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There are 2 general kinds of minds: believers and analyzers. Believers seek to feed their beliefs, analyzers dig for hard-core truth. Only one of these groups is very easy to fool.
7 questions Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg needs to answer about InfoWars - CNET
CNET Commentary: Does Facebook take fake news seriously enough? Let’s ask its CEO together. 1 day
Seven questions Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg needs to answer about InfoWars - CNET
CNET Commentary: Does Facebook take fake news seriously enough? Let’s ask its CEO together. 2 days
Facebook's InfoWars, fake news, Alex Jones problems aren't going away - CNET
CNET It seems Facebook would rather shush misinformation than shut it off completely. 2 days
Fake news: algorithms in the dock
PHYS.ORG At the heart of the spread of fake news are the algorithms used by search engines, websites and social media which are often accused of pushing false or manipulated information regardless of the consequences. 2 days
When fake news sparks violence: India grapples with online rumours
PHYS.ORG India has been shaken by a spate of mob killings sparked by a hoax about child kidnappers spread on WhatsApp. 2 days
Journalists view co-workers as more ethical than peers, study finds
PHYS.ORG American media is grappling with an image problem. Accusations of "fake news," foreign companies meddling in Facebook's data and a further polarization of how the Fourth Estate should... 2 days
Facebook will not remove fake news - but will 'demote' it
BBC It says fake news is not against its "community standards". 2 days
Facebook would make a martyr by banning Infowars
TechCrunch Alex Jones’ Infowars is a fake news-peddler. But Facebook deleting its Page could ignite a fire that consumes the network. Still, some critics are asking why it hasn’t done so already. This week... 3 days
Brazil fighting fake news in the classroom
PHYS.ORG Brazil has taken a stand against the explosion of "fake news" stories swamping the internet by making media analysis studies compulsory for schoolchildren. 3 days
Fake news: the media industry strikes back
PHYS.ORG The viral spread of hoaxes and misinformation ahead of the US election and Brexit referendum two years ago was a wake-up call for many established news media, who have gone on the offensive to... 3 days
Fighting 'fake news' with the law
PHYS.ORG Some countries are bringing in legislation to fight "fake news", a particular menace during election campaigning, but critics warn of the danger to freedom of expression and the media. 3 days
How a Macedonian town became a 'fake news' epicentre
PHYS.ORG Jovan got a pair of Nike sneakers and went on holiday to Greece, his reward for having helped turn the small Macedonian town of Veles into an epicentre of "fake... 4 days
Before Trump, the long history of fake news
PHYS.ORG In capital letters and with an exclamation mark, "FAKE NEWS!" may have been popularised by Donald Trump in hundreds of his tweets but the concept has existed for centuries. 4 days
WhatsApp's new forwarding feature may actually save lives - CNET
CNET This is part of WhatsApp's continual battle to fight fake news. 5 days
WhatsApp fights fake news with Indian newspaper ads - CNET
CNET The push follows the lynching of five men over fake messages. 6 days
Facebook buys ads in Indian newspapers to warn about WhatsApp fakes
TechCrunch As Twitter finally gets serious about purging fake accounts, and YouTube says it will try to firefight conspiracy theories and fake news flaming across its platform... 6 days
YouTube is fighting fake news with $25M to promote journalism and more context in search results
TechCrunch YouTube announced new measures today to stem the spread of conspiracy theory videos and fake news... 6 days
WhatsApp offers tips to spot fake news after India murders
PHYS.ORG WhatsApp took out full-page advertisements in Indian newspapers Tuesday offering "easy tips" to identify fact from fiction after a slew of recent murders spurred by hoaxes shared on... 6 days
YouTube aims to crack down on fake news, support journalism
PHYS.ORG Google's YouTube says it is taking several steps to ensure the veracity of news on its service by cracking down on misinformation and supporting news organizations. 6 days
YouTube is fighting fighting fake news with $25M to promote journalism and more context in search results
TechCrunch YouTube announced new measures today to stem the spread of conspiracy theory videos and... 6 days
YouTube spends $25 million to fight fake news - CNET
CNET Your favorite YouTubers may be stepping in give you a crash course on spotting it. 6 days
google combats fake news videos on youtube w article snippets more context partnerships Google combats ‘fake news’ videos on YouTube w/ article snippets, more context, & partnerships
9to5Google Last year, Google Search had to address “fake... 6 days
YouTube aims to crack down on fake news, support journalism
ABC NEWS Google's YouTube says it is taking several steps to make news better on its platform, including supporting news organizations and cracking down on misinformation 6 days
cyberattacks targeting canadian troops in latvia seem to be easing off Cyberattacks targeting Canadian troops in Latvia seem to be easing off
CBC It's been all quiet on the eastern front lately for Canadian troops in Latvia,... 6 days
strict new internet laws in tanzania are driving bloggers and content creators offline Strict new internet laws in Tanzania are driving bloggers and content creators offline
THE VERGE In May, Tanzanian bloggers lost an appeal that had temporarily... 1 week
Facebook and Apple disagree on how to curb fake news for midterms
PHYS.ORG Apple and Facebook have figured out how to keep us glued to their devices and platforms. But they haven't figured out how to curb... 2 weeks
Mob lynchings: India asks WhatsApp to curb fake news
Sky News India's government has asked WhatsApp to take urgent steps to prevent the spread of rumours following a series of deadly mob attacks. 2 weeks
Facebook confirms that it’s acquiring Bloomsbury AI
TechCrunch Facebook announced this morning that the London-based team at Bloomsbury AI will be joining the company. My colleague Steve O’Hear broke the news about the acquisition, reporting that Facebook would deploy the team and... 2 weeks
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