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Hunt for Tasmanian Tiger Moves to Cape York After Sightings - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Sightings of the once-thought-extinct Tasmanian Tiger continue to be reported, encouraging researchers to move their hunt to Cape York Peninsula located in... 4 hours
Is Simple Mind Over Matter The Cure For Vampirism?
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS For reasons not fully understood by vampires nor human cryptozoologists, approximately 50% of Vampires who acquire temporary amnesia believe they’re human.  Within that belief a physical reality forms, and they... 23 hours
The Strange Case of the Phantom Pokemon - BBC
THE ANOMALIST Apparently the realm of sleep paralysis is not limited to visitations of demons, specters, and extraterrestrials. We can now add Pokemon to the list of entities that experiencers of this... 1 day
Woman blames car crash on Bigfoot sighting
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES An unidentified motorist ended up hitting a deer in her car after being distracted by a 'hairy beast'. The incident, which happened in Latah County, O... 2 days
Benewah County Woman Swears Bigfoot Caused Her to Crash on US95 Near Potlatch - Pullman Radio
THE ANOMALIST Last week a woman driving the roads at night in Benewah County, Washington, was involved in... 2 days
'Maerdy Monster' is new species of millipede
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Scientists in the UK have discovered a previously unknown species of millipede at an old Welsh coal mine. The 'Maerdy Monster', so-named due to its di... 2 days
Tasmanian Tiger: Scientists Prepare To Search For Once-Extinct Thylacine
HUFFINGTON POST Scientists are preparing to search for a creature thought long-extinct in northern Queensland.The Tasmanian Tiger, or Thylacine, was a striped, wolf-like native mammal which was hunted to extinction by European... 2 days
Indonesian dirt bike tour captures unknown mutant creature on camera
FREAK LORE Freak Lore - Paranormal and strange news. Freak Lore - Paranormal and strange news. - Aliens,... 3 days
human or not mysterious creature sparks internet frenzy in indonesia Human Or Not? Mysterious Creature Sparks Internet Frenzy In Indonesia
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO An unusual figure appears in Indonesian forest which may be proof of a lost, legendary tribe ... 4 days
The Vapor-Man Of Brown's Woods - Haunted Ohio Books
THE ANOMALIST Most men in black accounts verge on the infernal, rather than the contemporary stereotype of sterile government agents. Perhaps some who glance at Chris Woodyard's account of a vapor-wrapped entity... 4 days
The Hex Cat Of Tumbling Run - The Curious Fortean
THE ANOMALIST The locals 'round Mount Carbon, Pennsylvania, know plenty of weirdness. Their fortean phenomena can be counted on both hands, but Andrew Gable's interest is with the left hand's... 5 days
Gralien Report Daily News for March 25, 2017
THE GRALIEN REPORT Here are today’s headlines… ‘Flight proven’ SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket poised for second launch Spacewalking Astronauts Prep Space Station to Dock with Commercial Spaceships Idaho woman blames hungry Bigfoot for crashing vehicle... 5 days
Human Or Not? Mysterious Creature Sparks Internet Frenzy In Indonesia