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Arnold's Mercedes G-Class goes electric with the help of Kreisel Electric - Roadshow
CNET The former governor of California teamed up with the EV startup to electrify what might be the least efficient SUV currently sold. 3 hours
Kreisel’s fully electric Mercedes G-Class is the Terminator’s off-road vehicle of choice
TechCrunch  Electric vehicles tend to be designed with a certain customer in mind, and typically this imagined buyer is probably bookish, possibly vegan and mostly... 8 hours
AutoComplete: Arnold Schwarzenegger goes green with Mercedes G-Class EV video - Roadshow
CNET Tesla activates some Autopilot features for new cars, and Subaru teases the Crosstrek for Geneva. 1 day
Kreisel Electric, Arnold Schwarzenegger team up for Mercedes G-Class EV - Roadshow
CNET VIDEO The former governor goes green(er) without giving up his love for massive SUVs. 1 day
Tesla activates second-gen Autopilot features, with a catch - Roadshow
CNET Some cars may need adjustments, according to CEO Elon Musk, and the features err on the side of safety. 1 day
Quentin Willson encouraging the use of electric cars
BBC Motoring journalist Quentin Willson calls for cheaper and simpler prices to encourage the use of electric cars. 1 day
Elon Musk says to expect “major” Tesla hardware revisions almost annually
TechCrunch  Tesla CEO and founder Elon Musk has advice for prospective buyers hoping their vehicles... 2 days
tesla rolling out autopilot to cars built since october will limit autosteer to 45 mph Tesla rolling out Autopilot to cars built since October, will limit Autosteer to 45 mph
THE VERGE Tesla is rolling out its Autopilot... 3 days
Tesla adds 100D cars to site, packing longest range of any EV to date - Roadshow
CNET Because there isn't a focus on performance, the range rises slightly and the price drops a... 4 days
AutoComplete: Ford drops the top on 2018 Mustang Convertible video - Roadshow
CNET New York driver's group wants to ban self-driving cars for 50 years, and Ford hopes to clean up London's air with hybrid vans. 4 days
Ford begins testing Transit Plug-in Hybrids in London ahead of 2019 production
TechCrunch  Ford has begun testing of its new Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid with Transport for London, working with the UK city’s local transit authority to... 4 days
Tesla Model S P100D runs a 2.389-second 0-60mph time with Ludicrous+ update
TechCrunch  Tesla’s Model S P100D can already match the still unreleased Faraday Future FF91’s top 0 to 60 mph time, and that’s using a stock car... 5 days
Graphene's sleeping superconductivity awakens
SCIENCE DAILY The intrinsic ability of graphene to superconduct (or carry an electrical current with no resistance) has been activated for the first time. This further widens the potential of graphene as a material that could be used in fields such as... 5 days
US Ends Probe of Tesla Fatal Crash Without Seeking Recall
ABC NEWS U.S. safety regulators have closed an investigation into a fatal crash involving electric car maker Tesla Motors' Autopilot system without seeking a recall, but they criticized the way... 5 days
tesla s crash rate dropped 40 percent after autopilot was installed feds say Tesla’s crash rate dropped 40 percent after Autopilot was installed, feds say
THE VERGE Tesla’s crash rate dropped 40 percent after the electric carmaker installed its semi-autonomous Autopilot software, government regulators reported today. The National Highway Traffic Safety... 5 days
Tesla avoids recall after Autopilot crash death
BBC Tesla will not be ordered to recall its semi-autonomous cars in the US, following a fatal crash in May 2016. 5 days
AP Source: US Ends Probe of Fatal Tesla Crash Without Recall
ABC NEWS A source tells The Associated Press that U.S. safety regulators are ending an investigation into a fatal crash involving electric car maker Tesla Motors' Autopilot system... 5 days
U.S. traffic safety agency to close Tesla Autopilot investigation without recall request
TechCrunch  The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will close the investigation it began six months ago into a driver death that occurred while... 5 days
fatal tesla autopilot accident investigation ends with no recall ordered report Fatal Tesla Autopilot accident investigation ends with no recall ordered: report
THE VERGE The federal investigation into the fatal accident involving a Tesla Model S in Autopilot... 5 days
Panasonic wants to expand Tesla partnership to sensors for self-driving
TechCrunch  Panasonic is hoping that it can get even closer to partner Tesla, after the relationship between... 5 days
Swift creator Chris Lattner talks developer tools and career after recent jump from Apple to Tesla
9to5Mac Swift creator and ex-head... 6 days
tesla will also make model 3 motors at its nevada gigafactory Tesla will also make Model 3 motors at its Nevada Gigafactory
THE VERGE The production of lithium-ion battery cells began at Tesla’s massive Nevada Gigafactory earlier this... 7 days
young thug s wyclef jean video explains how it got made without young thug Young Thug’s Wyclef Jean video explains how it got made, without Young Thug
THE VERGE VIDEO Young Thug’s video for “Wyclef Jean,” the first track on... 1 week
Autopilot for Tesla HW2 vehicles rolling out now to all compatible cars
TechCrunch  Tesla has begun deploying the Autopilot update for HW2 vehicles (those with updated sensor and computing hardware designed to eventually provide full self-driving capabilities).... 1 week
Faraday Future provides a test ride of its FF91 car
BBC Dave Lee experiences what it is like to ride in Faraday Future's prototype electric car and quizzes the firm about its finances, 1 week
tesla s latest autopilot update rolls back its speed cap on undivided roads Tesla’s latest Autopilot update rolls back its speed cap on undivided roads
THE VERGE In December, Tesla rolled out a new update that limited vehicles driving with its Autopilot engaged to drive at the speed limit on an... 1 week
9to5Toys Last Call: 13-inch MacBook Pro $1,300, Samsung 55-inch 4K Smart UHDTV $855, Nomad Strap for Apple Watch $30, more
9to5Mac ... 2 weeks
here s how to unlock tesla s new ludicrous plus acceleration mode roadshow Here's how to unlock Tesla's new Ludicrous Plus acceleration mode - Roadshow
CNET VIDEO It's not something you want to leave on all the time, because it also accelerates wear to the car's drive components. 2 weeks
AutoComplete: Ford, Toyota expand Takata recall lists by hundreds of thousands of cars video - Roadshow
CNET Tesla finally divulges paid Supercharging details, and Lotus built one hell of a racecar. 2 weeks
nissan will begin testing its self driving leaf electric cars in london next month Nissan will begin testing its self-driving Leaf electric cars in London next month
THE VERGE Nissan will begin conducting tests of its self-driving cars in... 2 weeks
GM’s Bolt is actually a platform that will be used for several new EVs
TechCrunch  The Bolt EV is GM’s answer to Tesla’s... 2 weeks
Nissan’s first European self-driving car trials begin on London roads next month
TechCrunch  Nissan will start testing a version of its electric Leaf car with autonomous driving capabilities in London next month, kicking off its first European... 2 weeks
tesla details supercharging fees for new buyers Tesla details Supercharging fees for new buyers
THE VERGE Tesla will soon begin charging new buyers of its cars for use of its high-speed charging network. The change, which was announced... 2 weeks
Happy Hour Podcast 102 | Tesla poaches Swift creator, iPhone turns 10, & Wireless CarPlay hits CES
9to5Mac This week... 2 weeks
Elon Musk teases potential 2.34 second 0 to 60 mph time via Tesla Ludicrous+ mode
TechCrunch  When will our thirst for speed... 2 weeks
Save $9 on this protective Lumia 950 case today!
Windows Central Need a protective case for your Lumia 950 but don't want to spend a lot on it? If so, check out Amzer's hybrid warrior case for two solid layers of... 2 weeks
Las Vegas launches the first electric autonomous shuttle on U.S. public roads
TechCrunch  Las Vegas, transportation beat reporters can’t quit you; CES was like a car extravaganza, and now you’re launching a self-driving, fully electric shuttle on... 2 weeks
the worst and weirdest cars at the detroit auto show The worst and weirdest cars at the Detroit Auto Show
THE VERGE Here at The Verge, we like to cover cars from a slightly different angle. Also at... 2 weeks
20 cool things that are made in the USA right now - CNET
CNET Tesla cars, Crayola crayons, Les Paul guitars -- and more awesome American-ness! 2 weeks
night into daytime behind the scenes with the verge at ces 2017 Night into daytime: behind the scenes with The Verge at CES 2017
THE VERGE The Consumer Electronics Show can be broken down in numbers a billion different ways. 177,000 attendees. 2.47 million square feet of exhibitions. One extremely... 2 weeks
Arcimoto looks for investments via Fundable
TechCrunch  Arcimoto brought the eighth iteration of its three-wheeled electric vehicle, the SRK, to CES 2017. This is the version that will be produced this... 2 weeks
WATCH: Inside Volkswagen's Concept Car Buzz
ABC NEWS The electric vehicle has a design inspired by Volkswagen's classic microbus. 2 weeks
Riding with Lucid Motors, the 1,000 horsepower electric car built to beat Tesla
THE VERGE Lucid Motors is a small electric car startup based out of Menlo Park, Calif. that has big dreams for the future. But... 2 weeks
Next-gen Samsung EV battery gets 300+ miles of range from a 20-minute charge
TechCrunch  Samsung’s SDI battery subsidiary announced a new battery cell designed for use in electric vehicles that offers improved density to manage a... 2 weeks
Volkswagen’s I.D Buzz concept is a microbus for the self-driving era
TechCrunch  Volkswagen’s new I.D. Buzz electric vehicle concept is a futuristic take on the microbus that revives the family camper for an era when we’ll spent just... 2 weeks
Tesla moves towards greater autonomy with Autopilot rollout for HW2 cars
TechCrunch  Tesla will begin rolling out its Autopilot features for vehicles with second-generation in-car computing and sensing hardware on Monday, Elon Musk announced via Twitter. The new... 2 weeks
Tesla preparing Autopilot 2 test deployment, possible wide rollout by this week
THE VERGE Tesla is preparing to release the next version of its Autopilot software, according to a pair of tweets from Tesla CEO Elon Musk. In... 2 weeks
URB-E’s newest foldable electric scooter cuts the price to $899
TechCrunch URB-E is a foldable electric scooter that first launched in prototype-form back at CES in January 2014. Last year we checked out a version that could carry an... 2 weeks
Up close with Ford’s new autonomous development Fusion Hybrid car
TechCrunch  Ford announced an updated Fusion Hybrid development vehicle for its autonomous driving testing late in December, and the car was on display at CES this year. The new... 3 weeks
Honda's NeuV concept is a robo-car with a side hustle video - Roadshow
CNET Rather than sitting idle all day, the New Electric Urban Vehicle could generate income through carsharing and trading energy with the grid. 3 weeks
Kreisel Electric, Arnold Schwarzenegger team up for Mercedes G-Class EV - Roadshow
Young Thug’s Wyclef Jean video explains how it got made, without Young Thug
Here's how to unlock Tesla's new Ludicrous Plus acceleration mode - Roadshow