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Founder of cryptocurrency debit card faces new fraud charges for $32 million ICO scheme
TechCrunch The U.S. government is following through on its promise to crack down on initial coin offering scams. On Friday, the... 12 hours
Ad-blocking Brave browser to give crypto-payment tokens to everyone - CNET
CNET The startup plans to open the spigot for its BAT cryptocurrency to help promote use of its system for privacy-first online ads. 2 days
Iceland 'bitcoin heist' suspect flees on plane… with prime minister - CNET
CNET It's a small country after all. Iceland issues international arrest warrant for the suspected mastermind of the "Big Bitcoin Heist." 3 days
A minor cryptocurrency partners with a major porn network. What could go wrong?
TechCrunch Yesterday brought some interesting news in the cryptocurrency space. In a move that is at once sleazy and ridiculous, PornHub and its... 3 days
Pacquiao to launch own cryptocurrency
PHYS.ORG Philippine boxing icon Manny Pacquiao said Wednesday he would launch a cryptocurrency to connect with fans, but also backed the regulation of virtual currencies. 3 days
Debris-Dodging Spacecraft Could Use Bitcoin-Like Technology
SPACE.COM Future spacecraft could think for themselves using the same technology that powers Bitcoin. 3 days
Basis, a year-old startup that’s building a price-stable cryptocurrency, just raised $133 million from top investors
TechCrunch If you own any Bitcoin, you’re probably in the habit of watching its price fluctuate wildly.... 3 days
Iceland: Bitcoin heist suspect has likely fled to Sweden
PHYS.ORG A man suspected of masterminding the theft of about 600 computers used to mine bitcoins and other virtual currencies has likely fled to Sweden after breaking out of a prison... 3 days
Iceland: Bitcoin heist suspect has likely fled to Sweden
ABC NEWS A man suspected of masterminding the theft of about 600 computers used to mine bitcoins and other virtual currencies has likely fled to Sweden after breaking out of a prison... 3 days
Iceland's Bitcoin heist suspect 'flees on PM's plane'
BBC The man fled from Iceland to Sweden on a passenger plane reportedly also carrying the prime minister. 3 days
Bitcoin peaks and falls become race tracks
BBC The rapidly changing value of crypto-currency has been turned into a mobile game. 3 days
Quebec wary of bitcoin gold rush
PHYS.ORG At the site of a former cocoa factory in Canada's Quebec province, tiny holes punctured in the walls of a warehouse allow fresh air to cool thousands of whirring processors connected by a tangle of wires. 3 days
Bitcoin's true believers vow to ride out currency rollercoaster
PHYS.ORG The crowds have thinned somewhat at Bitcoin Center, leaving just the true believers in the volatile cryptocurrency. 3 days
Litecoin's creator wants to buy porn with his own cryptocurrency - CNET
CNET Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, is happy Pornhub is letting us buy pornography with crypto, but when is it gonna expand the deal... 3 days
Pornhub now accepts cryptocurrency video - CNET
CNET The adult video site now lets you pay with a privacy-oriented digital currency, but you'll have to jump through a few hoops before spending anonymously. 3 days
Cambridge Analytica reportedly planned a cryptocurrency - CNET
CNET Embattled consultancy's digital token was intended to help people store and sell their online personal data, The New York Times reports. 3 days
New York launches a fact-finding inquiry into Coinbase, Binance and other exchanges
TechCrunch As cryptocurrencies continued shaking off their April hangover, the state of New York is trying to figure out what to do with this whole... 3 days
cambridge analytica planned to launch its own cryptocurrency Cambridge Analytica planned to launch its own cryptocurrency
THE VERGE The company behind Facebook’s massive data leak scandal, Cambridge Analytica, attempted to develop its own cryptocurrency this past year and... 4 days
Suspect in Iceland's 'Big Bitcoin Heist' escapes prison
ABC NEWS A prisoner in Iceland suspected of masterminding the theft of about 600 computers used to mine bitcoin has managed to escape custody and flee the remote North Atlantic nation on a passenger... 4 days
NY attorney general asks bitcoin exchanges to explain themselves - CNET
CNET A new fact-finding inquiry seeks to discover how the exchanges work and what they're doing to fight bots, money laundering and market manipulation. 4 days
New York investigates cryptocurrency trading exchanges
PHYS.ORG New York state authorities on Tuesday said they have launched a probe into platforms that trade cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, including potential fraud and conflicts of interest. 4 days
Ripple’s Brad Garlinghouse and Michael Arrington to talk cryptocurrency at Disrupt SF
TechCrunch Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse and Arrington XRP Capital founder (and TechCrunch founder) Michael Arrington will be joining us at TechCrunch Disrupt SF in September... 4 days
new york s attorney general is investigating bitcoin exchanges New York’s attorney general is investigating bitcoin exchanges
THE VERGE New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman launched an investigation into bitcoin exchanges today, his office announced. He’s looking into thirteen... 4 days
hackers keep robbing cryptocurrency youtubers Hackers keep robbing cryptocurrency YouTubers
THE VERGE Ian Balina, a former IBM salesman who became a full-time cryptocurrency trader and pundit, is not known for his modesty. Like many YouTube personalities in the... 4 days
Now you can buy a PornHub subscription with cryptocurrency - CNET
CNET PornHub now accepts Verge Currency for anonymous purchases — but you’ll have to buy some Bitcoin to get started. 4 days
Bitcoin's wild ride and what's ahead for the cryptocurrency
PHYS.ORG Bitcoin has been on a volatile ride in recent times, its value rising and falling like a kite caught in variable winds. 4 days
pornhub starts accepting cryptocurrency Pornhub starts accepting cryptocurrency
THE VERGE Pornhub has started accepting cryptocurrency as a payment option, the company announced today. The site now accepts Verge cryptocurrency (no relation to The Verge), a rebranded version of... 4 days
A16Z and Founders Fund sink $28M into IRL asset blockchain Harbor
TechCrunch Harbor helps businesses legally issue cryptocurrency tokens that represent ownership of real-world assets like real estate, fine art, company equity, and investment funds. This “tokenization” might... 4 days
A video game where you ride bitcoin price charts to the moon! - CNET
CNET And then ride it all the way back down baby! Bear market here we come... wheeeeeeeee! 4 days
Someone made a game where you ride the rapidly changing prices of cryptocurrencies
TechCrunch The cryptocurrency world is a strange one, but at least it has a sense of humor. A new game has you riding... 5 days
Coinbase buys and makes CEO Balaji Srinivasan its first CTO
TechCrunch Coinbase, the prominent cryptocurrency exchange, has announced its most significant piece of M&A to date after it agreed to buy, the U.S. startup that uses... 5 days
Inside the coal power plant opening its doors to Bitcoin mining - CNET
CNET Last week IOT Group said it was partnering with a power plant to mine cryptocurrency on the cheap, but will that partnership... 5 days
Austin is piloting blockchain to improve homeless services
TechCrunch While the vagaries of the cryptocurrency markets are keeping crypto traders glued to their CoinDesk graphs, the real potential of blockchain is its capability to solve real human challenges in a decentralized,... 7 days
Yahoo Japan buys a minority stake in a Tokyo cryptocurrency exchange
TechCrunch Yahoo Japan has gotten its hands on 40 percent of a Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange set to launch this fall. The investment, made in BitARG Exchange through... 1 week
Here are the 12 startups in Techstars NYC’s Winter 2018 class
TechCrunch The latest startups to participate in Techstars NYC have spent the past  week pitching investors, journalists and the broader New York community. I swung by the accelerator’s new... 1 week
Exit scammers run off with $660 million in ICO earnings
TechCrunch A Vietnamese cryptocurrency company Modern Tech launched an ICO for its Pincoin token, raising $660 million from approximately 32,000 people. The company first ran the Pincoin ICO, promising... 1 week
the one true bitcoin The one true Bitcoin
THE VERGE Inside the struggle between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash Continue reading… 1 week
inside the dumb civil war between bitcoin and bitcoin cash Inside the dumb civil war between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash
THE VERGE The struggle between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is making us all dumber  Continue reading… 1 week
Vietnam eyes cryptocurrency crackdown after alleged $660 mn scam
PHYS.ORG Vietnam has vowed to tighten regulations on cryptocurrencies as authorities investigate an alleged multi-million-dollar fraud in the country, where digital units are traded in a shadowy and unregulated market. 1 week
CoinTracker raises $1.5M to make tracking crypto investments easy for anyone
TechCrunch It’s April, that means tax returns for people in the U.S. very soon. Given the breakout year that crypto had in 2017 — despite prices cooling down... 2 weeks
twitter briefly shut down bitcoin sparking wild conspiracy theories Twitter briefly shut down @Bitcoin, sparking wild conspiracy theories
THE VERGE Twitter suspended the @Bitcoin Twitter account, which is run by an anonymous user, over the weekend. The account... 2 weeks
Coinbase hires Rachael Horwitz as its first VP of comms
TechCrunch As Coinbase slowly earns the opportunity to begin thinking about taking a breath after the insane growth of the past few months, it’s thinking more about what all... 2 weeks
Did You Buy Bitcoins? Your Brain's Anatomy Might Be to Blame
LIVE SCIENCE Scans show people who can endure greater risk share certain neurological features. 2 weeks
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