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Disc UFO over New Jersey was ‘football field’ size, claims witness
OPEN MINDS A New Jersey witness at Lakehurst reported a 2014 incident where a disc-shaped object the size of a “football field” moved overhead and then quickly moved... 3 hours
Tobias Ellwood, MP Who Tried To Save PC Keith Palmer After Westminster Attack, Receives Privy Council Honour
HUFFINGTON POST The MP who tried to save the life of a police officer in the... 5 hours
'Mystery gardener' plants trees after dark
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES An unknown individual in Stevenage, UK has been planting trees on a town green under cover of darkness. Local residents were left perplexed after new ... 7 hours
beyond bone chilling drone footage of the nazi concentration camp in auschwitz Beyond Bone-Chilling: Drone Footage Of The Nazi Concentration Camp In Auschwitz
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO The infamous Auschwitz concentration camp, located in Poland, is known as the infamous center of Nazi operations. Its name is almost inseparable from the dreaded events... 7 hours
Big Brother Alert! US Senate Votes 50-48 To Allow ISPs To Sell Your Internet History
DISCLOSE.TV In the United States, there have long been talks regarding the privacy of Americans ... 7 hours
TrumpWatch: 5 Seriously Questionable Moves From The World Of Donald Trump This Week
HUFFINGTON POST It’s been a busy week in the world of President Donald Trump.From his son distracting London’s mayor during a terror attack to... 7 hours
Hurt Children Hurt - Adoption And Child On Parent Violence
HUFFINGTON POST 'Hurt children hurt' is a truism but hurt children do hurt and though it's a snappy phrase it doesn't quite encapsulate the reality of being hurt by your... 8 hours
i always hated exercise but now i m part of the this girl can campaign I Always Hated Exercise, But Now I'm Part Of The 'This Girl Can' Campaign
HUFFINGTON POST VIDEO Like a lot of women, I haven't always... 8 hours
this mother s day think of the 54 000 women forced out of work because of maternity discrimination This Mother's Day Think Of The 54,000 Women Forced Out Of Work Because Of Maternity Discrimination
HUFFINGTON POST Mother's Day is a... 8 hours
Diversity Is London's Greatest Strength, Not Its Weakness
HUFFINGTON POST There was something strangely inevitable about the events on Wednesday. Multiple attacks in Paris over the last few years and the shocking act of terror in Brussels airport exactly a year ago... 8 hours
how to cope with your first mother s day after loss How To Cope With Your First Mother's Day After Loss
HUFFINGTON POST As an only child, I was very close to my mum, Maura. We used to do... 8 hours
An Open Letter To Any Woman Recently Diagnosed With Breast Cancer
HUFFINGTON POST We are the 1 in 8 women who hear, at some point in our lives, that we have breast cancer. Like you, we have crossed that... 8 hours
Ken Livingstone Warns He Will Sue Labour If He Is Expelled For Anti-Semitism
HUFFINGTON POST Ken Livingstone has warned he will take Labour to court if it expels him over alleged anti-Semitism.The former Mayor of London told... 8 hours
Why The Return Of Line Of Duty Is A Bona Fide TV Event
HUFFINGTON POST There are not many TV programmes nowadays that can be described as unmissable. Of course, there are plenty that are good to... 8 hours
Being United Is The Best Defence Against All Who Seek to Divide Us
HUFFINGTON POST "Terrorists have a clear aim and that is to create discord, distrust and to create fear. The police stand with all communities... 9 hours
We've All Got To Admit Our Prejudices To Overcome Them
HUFFINGTON POST Now more than ever, people are aware of the damage prejudice can do as the world continues to reel and recoil against the rise of Trump and Brexit.... 9 hours
Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge Announce Prince George Will Attend Thomas's Battersea School
HUFFINGTON POST Late last year reports suggested the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had registered Prince George at the pre-prep Wetherby school, which had educated... 9 hours
'The Bodyguard' Turns 25: 8 Things You Never Knew About Whitney Houston, Kevin Costner Hit Film
HUFFINGTON POST It’s been a stunning 25 years since ‘The Bodyguard’ turned up in our cinemas, proved Whitney... 9 hours
Gralien Report Daily News for March 24, 2017
THE GRALIEN REPORT Here are today’s headlines… ‘New’ wave-like cloud finally wins official recognition  This bizarre SpaceX rocket-snatching machine that looks like it belongs on Robot Wars  MH370 ‘Found on Google Earth’? Ex US Air... 9 hours
New study aims to find evidence of thylacines
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Sightings in Queensland have sparked a new scientific study in to the existence of the Tasmanian tiger. Despite the fact that the last known living sp... 9 hours
Scientific Breakthrough Will Allow For Mass Produced Blood
HUFFINGTON POST Researchers at the University of Bristol have made a major breakthrough in the creation of artificial blood cells that could one day lead to the production of mass produced blood.The team from... 9 hours
STI Clinics: 14 Things Everyone Goes Through When Getting Tested
HUFFINGTON POST Part of the deal with being a responsible adult, is that while you get to enjoy all the fun of having sex, you also have to practice it safely... 9 hours
The Roswell Rock: The Key To Another Dimension?
DISCLOSE.TV Finding a rock isn't something unusual. We see them all the time, yes some can be beautiful and maybe worth collecting. Some may hold secrets of past life by having fossils found... 10 hours
Tini Owens, 66, Loses Appeal To Divorce Husband Of 40 Years
HUFFINGTON POST A 66-year-old woman has failed in her “extraordinarily unusual” court appeal to divorce her husband of 40 years.Tini Owens appealed the decision after a family court... 10 hours
Daily Mail Front Page Causes Many To Mock Its Google Skills
HUFFINGTON POST Some Daily Mail readers are claiming today’s splash labelling Google as “the terrorist’s friend” may have missed the mark.The Mail thundered on its front page:  “Yesterday... 10 hours
PC Keith Palmer Just Giving Page Raises Over Half A Million For Family Of Murdered Police Officer
HUFFINGTON POST A campaign to raise money for the family of the policeman killed in the... 10 hours
RSPCA Investigates After Four Dead Puppies Found In Plastic Bag Near Hemel Hempstead Roadside
HUFFINGTON POST Four dead newborn puppies were found dumped in a carrier bag in Hertfordshire on Thursday, National Puppy Day, sparking fears... 10 hours
Lena Dunham Got Her Eyebrows Micro-Bladed, Here's Everything You Need To Know About It
HUFFINGTON POST Cara Delevingne has always epitomised #EyebrowGoals but what do you do if your brows are defective, wispy caterpillars?As it turns out Lena... 10 hours
Arron Banks And Steve Hilton 'Teaming Up To Oust 100 Remain-Backing MPs At Next Election'
HUFFINGTON POST A millionaire Ukip donor and David Cameron’s ex-director of strategy have reportedly teamed up to help oust 100... 10 hours
History Versus The Moonshot
HUFFINGTON POST In the years before my grandmother passed away she used to be able to tell fabulously colourful stories about the past, but sadly she was unable to tell me a great deal about whatever had happened a few minutes ago.... 10 hours
Special Cases: The Long Island File (31): More Strange Calls and Another Letter - John Keel
THE ANOMALIST The saga continues. Two "John Keel" installments ago we noted a long and sometimes almost lyrical... 11 hours
Antarctica’s Secret Nazi Base: Separating the Fact from “Fake News� - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST This piece by Micah Hanks reads like a how-to manual in sorting fact from fiction in a world beset by fake news.... 11 hours
UFOs Exist! Recently Discovered Copies of Roswell AAF Base Activity Reports Confirm UFO Crash - Press Release Rocket
THE ANOMALIST This splashy title announces The Final Revelation: The Sun Project, a 157-page... 11 hours
meet the boy who believes he was lou gehrig in a past life his mom is convinced too people Meet the Boy Who Believes He Was Lou Gehrig in a Past Life (His Mom Is Convinced, Too) - People
THE ANOMALIST VIDEO Are we alone in wondering if the afterlife... 11 hours
Parapsychology Study Seeks People Who Are Totally Not Psychic - Daily Grail
THE ANOMALIST Attention all readers who would like to contribute to parapsychological research but who despair at their complete lack of paranormal abilities: Have we got... 11 hours
Twitter Could Be Launching A Premium Subscription Service
HUFFINGTON POST As we mentioned earlier in the year, Twitter is somewhat caught between a rock and a hard place.On the one hand it’s a service used by hundreds of millions of people around... 11 hours
Trainee Doctors Sacked After Tweeting Pictures Of Amputated Foot
HUFFINGTON POST Two trainee doctors have been sacked after they posted a photograph of themselves holding an amputated foot on social media.The women were dismissed from the IMSS clinic, part of Mexico’s... 11 hours
Two Thirds Of Cancers Are Caused By 'Back Luck', Not Lifestyle Choices
HUFFINGTON POST They say life isn’t always fair, but there are few things that seem quite as cruel as a potentially-deadly cancer diagnosis for someone who has... 11 hours
Daily Mail Front Page Causes Many To Mock Their Google Skills
HUFFINGTON POST Some Daily Mail readers are claiming today’s splash labelling Google as the “the terrorist’s friend” may have missed the mark.The Mail thundered on its front page:  “Yesterday... 12 hours
Philip Davies: Joining Twitter Was One Of The Worst Thing I've Ever Done In My Life
HUFFINGTON POST A Tory MP has revealed that joining Twitter was “one of the worst things I did... 12 hours
'Great Pottery Throw Down's Future 'In Doubt' Thanks To Bake Off's Move To Channel 4
HUFFINGTON POST The future of ‘The Great Pottery Throw Down’ looks to be in doubt, and it’s all because of... 12 hours
Brexit Briefing: The UK Curries No Favours With Its Immigration Policy
HUFFINGTON POST All you need to know from the world of Brexit this week.You can sign up for this briefing by clicking here, and you’ll receive it straight to... 12 hours
WISE WORDS: Feargal Sharkey Reveals, A Good Heart Isn't Actually That Difficult To Find After All
HUFFINGTON POST For the latest in our WISE WORDS interview series - where stars from a whole range... 12 hours
Momentum Organiser Tells Labour MPs Not To Block Party Members From Picking Jeremy Corbyn's Successor
HUFFINGTON POST Labour MPs must not prevent party members from choosing Jeremy Corbyn’s successor, a senior Momentum leader says.In an... 12 hours
4,000-year-old tomb is unearthed in Egypt
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES The unopened tomb was discovered by archaeologists during a Spanish archaeological mission in West Aswan. According to team leader Alejandro Jimenez-S... 13 hours
Is There An Afterlife?
HUFFINGTON POST If I had asked myself the question 'is there an Afterlife?' Three months ago, I would most definitely have said no. No being in me believed that there is some sort of heaven, paradise or even soul pit where you... 13 hours
a drunk conversation on atheism A Drunk Conversation On Atheism
HUFFINGTON POST Religion still has far too much prominence in the world today. It is the underpinning narrative of most major news stories and world events. It permeates... 13 hours
Thinking About Work
HUFFINGTON POST In 1985, when I wrote the song Dignity, society was quite reasonably obsessed with unemployment. To me, at the time, the search for full employment held an assumption: who will do the jobs no one else wants to do? I... 13 hours
Bad Train Behaviour Is Not OK
HUFFINGTON POST My home's only an hour out of London by train, which I visit regularly both for business and pleasure. I suppose we all have our 'train behaviour' pet peeves. I'm irritated by the seat partner who... 13 hours
Westminster Terrorist Khalid Masood Pictured: Former Teacher Was Also Called Adrian Elms And Adrian Russell Ajao
HUFFINGTON POST New details about Westminster terrorist Khalid Masood have emerged as police confirm he was also known... 13 hours
New Vegan Afternoon Tea Launches In London And It'll Make Your Mouth Water
HUFFINGTON POST A luxury London hotel is now offering vegan afternoon tea with all the traditional trimmings - and it looks delicious. The Egerton House... 13 hours
Stay-At-Home Mum Documents Life With Three Young Kids Showing They 'All Cry, Whine And Make Mess'
HUFFINGTON POST A mum who has three young children is often asked what life is like at home, so... 13 hours
Momentum Leader Tells Labour MPs Not To Block Party Members From Picking Jeremy Corbyn's Successor
HUFFINGTON POST Labour MPs must not prevent party members from choosing Jeremy Corbyn’s successor, a senior Momentum leader says.In an... 13 hours
What Is The Point Of The Arts?
HUFFINGTON POST Two weeks ago, Donald Trump announced plans to end the National Endowment for the Arts, the federal organisation which funds and supports the arts in the US. The New York Times reported that this... 13 hours
Twins, 4, Use iPhone Assistant Siri To Save Unconscious Mother’s Life
HUFFINGTON POST Four-year-old twins saved their mother’s life by using Siri to call 999 after she collapsed and fell unconscious.Roman and Samuel Sharma were able to unlock Claudia’s... 13 hours
if trump jr is an alpha male then i m an omega feminist If Trump Jr Is An Alpha Male Then I'm An Omega Feminist
HUFFINGTON POST Masculinity is a foreign country: they do things differently there. With due apologies to L.P. Hartley for mangling his wonderful line, that elegantly sums... 13 hours
Video Shows Moment Theresa May Rushed Into Car After Westminster Terror Attack, With Khalid Masood Just Yards Away
HUFFINGTON POST Footage has emerged showing Theresa May just 100 yards away from the Westminster... 13 hours
Piers Morgan Gagged And Wearing Rival Team's Football Shirt For Comic Relief Will Bring You Tremendous Joy
HUFFINGTON POST You may notice Twitter is a nicer, more harmonious place today, and that might... 13 hours
'George Michael Was Never Going To Play On My Albums,' Reveals Boy George Of Superstars' 'Motown' Rivalry
HUFFINGTON POST Boy George has revealed that his friendship with fellow superstar George Michael was always... 13 hours
Duchess Of Cambridge On The 'Huge Challenge' Of Motherhood: 'It Is Full Of Complex Emotions'
HUFFINGTON POST The Duchess of Cambridge has opened up about how she felt becoming a mother for the first time.She... 13 hours
'EastEnders' Star Danny Dyer 'To Return To Filming' Next Week, After Exit Storyline Is Revealed
HUFFINGTON POST Danny Dyer is to begin filming ‘EastEnders’ again next week, according to reports.The soap actor recently took some... 14 hours
Osborne At The Evening Standard: Vanity Or Strategy?
HUFFINGTON POST The announcement that George Osborne has been appointed as editor of the Evening Standard caused considerable mirth this weekend in what we used to call Fleet Street. The Observer's Nick Cohen delighted... 14 hours
No Room for Fear
HUFFINGTON POST As events folded outside Westminster yesterday, I was watching the news horrified, along with the rest of my colleagues, as our office is literally a 10 minute walk away, near Charing Cross. We could hear the sirens and the quick... 14 hours
UK Weather: Met Office Forecasts A Sunny Spring Weekend With A Chance Of Record Breaking Highs
HUFFINGTON POST After a sketchy few days in the world of weather, it’s a relief to learn the... 14 hours
More Terror In Our World, We Weren't There But Others Were
HUFFINGTON POST As news of the terror which took place at Westminster Bridge broke out at the school gates on Wednesday, there were feelings of shock, horror, fear.... 14 hours
The London Terrorist Attack Traumatised All Of Us Living In The UK But We Must Not Allow It To Poison And Divide Us
HUFFINGTON POST One of... 14 hours
Adele Hits Out Over 'Neighbours' UK Axe Reports During Live Concert
HUFFINGTON POST Adele has hit out at reports ‘Neighbours’ could be axed from UK screens, following a visit to the soap’s set. The singer isn’t happy with reports Channel... 14 hours
london has not fallen thoughts following westminster attack London Has Not Fallen - Thoughts Following Westminster Attack
HUFFINGTON POST A terrorist attack at Westminster which saw five people tragically killed, including policeman Keith Palmer who was stabbed... 15 hours
The World's First Cancer-Detecting Blood Test Could Be Ready Within A Year
HUFFINGTON POST A team of researchers from the University of California claim to have created a blood test that can not only detect cancer, but also... 15 hours
Beyoncé Grants Teenage Cancer Patient's Wish By Giving Her FaceTime Call
HUFFINGTON POST When Ebony Banks was diagnosed with stage four cancer the teen said she had one wish: to meet Beyoncé. And thanks to her friends embarking on a... 15 hours
Donald Trump Really, Really Loves Trucks
HUFFINGTON POST Donald Trump, it seems, really likes trucks. The US President had a fair few pressing matters on his hands on Thursday - such as passing laws affecting women in a room almost entirely made up of men and... 15 hours
It's Not Amy's Fault: A Call To Invest In the Fight Against TB
HUFFINGTON POST Meet Amy: a Sussex law graduate, an activist, a tea drinker, a cat lover. Amy is also a survivor. When she was... 15 hours
Drip-Free Wine Bottle Makes Us More Grateful For Science Than Ever Before
HUFFINGTON POST For something that has just one job, you have to admit that there is a fairly fundamental design flaw in wine bottles.Namely that they... 15 hours
Anti-Ageing Drug Could Be Available To Buy In Just Three Years
HUFFINGTON POST None of us are getting any younger, but now a pill that reverses ageing could be on the shelves as soon as 2020 as researchers make... 15 hours
Katie Hopkins Is Wrong - The UK's Openness Will Conquer Isis
HUFFINGTON POST Yesterday, London and the rest of the UK were reminded of the appalling consequences of radical violent ideologies. Five people died and at least 20 have... 15 hours
Beyond Bone-Chilling: Drone Footage Of The Nazi Concentration Camp In Auschwitz
I Always Hated Exercise, But Now I'm Part Of The 'This Girl Can' Campaign
Meet the Boy Who Believes He Was Lou Gehrig in a Past Life (His Mom Is Convinced, Too) - People
The Danube Valley Civilization Script Is The World's Oldest Writing
The Coso Artifact, Did An Ancient Civilization Use Electricity 500,000 Years Ago?
Anonymous Warns: The Fukushima Nuclear Leak Is The Biggest Threat To Humankind
The True Story About David Rockefeller The Mainstream Media Won't Tell You
MH370 Bombshell! Missing Plane In ‘Parallel Realm’, Passengers Still Alive – Will Return In 25 Years: Malay Witch-...
Bizarre! If You Cool Down Liquid Helium It Behaves Like A Black Hole
Incredible! A 4.3-Billion-Year-Old Piece Of Earth's Original Crust Discovered In Canada
Multiple UFOs speeding by at ISS during live transmission
This Video Claims To Reveal Classified UFO Footage
Glowing UFOs Over Durham, England On March 22, 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.
UFO In Blue Sky Takes Color Of White Clouds, March 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.
This Slime-Spitting And Corpse-Eating Beast Is The Stuff Of Your Next Nightmares