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Medical News Today: Vegetarian diets best for health and the environment, say nutritionists
MNT The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics have issued a new position paper hailing the benefits of vegetarian diets for overall health and... 4 hours
climate cycles may explain how running water carved mars surface features Climate Cycles May Explain How Running Water Carved Mars' Surface Features
ASTRO WATCH Dramatic climate cycles on early Mars, triggered by buildup of greenhouse gases, may be... 16 hours
scientists gathering in winnipeg to focus on complex changing arctic climate Scientists gathering in Winnipeg to focus on 'complex' changing Arctic climate
CBC The largest single gathering of scientists focused on the rapidly changing Arctic gets underway... 18 hours
WTO seeks trade deal on 'green' products
PHYS.ORG The heavyweights of world trade, including the United States, China and Japan, meet in Geneva this weekend to establish a list of environmentally friendly products for which tariffs can be eliminated or reduced. 19 hours
How I battled the elements to capture Scotland's wildlife on camera video - CNET
CNET I suffered through rain, mud, loneliness and lack of sleep to get the best photographs I could manage of some... 24 hours
Darkness, rain and dirt: My wildlife photography adventure - CNET
CNET How I tried to battle the elements to capture Scotland's stunning wildlife on camera. 24 hours
Congressional Tweet About 'Disgraceful' Article Ignores Science
LIVE SCIENCE An article casting doubt on climate change that was promoted in a tweet from the U.S. House of Representatives' science committee is "extremely misleading" and "disgraceful," climate scientists told Live Science. 2 days
Amazon axes 'Good Girls Revolt' after one season - CNET
CNET The original series' second season could wind up with a new home before too long. The show's producer reportedly intends to shop it around. 2 days
Facebook invests $20M to catalyze affordable housing development in Menlo Park
TechCrunch  Across the Bay Area, affordable housing remains hard to come by. In a climate... 2 days
here s the climate change podcast you didn t know you were looking for Here's the climate change podcast you didn't know you were looking for
THE VERGE I’ve been terrified about what humans do to our planet since I learned about the hole in the ozone layer in elementary school. I... 2 days
Tornado Cluster Sizes Skyrocket, and No One Knows Why
LIVE SCIENCE Tornados are behaving strangely: The number of tornado outbreaks per year is fairly constant, but the number of tornados per outbreak has skyrocketed. And scientists aren't entirely sure why. 2 days
house passes bill that would send weather satellites to nro House passes bill that would send weather satellites to NRO
SPACE NEWS The National Reconnaissance Office is set to take over some weather missions from the Air Force... 2 days
First US offshore wind farm to begin production within days
PHYS.ORG There has been a hiccup at the nation's first offshore wind farm as it prepares to start delivering power. 2 days
1st US Offshore Wind Farm to Begin Production Within Days
ABC NEWS 1st US offshore wind farm to begin producing power off Rhode Island coast 2 days
Nigeria’s Black Friday sales test the e-commerce models of startups Jumia and Konga
TechCrunch  Africa’s two leading e-commerce startups, Jumia and Konga, topped their... 2 days
Teen eco activist spurs hope at children's peace prize award
PHYS.ORG Award-winning teen environmental activist Kehkashan Basu said Friday ecologists should "not lose hope" in their battle to fight climate change, despite scepticism from world leaders including US President-elect... 2 days
NASA's AIM observes early noctilucent ice clouds over Antarctica
PHYS.ORG Data from NASA's Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere, or AIM, spacecraft shows the sky over Antarctica is glowing electric blue due to the start of noctilucent, or night-shining, cloud... 2 days
the hamilton mixtape is here your weekend will be fine The Hamilton Mixtape is here — your weekend will be fine
THE VERGE Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tony, Grammy, and Pulitzer Prize-winning hip-hop musical about the founding fathers,... 2 days
How can 2016 redeem itself? Twitter users have a few ideas - CNET
CNET Social Cues: Also trending on social media are Draymond Green's latest kick and Hawaiian snow. 2 days
Environmental scientist's early warning indicators win the prize
PHYS.ORG Promising environmental researcher David Seekell has been awarded a prestigious prize: the Science and SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists. He was awarded the prize for his dissertation at Umeå University that developed... 2 days
Disney films shaping expectations about work and organisation in young girls, study says
PHYS.ORG From Snow White washing the dishes to a bunny rabbit police officer in Zootopia, Disney's animated films have portrayed many memorable female... 2 days
Climate change will drive stronger, smaller storms in U.S., new modeling approach forecasts
SCIENCE DAILY The effects of climate change will likely cause smaller but stronger storms in the United States, according to a new framework for... 2 days
Mysterious Astronaut Eye Troubles Linked to Wonky Spinal Fluid
SPACE.COM Long-duration spaceflight seems to mess with astronauts' vision and researchers think that cerebrospinal fluid in a microgravity environment could be to blame. 2 days
Chemical-soaked microplastics don't change fish personalities, but could accumulate in our sea food
PHYS.ORG Increasing levels of microplastics – tiny pieces of plastic – in marine environments is of great concern to scientists, particularly in terms... 2 days
Antarctica has a new explorer testing the water along a critical ice shelf
PHYS.ORG A short metal tube packed with scientific instruments parachuted into the ice-cold waters of Antarctica's Ross Sea on Tuesday, marking a new... 2 days
Great Barrier Reef 'not dying', Australia insists
PHYS.ORG The Great Barrier Reef is "not dying", Australia insisted Friday as it updated UNESCO on efforts to protect the natural wonder while scientists blasted a lack of urgency in dealing with climate change. 2 days
World cities seek $375 bn to fight climate change
PHYS.ORG The world's big cities will need $375 billion of investment to curb climate change, a large gathering of mayors heard in Mexico on Thursday. 2 days
Snow blankets Hawaii summits amid winter storm warning
PHYS.ORG It's wintertime in Hawaii. 2 days
new mass effect andromeda trailer is the best look yet at gameplay New Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer is the best look yet at gameplay
THE VERGE VIDEO BioWare has finally a new trailer of actual gameplay for the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda at The Game Awards. While we’ve already seen a... 2 days
UChicago startup turns renewable energy into natural gas
PHYS.ORG One of the biggest challenges to wider adoption of wind and solar power is how to store the excess energy they often produce. 3 days
Fires set by Ice Age hunters destroyed forests throughout Europe
SCIENCE DAILY Large-scale forest fires started by prehistoric hunter-gatherers are probably the reason why Europe is not more densely forested, researchers report. 3 days
Increasing tornado outbreaks: Is climate change responsible?
SCIENCE DAILY In a new study, researchers looked at increasing trends in the severity of tornado outbreaks where they measured severity by the number of tornadoes per outbreak. They found that these trends are increasing fastest... 3 days
Geminid and Ursid Meteors, Planets and a Comet In Dec. 2016 Skywatching | Video
SPACE.COM Look for the Geminds on the evening of Dec. 13 into the next morning. Best viewing of the Ursids will... 3 days
Climate cycles may explain how running water carved Mars' surface features
SCIENCE DAILY Dramatic climate cycles on early Mars, triggered by buildup of greenhouse gases, may be the key to understanding how liquid water left its mark on the... 3 days
google s daydream view vr headset is now available in crimson red and white Google’s Daydream View VR headset is now available in crimson red and white
THE VERGE Starting today, Google’s Daydream View VR headset comes in two... 3 days
Most immersive Skyrim Special Edition mods
Windows Central There are a bunch of mods already available for Skyrim Special Edition that help throw you into the world of Skyrim with increased immersion. If you've wondered around with sword and shield feeling rather disconnected, then... 3 days
russian supply ship on way to iss malfunctions breaks up over siberia Russian supply ship on way to ISS malfunctions, breaks up over Siberia
CBC An unmanned Russian cargo spaceship heading to the International Space Station broke up in the atmosphere over Siberia on Thursday due to an unspecified... 3 days
Bloomberg Optimistic at Start of Climate Change Summit
ABC NEWS Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says that even if President-elect Donald Trump pulls the United States back from the climate goals pledged a year ago in Paris, action by major... 3 days
russian cargo ship malfunctions breaks up over siberia Russian cargo ship malfunctions, breaks up over Siberia
CBC An unmanned Russian cargo spaceship heading to the International Space Station broke up in the atmosphere over Siberia on Thursday... 3 days
[Robotics] Autonomously eat, digest, move, repeat
AAAS Truly autonomous robots require a robust and independent way to move and a means to harvest energy from the environment. Philamore et al. push toward these goals by devising – [Read More] 3 days
[Atmospheric Science] How new particles form
AAAS New particle formation in the atmosphere produces around half of the cloud condensation nuclei that seed cloud droplets. Such particles have a pivotal role in determining the properties – [Read More] 3 days
Sun 'Heat Bombs' Its Atmosphere, Evidence Found | Video
LIVE SCIENCE Solar physicists have been studying how the Sun's corona, which is 200 to 500 times hotter than the surface, with NASA's Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) mission. 3 days
Study: Biggest Tornado Outbreaks Are Spawning More Twisters
ABC NEWS A new study finds that the biggest tornado outbreaks _ like the one that hit the Southeast on Tuesday _ are spawning more individual tornados than they did half a century ago 3 days
Russia: Space Ship Malfunctions, Breaks up Over Siberia
ABC NEWS Russia's space agency says an unmanned Russian cargo space ship has broken up in the atmosphere over Siberia en route to the International Space Station due to an unspecified malfunction 3 days
‘Crimson’ and ‘Snow’ Daydream View headsets now available on Google Store, shipping Dec. 8
9to5Google Google announced the Daydream View in three colors,... 3 days
Researchers report large-scale changes in insect species inhabiting streams, rivers
PHYS.ORG Scientists from Utah State University and the US Environmental Protection Agency discovered that the frequencies of occurrence of hundreds of insect species inhabiting streams have been altered relative... 3 days
More frequent, more intense and longer-lasting storms cause heavier spring rain in central US
PHYS.ORG Intense storms have become more frequent and longer-lasting in the Great Plains and Midwest in the last 35 years. What... 3 days
NASA's Sun-observing IRIS mission
PHYS.ORG VIDEO While it seems static from our vantage point on Earth 93 million miles away, the sun is constantly changing. Under the influence of complex magnetic forces, material moves throughout the solar atmosphere and can burst forth in massive eruptions. 3 days
Increasing tornado outbreaks—is climate change responsible?
PHYS.ORG Tornadoes and severe thunderstorms kill people and damage property every year. Estimated U.S. insured losses due to severe thunderstorms in the first half of 2016 were $8.5 billion. The largest U.S. impacts of tornadoes result from... 3 days
Russia: Space Cargo Ship Malfunctions, Crashes in Siberia
ABC NEWS An unmanned Russian cargo space ship broke up in the atmosphere and crashed over Siberia on Thursday en route to the International Space Station due to an unspecified malfunction, the Russian space... 3 days
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NASA's Sun-observing IRIS mission
New Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer is the best look yet at gameplay
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