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Police seize fake IT equipment worth up to £1m
Sky News Police have seized more than 1,000 counterfeit items of computer hardware, which could potentially have fetched almost £1m. 3 hours
How to fix 'Health report not available' issue on Windows Defender Security Center
Windows Central If the Windows Defender Security Center dashboard isn't showing your system's health report, in this guide, we'll tell you how to fix... 6 hours
Samsung ends Intel's 2-decade-plus reign in microchips
ABC NEWS Intel's more than two decade reign as king of the silicon-based semiconductor ended when Samsung Electronics surpassed the U.S. company to become the leading maker of the computer chips 16 hours
Intel's 2Q results top analyst views, lifting stock
ABC NEWS Intel's 2nd-quarter profit more than doubles amid strengthening demand for company's personal computer chips 18 hours
Non-LCD technology shows promise for return to work/school for postconcussion syndrome sufferers
SCIENCE DAILY Using a non-LCD screen for computer tasks may decrease the risk of exacerbating symptoms in sufferers of post-concussion syndrome (PCS), suggests a new pilot... 18 hours
NASA's moon rover will mine for water in the dark video - CNET
CNET NASA computer scientists are teaching exploration and mining robots to navigate planets in the dark. NASA Ames Research Center scientists showed off... 19 hours
Ultracold molecules hold promise for quantum computing
PHYS.ORG Researchers have taken an important step toward the long-sought goal of a quantum computer, which in theory should be capable of vastly faster computations than conventional computers, for certain kinds of problems. The new... 20 hours
Simulations signal early success for fractal-based retinal implants
SCIENCE DAILY Computer simulations of electrical charges sent to retinal implants based on fractal geometry have researchers moving forward with their eyes focused on biological testing. 23 hours
Apple ordered to pay $506M in Wisconsin patent infringement
PHYS.ORG A judge has ordered computer-maker Apple Inc. to pay more than $506 million in a patent infringement case brought by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation after the two sides agreed... 24 hours
'Dark ecology project' will use past weather radar data to trace bird migrations
PHYS.ORG Every spring and fall, billions of birds migrate across the United States, largely unseen under the cover of darkness. Now a team... 24 hours
i made my own wearable computer with a raspberry pi and it was almost too easy I made my own wearable computer with a Raspberry Pi, and it was almost too easy
THE VERGE Ever since I read... 1 day
Microsoft bought MS-DOS on July 27, 1981
Windows Central Exactly 36 years ago today, Microsoft Cofounder Bill Gates made one of the important purchases in the software giant's storied history. On July 27, 1981, Gates fully licensed the "quick and dirty operating system"... 1 day
meet the podcasters who call icloud scammers just to talk Meet the podcasters who call iCloud scammers just to talk
THE VERGE “I would like to claim I was that cautious, but in the moment I was not.”... 1 day
Samsung poised to unseat Intel as king of microchips
ABC NEWS Samsung Electronics poised to unseat Intel as top maker of computer memory chips 1 day
Physicists use computer simulations to study arrangement of stiff polymers in spherical cavities
NEWS MEDICAL Theoretical physicists led by Professor Kurt Binder and Dr. Arash Nikoubashman at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz in Germany have used computer simulations... 2 days
Bringing deep learning to big screen animation
SCIENCE DAILY Modern films and TV shows are filled with spectacular computer-generated sequences computed by rendering systems that simulate the flow of light in a three-dimensional scene and convert the information into a two-dimensional image. But... 2 days
cosmologists produce new maps of dark matter dynamics Cosmologists Produce New Maps of Dark Matter Dynamics
ASTRO WATCH New maps of dark matter dynamics in the Universe have been produced by a team of international cosmologists. Using advanced... 2 days
Intelligent animation—engineers collaborate to incorporate AI into a computer-based rendering system
PHYS.ORG Modern films and TV shows are filled with spectacular computer-generated sequences computed by rendering systems that simulate the flow of light in a three-dimensional scene and... 2 days
Experts: Software theft shows threat of mercenary hackers
ABC NEWS Experts say the indictment of two Iranian men on charges they broke into the computer system of a tiny Vermont defense contractor shows that mercenary hackers who sell stolen data to friendly... 2 days
A media-focused HoloLens could help Microsoft bring AR to consumers
Windows Central In the face of mounting competition, Microsoft is under pressure for a consumer play for its augmented reality (AR) headset, HoloLens, and AR platform, Windows Mixed Reality. A... 2 days
Physicists gain new insights into nanosystems with spherical confinement
PHYS.ORG Theoretical physicists led by Professor Kurt Binder and Dr. Arash Nikoubashman at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) in Germany have used computer simulations to study the arrangement of stiff polymers... 2 days
ebay announces image search feature coming to ios app this fall eBay Announces Image Search Feature Coming to iOS App This Fall
MacRumors eBay today announced two new features coming to its mobile apps this fall, called... 2 days
aerojet rocketdyne puts sls engine computer through its paces Aerojet Rocketdyne puts SLS engine computer through its paces
SPACE NEWS NASA successfully tested an engine with a new computer that will be used on the Space Launch System.... 2 days
Physics discovery unlocks ingredients of 2-D 'sandwich'
PHYS.ORG Everything that exists in the digital world—photos, tweets, online courses, this article—is stored as 1's and 0's. At the software level, this information is written as computer code. At the hardware level, that code... 2 days
Toward additive manufacturing
PHYS.ORG Automation, robotics, advanced computer-aided design, sensing and diagnostic technologies have revolutionized the modern factory, allowing the building of complex products, from microchips to cars and even airplanes, with unprecedented cost-efficiency, scale and reliability. The modern factory represents the pinnacle of... 2 days
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The Bachelor Party is Still On in Trailer for Joey Kern's Film 'Big Bear'
Samsung Gear S3 TUMI Edition brings a canvas band and a higher price
First extrasolar moon potentially discovered
Netflix’s weird dog cartoon Buddy Thunderstruck predicts the future of interactive storytelling
Final Fantasy XV’s ultra luxurious Regalia car is coming to Forza Horizon 3
New Official Trailer for 'LBJ' Film Starring Woody Harrelson as Johnson
Galaxy Note 8: Samsung hints at ‘richer multimedia functionalities’ coming to the flagship
Hands-on: Akitio’s portable 4-Bay Thunderbolt 3 external storage solution turbo-charges your Mac [Video]
Opinion: The Essential Phone still looks great, but it’s quickly running out of time
Now you can buy concert merchandise from a vending machine using Apple Pay [Video]
Design method helps animated characters gain physical form
Making animated characters jump just got easier
The Nintendo Switch virtual console can’t come soon enough
Essential Phone: Engineer explains how the dual-camera system works