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this great doctor strange figure is on fire not literally This Great Doctor Strange Figure Is on Fire (Not Literally)
GIZMODO Usually, importing one of Figuarts well-sculpted, well-articulated action figures can be a costly endeavour—but the company’s... 2 days
a graveyard of red fabric went into the creation of doctor strange s cloak of levitation A 'Graveyard of Red Fabric' Went Into the Creation of Doctor Strange's Cloak of Levitation
GIZMODO In Doctor Strange, the Cloak of... 1 week
What Mystery Will Doctor Strange Help Solve In ‘Thor: Ragnarok’?
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It has already been confirmed that Benedict Cumberbatch‘s Doctor Strange‘s next Marvel Cinematic Universe appearance will... 1 week
The Big Question Doctor Strange Will Help Solve In Thor: Ragnarok
CINEMA BLEND At the end of Doctor Strange, we learned that the fledgling sorcerer will play... 1 week
there s finally a reason to buy the doctor strange blu ray and it s thor There's Finally a Reason to Buy the Doctor Strange Blu-ray, and It's Thor
GIZMODO Doctor Strange was a perfectly serviceable and forgettable movie that... 2 weeks
Doctor Strange Confirmed For Thor: Ragnarok, How Big Will His Part Be?
CINEMA BLEND In the mid-credits scene of Scott Derrickson's Doctor Strange, audiences learned that it wouldn't be long before the titular magician crossed paths with an... 2 weeks
How Doctor Strange Affected Benedict Cumberbatch During Sherlock Season 4
CINEMA BLEND Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch had a big year in 2016 thanks to the release of Marvel's Doctor Strange, which was followed by filming for Sherlock Season 4. Now... 3 weeks
The Marvel Character Who’d Be Tricky To Fit Into Doctor Strange 2
CINEMA BLEND Doctor Strange screenwriter Jon Spaihts recently opened up about a particular Marvel character who would be difficult to adapt in live-action. Here's what he... 4 weeks
Tilda Swinton Reached Out To Margaret Cho Re: ‘Doctor Strange’ Racial Controversy; Read Their Emails Here
SCIENCEFICTION.COM ‘Doctor Strange’ has done fantastically at the box office, taking in over $224M domestically and it’s... 1 month
How Margaret Cho And Tilda Swinton’s Conversation Over The Doctor Strange Controversy Went Down
CINEMA BLEND It's been revealed that Margaret Cho had an email exchange with Tilda Swinton over the Doctor Strange "whitewashing" controversy this... 1 month
Tilda Swinton Sent Us Her Email Exchange with Margaret Cho About Doctor Strange, Diversity, and Whitewashing
GIZMODO Earlier today, we posted about Margaret Cho’s account of a “fight” she had with Tilda Swinton... 1 month
New Doctor Strange Image Reveals How They Filmed One Of Its Coolest Scenes
CINEMA BLEND Scott Derrickson gives us a closer behind the scenes peak at the Dark Dimension sequence from Doctor Strange. 1 month
Doctor Strange Concept Art Reveals Trippy Astral Projection Images
CINEMA BLEND One of Doctor Strange's most iconic uses of magic is astral projection, which can be seen in the recent feature film. Check out this concept art of what Strange's astral... 1 month
Weekend Box Office (12/02-12/04): Disney Hits A New Record High Thanks To ‘Moana’ And ‘Doctor Strange’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM ‘Moana’ helped Disney reach a new record high of $4 billion for the year.  Of course... 1 month
The Doctor Strange Character Who Almost Looked Much Creepier
CINEMA BLEND Characters often go through transformations between the concept phase and the actual creation of a look. Such was the case for one iconic Doctor Strange character who was originally going... 2 months
Doctor Strange new art posters are delicious
SCI FI NOW Check out these beautiful new Doctor Strange art posters 2 months
Doctor Strange Just Beat Out Iron Man For A New Record, Get The Details
CINEMA BLEND While some may have been worried that audiences won't want to explore new origin stories, it's now clear that the... 2 months
Doctor Strange Concept Art Resembles A Terrifying Marvel Villain
CINEMA BLEND Doctor Strange did its job introducing magic and some zany concepts to the MCU, but recent concept art for an unused costume design looks eerily similar to one important Marvel... 2 months
Doctor Strange In 8-Bit Is Delightful, Watch It Now
CINEMA BLEND Doctor Strange gets the 8-bit treatment in this new video imagining the events of the hit movie as if it were an old-school video game. Hit the jump button and... 2 months
Gifts for People Who Need a Hero Who Isn't Another White Guy
GIZMODO Batman. Spider-Man. Superman. Captain America. Doctor Strange. Et cetera. They’re all heroes, and they all have plenty of merchandise which is going to fill... 2 months
By The Hoary Hosts Of Hoggoth, That ‘Doctor Strange’ Multiverse Scene Was Originally 7 Minutes Long!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM One of the more fun aspects of ‘Doctor Strange‘ was when he learned that there was... 2 months
The Crazy Doctor Strange Scene That Was Supposed To Be Much Longer
CINEMA BLEND Actually previewed during a special IMAX event weeks before the film, one particular part of Doctor Strange really sticks with you when leaving the... 2 months
Weekend Box Office (10/11-10/13): New ‘Arrival’ Debuts Strongly Behind ‘Doctor Strange’ And ‘Trolls’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It was no surprise that Marvel’s champ ‘Doctor Strange’ dominated the weekend box office for a second weekend in a row.  The... 2 months
Weekend Box Office: Arrival Lands At Third, Doctor Strange Holds Top Spot
CINEMA BLEND Three new arrivals hit theaters this weekend, but none were able to dislodge last week's top two earners. 2 months
Doctor Strange: Why Kaecilius Became A Villain, According To Mads Mikkelsen
CINEMA BLEND As the saying goes, a hero is only ever as good as their villain. That's never really been true for the MCU, but Mads Mikkelsen's Kaecilius... 2 months
How Guardians Of The Galaxy Influenced Doctor Strange
CINEMA BLEND Doctor Strange is arguably Marvel's weirdest film to date, but it may not be here if it wasn't for the original MCU weirdo Guardians of the Galaxy. Hit the jump to learn... 2 months
Scott Derrickson Is Insulted On This Take Of Rachel McAdams In ‘Doctor Strange’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Marvel Studios hasn’t been doing the best of jobs with some of the women in the lives of Marvel’s heroes though director... 2 months
Stan Lee On ‘Doctor Strange’ And His Favorite Cameo
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Since before there even was a Marvel Cinematic Universe, Stan Lee’s ubiquitous cameos have been a staple of the various film adaptations of Marvel comics. In recent remarks to the... 2 months
How Marvel's Multiverse Might Affect The MCU Going Forward
CINEMA BLEND In Doctor Strange, the titular sorcerer isn't the only one who winds up getting his mind expanded by The Ancient One. 2 months
Jon Spaihts Is Set To “Terrify” Audiences With His Script For ‘The Mummy’!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM   While a screenwriter will always endorse their work, Jon Spaihts (‘Doctor Strange’,’Prometheus’) is claiming that his take on ‘The Mummy‘ will... 2 months
How Doctor Strange Makes It Easier To Bring The X-Men And Fantastic Four Into The MCU
CINEMA BLEND If the right opportunities present themselves, a Doctor Strange game changer may hold they key to... 2 months
Doctor Strange Cut One Line That Would Have Changed The Dormammu Scene
CINEMA BLEND There was an interesting line left out of Doctor Strange's Dormammu scene that would have provided additional clarity. Warning: spoilers ahead! 2 months
Doctor Strange Almost Had A Totally Different Villain
CINEMA BLEND In one of Doctor Strange's earlier drafts, director Scott Derrickson wanted Stephen Strange to throw down against this notable adversary from the comics. 2 months
Marvel's Multiverse: An In-Depth Look At How It Works In Doctor Strange And Beyond
CINEMA BLEND Doctor Strange puts magic front and center in the MCU, but not to be ignored is the significance of another... 2 months
Why Doctor Strange Needed To Kill Off (Spoiler)
CINEMA BLEND SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains MASSIVE spoilers for Doctor Strange. If you have not yet seen the film, and don't wish to know any details about it going in, please save... 2 months
Marvel Toyed With Doctor Strange Not Being An Origin Story
CINEMA BLEND Like Iron Man, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger and Ant-Man before it, Scott Derrickson's Doctor Strange is another "origin story" chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 2 months
7 Huge Marvel Questions We Have Because Of Doctor Strange's Thor Connection
CINEMA BLEND Another chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is behind us, but it has left us with several new questions to ask. Specifically, we're wondering... 2 months
When In The MCU Does Doctor Strange Take Place?
CINEMA BLEND Because Doctor Strange was so self-contained and dropped few references to other corners of the MCU, it was difficult to tell when Stephen Strange's mystical journey occurred. However, we've managed... 2 months
Doctor Strange Score: 8 Tunes We Can't Stop Listening To
CINEMA BLEND Sadly, as much as we want to include Giacchino's new Marvel Studios Fanfare, it's not on the official soundtrack, so it's not on our official list. You'll just... 2 months
Doctor Strange Almost Had a Completely Different Villain
GIZMODO Stephen Strange’s first outing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe saw him go up against Kaecilius and... well, another villain that in hindsight was quite obvious, but one we’ll avoid openly mentioning just yet. But... 2 months
Why There Isn’t A Lot More Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe In Doctor Strange
CINEMA BLEND Doctor Strange is absolutely part of the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, featuring a number of elements that tie back to... 2 months
How Doctor Strange Shot The Climactic Fight Scene
CINEMA BLEND Nearly every superhero movie is guaranteed to have a climactic, explosive battle towards the end of the story. Doctor Strange's was immensely more difficult to pull off for this reason. 2 months
Doctor Strange Just Gave Us The Best Villain Since Loki
CINEMA BLEND Aside from establishing an awesome new hero, Doctor Strange has officially introduced audiences to the best silver screen Marvel villain since Loki. 2 months
How Tilda Swinton Feels About The Ancient One’s Controversial Actions In Doctor Strange
CINEMA BLEND SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Doctor Strange. 2 months
Reviewing “Doctor Strange”
SLICE OF SCI-FI Noah and Daren tackle "Doctor Strange", the latest blockbuster in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and they delve into both their likes and disappointments about the movie.   [Read more...] 2 months
Weekend Box Office (11/04-11/06): Marvel’s Magic Holds Up Again
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Folks might say they’re tired of superhero movies, but try telling that to the box office.  Disney’s ‘Doctor Strange’ had a massive opening, conjuring up $85 million, the second best... 2 months
Did ‘Doctor Strange’ Contain A ‘Captain Marvel’ Easter Egg?
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The journey from Dr. Stephen Strange to ‘Doctor Strange‘ was a painful and traumatic one for our latest Marvel superhero though slightly before his journey begins some of the case... 2 months
Doctor Strange's 10 Funniest Moments
CINEMA BLEND Check out our list of the funniest moments from The Sorcerer Supreme's first silver screen outing! Did we miss any? 2 months
Doctor Strange Should Change How Marvel Does Action Scenes
CINEMA BLEND This weekend saw the debut of Marvel's newest big screen hero. While Doctor Strange was another in a long line of characters, the film did some new and original things... 2 months
How Doctor Strange Should Change How Marvel Does Action Scenes
CINEMA BLEND This weekend saw the debut of Marvel's newest big screen hero. While Doctor Strange was another in a long line of characters, the film did some new and... 2 months
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