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milky way like galaxies in early universe embedded in super halos Milky Way-like Galaxies in Early Universe Embedded in 'Super Halos'
ASTRO WATCH By harnessing the extreme sensitivity of the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), astronomers have directly observed... 1 day
fledgling stars try to prevent their neighbors from birthing planets Fledgling Stars Try to Prevent Their Neighbors from Birthing Planets
ASTRO WATCH Newly formed stars are surrounded by a disc of dense gas and dust. This is called... 1 day
Study refines filters for greener natural gas
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have mapped out the best materials for either carbon dioxide capture or balancing carbon capture with methane selectivity. 2 days
tracing aromatic molecules in the early universe Tracing Aromatic Molecules in the Early Universe
ASTRO WATCH A molecule found in car engine exhaust fumes that is thought to have contributed to the origin of life on Earth has... 2 days
Room temperature multiplexed gas sensing using chemical-sensitive 3.5-nm-thin silicon transistors
Science Magazine There is great interest in developing a low-power gas sensing technology that can sensitively and selectively quantify the chemical composition of a target atmosphere. Nanomaterials have emerged as... 2 days
Trump approves Keystone XL pipeline, hails 'great day' for jobs
PHYS.ORG True to his pledge, President Donald Trump gave final approval on Friday for TransCanada to build the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline, overriding environmental concerns in favor of... 2 days
universe s ultraviolet background could provide clues about missing galaxies Universe’s Ultraviolet Background Could Provide Clues About Missing Galaxies
ASTRO WATCH Astronomers have developed a way to detect the ultraviolet (UV) background of the Universe, which could help explain... 3 days
'Super Halos' Surround Milky Way-Like Galaxies In Early Universe | Video
SPACE.COM Two galaxies have been been observed using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) with halos of hydrogen gas that extend for thousands of light years. 3 days
Team refines filters for greener natural gas
PHYS.ORG Natural gas producers want to draw all the methane they can from a well while sequestering as much carbon dioxide as possible, and could use filters that optimize either carbon capture or methane flow.... 3 days
Milky Way-like galaxies in early universe embedded in 'super halos'
SCIENCE DAILY Astronomers have directly observed a pair of Milky Way-like galaxies seen when the universe was only eight percent of its current age. These progenitors of today's giant spiral... 3 days
[Report] [C ii] 158-μm emission from the host galaxies of damped Lyman-alpha systems
Science Magazine Gas surrounding high-redshift galaxies has been studied through observations of absorption line systems toward background quasars for decades. However, it has proven... 3 days
[Distant Galaxies] Identifying the hosts of quasar absorbers
Science Magazine If the line of sight from Earth to a distant quasar passes through foreground material, some of the quasar's light is absorbed. If a galaxy-sized quantity of gas intervenes, it forms –... 3 days
Astronomers observe early stages of Milky Way-like galaxies in distant universe
PHYS.ORG For decades, astronomers have found distant galaxies by detecting the characteristic way their gas absorbs light from a bright quasar in the background. But efforts to... 3 days
Ice in Ceres' shadowed craters linked to tilt history
PHYS.ORG Dwarf planet Ceres may be hundreds of millions of miles from Jupiter, and even farther from Saturn, but the tremendous influence of gravity from these gas giants has an appreciable... 4 days
Researchers create self-sustaining bacteria-fueled power cell
PHYS.ORG Instead of oil, coal, or even solar energy, self-sustaining bacterial fuel cells may power the future. 5 days
Fledgling stars try to prevent their neighbors from birthing planets
PHYS.ORG Newly formed stars are surrounded by a disc of dense gas and dust. This is called the protoplanetary disc, as material sticks together within it to form planets. 5 days
Collapsing Cliff Reveals Pristine Interior of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
SCI-NEWS.COM In a study published in the journal Nature Astronomy, researchers make the first definitive link between an outburst of dust... 5 days
Google Street View cars are eyes on the ground for urban methane leaks
PHYS.ORG A set of Google Street View mapping cars, specially equipped with cutting-edge methane analyzers, are allowing Colorado State University researchers to "see"... 5 days
Sphere Medical introduces new functionality to Proxima platform for efficient critical care patient monitoring
NEWS MEDICAL Sphere Medical, an innovative company in critical care monitoring and diagnostics equipment, announces the introduction of new functionality to its... 5 days
Giant magnetic fields in the universe
PHYS.ORG Astronomers from Bonn and Tautenburg in Thuringia (Germany) used the 100-m radio telescope at Effelsberg to observe several galaxy clusters. At the edges of these large accumulations of dark matter, stellar systems (galaxies), hot gas, and... 5 days
Collapsing Cliff Caused Comet 67P's Brilliant Outburst
SPACE.COM A cliff's collapse likely caused a bright outburst of gas and dust on Comet 67P in 2015, scientists announced today (March 21). 5 days
collapsing cliff reveals comet s interior Collapsing Cliff Reveals Comet's Interior
ASTRO WATCH Rosetta scientists have made the first compelling link between an outburst of dust and gas and the collapse of a prominent cliff, which also exposed the... 5 days
France to probe Fiat for emissions cheating
PHYS.ORG French investigating magistrates will open a probe into carmaker Fiat Chrysler for suspected cheating in diesel emissions tests, judicial sources said on Tuesday. 5 days
A new model for capillary rise in nano-channels offers insights into fracking
PHYS.ORG In the last decades, hydraulic fracturing or "fracking," a method of oil and gas extraction, has revolutionized the global energy industry. It involves fracturing... 6 days
Collapsing cliff reveals comet’s interior
ESA Rosetta scientists have made the first compelling link between an outburst of dust and gas and the collapse of a prominent cliff, which also exposed the... 6 days
Spinning sail technology is poised to bring back wind-powered ships
PHYS.ORG Over 200 years after steamships first began crossing the ocean, wind power is finding its way back into seafaring. Global shipping firm Maersk is planning to fit spinning... 6 days
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