Secret Organizations
ALL-OUT-WAR on West called by Islamic State during holy month of Ramadan
DISCLOSE.TV Islamic State has called on its followers to launch an ‘all-out war’ on the West during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which begins... 9 hours
Photos: Arizona UFO witness describes six hovering discs
OPEN MINDS An Arizona witness traveling by train through Apache County reported watching and photographing six hovering, “two-story” objects beaming light to the ground level, according to testimony in Case 83376 from the Mutual... 9 hours
egypt retaliates massive airstrikes launched against terrorist camps in libya EGYPT RETALIATES: Massive airstrikes launched against 'terrorist camps' in Libya
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Egypt’s president also vowed to continue striking bases used to train militants and who carry out terrorist attacks in his country, regardless of the camps' location ... 9 hours
Gralien Report Daily News for May 26, 2017
THE GRALIEN REPORT Here are today’s headlines… Real estate serial killer pleads guilty to seven murders Ghost ship washes up on Florida beach Manchester bombing: What the pictures of the device tell us Two Missing... 11 hours
Some snakes are now known to hunt in packs
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Scientists have revealed that some species of snake have learned how to co-operate and hunt in groups. The very idea of a 'snake pack' might seem stra... 12 hours
Problem, Reachtion, Solution: Theresa May Pushing For UK Intervention in Syria
DISCLOSE.TV The terrorist attack on Manchester Arena which targeted the young fans of the American pop singer Ariana Grande and caused the death of more than twenty... 13 hours
Over two thousand people have all dreamed about this man
FREAK LORE Freak Lore Freak Lore - Aliens, Ghosts, Demons, UFOs, Unexplained Mysteries and more! The extraordinary amount... 13 hours
Ancient sea monster was the size of a bus
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Palaeontologists in Russia have discovered a huge new sea creature that lived 130 million years ago. This enormous marine reptile, which was a type of... 14 hours
ex illuminati member leaked the current membership of the committee of 300 Ex-Illuminati Member Leaked The Current Membership Of The 'Committee Of 300'
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO An ex-Illuminati member who is threatening to disclose the world everything about the top secret society has posted a long list of the elite members of... 16 hours
The Ghostly Bear-Monster of London - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST We have a double feature of Nick Redfern here. First up is a look into what author Elliott O'Donnell described as a phantom bear that appeared to a sentry in the Tower... 17 hours
dance teachers stop sexualizing your pre teen students Dance Teachers: Stop Sexualizing Your Pre-Teen Students
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Social media users have expressed dismay and shock after an image of six-year-old girls dressed only in skimpy underwear at a dance competition emerged online ... 18 hours
Millennials: 5 Comics Reveal The Truth Vs. Reality
DISCLOSE.TV Do you also think that millennials as spoiled kids who were born into privilege and have every opportunity handed to them on a plate? Wel, the following perceptive and thought-provoking comics by... 18 hours
us president found his handshake master the french president US President Found His 'Handshake' Master: The French President
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO On Thursday morning, the US president continued his tour out of the country in Brussels, where he met France's newly elected president, Emmanuel Macron. Donald Trump is notorious for seemingly... 18 hours
mystery surrounds sos in australian outback Mystery surrounds 'SOS' in Australian outback
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO Police in Western Australia have been investigating a large 'SOS' sign discovered in a remote area. The distress signal, which was spotted by a helico... 19 hours
govt linked child sex ring in baltimore exposed thanks to netflix series police respond Govt-Linked Child Sex Ring In Baltimore Exposed Thanks To Netflix Series, Police Respond
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Police in Baltimore has been put in an awkward position after a Netflix documentary exposed an underground child sex ring that is... 23 hours
A Close Shavian - Michael Prescott's Blog
THE ANOMALIST Michael Prescott presents more thoughtful analysis on voice medium Leslie Flint, focusing on voice emulation of the dead, and a surprise appearance by a famous author. Next up, Parapsychologist Dean Radin Discusses "Psychic Abilities... 23 hours
government investigates taxpayer funding of ufo group mysterious universe Government Investigates Taxpayer Funding of UFO Group - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST VIDEO We have a double feature of Nick Redfern here. First up is a look into what author Elliott O'Donnell described as a phantom bear that appeared to a... 23 hours
The Saga of the Monkey Girl - Malcom's Anomalies
THE ANOMALIST Malcolm Smith takes a long look at the concept of children raised by animals and debunks the myth quite eloquently. However, feral children are still a possibility which should come... 23 hours
Mainstream Media Covers North Korean UFO Sighting - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST We'd looked forward to Paul Seaburn's article as another of the few responsible treatments of UFOs by the "traditional press," but Paul pops that balloon--literally, it appears. The... 23 hours
Two videos show a UFO hovering over Tikal Park
Paranormal Globe Tourists visiting Tikal National Park in Guatemala have filmed a UFO hovering over the Tikal temple ruins. The UFO was The post Two videos show a UFO hovering over Tikal... 1 day
Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Is Crashing
DISCLOSE.TV On Thursday, the price of a single bitcoin briefly neared the $2,800 mark, before sharply declining. At its worst, the currency lost over $400, but eventually regained some of that lost value over the day ... 1 day
Canadian witness describes cigar-shaped UFO
OPEN MINDS A Canadian witness at Ottawa reported watching a white-gray colored, cigar-shaped object hovering and then moving away at incredible speed and making no sound, according to testimony in Case 83359 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting... 1 day
Kim Dotcom threatens to sue Seth Rich's family for defamation
DISCLOSE.TV Kim Dotcom, a popular Internet entrepreneur, is currently embroiled in a row over claims he might have hacked into the e-mail account of the murdered Democratic National Committee... 1 day
The Song of Solitude: A Mysterious 52 Hertz Call From the Deep - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST frequency call from the deepest, loneliest part of the Pacific Ocean. While it was concluded to be a... 1 day
MUFON Under Fire for PA Director's Absurd Racist Rant - Doubtful News
THE ANOMALIST A short while ago comments appeared on long-time MUFON Pennsylvania State Director John Ventre's Facebook page regarding a NetFlix show that Mr. Ventre found... 1 day
UFOs in Andalucia: Lights, Vessels and Humanoids since the Spanish Civil War - Inexplicata
THE ANOMALIST Selections from a new book by Spanish journalist Jose Manuel Garcia Bautista, Ovnis en Andalucia, which features 100 such cases,... 1 day
Beverly Gilmour, 100s of NDE and a New Insight About Consciousness - Skeptiko
THE ANOMALIST This newest episode of Skeptiko focuses on a woman afflicted with a medical condition that has caused her to have hundreds of... 1 day
NASA to probe $10,000 quadrillion asteroid
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES The iron-rich asteroid 16 Psyche is so valuable that, if mined, it would collapse the global economy. Named after a figure in Greek mythology who achi... 2 days
new mexico s puzzling stone pillar mystery deepens New Mexico's Puzzling Stone Pillar Mystery Deepens
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO A researcher from New Mexico has been trying to get to the bottom of what has been a very strange mystery that involves two stone pillars that had been found in one of the... 2 days
Donald Trump's NATO Speech Had One Major Flaw
HUFFINGTON POST Donald Trump brazenly chastised NATO leaders to their faces for not paying their fair share to protect the alliance, adding that the current situation is “not fair”.Speaking from the organisation’s new headquarters... 2 days
Manchester Bombing Victim 'Lucky To Be Alive' As Phone Blocks Shrapnel
HUFFINGTON POST A woman is “lucky to be alive” after her mobile phone reportedly slowed down and diverted a nut used during the Manchester bomb attack on Monday.Steve... 2 days
Siberian witch buys psychic cat in Russia
FREAK LORE Freak Lore Freak Lore - Aliens, Ghosts, Demons, UFOs, Unexplained Mysteries and more! An astonishing purchase was made by a Siberian witch,... 2 days
magic mushrooms are safer than alcohol according to global study Magic Mushrooms Are Safer Than Alcohol, According To Global Study
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO A new study has revealed that oldest is always the best, at least when it comes to recreational drugs. Magic mushrooms are one of the oldest drugs and... 2 days
Rooftop Bars, Outdoor Cinemas And Other Pop-Ups To Visit In London This Summer
HUFFINGTON POST If your London home is lacking garden space don’t panic, there’s a whole host of outdoor pop-ups just waiting to for you... 2 days
What? Humanity Wants Global Government To Save Them, Study Finds
DISCLOSE.TV Will a new global government solve humanity's pressing problems? A recent survey has produced stunning results regarding citizen's views on a global government: From a survey of 8,100... 2 days
Please NEVER EVER compare yourself to images you see, many aren’t real
DISCLOSE.TV Model posts shocking photoshopped images of herself with a warning ... 2 days
Robot Police Will Start Patrolling In Dubai
HUFFINGTON POST While you might have heard about robots taking on law enforcement roles before it’s unlikely you’ve seen anything like this.Dubai Police have unveiled its very first robot officer, and it’s already being sent out... 2 days
Lennon and McCartney Show Modern Pop Stars How To Brush Off A Controversy In This Exclusive Clip From New Beatles Doc
HUFFINGTON POST Many a pop star has faced... 2 days
'Love Island' Host Caroline Flack Launches Fresh Attack On Miss Great Britain Bosses Over Zara Holland Controversy
HUFFINGTON POST Caroline Flack has blasted the organisers of the ‘Miss Great Britain’ beauty pageant over... 2 days
Bella Hadid Stars In Guiseppe Zanotti's Latest Sensual Campaign, And Nails It
HUFFINGTON POST Bella Hadid exhales glamour in Guiseppe Zanotti’s latest shoe campaign. Photographed by Mario Sorrenti and shot in New York City, the supermodel showcases new styles from... 2 days
Kelly Brook Wants To Host A Gardening Show, After Declaring Her Love For Her New 'Full-Time Hobby'
HUFFINGTON POST Just when you thought she’d explored every possible avenue in the entertainment world, Kelly... 2 days
Amy Childs Introduces Baby Polly On 'This Morning', Shocks Holly Willoughby With Placenta Confession
HUFFINGTON POST Amy Childs introduced her daughter Polly to the world on TV for the first time and told Holly Willoughby about... 2 days
Walkers Crisps #WalkersWave Selfie Stunt Backfires In Spectacular Fashion
HUFFINGTON POST A Walkers Crisps PR campaign fronted by Gary Lineker has backfired in spectacular fashion - the end result being the football legend holding up portraits of questionable characters, who also... 2 days
New York Times Defends Running 'Neither Graphic Or Disrespectful' Leaked Manchester Bombing Pictures
HUFFINGTON POST The New York Times has defended its decision to publish crime scene photographs from the Manchester Arena bombing which police said were... 2 days
Mother Robbed Teenage Son Of Childhood By Making Him Believe He Was Going To Die
HUFFINGTON POST A sick 15-year-old boy has missed out on much of his youth because his parents exaggerated his symptoms,... 2 days
The Queen Visits Manchester Bombing Victims At Children's Hospital
HUFFINGTON POST The Queen visited Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital on Thursday to meet victims of the terrorist attack which killed 22 people and left scores injured earlier this week.The 91-year-old monarch spoke... 2 days
Brits Think UK Culture Is Under Threat - But Can You Identify Which Traditions Actually Come From Abroad?
HUFFINGTON POST More than half of Britons believe their culture is threatened by ethnic... 2 days
Cannes 2017: Hot Mugshot Guy Jeremy Meeks And Winnie Harlow Stun On The Philipp Plein Runway
HUFFINGTON POST Philipp Plein showcased his debut Resort collection in Cannes - with models Jeremy Meeks and Winnie Harlow... 2 days
black magic satanists rule the world not politicians bankers or military heads Black Magic: Satanists Rule the World, Not Politicians, Bankers or Military Heads
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Humans often think they are in control of every aspect of their lives. But sometimes, a question is thrown at them to make them... 2 days
Manchester Bombing: Minute’s Silence Concludes With Oasis Sing-A-Long ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’
HUFFINGTON POST This is the heart-warming moment a crowd broke into song after observing a minute’s silence for the victims of the Manchester bombing.The... 2 days
City Bankers Help Tory Party Pull In £1.6m In Election Donations - Four Times As Much As Labour
HUFFINGTON POST City bankers and hedge fund bosses have helped the Tories pull in... 2 days
Salman Abedi's Sister, Jomana Abedi, Says Manchester Bomber 'Wanted Revenge' For Children Dying In Syria
HUFFINGTON POST The sister of Manchester bomber Salman Abedi said she believes her brother carried out the terror attack because... 2 days
Manchester Bombing: Northumbria University Pays Tribute To 'Conscientious' Student Liam Curry
HUFFINGTON POST A student who died in the Manchester Arena terror attack had a “bright future ahead of him”, university bosses have said. It was announced this morning that... 2 days
Edexcel Maths 2017 Exam Sparks Hilarious Twitter Reactions From GCSE Students
HUFFINGTON POST It’s that time of the year again when you’ll have noticed GCSE students getting very worked up about exams on Twitter. Venting about everything from “stupid” questions... 2 days
Tom Hardy Starts JustGiving Page To Help Manchester Bombing Victims
HUFFINGTON POST Tom Hardy has set up a JustGiving page to help raise funds for the victims of the Manchester terror attack.The ‘Taboo’ actor has already surpassed his initial target... 2 days
Donald Trump Loses Handshake Battle With President Of Tajikistan, Bigly
HUFFINGTON POST Donald Trump’s handshake has gained a reputation for being, well... a bit rude to say the least.Remember what it did to Japanese PM Shinzō Abe’s face in February? Trump... 2 days
Manchester Bombing: Scottish Schoolgirl Eilidh MacLeod Confirmed Dead
HUFFINGTON POST A Scottish schoolgirl has been confirmed as being among the 22 people killed in the Manchester Arena bombing.Eilidh MacLeod, 14, and her friend Laura MacIntyre, 15, travelled down to attend the Ariana... 2 days
Manchester Bombing Latest News: Eight 'Significant' Arrests And 'Important' Items Found
HUFFINGTON POST WHAT WE KNOW SO FAR TODAY, THURSDAY 25 MAYThe Queen has met with children and adults injured in Monday night’s Manchester bombing during a surprise visitPolice... 2 days
NASA Fast Tracks Mission To Asteroid Worth 'Quadrillions'
HUFFINGTON POST NASA has officially fast tracked its mission to Psyche, an asteroid so rich in resources that if it were ever towed back to Earth it could collapse the world economy.Originally scheduled for... 2 days
'Strictly Come Dancing' 2017: Darcey Bussell Looking Forward To Shirley Ballas's Arrival
HUFFINGTON POST Darcey Bussell has shared her excitement at Shirley Ballas’s appointment to the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ panel, as it means there’ll finally be a gender... 2 days
How To Help A Friend Whose Child Is Dying: A Mum Shares Her Experience For Children's Hospice Week
HUFFINGTON POST A mum has shared the ways in which her friends helped her... 2 days
Every Time You've Paid For A Plastic Bag In H&M You've Helped Raise £1 Million For Children
HUFFINGTON POST H&M has raised £1 million for charity from its 5p plastic bag charge.  The... 2 days
A Gin And Tonic Ice Cream Parlour Is Coming To London And You're All Invited
HUFFINGTON POST If you’re a fan of gin and tonic, head on down to London in June where a pop-up... 2 days
stakes and opportunities high for new head of world health organization Stakes And Opportunities High For New Head Of World Health Organization
HUFFINGTON POST A new era has begun for the World Health Organization (WHO) and the stakes... 2 days
AirBuddy: This Amazing Floating Gadget Lets You Dive Without Scuba Gear
HUFFINGTON POST If you’ve ever been scuba diving, or seen someone doing it you’ll know that it’s not the most graceful of activities.Weighed down with one or sometimes... 2 days
'Top Gun 2' Confirmed, And Val Kilmer Tells Tom Cruise He's Ready With Iceman T-Shirt
HUFFINGTON POST ’Top Gun 2’ is on its way. It’s official, and there’s no one happier than Maverick’s original Nemesis. Tom... 2 days
After A Week Of Terror, We Must All Unite And Fight The Terror And Hate
HUFFINGTON POST In the wake of the horrific terrorist attack on the great city of Manchester, groups such as Britain... 2 days
Bradley Lowery's Mum Gemma Shares Heartbreaking Facebook Post Saying Son Doesn't Have 'Long Left'
HUFFINGTON POST Bradley Lowery’s mum Gemma has shared the heartbreaking news that her son does not have long left to live.The 33-year-old... 2 days
Zoe Ball’s Son Woody Shares Touching Instagram Tribute To His Mum’s Late Boyfriend Billy Yates
HUFFINGTON POST Zoe Ball’s son has paid tribute to his mum’s late boyfriend Billy Yates, following his death earlier this... 2 days
'Great British Bake Off': Paul Hollywood And Noel Fielding 'Weren't On The Same Page' When They First Met
HUFFINGTON POST ‘Great British Bake Off’ newcomer Noel Fielding got off to a bit... 2 days
was marilyn monroe killed over a ufo leak Was Marilyn Monroe killed over a UFO leak ?
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO A controversial new documentary claims that Monroe was murdered because she knew too much about UFOs. Entitled 'Unacknowledged' and directed by Michae... 2 days
40 Disturbing Art Illustrations Show How Backwards Society Really Is
DISCLOSE.TV But through their personal creativity, they are able to communicate deeper thoughts, and feelings, that conventional language often times cannot. And they do this in such a way... 2 days
Manchester Bombing: Teenage Sweethearts Chloe Rutherford And Liam Curry Named As Victims
HUFFINGTON POST A teenage couple killed in the Manchester Arena bombing “wanted to be together forever and now they are”, their devastated families have said.Chloe Rutherford,... 2 days
Army Bomb Disposal Called To College In Hulme, Manchester, As Suspicious Package Deemed Safe
HUFFINGTON POST The army bomb disposal unit were called to a college in the Hulme area of Manchester on Thursday as the... 2 days
The UK's First Face Equality Day Raises Awareness Of Facial Diversity
HUFFINGTON POST Classic top American villains are more likely to have a dermatological problem when compared to their rival heroes, a recent study found. A team of researchers... 2 days
Oopsy Daisy, here comes Robert Mueller Fine Spoofs Logo
EGYPT RETALIATES: Massive airstrikes launched against 'terrorist camps' in Libya
Ex-Illuminati Member Leaked The Current Membership Of The 'Committee Of 300'
Dance Teachers: Stop Sexualizing Your Pre-Teen Students
US President Found His 'Handshake' Master: The French President
Mystery surrounds 'SOS' in Australian outback
Govt-Linked Child Sex Ring In Baltimore Exposed Thanks To Netflix Series, Police Respond
Govt-Linked Child Sex Ring In Baltimore Exposed Thanks To Netflix Series, Police Respond
Govt-Linked Child Sex Ring In Baltimore Exposed Thanks To Netflix Series, Police Respond
Government Investigates Taxpayer Funding of UFO Group - Mysterious Universe
New Mexico's Puzzling Stone Pillar Mystery Deepens