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There are 2 general kinds of minds: believers and analyzers. Believers seek to feed their beliefs, analyzers dig for hard-core truth. One of these groups is very easy to fool. Everything else is simple cause and effect, supply and demand.
Facebook is looking at ways to mitigate the impact of fake news
TechCrunch  Fake news has been top of mind for a lot of people as of late. After the presidential election in the U.S. and public... 2 days
Facebook fights against potential hate-speech fines in Germany - CNET
CNET The country is considering penalizing social networks if they don't respond to complaints of hate speech and fake news within 24 hours. Facebook calls the issue "highly complex." 2 days
germany grapples with fake news ahead of elections Germany grapples with fake news ahead of elections
THE VERGE Facebook faced withering criticism in the US for allowing fake news to spread during the 2016 presidential election. Now, the... 3 days
fake news didn t swing the election because people barely remembered it study says ‘Fake news’ didn’t swing the election because people barely remembered it, study says
THE VERGE “Fake news” is an all-purpose non-sequitur at this point, but... 3 days
facebook s crackdown on fake news spreads to germany Facebook's crackdown on fake news spreads to Germany
CBC With Germany's federal election looming, Facebook has announced new tools to help curb the spread of misinformation in that country. 4 days
Facebook takes its fake news fight to Germany
TechCrunch  Facebook is expanding its trial of measures to combat fake news beyond the U.S. for the first time — and... 6 days
Facebook Introduces Measures to Tackle Fake News in Germany
ABC NEWS Facebook says it's introducing measures to tackle the spread of fake news in Germany, months before the country holds a national election 6 days
Facebook to roll out fake news tools in Germany
BBC Facebook is rolling out new tools in Germany to help combat the spread of fabricated news stories. 6 days
Social media firms face 'fake news' grilling
Sky News Social media bosses could be questioned by MPs on whether they are doing enough to stop "fake news". 7 days
facebook rolls out fake news filter in germany Facebook rolls out fake news filter in Germany
THE VERGE Facebook will begin rolling out its fake news filter in Germany, The Financial Times reports, where lawmakers have expressed growing... 7 days
Meet TechCrunch at Davos
TechCrunch  The World Economic Forum — held in the mountain village of Davos, Switzerland every year — is increasingly attended by technology companies. And this year the theme of... 1 week
Facebook's Journalism Project, JetBlue's high-speed Wi-Fi video - CNET
CNET Today's tech stories that matter include Facebook's new Journalism Project designed to combat fake news, Samsung's Note 7 woes nearing an end and JetBlue's launch of a high-speed Wi-Fi service... 1 week
facebook wants to support journalism educate readers Facebook wants to 'support journalism,' educate readers
CBC The move is intended to "establish stronger ties between Facebook and the news industry," an comes after months of criticism, in which... 1 week
trump calls cnn fake news and buzzfeed garbage during press conference Trump calls CNN ‘fake news’ and BuzzFeed ‘garbage’ during press conference
THE VERGE For the first time in 167 days, President-elect Donald Trump held a press conference... 1 week
Facebook's 'journalism project' seeks to strengthen online news - CNET
CNET The initiative is aimed at promoting more collaboration between the social media platform and news outlets, along with shoring up defenses against fake news. 1 week
Facebook previews journalism features like digests and subscription trials
TechCrunch  Between fake news and publishers struggling to keep a loyal connection to their readers, Facebook’s relationship with the... 2 weeks
germany investigates fake news after bogus breitbart story Germany investigates fake news after bogus Breitbart story
THE VERGE The German government is investigating a recent surge in fake news, Reuters reports, following claims that Russia is attempting to... 2 weeks
Facebook needs to crack down on fake “Live” videos
TechCrunch  Was that space walk or climb of a massive antenna tower really shot on Facebook Live? No. Is the point of Facebook Live to show a virtual clock counting down... 2 weeks
Top US intelligence official calls fake news "a grave concern" - CNET
CNET Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told the US Senate Thursday that Russia's election interference goes beyond hacking. 2 weeks
Zuckerberg’s 2017 challenge is to meet and listen to people in all 50 states
TechCrunch  After a year of criticism and allegations around fake news, censorship, and bias, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is using his... 3 weeks
Consider ethics when designing new technologies
TechCrunch  In the weeks since the U.S. presidential election, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been firefighting. Not literally, but figuratively. Widespread accusations assert that his social media company contributed to the election’s unexpected outcome by propagating fake... 3 weeks
Weekly Roundup: Obama imposes sanctions on Russian intelligence, Snapchat and Oculus eat up startups
TechCrunch  This year, Donald Trump’s U.S. election triumph sent Silicon Valley into a spiral of uncertainty, Facebook addressed its fake news... 3 weeks
The top fake news stories of 2016 were about the Pledge, poop, and the Pope
THE VERGE A BuzzFeed News analysis has identified the 50 fake news stories that attracted the most engagement on Facebook... 3 weeks
Study: Ad-Tech Use Shines Light on Fringe, Fake News Sites
ABC NEWS The contrast between mainstream and fake or fringe news sites isn't just about the stories and videos they run 3 weeks
TechCrunch 2016 year in review
TechCrunch  It’s easy to be down on 2016 — we don’t blame you. But hidden among the hacks, fake news and political uncertainty lies a wholesome year of technological achievements. Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning fueled huge... 3 weeks
I went through all the fake news of 2016, here's what I learned - CNET
CNET Poring over hundreds of made-up stories made CNET's Eric Mack realize the fake-news problem is serious, and that... 3 weeks
The year that wasn't: 2016 as told by 120 fake news stories - CNET
CNET This year, nearly everyone met an untimely end. Fortunately they had clones or body doubles -- or a new sitcom... 4 weeks
Facebook's Safety Check activated for fake Bangkok bombing - CNET
CNET Citing "media sources," Facebook sent out a Safety Check over a bombing in Bangkok, Thailand. The fake news source fooled people by using a clip of a bombing... 4 weeks
Facebook's Safety Check in Bangkok falsely triggered by fake news
THE VERGE Facebook got fooled by its own algorithm. Today, the social network falsely activated its Safety Check feature after a flood of fake news suggested that there was an... 4 weeks
Fake news story ignites Pakistan-Israel feud on Twitter
CBC A fake news story has touched off a tense Twitter confrontation between Pakistan and Israel, in an episode that underlines the potentially harmful impact of such stories in sensitive global affairs 4 weeks
Scholars Team up to Dispel 400-Year-Old 'Fake News' About US
ABC NEWS Leading scholars from around the globe are teaming up to shed more light on how America got its start 4 weeks
Tool to understand spread of fake news launched
SCIENCE DAILY The Observatory on Social Media at Indiana University has launched a powerful new tool in the fight against fake news. The tool, called Hoaxy, visualizes how claims in the news -- and... 1 month
Zuckerberg implies Facebook is a media company, just “not a traditional media company”
TechCrunch  Mark Zuckerberg gave new insights about how he sees Facebook’s role in informing the world today during a Live video one-on-one year-end... 1 month
Fake-news search engine tracks spread of lies - CNET
CNET The newly created Hoaxy search engine lets you watch how phony news spreads across social media. 1 month
Facebook implements "fake news" measures, Xbox One gets internet speed boost video - CNET
CNET Today's top tech stories include Facebook's new "fake news" provisions, a big internet speed boost for Xbox One and a... 1 month
Crunch Report | Super Mario Run Hits the App Store
TechCrunch Super Mario Run is now in the App Store, Instagram passes 600 million users, Facebook hits fake news where it hurts, Facebook releases a bunch of overlays and... 1 month
What does this Pew study on fake news actually mean?
THE VERGE The Pew Research Center is one of the most reputable sources for data on how Americans use and think about technology. Its work is also a great example... 1 month
Facebook tackles fake news video - CNET
CNET The social network will roll out measures to stop the spread of misinformation. Users can now report stories that look fake. 1 month
Fake news: Facebook rolls out new tools to tackle false stories
BBC Facebook is introducing new features to help combat fabricated news stories online. 1 month
Facebook introduces tools to combat fake news
CBC Facebook is taking new measures to curb the spread of fake news on its huge and influential social network, focusing on the "worst of the worst" offenders and partnering with outside fact-checkers to sort... 1 month
Facebook amps up 'fake news' antidotes. Plus: fact-checkers! - CNET
CNET Your news feed will downplay items with "fake news" red flags, and Facebook will make it easier to report hoaxes. Real humans might take closer looks now, too. 1 month
ABC News Launches 'The Real News About Fake News' Powered by Facebook Data
ABC NEWS The initiative will identify fake news stories on Facebook. 1 month
Facebook reveals plan to fight fake news
Sky News Facebook says fact-checking organisations will help it fight fake news, with users seeing news feed warnings over dubious stories. 1 month
Facebook amps up its 'fake news' antidotes - CNET
CNET Stories with red flags of being misleading will be downplayed in your News Feed, and Facebook will make it easier to report possible hoaxes. 1 month
Facebook Takes on Fake News
ABC NEWS Facebook is partnering with outside fact-checkers and taking other steps to fix its fake news problem 1 month
Facebook now flags and down-ranks fake news with help from outside fact checkers
TechCrunch  Snopes, FactCheck.org, Politifact, and ABC News will help Facebook make good on four of the six promises Mark Zuckerberg made about fighting... 1 month
Facebook partners with fact-checking organizations to begin flagging fake news
THE VERGE Facebook today began rolling out new tools designed to prevent the spread of misinformation, weeks after the US presidential election results raised new questions about how viral hoaxes... 1 month
Videopath’s platform adds crucial context to video — could it fight fake news?
TechCrunch  Part of the reason so-called ‘fake news’ videos can spread so virally is that there is very rarely any supporting information attached... 1 month
Facebook searching for exec to make nice with news media - CNET
CNET The social network is advertising for a head of news partnerships to work with publishers and journalists in an apparent move to address fake-news... 1 month
Trump tweets CNN is peddling fake news (no, not about Russia) - CNET
CNET Commentary: Saturday sees the president-elect address what, for him, is the most important news. 1 month
Where to watch Trump’s presidential inauguration online
Sketchy rumor claims iOS 11 will bring long overdue group FaceTime calling
'House of Cards' teaser makes an Inauguration Day statement - CNET
Hands-on: Channels DVR public beta for the Apple TV [Video]
No, Netflix still doesn’t really work with Apple’s new TV app
Netflix's newest docu-series is all about the best designers in the world - CNET
The Founder is to McDonald’s what The Social Network was to Facebook
LinkedIn's new design looks a lot like Facebook
Hulu CEO talks upcoming live streaming TV bundle & offline viewing support in new interview
Sketchy supply chain rumor claims Apple Pencil 2 launching alongside new iPad Pro models this year
Undead Drew Barrymore stars in first full 'Santa Clarita Diet' trailer - CNET
Happy 95th birthday, Betty White! Celebrate with 5 fun videos - CNET
Taylor Swift impersonator (age 7) divides the web - CNET
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Apple kicks off AirPods TV campaign despite limited availability
How Netflix made A Series of Unfortunate Events, its first great TV for families
Microsoft just bought an AI startup that can outperform Facebook and Google
How to watch Nintendo’s Switch presentation online
Oh boy, Netflix’s iBoy movie sure looks like a wild ride
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