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Theresa May Insists She Is Not 'Afraid' To Stand Up To Donald Trump On Women's Rights
HUFFINGTON POST “I will be there as a female Prime Minister of the UK, directly talking to him... 23 hours
Theresa May Will Visit Donald Trump This Week In Major Diplomatic Victory For The UK
HUFFINGTON POST Theresa May has achieved a major diplomatic victory by becoming the first foreign leader to visit Donald Trump when... 24 hours
Police Chiefs Prepare For An Increase In Violence Sparked By Triggering Article 50
HUFFINGTON POST Police chiefs are preparing for a spike in hate crime after Brexit is formally triggered by Theresa May this spring.The National Police... 3 days
Canadian army investigates mysterious Arctic noise
PHYS.ORG A strange beeping noise in the Arctic has Canadians puzzled. Is it marine mammals doing something weird? A foreign submarine? Collective hallucination? 3 days
leaked emails reveal how dataminr was pitched to foreign governments Leaked emails reveal how Dataminr was pitched to foreign governments
THE VERGE In March 2015, Philippe Reines, a former aide to Hillary Clinton at the US State Department,... 4 days
Saudi Arabia Minibus Crash Kills Six Britons And Injures Others, Foreign Office Says
HUFFINGTON POST Six Britons have died in a road crash in Saudi Arabia, the Foreign Office has said.Those killed had just completed the Umruh, the... 4 days
Saudi Arabia Road Crash Kills Six Britons, Foreign Office Says
HUFFINGTON POST Six Britons have died in a road crash in Saudi Arabia, the Foreign Office has said.The Guardian said those killed were making a pilgrimage to Mecca.The Manchester Evenings... 4 days
Jeremy Corbyn Slams Boris Johnson For Comparing French President To A WW2 Prison Camp Guard
HUFFINGTON POST Jeremy Corbyn has slammed Boris Johnson for “wild and inappropriate” remarks after he compared France’s President to a... 5 days
Russia extends Snowden’s temporary residency for ‘few more years’
TechCrunch  NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has had his temporary right to remain in Russia extended, according to a Russian... 5 days
Boris Johnson Compares French President To WWII Prison Guard Giving UK 'Punishment Beatings'
HUFFINGTON POST Boris Johnson has compared French President Francois Hollande to a Second World War prison guard who wants to give the United Kingdom... 5 days
Thomas Cook Flys Back Almost 1,000 Holidaymakers As Gambia Political Situation Grows More Unstable
HUFFINGTON POST Nearly 1,000 holidaymakers on Thomas Cook packages in Gambia are to be flown home amid growing concerns of political unrest... 5 days
japanese toilet industry agrees to standardize complex bidet controls Japanese toilet industry agrees to standardize complex bidet controls
THE VERGE The Japan Sanitary Equipment Industry Association, a consortium of companies producing plumbing products including Toto, Panasonic, and Toshiba,... 5 days
Emily Thornberry Leaves Channel 4 News' Cathy Newman Confused About Labour's Position On Brexit
HUFFINGTON POST Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary has denied “pedalling back” from a threat by the party to trigger a General Election if... 6 days
France creates a special visa for entrepreneurs, engineers and investors
TechCrunch  Just in time before the 2017 presidential election in France, the current French government wanted to... 6 days
Jack Straw Can Be Sued By Libyan Dissident Over Torture Allegations, Supreme Court Rules
HUFFINGTON POST Former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw faces being sued by a former Libyan dissident over allegations of abduction and torture.Abdul-Hakim Belhaj... 6 days
apple hikes u k app store prices by at least 25 percent due to weak pound Apple Hikes U.K. App Store Prices By At Least 25 Percent Due to Weak Pound
MacRumors Apple announced changes to its App... 6 days
Boris Johnson, David Davis And Liam Fox Not Trusted Over Brexit, Poll Suggests
HUFFINGTON POST Less than a third of voters trust the Government’s so-called “Three Brexiteers” to “do what is right” regarding Brexit, a poll suggests.Foreign... 1 week
Labour Will Not 'Die In A Ditch' To Save Free Movement, Says Emily Thornberry
HUFFINGTON POST .@EmilyThornberry's comments in full, @UKLabour "won't die in a ditch" for the principle of free movement of workers. #Peston pic.twitter.com/THCMaukht4—... 1 week
Russian hackers are like Mexican singers at Clinton rally, says GOP lawmaker - CNET
CNET Commentary: Rep. Mike Conaway believes that singing and hacking are both attempts at inserting foreign influence. 1 week
Considering A Foreign Adventure With Young Children?
HUFFINGTON POST If I'm honest we didn't think too long or hard about quitting our jobs and moving to Mexico for six months. I casually suggested it one spring night, by summer we'd handed in our... 1 week
The First Foreign-Born First Lady: Louisa Catherine Adams
HISTORY Fluent in French and favored by the grandest courts in Europe, the London-born Louisa Catherine Adams played a key role in the election of her husband, John Quincy Adams, in 1824. 1 week
Nigel Farage Tells LBC Caller He's Not Once Suggested He Dislikes Foreigners
HUFFINGTON POST Nigel Farage, who once said he felt “awkward” when he heard only foreign languages on a London-bound train, has denied saying anything “ever” that... 2 weeks
fewer women directed top grossing movies in 2016 than in 1998 Fewer women directed top-grossing movies in 2016 than in 1998
THE VERGE Just 7 percent of directors behind 2016’s top-grossing films were women, marking a 2 percent decline... 2 weeks
Fury over India flag doormats for sale on Amazon
BBC India's foreign minister threatens to rescind visas for Amazon staff over the "insulting" doormats. 2 weeks
Amber Rudd's 'Name-And-Shame' Foreign Workers Speech Recorded As A 'Hate Incident' By Police
HUFFINGTON POST Amber Rudd’s suggestion that companies compile lists of foreign workers has been recorded as a “hate incident” by police.The Home Secretary had... 2 weeks
Brexit Crackdown On Foreign Students Could Cost Britain £2 Billion A Year, Report Reveals
HUFFINGTON POST Britain could lose up to £2 billion a year if the government takes a tougher stance on international student numbers... 2 weeks
HMRC Reveals 10 Excuses Employers Give For Not Paying The Minimum Wage
HUFFINGTON POST The most bizarre excuses given by employers for not paying their staff the minimum wage have been revealed.One person said his employee did not... 2 weeks
The biggest disappointments at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show - Roadshow
CNET Both domestic and foreign automakers had their fair share of letdowns in Detroit this year. Let's go through a few of them. 2 weeks
Translation startup pulls off the ultimate pivot… to porn
TechCrunch  As you watch your favorite adult films – I particularly enjoy My Dinner With Andre – I suspect... 2 weeks
Airport kiosks in seven countries let you change foreign currency into iTunes credits
9to5Mac If you’ve ever returned from an overseas trip with leftover... 2 weeks
Convert spare holiday change into iTunes credits with TravelersBox - CNET
CNET Located at some airports around the world, these kiosks let you use your spare foreign currency to get credit for online services. 2 weeks
Boris Johnson Says UK First In Line For US Trade Deal, After Talks With Trump Team
HUFFINGTON POST Britain is “first in line” for a trade deal with the US, Boris Johnson has said... 2 weeks
apple plans to build computers in the us but they won t be for consumers Apple plans to build computers in the US, but they won't be for consumers
THE VERGE Apple is planning a new initiative to build... 2 weeks
apple to use repurposed mesa arizona factory to manufacture data center cabinets Apple to Use Repurposed Mesa, Arizona Factory to Manufacture Data Center Cabinets
MacRumors Apple wants to use GT Advanced's former sapphire plant to produce hardware that will be used within its U.S. data centers, according to a... 2 weeks
Golden Globe Winners
SF SITE The Golden Globe Awards were presented on January 8 by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The Golden Globes honor both film and television. This year’s winners of genre interest are listed below. Nominees of genre interest appeared in 12 categories,... 2 weeks
Viola Davis Just Burned The Hollywood Foreign Press In The Sneaky Funniest Joke Of The Night
CINEMA BLEND Making great movies is one thing. Winning awards is something else entirely. When Viola Davis accepted... 2 weeks
Boris Johnson To Meet Donald Trump's Team In New York In First UK Government Face-To-Face
HUFFINGTON POST British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has flown to New York to meet with Donald Trump’s top advisers having... 2 weeks
Israeli Official Shai Masot Discusses 'Idiot' Boris Johnson And How To 'Take Down' Sir Alan Duncan
HUFFINGTON POST Israel’s ambassador to the UK has apologised after an embassy official was caught in an undercover... 2 weeks
Sir Ivan Rogers Resigns From Civil Service Days After Quitting As EU Ambassador
HUFFINGTON POST Sir Ivan Rogers has resigned from the civil service entirely, just days after announcing he would be quitting his post as UK... 2 weeks
Officials: Foreign Government May Have Breached Health Data
ABC NEWS Investigators say an unidentified foreign government may have been behind a cyber breach of health insurance company Anthem Inc. that compromised the personal information of more than 78 million consumers 2 weeks
Deadpool's Golden Globe nominations are just the cherry on top for Fox
THE VERGE The Golden Globes are this Sunday, meaning mainstream audiences will be getting their first look at what movies and TV shows the Hollywood Foreign... 2 weeks
Investigators link insurer cyber breach to foreign nation
PHYS.ORG A foreign government was likely behind a cyber breach of health insurance company Anthem Inc. that compromised more than 78 million consumers' records, investigators said Friday. 2 weeks
Golden Globe Winners 2017: Fingers Crossed For Tom Hiddleston, Claire Foy And Fellow British Nominees This Weekend
HUFFINGTON POST Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie and Claire Foy are just three of the British names... 2 weeks
Theresa May To Deliver 'Hard Brexit' Speech Following Row Over Ambassador Resignation
HUFFINGTON POST Theresa May is preparing to make a major speech on Brexit in which she will reportedly say Britain will pull out of the single... 3 weeks
Sir Tim Barrow Appointed Britain's EU Ambassador, Leaving Nigel Farage Unhappy
HUFFINGTON POST Sir Tim Barrow has been appointed Britain’s EU ambassador after the shock resignation of Sir Ivan Rogers.Rogers stood down on Tuesday just weeks before Brexit negotiations... 3 weeks
Video Shows Britain’s Privatised Rail Network Is Run By Foreign State-Owned Train Companies
HUFFINGTON POST A tongue-in-cheek video highlighting how profits from Britain’s railways are flowing to Europe has been shared thousands of times.The clip by the... 3 weeks
Conservatives Clash Over 'Nonsense' Attacks On Outgoing EU Ambassador
HUFFINGTON POST The “nonsense” attacks on Britain’s outgoing ambassador to the EU have been condemned by a senior Tory as Conservatives clashed over Brexit negotiations.Yesterday Sir Ivan Rogers quit his post as... 3 weeks
Nigel Farage Accuses Foreign Office Of Being Anti-Brexit Amid Row Over Sir Ivan Rogers' Departure
HUFFINGTON POST Nigel Farage has called for a “clear-out” of the Foreign Office because it is too committed to the... 3 weeks
UK's EU Ambassador Sir Ivan Rogers Quits Ahead Of Brexit Negotiations
HUFFINGTON POST Sir Ivan Rogers, the UK’s ambassador to the EU, has resigned just weeks before the Brexit negotiations are set to begin.The Foreign Office confirmed on Tuesday... 3 weeks
Istanbul Nightclub Shooting Prompts Warning For British Tourists In Turkey
HUFFINGTON POST British tourists have been warned to “remain vigilant” in Turkey where at least 39 people were killed when a gunmen believed to have been dressed as Santa Claus... 3 weeks
The Latest: Some Expelled Diplomats in US Only 2 Months
ABC NEWS The spokeswoman for Russia's Foreign Ministry says some of the diplomats ordered expelled by the United States have been in their posts only about two months 3 weeks
Chinese Liaoning Carrier Heading Into The Pacific And Towards The U.S Border
DISCLOSE.TV Tensions between China and the United States have been running high for over a year. An armed conflict could be just around the corner.... 3 weeks
The Latest: Turkey's Foreign Minister Urges Calm
ABC NEWS Turkey's foreign minister has urged Washington and Moscow to ease their spat, saying the world does not need a new Cold War 3 weeks
Researchers grow needle- and thread-like diamonds
PHYS.ORG Physicists from the Lomonosov Moscow State University have obtained micrometer-sized diamond crystals in the form of a regular pyramid. In cooperation with co-workers from other Russian and foreign research centers, they have also studied the luminescence... 3 weeks
The Latest: Russia FM Suggests Expelling US Diplomats
ABC NEWS Russia's foreign minister has suggested expelling 35 U.S. diplomats in response to a new round of U.S. sanctions against Moscow 3 weeks
Israel warns UN Settlement Resolution Is A Declaration Of War
DISCLOSE.TV Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told New Zealand's foreign minister that his country's sponsoring of the UN anti-settlement resolution was a "declaration of war" ... 4 weeks
Dr Jeroen Ensink Murder Blamed On Austerity By Widow, Nadja
HUFFINGTON POST A young mother has blamed “austerity” for mistakes which led to a mentally ill man being free to kill her husband.Renowned academic Dr Jeroen Ensink, 41, was set... 4 weeks
Elder Abuse - A Forgotten Human Rights Issue?
HUFFINGTON POST Last Saturday (10th December) marked Human Rights Day. Instigated by the UN, the day encourages people across the globe to "stand up for someone's rights today". In the UK, human rights are... 1 month
US government starts asking foreign travelers to disclose their social media accounts
THE VERGE The US Customs and Border Protection has started demanding that foreign travelers hand over Facebook, Twitter, and other social media account information upon entering... 1 month
Berlin Attack Victims: Israeli Woman Identified As Dead While Her Husband Is Seriously Wounded
HUFFINGTON POST An Israeli woman has been identified as one of the victims of the Berlin Christmas market attack.An Israeli Foreign Ministry... 1 month
Apple Said to be in Talks With India to Manufacture Locally
MacRumors Apple is in talks with India to explore the possibility of making products locally, according to The Wall Street Journal (via Reuters). The negotiations come as... 1 month
Who would want access to 1 billion Yahoo accounts?
CBC What will happen — or has already happened — to Yahoo's one billion compromised accounts will depend on who has control of the data: a foreign government or an independent... 1 month
Does corporate social responsibility marketing work? It depends who and where you are
PHYS.ORG Consumers in dominant collectivist cultures, such as India and South Korea, are more likely to support corporate social responsibility, or CSR, initiatives... 1 month
Opera Browser for Mac Gains Built-in Currency Converter
MacRumors Opera has added a built-in currency converter to its free web browser to make online international purchases a simpler experience for users (via TechCrunch). The new feature appears in the browser's Preferences... 1 month
2017 Golden Globes Nominees - 'La La Land', 'Moonlight' + 'Deadpool'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET The list of nominations for the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards (of 2017), the yearly precursor to the Academy Awards, have just been announced today -... 1 month
The 4 Biggest Snubs From The 2017 Golden Globes Movie Nominations
CINEMA BLEND The Golden Globe nominations were announced this morning, and film fans have a lot to be happy with. This has been a truly fantastic year for... 1 month
Deadpool, Westworld, and All the Other Golden Globe Nominations You Care About
GIZMODO The Golden Globes, given out annually by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, has released its nominations for this year. And there are some great... 1 month
Golden Globe Nominations
SF SITE The Golden Globe Nominations were released on December 12. The 2017 Golden Globes are presented by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and will air live on NBC January 8 at a ceremony hosted by Jimmy Fallon Categories with nominees of... 1 month
Russia actively tried to help Donald Trump win the election, CIA report says
THE VERGE A secret assessment conducted by the CIA determined that Russia’s interference in the 2016 election was intended to help put Donald Trump... 1 month
The 10 Best Foreign-Language Scifi Movies of the Last 10 Years
GIZMODO Lots of incredible science fiction movies are made outside America, though many of those movies—like next year’s French production Valerian and the City of a Thousand... 2 months
Study explores companies' expansion strategies
PHYS.ORG As many large, multinational firms expand operations into foreign countries, researchers are beginning to see greater sophistication of the strategies used. 2 months
Three rule-of-law issues threaten Mexico's energy reform: experts
PHYS.ORG Three major issues with Mexico's weak rule of law threaten to foil the successful implementation of the new reforms made possible when Mexico opened its energy sector to private and foreign investment... 2 months
Court upholds warrantless surveillance of U.S. citizens under Section 702
TechCrunch  The U.S. federal appeals court has ruled in United States v. Mohamud, a case that began with a 2010 holiday bomb plot and will end with unique implications for the private digital communications... 2 months
Deadspin The Panthers Started Derek Anderson Over Cam Newton As A Coach’s Decision [Update] | Jezebe
GIZMODO Deadspin The Panthers Started Derek Anderson Over Cam Newton As A Coach’s Decision [Update] | Jezebel The Rape Scene in... 2 months
Why asdfasn Prodf asfdasd sangerous
DISCLOSE.TV Washington Post has labeled Activist Post and others as Russian propaganda. In this video, Vin Armani explains why it is dangerous slander to frivolously say news websites are working for a foreign power. Thanks for the alternative reportage... 2 months
Whqrw eWebsitqwrwegandqe is Dangerous
DISCLOSE.TV Washington Post has labeled Activist Post and others as Russian propaganda. In this video, Vin Armani explains why it is dangerous slander to frivolously say news websites are working for a foreign power. Thanks for the alternative reportage ... 2 months
China appeals to US to stop disrupting acquisitions
PHYS.ORG China urged Washington on Monday to stop disrupting its foreign corporate acquisitions after President Barack Obama blocked the purchase of a German maker of semiconductor manufacturing equipment as a security risk. 2 months
Syfy Making TV Show About High School That Vanishes to Another Planet
GIZMODO Syfy announced that it’s developing The Woods, an hourlong sci-fi drama about a high school that wakes up on a foreign moon, based on... 2 months
These are some of the weirdest titles you can play in VR
Windows Central These are our picks for the most unsettling VR experiences! Although virtual reality is still a foreign concept to many, VR titles can add... 2 months
Russia Warns of Planned Cyber Attacks on Its Banks
ABC NEWS Russia's main domestic security agency says unspecified foreign special services are plotting a series of cyber attacks aimed at destabilizing the nation's financial system 2 months
Russia warns of planned cyber attacks on its banks
PHYS.ORG Russia's main domestic security agency says unspecified foreign special services are plotting a series of cyber attacks aimed at destabilizing the nation's financial system. 2 months
Germany's spy chief warns Russian cyberattacks could hit polls
PHYS.ORG Germany's foreign intelligence service chief warned Tuesday that Russia could seek to disrupt next year's elections in Europe's biggest economy with cyber attacks. 2 months
Top German Spy Warns of Political Cyberattacks, Russia Links
ABC NEWS Germany's foreign intelligence chief is warning of cyberattacks aimed at political destabilization as the country prepares for an election next year, and says evidence suggests Russian involvement in hacking during... 2 months
German Intelligence Chief Warns of Political Cyberattacks
ABC NEWS Germany's foreign intelligence chief is warning of cyberattacks aimed at political destabilization as the country prepares for an election next year, and says evidence suggests Russian involvement in hacking during the U.S. campaign 2 months
German intelligence chief warns of political cyberattacks
PHYS.ORG Germany's foreign intelligence chief is warning of cyberattacks aimed at political destabilization as the country prepares for an election next year, and says evidence suggests Russian involvement in hacking during the U.S. campaign. 2 months
Neuroscientists identify new regulator of immune system
NEWS MEDICAL Cells of the immune system can distinguish between protein molecules that are "self" and "non-self". ­For example, if we are exposed to pathogens such as bacteria or viruses that carry foreign molecules on their... 2 months
Following a frog's evolutionary movements
PHYS.ORG A common species of Asian tree frog may actually be two separate species according to new genetic data collected by an international group of scientists. If the two groups of frogs are confirmed to be different species, assigning... 2 months
Hopping to the Frontier: Following a frog's evolutionary movements
SCIENCE DAILY A common species of Asian tree frog may actually be two separate species according to new genetic data collected by an international group of scientists. If the two groups of... 2 months
Why stories about aliens are always stories about humanity
THE VERGE When it comes to depicting aliens on-screen, we’ve come a long way from little green men with bulbous heads and jet-black tea-saucer eyeballs. Cinematic aliens have assumed every shape and... 2 months
Foreign beetle species recorded for the first time in Canada thanks to citizen science
PHYS.ORG With social networks abound, it is no wonder that there is an online space where almost anyone can upload a... 2 months
FilmStruck is a streaming service for lovers of art-house films and foreign classics
TechCrunch  It might be time for movie lovers to add another streaming service to their monthly subscriptions — FilmStruck, a new service created... 2 months
This Panasonic megaphone automatically translates commands into multiple languages
THE VERGE Japanese businesses are finding they need to deal with increasing numbers of foreign visitors to Japan, and Panasonic thinks it has the answer: a megaphone that translates the user’s voices... 2 months
Allies the key to future U.S. space policy, Loverro says
SPACE NEWS The way forward in space requires the U.S. government to partner closely with both foreign and commercial allies, the Pentagon’s top space official said Nov. 15. SpaceNews.com 2 months
AirPods Launch Rumors Now Include Dates in Late November and December
MacRumors Adding to the pile of recent guesswork rumors centering around the launch of Apple's AirPods, this week a collection of foreign retail websites have listed the... 2 months
Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon suggests having too many Asian tech CEOs undermines ‘civic society’
THE VERGE President-elect Donald Trump’s chief strategist seems to think there are too many immigrants leading Silicon Valley. Steve Bannon,... 2 months
China to Trump: Why are you blaming us for climate change?
THE VERGE In 2012, Donald Trump tweeted that climate change was a concept invented by China to make US businesses less competitive. Four years later, Trump was elected... 2 months
How Arrival Turned Linguistics Into One of the Most Gripping Dramas of the Year
GIZMODO If you’ve ever been to a foreign country where you don’t speak the language, you know that an inability to... 2 months
New technique introducing foreign atoms in optical trapping allows greater manipulation of nanoparticles
PHYS.ORG Macquarie University researchers have demonstrated a new technique exploiting the presence of foreign atoms within a diamond crystal, using light to affect... 2 months
Dear Facebook, please fix the plague of fake news before you ruin foreign elections too
TechCrunch  It’s true, Facebook isn’t single-handedly responsible for the outcome of the U.S. presidential election. But the company played... 2 months
Donald Trump’s anti-immigration stance threatens the heart of American innovation
THE VERGE President-elect Donald Trump is causing a stir in Silicon Valley. After riding the path to the White House in part thanks to his anti-immigration rhetoric, Trump is now... 2 months
Cryptocurrencies rise on Trump victory
TechCrunch  Donald Trump’s historic victory in the 2016 US presidential elections predictably immediately hammered the value of the dollar on foreign currency exchange markets. But it’s the opposite story if you’re looking at cryptocurrencies. Read More 2 months
I voted Kodos: relishing the presidential politics of science fiction
THE VERGE Are you stressed? We are. It’s Election Day here in the states, and American citizens are casting their ballots right now to determine the future of the country.... 3 months
Report: Apple wants to manufacture iPhones and iPads in India, asks government for investment incentives
9to5Mac Apple executives have targeted both India and China as developing regions to drive revenue growth in the coming... 3 months
China's new cybersecurity law draws criticism from tech companies and rights groups
THE VERGE China this week passed a cybersecurity law aimed at combatting hacking and terrorism, though as Reuters reports, critics say it would strengthen the country's censorship... 3 months
China Approves Law to Tighten Control on Internet Use
ABC NEWS China's legislature has approved a cybersecurity law that human rights activists warn will tighten political controls and foreign companies say might isolate Chinese industries 3 months
Forests, locals harmed in Mexico's avocado boom
PHYS.ORG Liliana Carmona misses the lush pine forest on the hills overlooking her village in western Mexico. She now stares at vast avocado orchards that feed a massive foreign appetite for the green fruit. 3 months
Turner’s streaming service for film geeks, FilmStruck, goes live
TechCrunch  FilmStruck, a new streaming service aimed at film geeks developed by Turner Classic Movies, has now launched. Announced earlier this year for a mid-October arrival, the service belatedly debuted with a... 3 months
Russia wants to stop relying on foreign software for government systems
Windows Central Microsoft is on Russia's radar when it comes to the planning of removing all reliance on foreign software for government systems. According to a report over... 3 months
Lisbon dreams of Europe's Silicon Valley tag
PHYS.ORG Lisbon is betting that hosting the Web Summit, Europe's largest tech event, will spur the growth of startups and draw foreign investors, helping it compete with the continent's main innovation hubs. 3 months
AirPods Might Not Launch Until January 2017
MacRumors Following the confirmation that Apple has delayed its wireless "AirPods" beyond the original late October launch window, foreign supply chain sources are now pointing towards a launch date in January 2017, and not the... 3 months
Turner Classic Movies and the Criterion Collection launch streaming service for film nerds
THE VERGE FilmStruck, the streaming service for “die-hard movie enthusiasts,” launched today. The service is a joint venture between Turner Classic Movies and the... 3 months
China's cybersecurity draft law targets foreign hackers
PHYS.ORG Chinese authorities could freeze assets and take other actions against foreign hackers threatening the country's infrastructure under a revised draft of a new cybersecurity law. 3 months
China's Cybersecurity Draft Law Targets Foreign Hackers
ABC NEWS Chinese authorities could freeze assets and take other actions against foreign hackers threatening the country's infrastructure under a revised draft of a new cybersecurity law 3 months
Study reveals that adrenergic nerves control immune cells' daily schedule
SCIENCE DAILY The adrenergic nervous system controls when white blood cells circulate through the body, boosting the immune response by retaining T and B cells in lymph nodes at the... 3 months
Dental team tweaks DNA to improve plant-based medicines
PHYS.ORG Henry Daniell, a professor in the departments of Biochemistry and Pathology in the University of Pennsylvania's School of Dental Medicine, has found great success in using genetic engineering to coax lettuce and tobacco plants to produce foreign proteins in... 3 months
Scientists obtain graphene with high resistance to ozonation
PHYS.ORG A group of scientists from the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Russia) and a series of foreign universities have developed an industrial technology for the purification of graphene, which has higher stability... 3 months