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A fresh look inside the protein nano-machines
PHYS.ORG Proteins digest food, and fight infections and cancer, and serve other metabolic functions. They are basically nano-machines, each one designed to perform a specific task. But how did they evolve to match those needs,... 1 hour
Francis Crick Institute signs new research agreement with AstraZeneca
NEWS MEDICAL The Francis Crick Institute has signed a new research agreement with global biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. The five-year initiative will see researchers from AstraZeneca and the Crick collaborate on early-stage research... 11 hours
short spacewalk complete after successful installation work Short Spacewalk Complete After Successful Installation Work
ASTRO WATCH Expedition 51 Commander Peggy Whitson and Flight Engineer Jack Fischer of NASA concluded their spacewalk at 10:06 p.m. EDT. During the spacewalk,... 14 hours
Biosynthetic secrets: How fungi make bioactive compounds
PHYS.ORG Biological engineers at Utah State University have successfully decoded and reprogrammed the biosynthetic machinery that produces a variety of natural compounds found in fungi. 17 hours
FAU researchers use robot technology to gain insights into development of malignant melanoma
NEWS MEDICAL Malignant melanoma is one of the most common and dangerous types of cancer. Researchers at Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg investigated how and why... 17 hours
NASA’s Future Plans Simply Put in 2018 Budget Proposal Video
SPACE.COM “Dream, innovate, build and discover” is the pitch to Congress, White House and the American people for the 2018 budget for the space agency. See what's currently on... 18 hours
Sheffield energy experts design cooling system for Qatar 2022 stadium
PHYS.ORG A unique system to keep football fans and players cool at the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup, which was co-designed by engineers from the University of Sheffield, has... 21 hours
Solar cells more efficient thanks to new material standing on edge
PHYS.ORG Researchers from Lund University in Sweden and from Fudan University in China have successfully designed a new structural organization using the promising solar cell material perovskite.... 23 hours
Researchers demonstrate multicolor 3D imaging of live mouse using compact Compton camera
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers invented a Compton camera of 580g which visualizes gamma rays of arbitrary energies, and succeeded in achieving a high-resolution, multicolor 3D molecular image of a... 23 hours
Husker engineers craft microscopic heater-thermometer
PHYS.ORG "It's like a tiny furnace." 24 hours
Clock mystery from 350 years ago is shedding light on human health
PHYS.ORG VIDEO In 1665, the inventor of the pendulum clock, Christiaan Huygens, noticed that two of his clocks hung on the same wall would eventually sync... 24 hours
Renishaw to present latest developments in craniomaxillofacial implants at BAOMS
NEWS MEDICAL Global engineering and healthcare technologies company, Renishaw, is attending the British Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (BAOMS) Annual Scientific Meeting at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham,... 1 day
australia s military including commercial capacity in its satellite communications plans Australia’s military including commercial capacity in its satellite communications plans
SPACE NEWS The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is planning to include commercial satellites as a necessary part of... 1 day
Bacteria can paint with light, thanks to genetic engineering
Science Magazine New paint-by-light process could help manufacture chemicals, drugs 2 days
Female STEM leaders more likely to back policies aiding women
PHYS.ORG For decades, higher ed administrators have talked about the need for more female professors in science, technology, engineering and mathematics departments. But what is the best way to... 2 days
Flexible new method for early cancer diagnosis
PHYS.ORG Earlier discovery of cancer and greater precision in the treatment process are the objectives of a new method developed by researchers at Sahlgrenska Academy and Boston University. Investments are now being made to roll... 2 days
New clues emerge about how fruit flies navigate their world
PHYS.ORG Nestled deep inside a fruit fly's brain, specialized nerve cells knit themselves into a tiny compass. New results from neuroscientists at the Janelia Research Campus illuminate the architecture... 2 days
Study finds female students less likely to drop engineering program if female mentored
PHYS.ORG (—A pair of researchers with the University of Massachusetts has found evidence that suggests women are more likely to continue to pursue... 2 days
Whales, dolphins, and seals all follow the same evolutionary patterns
PHYS.ORG From the poles to the equator, marine mammals such as seals, dolphins, and whales, play an important role in global ecosystems as apex predators, ecosystem engineers, and even... 2 days
Classical synchronization indicates persistent entanglement in isolated quantum systems
PHYS.ORG As if by magic, seemingly independent pendulum clocks can come together to tick simultaneously and in synchrony. The phenomenon of "self-organized synchronization" frequently occurs in nature and engineering and is... 2 days
Connecting solutions for grid resilience
PHYS.ORG Imagine Alexander Graham Bell's reaction if someone handed him an iPhone and told him that the device in his hand was the same as the large, cone-mounted transmitter he invented and used to call Thomas Watson in 1876. 2 days
Wristwatch-like devices can provide information related to different kinds of brain activity
NEWS MEDICAL What can we learn about emotions, the brain and behavior from a wristband? Plenty, according to a prominent MIT engineer and researcher in her... 2 days
Wearable Devices Communicate Vital Brain Activity Information
SCIENCE DAILY What can we learn about emotions, the brain and behavior from a wristband? Plenty, according to a prominent engineer. 3 days
Norway to boost climate change defences of 'doomsday' seed vault
PHYS.ORG Norway on Saturday said it would boost protection of a seed storage vault designed to protect the world's crops from disaster, after soaring temperatures caused water to leak... 3 days
West African girls show the way in Senegal tech battle
PHYS.ORG West African schoolgirls, some not yet teenagers, have taken a starring role at an engineering competition in Senegal, busting stereotypes with robotics expertise and innovative projects for their... 3 days
Understanding the architecture of our 'second brain'
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have made an important step in understanding the organization of nerve cells embedded within the gut that control its function -- a discovery that could give insight into the origin of common gastrointestinal... 5 days
UTA civil engineer's book illustrates the power of recycled plastic in shoring up roads
PHYS.ORG Plastics make up a large percentage of municipal solid waste that inhabit landfills. 5 days
Harnessing the hygroscopic and biofluorescent behaviors of genetically tractable microbial cells to design biohybrid wearables
Science Magazine Cells’ biomechanical responses to external stimuli have been intensively studied but rarely implemented into devices that interact with... 5 days
Self-ventilating workout suit keeps athletes cool and dry
PHYS.ORG A team of MIT researchers has designed a breathable workout suit with ventilating flaps that open and close in response to an athlete's body heat and sweat. These flaps, which range from... 5 days
Engineered protein enlisted to battle the MERS virus
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers converted a staple human ubiquitin protein into an anti-viral tool. Through subtle tweaks, they created an engineered version of the ubiquitin that binds more tightly and paralyzes a key enzyme in... 5 days
Medical News Today: Mindful eating may help people lose weight, study finds
MNT A program designed to help people manage their weight finds that being more mindful about preparing and eating food can be an effective aid... 5 days
Facebook launches war on clickbait headlines
PHYS.ORG Facebook on Thursday launched an assault designed to crack down on clickbait headlines, in a push to banish "fake news" from its news feeds. 5 days
New technology developed for engineering animal models
SCIENCE DAILY A new study shows how highly popular custom genetically engineered animal models are easily generated using a new patent-pending technology called Easi-CRISPR. 5 days
200th spacewalk upgrades alpha magnetic spectrometer 200th spacewalk upgrades Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer
CERN Paola Catapano Astronaut Peggy Whitson during the 200th spacewalk from the International Space Station (Image credit: NASA) The 200th spacewalk at the International Space... 5 days
Material definition of humanity
PHYS.ORG We define human history through the materials we use: the stone age, the bronze age, the iron age. Perhaps we now live in the plastic age. The next epoch may well be the nanocomposite age. Art and architecture, transport and... 5 days
DNAe’s article on semiconductor DNA analysis technology placed in Scientific Reports’ top 100 read list for 2016
NEWS MEDICAL DNA Electronics, the inventor of semiconductor DNA sequencing technology and developer of a new,... 5 days
Scientists develop effective system of biomaterial delivery to laboratories
PHYS.ORG Materials scientists from NUST MISIS, together with colleagues from the Department of Chemistry at Lomonosov Moscow State University, have developed a cheap and qualitative method of delivering blood samples and... 5 days
Device Purifies Air and Creates Energy All at the Same Time
LIVE SCIENCE A small innovation could have a big impact on air pollution. 5 days
Innovative software allows deaf-blind persons to enjoy television content without intermediaries
NEWS MEDICAL Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Telefónica and FASOCIDE presented the PervasiveSUB technology, ground-breaking software which allows deaf-blind persons to receive and enjoy television content without intermediaries... 5 days
New tech could prevent need to store non-working pacemakers inside the heart
PHYS.ORG Like conventional pacemakers, tiny new leadless pacemakers are designed to work for about 12 years. 5 days
Singapore car 'vending machine' dispenses with tradition
PHYS.ORG A vending machine that dispenses luxury cars to well-heeled buyers is the latest space-saving innovation in land-starved Singapore—just don't try to shake it if it gets stuck. 5 days
EHRA EUROPACE - CARDIOSTIM 2017 to showcase holographic cardiac imaging and other innovations
NEWS MEDICAL Holographic cardiac imaging and other innovations will be showcased at the EHRA EUROPACE - CARDIOSTIM 2017 in Vienna, Austria. 5 days
Innovative T-shirt monitors wearer's respiratory rate in real time
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers at Université Laval's Faculty of Science and Engineering and its Center for Optics, Photonics, and Lasers have created a smart T-shirt that monitors the wearer's respiratory rate in real... 5 days
Rice plant engineered with a ‘tunable’ immune system could fight multiple diseases at once
Science Magazine Study is another step toward pesticide-free but high-yield agriculture 6 days
FCC vote kicks off a battle over regulation of the internet
PHYS.ORG A federal agency voted to kick off the repeal of "net neutrality" rules designed to keep broadband providers like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast from interfering with... 6 days
Deconstructing osmosis provides insight for medical and industrial use
PHYS.ORG Osmosis, the fluid phenomenon responsible for countless slug deaths at the hands of mischievous children, is fundamentally important not only to much of biology, but also to engineering and industry.... 6 days
Researchers create a T-shirt that monitors the wearer's breathing rate in real time
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have created a smart T-shirt that monitors the wearer's respiratory rate in real time. This innovation paves the way for manufacturing... 6 days
Deficiencies in repair of DNA identified in many types of solid tumors
SCIENCE DAILY A new investigation of more than 48,000 stored tumor samples finds evidence of a key deficiency in a repair mechanism designed to keep DNA... 6 days
Vote kicks off battle over regulation of internet
PHYS.ORG A federal agency has voted to kick off the repeal of "net neutrality" rules designed to keep broadband providers like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast from interfering with the internet. 6 days
Self-renewing hematopoietic stem cells created for transplantation
SCIENCE DAILY An innovative method to make an unlimited supply of healthy blood cells from the readily available cells that line blood vessels has been discovered by scientists. This achievement marks the first time that any... 6 days
New imaging technique aims to ensure surgeons completely remove cancer
SCIENCE DAILY A new technology generates cellular images detailed enough to distinguish cancerous from normal tissue. Researchers are working on speeding up the technology so it can be used during... 6 days
Cause of breathlessness in heart failure patients discovered
SCIENCE DAILY A new study has linked shortness of breath in heart failure to a hormonal imbalance in the brain using mice. Based on this finding, the research has also discovered an effective treatment... 6 days
Researchers create a T-shirt that monitors the wearer's breathing rate in real time
PHYS.ORG Researchers at Université Laval's Faculty of Science and Engineering and its Center for Optics, Photonics, and Lasers have created a smart T-shirt... 6 days
A recipe for concrete that can withstand road salt deterioration
PHYS.ORG Road salt, used in copious helpings each winter to protect them from ice and preserve safe driving conditions, is slowly degrading the concrete they're made of. Engineers have... 6 days
3-D-printed polymer stents grow with pediatric patients and biodegrade over time
PHYS.ORG A new study demonstrates proof-of-concept for combining computational design and simulation tools with 3D printing technology to produce self-expandable polymer stents that can grow with pediatric... 6 days
Engineering heart valves for the many
SCIENCE DAILY Medical researchers announced today a cross-institutional team effort to generate a functional heart valve replacement with the capacity for repair, regeneration, and growth. The team is also working towards a GMP-grade version of their customizable, scalable,... 6 days
Researchers discover innovative way to produce hematopoietic stem cells
NEWS MEDICAL A study published on May 17 in Nature, discovers an innovative method to produce infinite supply of healthy blood cells from the readily available cells that line blood vessels. This... 6 days
Scientists engineer disease-resistant rice without sacrificing yield
PHYS.ORG Researchers have successfully developed a novel method that allows for increased disease resistance in rice without decreasing yield. A team at Duke University, working in collaboration with scientists at Huazhong Agricultural University in China,... 6 days
Engineering heart valves for the many
PHYS.ORG The human heart beats approximately 35 million times every year, effectively pumping blood into the circulation via four different heart valves. Unfortunately, in over four million people each year, these delicate tissues malfunction due to birth... 6 days
Image: NASA's IceBridge wraps up 2017 Arctic campaign with southern Greenland flight
PHYS.ORG A fjord in southern Greenland, as seen during Operation IceBridge's last flight of the 2017 Arctic campaign, on May 12, 2017. This final full... 6 days
New imaging technology could reduce the need for additional cancer surgeries
NEWS MEDICAL Engineers at the Optical Imaging Laboratory led by Caltech's Lihong Wang have developed an imaging technology that could help surgeons removing breast cancer lumps confirm that... 6 days
Researchers use flashes of light to control signalling circuits in living cells
PHYS.ORG Researchers at the Turku Centre for Biotechnology have invented new tools for decoding and controlling signalling circuits in living cells with flashes of light.... 6 days
Researchers identify DNA repair deficiency in many types of solid tumors
NEWS MEDICAL A new investigation of more than 48,000 stored tumor samples finds evidence of a key deficiency in a repair mechanism designed to keep DNA from being... 6 days
Inspired by geckos, researchers engineer soft gripping system that outperforms current adhesion methods
PHYS.ORG Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems have developed a soft gripping system that uses differential air... 6 days
Social butterflies are more apt to stick with physics
PHYS.ORG Social butterflies may be more likely to continue studying science, technology, engineering and math and ultimately take up a STEM career, according to new research. 6 days
Innovative technique could replace bone grafts to repair severe limb fractures
NEWS MEDICAL A Cedars-Sinai-led team of investigators has successfully repaired severe limb fractures in laboratory animals with an innovative technique that cues bone to regrow its own tissue. 6 days
Cutting down on cancer surgeries
SCIENCE DAILY Engineers have combined light and sound in a microscopy technique that could allow surgeons to determine -- in the operating room -- whether a tumor has been completely removed from a cancer patient, reducing the need for follow-up... 7 days
[Research Articles] In situ bone tissue engineering via ultrasound-mediated gene delivery to endogenous progenitor cells in mini-pigs
Science Magazine More than 2 million bone-grafting procedures are performed each year using autografts or allografts.... 7 days
Renishaw to exhibit new implant design software at the International 3D Printing in Medicine Conference
NEWS MEDICAL Global engineering and healthcare technologies company, Renishaw, is attending the second annual International 3D Printing in Medicine Conference... 7 days
The impact of the rise in new drug rejections
PHYS.ORG The number of new drug applications rejected by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been on the rise. The cover story of Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN), the weekly... 7 days
Severed limbs and wooden feet—how the ancients invented prosthetics
PHYS.ORG We are living through an incredibly exciting period for prosthetics. A pioneering brain computer interface that will allow veterans to control artificial body parts with their minds was recently announced... 7 days
Development engineers support sustainability through self-sufficiency
PHYS.ORG How do you help someone thousands of miles away in an Indian slum fix their roof, or someone in the African urban jungle access cervical cancer screening? You might think of sending some money, or perhaps... 7 days
butterfly wings inspire invention that opens door to new solar technologies Butterfly wings inspire invention that opens door to new solar technologies
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Engineers have invented tiny structures inspired by butterfly wings that open the door to new solar cell technologies and other applications requiring precise manipulation of light. 7 days
Physicists use Einstein's 'spooky' entanglement to invent super-sensitive gravitational wave detector
PHYS.ORG The first direct detection of gravitational waves, a phenomenon predicted by Einstein's 1915 general theory of relativity, was reported by scientists in 2016. 1 week
Witchweed—destructive by nature
PHYS.ORG Scientists in Japan have designed a synthetic molecule that gives new insight into how a destructive weed might be detecting its host crops. 1 week
The Sydney Barrier Reef—engineering a natural defence against future storms
PHYS.ORG The risk of more severe storms and cyclones in the highly urbanised coastal areas of Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong might not be acute, but it is a real... 1 week
Multifunctional scales can monitor health and inform about life threatening conditions
NEWS MEDICAL Weighing oneself has become one of the most common morning rituals. However, your weight is not the only message that can be delivered by your bathroom... 1 week
Nicholas Sand, creator of famous Orange Sunshine LSD, dies
PHYS.ORG Swiss scientist Albert Hofmann may have invented LSD, and Timothy Leary was clearly its most prominent frontman. 1 week
Lavrov: Comey was fired Fine Spoofs Logo
Clock mystery from 350 years ago is shedding light on human health
Butterfly wings inspire invention that opens door to new solar technologies