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We are living in the debris field of an ancient asteroid collision - CNET
CNET An epic crack-up in space almost a half billion years ago remains a major source of the meteorites that smash... 19 hours
'Celebrity Big Brother': Kim Woodburn Comes To Blows With Stacy Francis And Nicola McLean In Latest House Arguments
HUFFINGTON POST Kim Woodburn has managed to keep a pretty low profile in the... 24 hours
new poster new promo video for guy ritchie s king arthur movie New Poster + New Promo Video for Guy Ritchie's 'King Arthur' Movie
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "From nothing comes a King." Warner Bros has unveiled a new promo spot + gritty poster for Guy Ritchie's new take on the King... 1 day
New King Arthur Teaser Is Epic And Action Packed
CINEMA BLEND A new trailer for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword promises all sorts of badass medieval action in... 2 days
‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Kim Woodburn DOUBLES Viewing Figures After Epic Row
HUFFINGTON POST Kim Woodburn might not be too popular with her fellow ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemates, but she’s proved a big hit with viewers - and bosses of... 3 days
watch gal gadot and jason statham kick ass in this epic super bowl commercial Watch Gal Gadot And Jason Statham Kick Ass In This Epic Super Bowl Commercial
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO The 2017 Super Bowl is only a couple... 5 days
japan s akatsuki probe spots giant wave in the atmosphere of venus Japan's Akatsuki Probe Spots Giant Wave in the Atmosphere of Venus
ASTRO WATCH In December 2015, Japan’s Akatsuki Venus Climate Orbiter finally started beaming back images of... 5 days
22 Already-Iconic Moments From Kim Woodburn's Epic 'Celebrity Big Brother' Meltdown
HUFFINGTON POST In case you hadn’t heard, it all kicked off on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ on Wednesday (18 January) night, as Kim Woodburn flew off the handle at... 5 days
Older Brother Completely Wipes Out Younger Siblings With One Epic Throw
HUFFINGTON POST It can be pretty challenging to get siblings to play together at the best of times, and sometimes it just doesn’t work out the way you’d... 5 days
how long can you last through america s funniest home videos epic crotch shot supercut How Long Can You Last Through America's Funniest Home Videos' Epic Crotch Shot Supercut?
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO America's Funniest Home Videos has shown a lot... 6 days
how lynda carter helped supergirl with that old school wonder woman reference How Lynda Carter Helped Supergirl With That Old School Wonder Woman Reference
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO Supergirl delighted audiences by bringing legendary actress Lynda Carter on board in Season 2, and episode director Rachel Talalay spoke with CinemaBlend about how... 1 week
'Human Swan' Trails Endangered Birds on Epic 4,500-Mile Migration
LIVE SCIENCE A paragliding scientist dubbed the "Human Swan" touched down in the west of England after flying 4,500 miles to document the annual winter migrations of an endangered species of swan. 1 week
Hughie Maughan From 'Big Brother' Has An Epic Tanning Fail On The Irish Version Of 'Strictly Come Dancing'
HUFFINGTON POST Any ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ fan knows fake tan is a massive part... 1 week
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Looks Epic And Beautiful
CINEMA BLEND One of the games showcased for the Nintendo Switch during the live-stream presentation on January 12th was the Monolith Soft JRPG exclusive,... 2 weeks
12 Years Later, Scientists Remember Epic Landing on Saturn Moon Titan
SPACE.COM As NASA's Saturn-orbiting Cassini spacecraft begins its final eight months of operation, scientists are looking back at one of the mission's most dramatic moments: the landing... 2 weeks
Trailer for 'Manifesto' Feature Film Starring Cate Blanchett in 13 Roles
FIRSTSHOWING.NET A trailer has debuted for Manifesto, a feature film version of an epic video installation project featuring 13 different characters reciting manifestos written by famous artists.... 2 weeks
Microsoft And Epic Are Being Sued Over Gears Of War, Get The Details
CINEMA BLEND Former professional wrestler and football player Lenwood Hamilton has a... 2 weeks
[In Depth] Birds don't need exercise to stay fit for epic flights
Science Magazine Anyone who rose morning after morning this week for an exhausting and ache-generating exercise class to fulfill a New Year's resolution will envy the... 2 weeks
putting together rogue one s ending was an epic balancing act Putting Together Rogue One's Ending Was an Epic Balancing Act 
GIZMODO Jyn and Cassian facing off with Krennic. Bodhi working communications. Chirrut and Baze fighting on the beach. The... 2 weeks
Top poker pros face off vs. artificial intelligence
PHYS.ORG Four of the world's best professional poker players will compete against artificial intelligence developed by Carnegie Mellon University in an epic rematch to determine whether a computer can beat humans playing one... 2 weeks
Xbox One Just Added Three Major Titles To Backward Compatibility
CINEMA BLEND You can just about set your watch by the new games being regularly added to Xbox... 2 weeks
trailer for korean action film fabricated city about a framed gamer Trailer for Korean Action Film 'Fabricated City' About a Framed Gamer
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "When they step into reality, the real game begins." CJ Entertainment has released an official international trailer (with English subtitles) for an epic Korean action film... 2 weeks
No New Supergirl This Week, But Watch The Awesome Trailer For Kevin Smith's Midseason Premiere
CINEMA BLEND Supergirl has been off the air for a while, and fans have been waiting for new episodes. We're... 2 weeks
Watch: Video Essay on Scorsese Asks 'Is God Watching in All His Films?'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET Perfectly timed with release of latest religious epic directed by Martin Scorsese, titled Silence, which is slowly expanding to more theaters this... 2 weeks
Epic geeky wedding fuses Warcraft with Lord of the Rings - CNET
CNET A Singapore couple chose their wedding to declare their love -- not just for each other, but for their favourite fantasy franchises. 3 weeks
Baen Fantasy Award
SF SITE Baen Books, in conjunction with Gen Con, is running the Baen Fantasy Adventure Award. The award will be presented to an original work of epic fantasy, heroic fantasy, sword and sorcery, or contemporary fantasy no longer than 8,000 words. The... 3 weeks
This head-banging tortoise is your new heavy-metal hero - CNET
CNET Are you ready to rock? This tortoise is. A fitting soundtrack turns an already fun GoPro video into an epic head-banging session. 3 weeks
Star Wars Rebels Could Feature An Epic Lightsaber Battle Between Two Fan Favorites
CINEMA BLEND When Star Wars Rebels Season 3 resumes later this month, fans can look forward to seeing a showdown between two fan favorites... 3 weeks
Mass Effect: Andromeda is launching on March 21st
THE VERGE Gaming’s next big sci-fi epic is coming very soon: developer BioWare has announced that Mass Effect: Andromeda will be launching in March. The role-playing game will be available in North America on... 3 weeks
Happy Anniversary, Spirit! Mars Rover Landed 13 Years Ago Today
SPACE.COM NASA's epic and ongoing Mars Exploration Rover mission began its Red Planet operations 13 years ago today (Jan. 3), with the touchdown of a six-wheeled robot named Spirit. 3 weeks
Astronomers Discover Two Gas Giant Alien Worlds
ASTRO WATCH Astronomers have detected two gas giant exoplanets designated K2-60b and EPIC 216468514b and characterized their fundamental parameters. The planets were first spotted by NASA’s Kepler space telescope and their planetary nature was confirmed by... 3 weeks
Kevin Costner Has Massive Plans For A New Western, And We’re So On Board
CINEMA BLEND Kevin Costner is no stranger to Westerns, and he's been thinking over a return to the genre in a big... 4 weeks
We can’t expect virtual reality to make us better people online
THE VERGE Last week, I got to chat with Epic CEO Tim Sweeney, one of the virtual reality gaming industry’s most prominent figures. Like many others, Sweeney believes... 4 weeks
Darth Vader's Infamous Rogue One Scene Has Been LEGO-ized, And It's Awesome
CINEMA BLEND Lucasfilm hasn't released that Darth Vader's epic Rogue One online (and may never do so), but one fan has taken it upon himself to... 4 weeks
Hack and Slash your way to victory with Titan Quest Anniversary Edition
Windows Central Titan Quest Anniversary Edition is a role-playing game that sends you to Greece, Egypt and Asia to play out an epic battle of good... 4 weeks
2016 burst the VR hype bubble — Epic’s Tim Sweeney thinks that’s not a problem
THE VERGE Epic Games is still working on its first full-length virtual reality game: an arcade shooter called Robo Recall... 4 weeks
This Guy's RuPaul-Inspired Christmas Present Has Won 2016
HUFFINGTON POST A man has shared a thoughtful Christmas gift that will make Drag Race fans green with envy: a homemade version of ‘Guess Who?’ inspired by RuPaul.And what’s more, the genius gift is called... 4 weeks
This Year Really Sucked For Cars In Movies
GIZMODO This year had a lot of great and good movies that I thoroughly enjoyed. It’s just too bad we didn’t really get even one good bad-ass car chase or epic car stunt,... 4 weeks
It Turns Out That the Hardest Quest of All Is the One to Kill a Fly
GIZMODO In The Bloop Troop, the usual fantasy quest team—a barbarian, an archer, and a knight—have one... 4 weeks
Alien GODS from ancient India
DISCLOSE.TV India is a country that has a recorded history that goes back as far as the ancient Sumerians. But the epic tales go back further than you can imagine ... 1 month
John Williams Hasn't Seen a Single Star Wars Movie
GIZMODO In case 2016 couldn’t get any weirder, it turns out the man who created some of the most memorable moments in Star Wars through his epic compositions hasn’t bothered to... 1 month
Looking back on what made the Lord of the Rings trilogy special, 15 years later
THE VERGE Fifteen years ago this week, Peter Jackson’s The Fellowship of the Ring premiered in theaters. The film opened... 1 month
Rally The Realm: HBO Announces ‘Game Of Thrones’ Marathon To Close Out 2016
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Well ‘Game of Thrones’ fans, your Holidays just got more epic. HBO has just announced via Twitter that there is going to... 1 month
Disney’s making Snapchat shows, and the first is an aftershow for The Bachelor
TechCrunch  Disney’s ABC TV group is embarking on a journey into Snapchat original programming creation, and it’s starting with The Bachelor, its storied... 1 month
Huge drone turns guy into flying machine -- and epic snowboarder - CNET
CNET YouTube star Casey Neistat manages to do something we've all wanted to try with a drone: let it haul him around on... 1 month
Zeus Quest Remastered, an epic Sci-Fi adventure is today's myAppFree Deal
Windows Central Zeus Quest Remastered is a light-hearted Windows 10 adventure that offers a unique storyline that blends Greek Mythology with Sci-Fi. You control Zeus who must explore... 1 month
Watch the first official trailer for Blade Runner 2049
TechCrunch  Blade Runner‘s sequel is nearly upon us, and now we have a first official trailer to help whet our appetites. The Denis Villeneuve-directed sci-fi epic looks like it’ll retain a... 1 month
See 4,000 Santas and 11,000 penguins fight to the death - CNET
CNET Ho ho, oh no! Who will win in the epic battle between thousands of jolly Saint Nicks and adorable penguins? Find out in this... 1 month
Best Game Troopers Games for Windows 10
Windows Central The Windows Store is packed full of entertaining games to lose track of time with. Game Troopers easily ranks as one of the more prominent development groups for Windows 10 gaming. The company's offerings... 1 month
Epically Awesome New DuckTales Cast Sings The Theme Song, And We Are So Ready For This
CINEMA BLEND The brand new cast of the DuckTales reboot has come together to belt the classic theme... 1 month
The Great Build Up: Legendary Comics To Release Prequel Graphic Novel For ‘The Great Wall’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With the release of Legendary Pictures’ ‘The Great Wall’ coming up in February of 2017, the filmmakers are... 1 month
Stephen Amell Has The Best Idea For A Batman Reference On Arrow
CINEMA BLEND Arrow has never shied away from borrowing stories from Batman mythology. Now, Arrow star Stephen Amell has an epic idea for a new kind... 1 month
The New Godzilla Movie Has A Title, And It Sounds Epic
CINEMA BLEND The upcoming Godzilla sequel now has an official title, and it's seriously badass. Get the details! 1 month
The Insane Number Of People Who Caught The Epic Simpsons Marathon
CINEMA BLEND A huge marathon of The Simpsons recently aired on the small screen, and the numbers are in to tell us just how many people tuned in. 1 month
Arrival disqualified from Oscar for Best Original Score because it's 'diluted' by old music
THE VERGE The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has released a list of 145 films that will be eligible for... 1 month
Give the gift of unlimited children's books for $42 - CNET
CNET That's 30 percent off the regular one-year subscription price for Epic, a "Netflix for kids' books" service that also includes audiobooks. Plus: Get Goat Simulator free!... 1 month
Must Watch: Full Trailer for Christopher Nolan's WWII Film 'Dunkirk'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "The event that shaped our world." Epic. Warner Bros has unveiled a full theatrical trailer for Christopher Nolan's WWII action thriller Dunkirk, about the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940.... 1 month
The Man Behind The Librarians Will Help Bring The Kingkiller Chronicle to TV
GIZMODO We already knew that author Pat Rothfuss and Lin-Manuel Miranda were going to be a part of Lionsgate’s epic-scaled TV/movie adaptation, but now the... 1 month
Final 10 minutes of 'Rogue One' are stunning, Kevin Smith says - CNET
CNET Holy Sith! The director and fanboy says the movie is "Empire Strikes Back"-level great, and that Darth Vader is epic. 1 month
Final minutes of 'Rogue One' are stunning, Kevin Smith says - CNET
CNET Holy Sith! The director and fanboy says the movie is "Empire Strikes Back"-level great, and that Darth Vader is epic. 1 month
The War For The Planet Of The Apes Trailer Is Epic And Beautiful
CINEMA BLEND We look forward to a lot of franchise films here at Cinema Blend, but there are few that earn more excitement than... 2 months
Zynga’s Dawn of Titans turns epic battles into bite-sized snacks
THE VERGE In Dawn of Titans, you can make hundreds of tiny soldiers do your bidding with a tap of your finger. They fire arrows, swing swords, and toss fiery... 2 months
The Expanse Season 2 trailer gets seriously epic
SCI FI NOW We return to The Expanse for the new Season 2 trailer 2 months
Final Fantasy XV review - CNET
CNET Square Enix's latest epic isn't perfect, but it's a refreshing take on its most revered franchise. 2 months
Epic Rogue One Trailer Explores Star Wars History With The Death Star
CINEMA BLEND Check out this special trailer spotlighting into the history of this technological terror in the Star Wars universe and how it will play into... 2 months
When Christopher Nolan Will Show Off New Dunkirk Footage
CINEMA BLEND Christopher Nolan doesn't do anything by half measures, and that includes just showing off part of his newest film. If you want to get the first real look at Nolan's... 2 months
Second Trailer for Schoolyard 'Fist Fight' with Charlie Day vs Ice Cube
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "Two teachers are in a school fight to end all school fights." Warner Bros has released a second trailer for the comedy Fist Fight,... 2 months
Westworld Season 1 Episode 10 ‘The Bicameral Mind’ review
SCI FI NOW We review Westworld's epic Season 1 finale. Spoilers ahead... 2 months
The Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer Is Epic And Explosive
CINEMA BLEND From what's been revealed in castings, reports and set videos so far, Transformers: The Last Knight could be the craziest entry in the Transformers series yet. That idea... 2 months
Face-planting 'Planet Earth II' fox earns internet's love - CNET
CNET A fox's epic face-first leap of faith into the snow sparks an outpouring of Twitter sympathy and understanding. 2 months
'Baby Groot' Steals Show In New 'Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2' Trailer
SPACE.COM The team is back up to there epic sci-fi hijink in the latest trailer for the new movie. It premieres May 5,... 2 months
The Amazing Way Supernatural And Smallville Almost Crossed Over
CINEMA BLEND Crossovers have been kind of a big deal on The CW, and one actually almost happened between Supernatural and Smallville years ago that could have been pretty epic for one... 2 months
Peter Jackson Will Bring Us ‘Mortal Engines’ In 2018!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We’ve known that Peter Jackson’s next epic tale was set to be ‘Mortal Engines‘ and now have just learned that the film will be released in 2018! Specifically, December 14th,... 2 months
The Sons Of Anarchy Spinoff Is Moving Forward, Here's What We Know
CINEMA BLEND Everybody, get ready to hear the most non-Charming story of 2016, as the highly anticipated next epic saga in the Sons of Anarchy universe... 2 months
Matt Damon Vs. Chinese Monsters Movie The Great Wall Gets an Appropriately Epic New Trailer
GIZMODO The new international trailer for Zhang Yimou’s The Great Wall runs nine minutes and has no subtitles, so unless you’re... 2 months
Massive 9-Minute Trailer for 'The Great Wall' Profiles Each Character
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "There are many things you have not seen." Like a 9 minute long trailer? This is pretty epic. An extended Chinese trailer has debuted for the Chinese epic... 2 months
12 tips to guide you through Final Fantasy XV - CNET
CNET After 10 long years of development, Final Fantasy XV is here. CNET has some tips to get you into the swing of this epic game. 2 months
Wonder Woman, Stevie Wonder throw down in 'Epic Rap Battles' - CNET
CNET The latest lyrical showdown on the YouTube series "Epic Rap Battles of History" pits a fictional DC Comics superhero played by Lilly Singh against... 2 months
The Major Reveals The Flash's Big Crossover Episode Just Gave Us
CINEMA BLEND The big four-show crossover on The CW got into full swing with the latest episode of The Flash, which delivered some epic reveals about what's to... 2 months
The Big DC/CW Crossover Forgot to Begin Last Night
GIZMODO Yesterday marked the beginning of the CW’s epic four-night crossover event, “Heroes v Aliens” (sigh)... or so we were told. As last night’s Supergirl revealed, however, that’s a bit of... 2 months
Astronomers discover a dense 'hot Jupiter' exoplanet orbiting a sun-like star
PHYS.ORG (Phys.org)—Astronomers have detected a so-called "hot Jupiter" exoplanet transiting a distant sun-like star located some 1,800 light years from the Earth. The newly discovered planet, designated... 2 months
All Eight Harry Potter Movies Edited Down to an 80-Minute Epic
GIZMODO Decided to go marathon all the Harry Potter movies before seeing Fantastic Beasts, but don’t have nearly 20 hours of free time? Well, this extremely cut-down edit of all eight... 2 months
Food and photos: the simple things that connect you to Final Fantasy XV
THE VERGE Final Fantasy XV’s world is a fantastical place filled with magic-powered robots, flying cars, towering monsters, and powerful weapons locked away in... 2 months
Final Fantasy XV was worth the wait
THE VERGE An epic quest with a personal touch Continue reading… 2 months
How Game of Thrones Is Similar To Stranger Things, According To One Game Actor
CINEMA BLEND While it seems like a medieval fantasy epic and a sci-fi 80's aren't that similar, one Game of Thrones actress... 2 months
Bigfoot Nation YouTube series returns!
PARANORMAL NEWS In this episode of Bigfoot Nation, Bigfoot Bounty alumni cast member Rictor Riolo organizes the epic meeting/showdown between two of the most hated people in the world of Bigfoot. Hoaxer Rick Dyer and alleged Bigfoot killer, Justin Smeja... 2 months
Anne Rice is Working on Vampire Chronicles TV Show
GIZMODO True Queen of the Damned Anne Rice has announced she’s acquired the rights to produce her Vampire Chronicles novel series for the small screen, and she wants to make it a Game of Thrones-style... 2 months
This Next Generation/First Contact Cover is Metal as Hell
GIZMODO Star Trek: The Next Generation has the most memorable theme song in the entire Star Trek canon. That may very well be the hottest of takes, but I stand by... 2 months
Sphero’s BB-8 wearable brings Force control to home automation with IFTTT support
TechCrunch  Sphero’s BB-8 was the most memorable bit of merchandizing among last year’s epic Force Awakens merchandising bonanza. It was the perfect piece of synergy –... 2 months
NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft Prepares for Ring-Grazing Phase
SCI-NEWS.COM In the final year of its epic voyage, on Nov. 30, NASA’s Cassini orbiter will begin a daring set of ‘ring-grazing orbits,’ skimming past the outside edge of Saturn’s main rings. Launched in 1997,... 2 months
The First Full Trailer for the CW's Huge DC Crossover Is an Alien Invasion Epic
GIZMODO Oh, we’ve had snippets—adorable, glee-laden snippets. But the first true trailer for the first mashup between Supergirl, Arrow,... 2 months
Gralien Report Daily News for November 24, 2016
THE GRALIEN REPORT Here are today’s headlines… Thanksgiving in Space: Astronauts Will Be Working and Feasting Antarctic explorers help make discovery—100 years after their epic adventures Don’t mess with the coconut crab, one of the... 2 months
Antarctic explorers help make discovery 100 years after their epic adventures
SCIENCE DAILY Heroes of Antarctic exploration have played a crucial role in research that suggests the area of sea ice around Antarctica has barely changed in size in... 2 months
Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Legends crossover gets an awesome full trailer
SCI FI NOW Earth's heroes unite in the full trailer for The CW's epic crossover event 2 months
Watch Green Arrow, Supergirl And More Kicking Ass In Extended DC TV Crossover Trailer
CINEMA BLEND The CW is only days away from kicking off its biggest superhero event yet with the crossover between Supergirl, The... 2 months
Antarctic explorers help make discovery—100 years after their epic adventures
PHYS.ORG Heroes of Antarctic exploration have played a crucial role in research that suggests the area of sea ice around Antarctica has barely changed in size in 100 years. 2 months
Final Fantasy XV Release Date, Price and Specs - CNET
CNET We got to try out the first few hours of Square Enix's upcoming epic, and the good news is it's not as boring as Conan makes it out... 2 months
LIVE! with Peter F Hamilton
SFF WORLD How does one begin a blog about meeting Peter F. Hamilton? Last summer Josh introduced me to a book called Pandora’s Star, the first book in Hamilton’s Commonwealth Saga. I listened to the powerful, sweeping epic twice — not... 2 months
Imagine the Epic Dreams You'll Have in These Wearable Star Wars Sleeping Bags
GIZMODO If you had to choose the perfect single outfit to wear the rest of your life, one of these wearable sleeping bags... 2 months
The Walking Dead Scene That Was Almost Different, According To Lauren Cohan
CINEMA BLEND The Walking Dead finally checked back in with Maggie in its latest episode. She got a few pretty epic scenes, but it turns out... 2 months
Learn everything about Final Fantasy XV in this impressive extended trailer
Windows Central Final Fantasy XV is on the horizon, and Square Enix has released an extended trailer detailing what fans can expect. FFXV takes place in the war-torn... 2 months
YouTubers sink insane world record basketball shot - CNET
CNET They traveled from Australia to Switzerland to take an epic free throw shot. There wasn't even a game scheduled. 2 months
Missing lynx no more: Researchers learn of Yukon animals' epic journey
CBC Max and Trump, two lynx collared last winter in Yukon, were discovered hundreds of kilometres away, in Alaska. 'We had kind of lost track of them.' 2 months
A Guide to the Epic Scifi Movie Valérian, and the Fantastic European Comics That Inspired It
GIZMODO Not many people in the U.S. will know that Luc Besson’s lavish new scifi epic, Valérian and the... 2 months
'Epic Rap Battles' pits Ash Ketchum against Charles Darwin - CNET
CNET The latest lyrical showdown on the YouTube series "Epic Rap Battles of History" pits a fictional Pokemon trainer against a famous scientist best known for the... 2 months
Dragon Hunters by Marc Turner
SFF WORLD Dragon Hunters, the second instalment of Marc Turner’s Chronicle of the Exile series published by Titan Books delivers everything an epic fantasy addict expects, and then tosses in an extra side quest for good measure.  One of the... 2 months
Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Legends crossover synopses revealed
SCI FI NOW Find out what's going down in The CW's epic DC crossover 2 months
The best drone you can buy
THE VERGE For the last few years there was a simple rule of thumb for drones. If you wanted the best picture and the most advanced features, you had to stick with a unit that was fairly large... 2 months
Series Invasion: Check Out The Dominators In New Arrowverse Crossover Trailer!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We are so close to the biggest crossover event of the season that you can almost feel the fanboys squirming in their seats! In a matter... 2 months
Conan O'Brien deems Final Fantasy XV 'epic waste of time' - CNET
CNET Have you been waiting 10 years to play Square Enix's new epic? If so, maybe don't watch the latest edition of Clueless Gamer. 2 months
Our Favorite Photos of This Week's Epic Supermoon
GIZMODO Last night, photographers around the world turned their cameras to the sky to capture the closest full moon—also known as a supermoon—since 1948. We’ve scoured the web to bring you some of... 2 months
How Guardians Of The Galaxy Influenced Doctor Strange
CINEMA BLEND Doctor Strange is arguably Marvel's weirdest film to date, but it may not be here if it wasn't for the original MCU weirdo Guardians of the Galaxy. Hit the jump to learn... 2 months
‘Troll Hunter’ Remake Is Officially Dead
SCIENCEFICTION.COM If you haven’t seen the 2011 Norwegian horror epic of ‘Troll Hunter’ by Andre Øvredal than you should really make a point in checking it out as according to the director an Americanized remake is no... 2 months
Avengers 3: Everything We Know About Infinity War
CINEMA BLEND In Avengers 3 everything we've seen so far in the comic book movie world has been building towards an epic big screen battle against the alien warlord known as Thanos. It's called... 2 months
Glorious New Footage of Rogue One's Space Battle
GIZMODO Sure, the moments of X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter action in the skies of Takodana during The Force Awakens were pretty neat—but the natural home of the Star Wars galaxy’s coolest starfighters is, as the... 2 months
Must Watch: Teaser Trailer for Luc Besson's Epic New Sci-Fi 'Valerian'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "We get on just great..." EuropaCorp has released the teaser trailer for Luc Besson's epic return to sci-fi, an action movie called Valerian - or in... 3 months
Watch the first Valerian trailer reveal a promising Fifth Element successor
TechCrunch  Among science fiction films, Luc Besson’s 1997 epic The Fifth Element enjoys special status as a classic that’s unique among others in the category, with an... 3 months
Yahoo reveals more details about massive hack
PHYS.ORG Yahoo provided more details on Wednesday about an epic hack of its services, including that the culprits may have planted software "cookies" for ongoing access to users' accounts. 3 months
Christopher Lloyd To Guest Star On The Big Bang Theory
CINEMA BLEND The Big Bang Theory has attracted a pretty epic lineup of guest stars over its ten years, and it will soon add another big name to the list.... 3 months
'Mars': The Epic National Geographic Channel Miniseries in Pictures
SPACE.COM The National Geographic Channel's new mini-series "Mars" shows what it will be like to put humans on the Red Planet. 3 months