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Gralien Report Daily News for December 3, 2016
THE GRALIEN REPORT Here are today’s headlines… Scientists say these mystery knees belonged to Egypt’s Queen Nefertari Gone but not forgotten: Ancient civilizations of the Middle East New Giant, Air-Breathing Fish Discovered Four Million Commutes... 2 hours
There is a MASSIVE Underground Labyrinth in Egypt. Why Is It Kept From The Public?
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Egyptian authorities are suppressing information about an enormous hidden labyrinth. The Pyramids of Giza are considered to be... 9 hours
Operation Mummy's Curse: Photos of Smuggled Artifacts
LIVE SCIENCE Five ancient artifacts that had been smuggled into the United States were returned to Egyptian authorities this week. U.S. officials recovered the cultural objects in an investigation called "Operation Mummy’s Curse." 24 hours
Stolen Mummy Hand Makes Its Way Home
LIVE SCIENCE Illegally smuggled artifacts, including a mummy hand, were returned to Egyptian authorities. 24 hours
apple to change app store u s pricing to regional currencies in 9 countries Apple to Change App Store U.S. Pricing to Regional Currencies in 9 Countries
MacRumors Apple is set to change its pricing from U.S. dollars... 1 day
Apple’s App Store switching from USD pricing to local currency for paid apps and in-app purchases in eight countries
9to5Mac ... 1 day
In Photos: The Mummy of Queen Nefertari of Egypt
LIVE SCIENCE The mummified legs and other remains of Queen Nefertari, one of Egypt's most famous queens, have been identified. Here's a look at the royal burial. 2 days
Mystery Mummy Legs Belonged to Egyptian Queen Nefertari
LIVE SCIENCE Though "no absolute certainty exists," some mummified leg fragments probably belonged to one of Egypt's most famous queens. 2 days
US to Restrict Imports of Egyptian Artifacts
LIVE SCIENCE By banning Egyptian artifacts from entering the U.S., officials hope to curb widespread looting at ancient sites, which has led to the deaths of children and antiquities guards. 3 days
Remains of 5,000-Year-Old Egyptian City Unearthed
LIVE SCIENCE The city dates to the early dynastic period when the first pharaohs ruled a united Egypt. A cemetery discovered there holds at least 15 burials, one of which has the skeleton of person in a fetal... 5 days
Crocodile Mummy Kept Dozens of Baby Crocs Under Wraps
LIVE SCIENCE High-resolution scans of a sizable Egyptian crocodile mummy revealed unexpected stowaways that the croc had literally been keeping under wraps for 2,000 years. 5 days
7,000-year-old lost city unearthed in Egypt
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Archaeologists have discovered the remains of an ancient city and graveyard at Abydos in southern Egypt. Thought to date back as far as 5316 BC, the c... 1 week
Russians find ancient alien astronaut
FREAK LORE Back during the early 1960’s, Russian KGB apparently found an ancient alien astronaut inside a pyramid during an expedition to Egypt. Initially, they entered the tomb... 1 week
Egyptian Archaeologists Uncover Pharaonic Village, Tombs
ABC NEWS Egyptian archeologists have discovered a Pharaonic village and cemetery once used by officials tasked with building royal tombs 1 week
Egyptian archaeologists uncover Pharaonic village, tombs
PHYS.ORG Egyptian archeologists have discovered a Pharaonic village and cemetery once used by officials tasked with building royal tombs. 1 week
Glassmaking may have begun in Egypt, not Mesopotamia
SCIENCE-NEWS Ancient Mesopotamians lagged behind Egyptians as glassmakers. 2 weeks
first click this map paints a bleak picture of post election violence in the us First Click: This map paints a bleak picture of post-election violence in the US
THE VERGE Ushahidi, a crisis tracking startup based in Nairobi,... 2 weeks
Oldest alphabet identified as Hebrew
SCIENCE-NEWS Contested study indicates ancient Israelites developed first alphabet from Egyptian hieroglyphics. 2 weeks
The Great Pyramid Of Egypt Exactly Marks The Center Of Earth's Landmass
DISCLOSE.TV The Great Pyramid of Giza has been a source of fascination for architects and historians for years ... 2 weeks
3,000-Year-Old Mummy Found in Egyptian Tomb
LIVE SCIENCE The well-preserved mummy is believed to be the body of a man named Amenrenef, a servant to a royal household. 3 weeks
Ancient Egyptian mummy unearthed near Luxor
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Discovered in a tomb by Spanish archaeologists, the well-preserved mummy dates back over 3,000 years. Described by Egypt's antiquities ministry as bei... 3 weeks
Geospatial work identifies high-risk flooding areas
PHYS.ORG UT Dallas researchers and their colleagues have developed geospatial science methods to help the Egyptian government determine how to avoid flooding in a coastal mountain region. 3 weeks
Archaeologists Find Pharaonic Boat Burial at Abydos
SCI-NEWS.COM Archaeological excavations at Abydos, Egypt, have revealed the remains of a subterranean boat burial dating to the reign of the pharaoh Senwosret III (c. 1850 BC), says an international team of archaeologists led by... 3 weeks
3,800-Year-Old 'Tableau' of Egyptian Boats Discovered
LIVE SCIENCE More than 120 images of ancient Egyptian boats have been discovered adorning the inside of a building in Abydos, Egypt. The images would have looked upon a real boat that may have been magically floated in... 1 month
Forbidden History. Secret Egyptology Exposed!
DISCLOSE.TV They built the Sphinx of Giza ancient Egyptians four thousand years ago, and it is responsible for elder completely unknown civilization? What do we know about the history of mankind? 1 month
Two 'secret rooms' found within Great Pyramid
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Two previously-unknown cavities have been identified within the walls of Egypt's Great Pyramid of Giza. The discovery was made through a collaborative... 2 months
Apple confirms iPhone 7 launching in 7 more countries later this month
9to5Mac Apple has confirmed iPhone 7 launch dates for more countries today on its website including Egypt on October 20, Korea and Colombia on October... 2 months
iPhone 7 to Launch in Several Additional Countries in Late October
MacRumors Apple today updated several of its international websites with iPhone 7 and 7 Plus launch dates, announcing the expansion of the new devices to Egypt, Colombia,... 2 months
Cracking Codices: 10 of the Most Mysterious Ancient Manuscripts
LIVE SCIENCE From an Egyptian book full of magic spells to a text written in an unknown language, Live Science takes a look at 10 of the most mysterious ancient manuscripts. 2 months
ScanPyramids located 'two anomalies' in the structure of Khufus Pyramid
DISCLOSE.TV Egypt has continued to be a goldmine for better understanding the history of the unique country. Artifacts of all kinds and hieroglyphics have continued to be spotted that... 2 months
Has The 164-Year-Old Mummy Of Buddhist Lama Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov Moved Inside His Palace? - Ancient Origins
THE ANOMALIST Could this be a case of mistaken identity and overactive imaginations, or has this meditating mummy... 2 months
Egyptian tribute statue moves by itself on camera
FREAK LORE This video shows what appears to be an Egyptian statue moving on its own. The relic is 10 inches tall... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full... 2 months
Alien Face Discovered On Mars
DISCLOSE.TV A strange face has been discovered in the middle of a crater on the surface of Mars. The most shocking and surprising is that this face is very similar to a statue recently discovered in the museum of... 2 months
French Egyptologist discovered an 'alien mummy' in a secret chamber in the Great Pyramid
DISCLOSE.TV In 1988, the French Egyptologist happened upon a secret chamber deep within the bowels of the Great Pyramid if Giza.... 2 months
CT scans show first X-rayed mummy in new light
SCIENCE-NEWS An ancient Egyptian child became the first mummy to be X-rayed in 1896. Today, CT scans reveal new insights into the child’s life — and death. 2 months
Rosetta comes home
ESA Space science image of the week: Rosetta’s impact point is named Sais after the original Egyptian home of the Rosetta Stone 2 months
New Evidence That The Sphinx predates the Ancient Egyptian Civilization
DISCLOSE.TV The Great Sphinx of Giza is one of the most well-known and enigmatic structures that the world has ever known and many in public have been told over... 2 months
Forbidden truth and secrets of Egyptology
DISCLOSE.TV They built the Sphinx of Giza ancient Egypt four thousand years, and it is responsible for elder completely unknown civilization? What do we know about the history of mankind? Forbidden truth In late 90s the American... 2 months
While renovating a house in Egypt someone found these mysterious coins
DISCLOSE.TV It is possible that the coin show visiting aliens on planet earth? According to many ufologist is zobrazeniepráve such evidence. Finding coins is nothing new ... 2 months
Putting pants on rats and walking like a goat net scientists Ig Nobel awards
CBC A Swede who wrote a trilogy about collecting bugs, an Egyptian doctor who put pants on rats to study their... 2 months
Scholars who studied liars, put pants on rats win Ig Nobels
PHYS.ORG A Swede who wrote a trilogy about collecting bugs, an Egyptian doctor who put pants on rats to study their sex lives and a British researcher... 2 months
Scholars Who Studied Liars, Put Pants on Rats Win Ig Nobels
ABC NEWS An Egyptian scientist who put pants on rats to see how they affected their sex lives and a Swede who wrote a three-volume series about collecting... 2 months
Dying in ancient Egypt—evidence of inflammation, infection and possible cancer
PHYS.ORG As silent witnesses to the past, ancient Egyptian mummies can add to our knowledge of their society well beyond what we can learn from the study of texts,... 2 months
Skin Proteins from Mummies Reveal How Ancient Egyptians Died
LIVE SCIENCE Proteins from the mummies' skin and muscle samples show the people likely had cancer, lung infections and other diseases. 2 months
Ousta, Egypt’s ride hailing app, lands a $1.25 million investment
TechCrunch  Five months after its March 2016 launch, Ousta, Egypt’s first local ride sharing app, has received a bridge investment of $1.25 million as it looks to challenge established industry stalwarts,... 3 months
Does Chinese Civilization Come From Ancient Egypt? - Foreign Policy
THE ANOMALIST Want to throw an entire country into a spin? Dig up evidence that the foundation upon which their population is based is false. While the educated masses of... 3 months
5,000-year-old Egyptian Hieroglyphs Found In Australia Prove History Is Wrong
DISCLOSE.TV History is thrown into turmoil as 5,000-year-old Egyptian hieroglyphs are found in Australia. Either plate tectonics have shifted so drastically over the last 5,000 years, or what we... 3 months