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swri scientists introduce cosmochemical model for pluto formation SwRI Scientists Introduce Cosmochemical Model for Pluto Formation
ASTRO WATCH Southwest Research Institute scientists integrated NASA’s New Horizons discoveries with data from ESA’s Rosetta mission to develop a new theory... 12 hours
first ska low prototype station completed on site First SKA-Low Prototype Station Completed On Site
ASTRO WATCH A complete prototype station of antennas for the future SKA-low telescope has been completed and is being tested at the SKA site... 1 day
Princeton Instruments and C-SOPS announce collaboration on innovative pharmaceutical technology
NEWS MEDICAL Princeton Instruments and the Center for Structured Organic Particulate Systems are pleased to announce a six-month collaboration on a novel pharmaceutical technology that enables close monitoring and control... 2 days
Researchers work together to solve mystery of motor neuron death in ALS patients
NEWS MEDICAL As the old adage goes, 'two heads are better than one'. With the development of new technologies and increasingly specialist expertise, ground-breaking... 2 days
Biosensor technologies to offer more effective approaches to disease treatment
SCIENCE DAILY Every cell in our bodies is shaped by its outer coating, or biomembrane, which wraps the cell in a supportive and protective blanket, allowing the cell to carry... 2 days
Professor replicates famous marshmallow test, makes new observations
SCIENCE DAILY A new replication study of the well-known 'marshmallow test' -- a famous psychological experiment designed to measure children's self-control -- suggests that being able to delay gratification at a young age may... 2 days
'Smart' gadgets: Ways to minimize privacy and security risks
PHYS.ORG Revelations that an Amazon Echo smart speaker inadvertently sent a family's private conversation to an acquaintance shows the risks that come with new technologies. 2 days
Lung-on-a-chip simulates pulmonary fibrosis
SCIENCE DAILY New biotechnology could make testing potential medicine for pulmonary fibrosis, one of the most common and serious forms of lung disease, quicker and less expensive. The innovation, lung-on-a-chip technology, relies on the same technology used to print electronic chips, photolithography. 2 days
3D printed sugar offers sweet solution for tissue engineering, device manufacturing
SCIENCE DAILY VIDEO Engineers built a 3D printer that offers a sweet solution to making detailed structures that commercial 3D printers can't: Rather than a layer-upon-layer solid shell, it... 2 days
Defect-engineered epitaxial VO2{+/-}{delta} in strain engineering of heterogeneous soft crystals
Science Magazine The success of strain engineering has made a step further for the enhancement of material properties and the introduction of new physics, especially with the discovery of the... 2 days
Researchers build 3-D printer that offers sweet solution to making detailed structures
NEWS MEDICAL University of Illinois engineers built a 3-D printer that offers a sweet solution to making detailed structures that commercial 3-D printers can't: Rather than... 2 days
Why AI can't solve everything
PHYS.ORG The hysteria about the future of artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere. There seems to be no shortage of sensationalist news about how AI could cure diseases, accelerate human innovation and improve human creativity. Just looking at the media... 2 days
Municipal wastewater can be used to track diseases in UH study
PHYS.ORG A new study led by Tao Yan, professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa surveyed Honolulu's municipal wastewater system and... 2 days
Steel chips show promise at removing E. coli from storm drain water
PHYS.ORG A summer rainstorm can rejuvenate the landscape, but the runoff it creates may contain contaminants, such as E. Coli bacteria, that can negatively impact... 2 days
Ultrasound-firewall for mobile phones
PHYS.ORG VIDEO The permanent networking of mobile devices can endanger the privacy of users and lead to new forms of monitoring. New technologies such as Google Nearby and Silverpush use ultrasonic sounds to exchange information between devices via loudspeakers and microphones (also... 2 days
AACN outlines evidence-based protocols and clinical strategies to manage alarms
NEWS MEDICAL Clinical alarms are designed to alert clinicians to changes in their patients' conditions, but their sheer numbers and resulting noise instead pose a significant threat to patient safety,... 2 days
FDA authorizes marketing of OsteoDetect software for detecting wrist fractures
NEWS MEDICAL Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration permitted marketing of Imagen OsteoDetect, a type of computer-aided detection and diagnosis software designed to detect wrist fractures in adult patients. 3 days
Hey Alexa: Amazon's virtual assistant becomes a personal assistant to software developers
SCIENCE DAILY VIDEO Computer scientists have turned Amazon Alexa into a tool for software engineers, tasking the virtual assistant to take care of mundane programming tasks, helping... 3 days
Ingestible 'bacteria on a chip' could help diagnose disease
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have built an ingestible sensor equipped with genetically engineered bacteria that can diagnose bleeding in the stomach or other gastrointestinal problems. 3 days
Ingestible “bacteria on a chip” could help diagnose disease
MIT Ultra-low-power sensors carrying genetically engineered bacteria can detect gastric bleeding. 3 days
An ingestible bacterial-electronic system to monitor gastrointestinal health
Science Magazine Biomolecular monitoring in the gastrointestinal tract could offer rapid, precise disease detection and management but is impeded by access to the remote and complex environment. Here, we present an ingestible micro-bio-electronic device... 3 days
Macron wants to make France gateway to Europe for tech firms
PHYS.ORG French President Emmanuel Macron called on tech leaders Thursday to invest in France, saying his innovation policies aim to make the country the gateway to Europe. 3 days
Researcher studies math achievement among Hispanic high school students
PHYS.ORG A researcher at The University of Texas at San Antonio has co-authored a study examining important cognitive and non-cognitive predictors of entering science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields for... 3 days
New technology and app could help endangered primates, slow illegal trafficking
PHYS.ORG New facial recognition software and app invented at Michigan State University can help protect endangered primates—more than 60 percent of which face extinction. 3 days
Orchard-specific fruit tree management
PHYS.ORG Chemical applications to vineyards are currently based on land area. New technology that takes into account foliage dimensions will save on chemicals and reduce impact on the environment. 3 days
Engineers aim for the stars with new rocket engine
PHYS.ORG A 'self-eating' rocket engine which could place small satellites in orbit more easily and more affordably is under development at universities in Scotland and Ukraine. 3 days
Study finds fewer than 5% of low-income, urban mothers use prenatal vitamins before pregnancy
NEWS MEDICAL A study of more than 7,000 low-income, urban mothers enrolled in the Boston Birth Cohort found that fewer than 5... 3 days
smallsats driving innovation in propulsion technologies Smallsats driving innovation in propulsion technologies
SPACE NEWS Technological advances have opened up a wide range of propulsion options for satellites, but companies developing those systems don’t expect a single approach to... 3 days
how long should a satellite last five years ten years 15 30 How long should a satellite last: five years, ten years, 15, 30?
SPACE NEWS PASADENA, California — Satellite manufacturers and operators attending the Space Tech Expo here offered contrasting views on how long satellites should continue to work... 3 days
Controlling catalytic reactions by changing nanosurfaces
PHYS.ORG Change the face of nanoparticles and you'll rule chemistry! Depending on the lighting, the surfaces of appropriately crafted nanoparticles can change their topography. Researchers from the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences... 3 days
Could a particle accelerator using laser-driven implosion become a reality?
PHYS.ORG Laser pulse compression technology invented in the late 1980s resulted in high-power, short-pulse laser techniques, enhancing laser intensity 10 million-fold in a quarter of a century. 3 days
USC researchers develop new portable device for early-stage malaria detection
NEWS MEDICAL According to the World Health Organization, over 216 million people were infected with malaria in 2016, and 445,000 individuals died from the disease. The key to solving this... 4 days
drilling success curiosity is collecting mars rocks Drilling Success: Curiosity is Collecting Mars Rocks
ASTRO WATCH Engineers working with NASA's Curiosity Mars rover have been hard at work testing a new way for the rover to drill rocks... 4 days
First chip-scale broadband optical system that can sense molecules in the mid-IR
PHYS.ORG Researchers at Columbia Engineering have demonstrated, for the first time, a chip-based dual-comb spectrometer in the mid-infrared range, that requires no moving parts and... 4 days
Fleet of autonomous boats could service cities to reduce road traffic
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have designed a fleet of autonomous boats that offer high maneuverability and precise control. The boats can also be rapidly 3-D printed using a low-cost... 4 days
Drilling success: Curiosity is collecting Mars rocks
PHYS.ORG Engineers working with NASA's Curiosity Mars rover have been hard at work testing a new way for the rover to drill rocks and extract powder from them. This past weekend, that effort produced the... 4 days
New portable malaria screening instrument developed
PHYS.ORG According to the World Health Organization, over 216 million people were infected with malaria in 2016, and 445,000 individuals died from the disease. The key to solving this health crisis is early-stage diagnosis when malaria therapeutics... 4 days
[Research Articles] A rationally designed NRP1-independent superagonist SEMA3A mutant is an effective anticancer agent
Science Magazine Vascular normalizing strategies, aimed at ameliorating blood vessel perfusion and lessening tissue hypoxia, are treatments that may improve the outcome... 4 days
[Perspectives] Cancer metabolism gets physical
Science Magazine Patient-derived culture models enable assessment of drug sensitivity and can connect personalized genomics with therapeutic options. However, their clinical translation is constrained by limited fidelity. We outline how the physical microenvironment regulates cell metabolism and describe how engineered... 4 days
Machine listening for earthquakes: Algorithms pick out hidden signals that could boost geothermal energy production
PHYS.ORG For all that seismologists have learned about earthquakes, new technologies show how much remains to be discovered. 4 days
Cultivating cannabis
PHYS.ORG Not long ago, cannabis growers learned their trade mainly by trial and error, passing along tips to others behind a veil of secrecy. But with expanding legalization of cannabis in the U.S., this situation is changing. According to an article... 4 days
Pairing AI with optical scanning for real-world product authentication
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Today IBM Research is introducing IBM Crypto Anchor Verifier, a new technology that brings innovations in AI and optical imaging together to help prove the identity and authenticity of objects.... 4 days
Novel organ-on-chip platform for drug screening
PHYS.ORG Imec, the world-leading research and innovation hub in nano-electronics and digital technologies, presents this week at its technology forum ITF 2018 (Antwerp, May 23-24), a novel organ-on-chip platform for pharmacological studies with unprecedented signal quality. It... 4 days
Ergonomic eye-tracking technology for high-quality AR/VR experiences
PHYS.ORG Imec, the world-leading research and innovation hub in nano-electronics and digital technology, will demonstrate today at its Imec Technology Forum in Antwerp (ITF Belgium 2018), a new wireless eye-tracking technology based on electro-oculography (EOG),... 4 days
Porvair Sciences offers wide range of reagent reservoirs for use with automated liquid handling systems
NEWS MEDICAL Available in 96- and 384-well configurations - Porvair Sciences reagent reservoirs are designed for simple integration into any... 4 days
New technology could make prosthetic use more intuitive and reliable
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers have developed new technology for decoding neuromuscular signals to control powered, prosthetic wrists and hands. The work relies on computer models that closely mimic the behavior of... 5 days
Researchers create new modeling framework that takes a zoonotic perspective on Ebola
NEWS MEDICAL Javier Buceta, associate professor of bioengineering, Paolo Bocchini, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, and postdoctoral student Graziano Fiorillo of Lehigh University have... 5 days
Tunable diamond string may hold key to quantum memory
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have engineered diamond strings that can be tuned to quiet a qubit's environment and improve memory from tens to several hundred nanoseconds, enough time to do many operations on... 5 days
To find small asteroids that could hit Earth, private foundation embraces small satellites
Science Magazine After abandoning plans for a large space telescope, B612 organization pins hopes on new technologies 5 days
OPERA collaboration presents its final results on neutrino oscillations
PHYS.ORG The OPERA experiment, located at the Gran Sasso Laboratory of the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN), was designed to conclusively prove that muon-neutrinos can convert to tau-neutrinos, through... 5 days
PanOptica doses first patient in Phase 1/2 dose-ranging clinical trial of PAN-90806
NEWS MEDICAL PanOptica, Inc., a private biopharmaceutical company focused on developing innovative ophthalmology therapies, today announced that the Company has dosed the first patient in a... 5 days
Current architecture of knowledge generation in healthcare needs change
NEWS MEDICAL ISPOR, the professional society for health economics and outcomes research, held a special "Spotlight Session" this afternoon entitled, "Reinventing the Future of Knowledge Generation in Healthcare," at its ISPOR 2018... 5 days
Researcher develops nanoparticle-based tags to detect viruses and cancer with high sensitivity
NEWS MEDICAL How can we detect cancer and viruses with high sensitivity? Physical chemist Laura Fabris-;an associate professor in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at... 5 days
Artificial enzyme can activate a gene switch
PHYS.ORG Complex reaction cascades can be triggered in artificial molecular systems: Swiss scientists have constructed an enzyme than can penetrate a mammalian cell and accelerate the release of a hormone. This then activates a gene... 5 days
Innovative technologies and policies can make agriculture environmentally sustainable
PHYS.ORG Agriculture faces increasing demands for food, feed, fiber, and fuel from a growing population under the looming threat of climate change. Advances in seed technologies, equipment, and crop management offer... 5 days
Biophysicist works toward bio-inspired solar cell
PHYS.ORG Even the best human-engineered solar cell is essentially a clunky dial-up modem compared to the sleek high-speed efficiency of the humble leaf. After all, plants have had about a billion years to perfect the process of... 5 days
Link between tuberculosis and Parkinson's disease discovered
SCIENCE DAILY The mechanism our immune cells use to clear bacterial infections like tuberculosis (TB) might also be implicated in Parkinson's disease, according to a new study. The findings provide a possible explanation of the cause... 5 days
opera presents its final results on neutrino oscillations OPERA presents its final results on neutrino oscillations
CERN The OPERA experiment at the Gran Sasso Laboratory in Italy (Image: INFN) The OPERA experiment, located at the Gran Sasso... 5 days
A new DNA editing toolkit for the alga Nannochloropsis
PHYS.ORG Eric Poliner and a team of MSU scientists in the Farre and Benning labs have released a new genetic engineering toolkit for the alga Nannochloropsis. The alga is of interest... 5 days
First violins imitated human voices: study
PHYS.ORG Music historians have long suspected that the inventors of the violin wanted to imitate the human voice, and a study out Monday shows how 16th to 18th century luthiers in Italy did it. 5 days
Ethics of conducting clinical research during public health emergencies
NEWS MEDICAL Following the 2014-2015 Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine established a committee to assess the clinical trials conducted in Guinea, Sierra Leone... 6 days
What can snakes teach us about engineering friction?
SCIENCE DAILY If you want to know how to make a sneaker with better traction, just ask a snake. That's the theory driving new research by an expert who is studying snake skin to... 6 days
What can snakes teach us about engineering friction?
PHYS.ORG If you want to know how to make a sneaker with better traction, just ask a snake. That's the theory driving the research of Hisham Abdel-Aal, Ph.D., an associate teaching professor from... 6 days
Chemists synthesize millions of proteins not found in nature
MIT New technology could lead to development of novel “xenoprotein” drugs against infectious diseases. 6 days
commercial satcom has what ussocom needs to win transform people Commercial Satcom Has What USSOCOM Needs to “Win-Transform-People”
SPACE NEWS The USSOCOM can now take advantage of commercial innovations by procuring satellite connectivity as a managed service 6 days
Observing cellular activity, one molecule at a time
PHYS.ORG Proteins and molecules assemble and disassemble naturally as part of many essential biological processes. It is very difficult to observe these mechanisms, which are often complex and take place at the nanometer... 6 days
Effective methods for automated design of complex technical objects and systems
PHYS.ORG In almost any field of human activity, people choose optimal options from a great variety of possible alternatives. When designing new devices, products and systems, researchers... 6 days
parsons acquires polaris alpha seeks bigger footprint in defense space intelligence Parsons acquires Polaris Alpha, seeks bigger footprint in defense, space, intelligence
SPACE NEWS Parsons will be pursuing more Air Force and NASA work, especially in small satellite... 6 days
Unique nanotechnology method to simplify skin disease diagnosis
NEWS MEDICAL In a new SLAS Technology auto-commentary, two authors of an article recently published in Nature Biomedical Engineering ("Abnormal Scar Identification with Spherical Nucleic Acid Technology" – share more insight into their... 7 days
ABPI expert urges to find new 'blockbuster treatments' for brain tumors
NEWS MEDICAL Nearly 11,500 people are diagnosed with a brain tumor every year in the UK with fewer than 15% surviving beyond 10 years. This week’s announcement from... 7 days
China launches satellite to explore dark side of moon: Xinhua
REUTERS SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China launched a relay satellite early on Monday designed to establish a communication... 7 days
harps sees sunshine for the first time HARPS Sees Sunshine for the First Time
ASTRO WATCH In April 2018, a team composed of scientists and engineers from the Geneva Observatory and ESO were at the La Silla Observatory... 1 week
Clinical trial begins enrollment to test safety of experimental MERS treatments
NEWS MEDICAL Enrollment has begun in an early-stage clinical trial testing the safety of two human monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) designed to treat people infected with Middle East respiratory... 1 week
Where GM meets GE
PHYS.ORG Genome edited (GE) crops will be sown in a field this month for the first time in the UK as part of an experimental trial at Rothamsted Research that aims to investigate genetic engineering's efficiency in developing plants to yield... 1 week
Keep the light off: A material with improved mechanical performance in the dark
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers found that zinc sulfide crystals were brittle under normal lighting conditions at room temperature, but highly plastic when deformed in complete... 1 week
Virtual-reality testing ground for drones
SCIENCE DAILY Engineers have developed a new virtual-reality training system for drones that enables a vehicle to 'see' a rich, virtual environment while flying in an empty physical space. The system, which the team has dubbed 'Flight Goggles,' could significantly... 1 week
Autonomous glider can fly like an albatross, cruise like a sailboat
SCIENCE DAILY Engineers have designed a robotic glider that can skim along the water's surface, riding the wind like an albatross while also surfing the waves like a... 1 week
3D-printed smart gel that walks underwater, moves objects
SCIENCE DAILY Engineers have created a 3D-printed smart gel that walks underwater and grabs objects and moves them. The watery creation could lead to soft robots that mimic sea animals like the octopus, which... 1 week
Magnonic interferometer paves way toward energy-efficient information processing devices
PHYS.ORG Researchers have designed an interferometer that works with magnetic quasiparticles called magnons, rather than photons as in conventional interferometers. Although magnon signals have discrete phases that normally cannot be changed... 1 week
Innovative light-delivery technique improves biosensors
SCIENCE DAILY There is a continuing need for practical chip-based sensors that can be used at the point of care to detect cancer and other diseases. An innovative way to inject light into tiny silicon microdisks could help meet this... 1 week
A new system is designed that improves the quality of frozen horse sperm
SCIENCE DAILY The method reduces ice crystals that form during cryopreservation and affect spermatozoon structure. 1 week
New 3D-printed smart gel that walks underwater has great potential in biomedical engineering
NEWS MEDICAL Rutgers University-New Brunswick engineers have created a 3D-printed smart gel that walks underwater and grabs objects and moves them. 1 week
A soft solution to the hard problem of energy storage
PHYS.ORG It's great in the lab, but will it actually work? That's the million-dollar question perpetually leveled at engineering researchers. For a family of layered nanomaterials, developed and studied... 1 week
Consumers quickly learn what environmentally friendly looks like
PHYS.ORG You can't judge a book by its cover, goes the saying. Yet, that's exactly what people do, according to new research from Stanford mechanical engineer Erin MacDonald and visiting researcher Ping Du.... 1 week
Dutch radio antenna to depart for the moon on Chinese mission
PHYS.ORG On 21 May 2018, the Chinese space agency will launch the relay satellite Chang'e 4 to an orbit behind the Moon. On board will be a... 1 week
Simplifying skin disease diagnosis with topical nanotechnology
PHYS.ORG In a new SLAS Technology auto-commentary, two authors of an article recently published in Nature Biomedical Engineering share more insight into their unique method for skin disease diagnosis using NanoFlare nanotechnology. In particular, the... 1 week
China Launching Relay Satellite Toward Moon's Far Side Sunday
SPACE.COM A Chinese spacecraft designed to set up shop just beyond the moon's far side will launch on Sunday (May 20), if all goes according to plan. 1 week
Researchers create a 3D-printed smart gel that walks underwater, moves objects
PHYS.ORG Rutgers University-New Brunswick engineers have created a 3-D-printed smart gel that walks underwater and grabs objects and moves them. 1 week
Researchers develop new technology that will impact design of drug delivery systems
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers at Houston Methodist and Rice University have made a discovery that will impact the design of not only drug delivery systems, but also... 1 week
Researchers mimic comet moth's silk fibers to make 'air-conditioned' fabric
PHYS.ORG Fabrics made from silkworm fibers have long been treasured for their beautiful luster and refreshing coolness. Columbia Engineering researchers have discovered that fibers produced by the caterpillars of... 1 week
Some water pitchers are much better at removing toxins, shows research
NEWS MEDICAL Water pitchers designed to rid water of harmful contaminants are not created equal, new research has found. Scientists from The Ohio State University compared three popular... 1 week
New catalyst upgrades greenhouse gas into renewable hydrocarbons
SCIENCE DAILY Engineers have designed a most efficient and stable process for converting climate-warming carbon dioxide into a key chemical building block for plastics -- all powered using renewable electricity. 1 week
US approves 1st drug developed to prevent chronic migraines
ABC NEWS US regulators approve 1st drug designed to prevent chronic migraines 1 week
spacewalking astronauts swap iss coolant pumps Spacewalking Astronauts Swap ISS Coolant Pumps
ASTRO WATCH Two Expedition 55 NASA astronauts ventured outside the International Space Station May 16, 2018, for a 6.5-hour-long spacewalk. They were tasked with rearranging coolant... 1 week
Materials scientists develop new forming technology: Processing glass like a polymer
SCIENCE DAILY Pure quartz glass is highly transparent and resistant to thermal, physical, and chemical impacts. These are optimum prerequisites for use in optics, data technology or medical... 1 week
Ultrasound-firewall for mobile phones
3D printed sugar offers sweet solution for tissue engineering, device manufacturing
Hey Alexa: Amazon's virtual assistant becomes a personal assistant to software developers
Pairing AI with optical scanning for real-world product authentication
New robot concept uses responsive materials to swim through water