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Residents Say Chupacabra Stalks Mountains Of Riverside County - Press-Telegram
THE ANOMALIST A southern California community has recently become the newest recipient of visits from what many are claiming is a Chupacabra. Given the ever expanding list of colorful descriptors... 20 hours
Mysterious Devil’s Footprints Around the World - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Brent Swancer brings us a trifecta of bloody unsettling cryptid reports, starting with strange bipedal "hoof prints" that elude explanation and spark cries of "demon!" from the communities involved. While... 20 hours
Captain Munro, Monster Hunter - Loch Ness Mystery
THE ANOMALIST Tim Dinsdale, Ted Holiday, Roy Mackal...Donald Munro? In June 1938, Glasgow Boy tells us, Munro suggested rigorous methods for photographing Nessie long before modern researchers would implement their own. Unfortunately his ideas... 2 days
did sea creatures push us in to vietnam war Did sea creatures push US in to Vietnam War ?
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO Back in 1964, the Gulf of Tonkin incident resulted in a renewed commitment to war with Vietnam. On August 2, the USS Maddox, which had been conducting... 4 days
'Demon goat' terrifies locals in Argentina
DISCLOSE.TV Another case of creepy cryptozoology. A demon-like goat was born with a human-depicting face. The goat lives in rural Argentina and has scared many local people ... 4 days
Residents In Stirlingshire Village React To Sighting Of Mystery 'Creature' In Field - Daily Record
THE ANOMALIST Has one of Nessie's babies gone astray, or might this be a case of mistaken identity? To say... 4 days
Britain's Bigfoot: A Big Beast and Big Problems - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Nick Redfern ponders the conundrum of British Bigfoot sightings in a country where they surely cannot exist. Mainland UK is largely de-forested and sinking beneath the... 5 days
What Tim Said Next To Herman - Loch Ness Mystery
THE ANOMALIST Glasgow Boy follows up on his piece from a few weeks ago, detailing the correspondence between Tim Dinsdale and famed Nessie photographer Herman Cockrell. Here he reproduces a... 5 days
Did a Glowing Sea Creature Help Push the U.S. Into the Vietnam War? - The Atlantic
THE ANOMALIST On August 4, 1966, the USS Maddox and the USS Turner Joy, both destroyers, were ordered... 6 days
Southern Sasquatch encountered by several officers in Virginia
FREAK LORE Freak Lore Freak Lore - Aliens, Ghosts, Demons, UFOs, Unexplained Mysteries and more! Not long ago, in southern Albemarle county... 7 days
Not Quite Nessie: News Sites Claim a “Dinosaur� Lives in This North Carolina Lake - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Fox News recently picked up a story from Cryptozoology News about a recent sighting... 7 days
Did sea creatures push US in to Vietnam War ?