Duty’ star Martin Compston has teased the exit of a major character, claiming it will be “heartbreaking”. The actor,... 14 hours
Gender Pay Gap Law Is A Long Time Coming
HUFFINGTON POST New laws that force employers to reveal the gender pay gap in their workforce are a welcome change that will do more to reduce inequality in wages between men and... 14 hours
Romeo Beckham Looks Just Like His Mum Victoria Beckham In Instagram Photo With His Godson
HUFFINGTON POST Romeo Beckham has posted an adorable Instagram snap of him and his new godson.The 14-year-old was holding baby... 14 hours
10 Times Serena Williams Was A Total Badass
HUFFINGTON POST Serena Williams is fast becoming one of our favourite people on Earth.The 35-year-old is not just a kick-ass tennis player with a string of word titles under her belt. Her extracurricular activities include:... 14 hours
Would You Let A Stranger Pick Your Facebook Profile Picture? This Is Why You Should
HUFFINGTON POST We all spend more and more of our time building relationships online, whether that is professional connections on... 14 hours
'Line Of Duty' Series 4 Episode 6 Trailer Reveals Exciting Spoilers For Finale
HUFFINGTON POST ‘Line Of Duty’ fans are currently on the edge of their seats anticipating Sunday (30 April) night’s finale, with bosses now giving... 14 hours
nepal s invisible children are still falling through the net two years after the earthquake Nepal's 'Invisible' Children Are Still Falling Through The Net Two Years After The Earthquake
HUFFINGTON POST It has been two years since a massive... 14 hours
Plugging The Gender Funding Gap
HUFFINGTON POST Do we still need feminism in the Western world? From the right to vote to equal pay, across many fields the battle has been won. Over the course of the last century women moved into paid employment outside... 14 hours
‘Doctor Who’: Karen Gillan Reveals Her Pick For A Female Time Lord
HUFFINGTON POST Karen Gillan has become the latest star to call for a female Time Lord in ‘Doctor Who’, and even has some suggestions for who... 14 hours
Ancient Hopi And Hindu Prophecies Reveal The Future Of Our Civilization
DISCLOSE.TV Mention the word prophet and immediately most people will think about Nostradamus or perhaps Baba Vanga ... 14 hours
Heath Ledger’s The Joker Role DIDN’T Lead To Depression, His Sister States
HUFFINGTON POST Heath Ledger’s sister has spoken out to deny that the actor’s ‘The Dark Knight’ role led to depression. When Heath died in 2008, it... 15 hours
9 Ways To Tell If Someone Is Flirting With You
HUFFINGTON POST Admittedly Brits are not known for romantic sensibilities, ability to master small talk or charm each other into bed with poetry and prose. Instead we always tended to opt for swipe... 15 hours
UK Foodbank Figures Are Still Increasing, But This Year Something's New
HUFFINGTON POST This year, The Trussell Trust turns 20, and our network of 428 foodbanks has once again distributed more emergency food to people in crisis than ever... 15 hours
'Great British Menu' Judge Andi Oliver Praises Her BBC Bosses For Increasing Diversity On Cookery Show
HUFFINGTON POST New ‘Great British Menu’ judge Andi Oliver has praised her BBC bosses for increasing diversity on... 15 hours
Hot Mugshot Guy Jeremy Meeks Was 'Deported' After Just Eight Hours In The UK
HUFFINGTON POST Jeremy Meeks, aka Hot Mugshot Guy, claims to have been “deported” from the UK just eight hours after arriving at... 15 hours
Ukip Veil Ban Leads Foreign And Commonwealth Spokesman James Carver To Quit
HUFFINGTON POST Ukip’s foreign affairs spokesman has resigned over the party’s pledge to ban the Muslim face veil, saying: “No-one has the right to dictate what... 15 hours
Poorest Households Pay More In Taxes Than The Richest 10%, New Figures Reveal
HUFFINGTON POST Britain’s poorest households pay more of their incomes in taxes than the very richest, official figures reveal today.The latest release from the... 15 hours
Caterpillars Could Be The Answer To Getting Rid Of Plastic Shopping Bags
HUFFINGTON POST Scientists think they have discovered a way that humans may be able to begin to tackle plastic waste on a mass scale, after finding... 15 hours
Steps vs Ed Sheeran Is The Chart Battle We Didn't Know We Needed In Our Lives
HUFFINGTON POST Ever since last month, we’ve been noticing the UK charts have been looking a little… same-y.Various... 15 hours
'Line Of Duty': Ted Hastings Was Meant To Be Very Different, Admits Writer Jed Mercurio
HUFFINGTON POST One of the very best characters in ‘Line of Duty’ is -unarguably - AC-12’s tireless boss, Chief Superintendent... 15 hours
9 States On Alert After Theft Of Radioactive Material In Mexico
DISCLOSE.TV Officials in Mexico issued a nine state alert following the theft of a vehicle in Tlaquepaque in Jalisco that held mobile industrial radiography equipment that was... 16 hours
Met Office Forecast Sees UK Weather Turn Chilly With The Risk Of Thundersnow
HUFFINGTON POST As you will have no doubt noticed, the temperature has dropped and the UK has become a decidedly chillier place, all thanks... 16 hours
US Embassy In London Removes Mar-a-Lago Post 'Promoting Donald Trump's Private Club'
HUFFINGTON POST The US Embassy in London has removed a post promoting Donald Trump’s Florida resort following scathing criticism.In the blog post republished by several embassies... 16 hours
Jimmy Wales's WikiTribune Venture Is Laudable But Will Anyone Read It?
HUFFINGTON POST Let's assume that the Fake News issue is a new one. Something that needs tackling - rather than something which has been with us for as... 16 hours
Revealed: Labour's General Election 2017 Doorstep Message; Tories Are Party Of 'The Privileged Few'
HUFFINGTON POST Labour’s key message to voters in the general election contrasts Jeremy Corbyn’s plans for the NHS, schools and housing with... 16 hours
11 Questions We All Have About Topshop's Nearly-Naked Jeans
HUFFINGTON POST Now we’re not going to pretend we’re immune to being sucked in by questionable trends; we all remember when we said we’d never be seen dead out in gym leggings... 16 hours
Fearne Cotton Had An 'Embarrassing Mum' Moment While On Bike Ride With Three-Year-Old Son Rex
HUFFINGTON POST Fearne Cotton doesn’t share much of her life as a mum on social media, but when she does... 16 hours
Scientists retrieve DNA of HMS Terror crew
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES A new study is aiming to identify some of the sailors who died during the ill-fated Arctic expedition. Under the command of Sir John Franklin, the HMS... 16 hours
‘Dirty Dancing’ Reboot Trailer: First Look At Abigail Breslin And Colt Prattes In New Film Revealed
HUFFINGTON POST ABC has revealed the trailer for their TV remake of ‘Dirty Dancing’, giving fans their first... 17 hours
Armenia Has Spent Over A Century Re-Building, And Its Future Looks Hopeful
HUFFINGTON POST Yesterday marks the official commemoration date of the Armenian Genocide, which occurred just over a century ago. A day which offers an opportunity to... 17 hours
Tory MPs Quit Pro-EU Open Britain Group After It Draws Up General Election Hit List Of Conservatives
HUFFINGTON POST Nicky Morgan, Anna Soubry and Dominic Grieve have quit the Open Britain campaign group... 17 hours
'Victim-Blaming' Row Judge Lindsay Kushner Likens Remarks To Locking Doors
HUFFINGTON POST A judge at the centre of a rape “victim-blaming” controversy has compared her comments to warning people about locking their doors to protect themselves from burglars.In her last... 17 hours
George Michael's Death Was Inspiration For Bananarama Reunion, Trio Reveals
HUFFINGTON POST George Michael’s death was the poignant inspiration for Bananarama’s reunion, the trio has revealed. Siobhan Fahey, Keren Woodward and Sara Dallin  - who formed the original lineup for the... 17 hours
Edwina Currie Lambasted For Tweet About Child Poverty And Obesity
HUFFINGTON POST Edwina Currie has been roundly lambasted for suggesting children living in poverty in the UK can’t be going hungry at the same time the country faces an epidemic... 18 hours
the waugh zone april 25 2017 The Waugh Zone April 25, 2017
HUFFINGTON POST The five things you need to know on Tuesday, April 25…1) THE SEARCH PARTY Keir Starmer today unveils Labour’s Brexit policy for the general... 18 hours
UFOs Over Sydney, Australia Investigate Passanger Jet On Video, UFO Sighting News.
Glowing Orb Seen Over Field In Spain On April 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.
Three UFOs Over Old UK City Of Exmouth On April 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.
Strange New Details in Case of Missing Brazilian Student - Mysterious Universe
Shocking Footage: Somali Pirates Try To Board A Cargo Ship With Private Security Guards
ESO Scientists Excited! This New Found Exoplanet Is The Best Candidate for Life As We Know It
Absurd: U.N. Elects Saudi Arabia to Women's Rights Commission
Diamond UFO Seen Over San Fernando Valley, California On April 8, 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.
UFO Beam Seen From Passanger Jet Over Spain On April 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.
Found After Two Years: Lost Weather Balloon GoPro With Astounding Footage From Space