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mark o connell interview a different perspective Mark O'Connell Interview - A Different Perspective
THE ANOMALIST VIDEO Kevin Randle's guest was sci-fi television writer Mark O'Connell, and the discussion focused on last month's debate between Mark and Don Schmitt on the Roswell case. Kevin and Mark covered some of the debate... 5 days
Bright Light Shoots Out Of Rock Along Extraterrestrial Highway, UFO Sighting News.
UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY Date of sighting: 7-1-2015 but reported today.Location of sighting: Southern California, USANews source: MUFON #80430From the looks of the terrain, I would say this... 3 weeks
John Shirley Interview - A Different Perspective
THE ANOMALIST Science fiction novelist John Shirley and Kevin Randle had an amiable discussion on matters ufological on Kevin's radio show. The discussion trips lightly and fairly predictably over the series of subjects covered in Randle's... 3 weeks
Was this footage of a Grey extraterrestrial really smuggled out of top secret Area 51?
DISCLOSE.TV Area 51 is the government facility popularly believed to be involved in investigations into other forms of intelligent... 3 weeks
UFO Over Fresno Could Be Sign Big Earth Quake Is On Its Way, Nov 2016, UFO Sighting News.
UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY Date of sighting: Nov 10, 2016Location of sighting: Fresno, California, USASource: MUFON... 3 weeks
The Secrets of AREA 51 and The ALIEN interview
DISCLOSE.TV The footage you are about to see is highly controversial because of it`s origin,source and the circumstances in which it has apeared on the world wide web and media around... 4 weeks
The Roswell Case and a Curious Letter - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Nick Redfern comments on a curious letter written by one Heinz-Adalbert Ahuis to the American Embassy in West Germany on July 16, 1947. The author claims to be... 1 month
Experts Believe Mysterious Aluminium Object Dating Back 250,000 Years 'Could Be Part Of Ancient UFO' - The Mirror
THE ANOMALIST Key word in Kara O'Neill's headline, "could". Annunaki could've forged it. Regardless... 1 month
Eyewitness describes conversation with Area 51 employee, Aug 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.
UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY Date of video: Aug 14, 2016This is an interesting conversation about the greys, and the more violent taller brown aliens. The brown alien he... 2 months
There Is A Huge New Hangar At Area 51! What could it be hiding?
DISCLOSE.TV Rumours have proliferated for a number of years about a new hangar being under construction at the notoriously secretive Area... 2 months
Hillary campaign manager held UFO meeting with USAF generals, rock star and top secret aircraft developer
OPEN MINDS The recent WikiLeaks of Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, John Podesta's, emails have upset and embarrassed her... 2 months
Another Missed Opportunity to Decipher the Roswell Ramey Memo - UFO Conjecture(s)
THE ANOMALIST A recurrent feature of ufology is the large amount of time spent upon old and famous events. Rich Reynolds wonders why no one has... 2 months
Wikileaks confirms that aliens do exist
FREAK LORE More leaks are happening with extended information in regards to proof of extraterrestrial life which has visited Earth. Some believe that the infamous Area 51 was been used as an embassy for aliens... [[ This is... 2 months
Leaked: Grey Alien Collapsing During An Interview
DISCLOSE.TV This leaked video from Area 51 shows a grey alien during an interview. It is in a very distressed condition. 2 months
Not "Nessiesarily" A Plesiosaur - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST After a brief absence, Nick Redfern comes back ready for the fray and makes it clear he believes there are far more important things to become perplexed about than Nessie, Bigfoot and Roswell, while... 2 months
Mystery "Blazing Red" Lights Spotted Hovering over Birmingham Baffle Brummies' - Daily Star
THE ANOMALIST Something that looks like a contrail distorted by upper atmospheric winds is the source of a couple of photographs and a story... 2 months
5 Classified ALIEN VIDEOS Leaked!
DISCLOSE.TV 5 strange and mysterious alien and Ufo videos that have gone viral.. this video contain of alien video that were interviewed in area 51 and asking them what they are ... 2 months
100% Proof That Bob Lazar Did Work In Area S4 On One Of Eight Alien Disks, UFO Sighting News.
UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY Location of event: Area S4, Inside Area 51Date of event:... 3 months
The Roswell U.F.O. Crash - New [Documentary]
DISCLOSE.TV A new Roswell crash documentary by UFO Queensland S&R. Good footage and interviews that I haven't seen before, especially past 20mins in. 3 months
10 Things About AREA 51 You Do Not Know Yet
DISCLOSE.TV Area 51 has long been debated on whether it truly exists and where it could possibly be located. Many speculations that Area 51 has a large amount of... 3 months
Rockefeller's pursuit and our continuous denial of the other species
PARANORMAL NEWS In 1993 Laurence Rockefeller established the UFO Disclosure Initiative, urging President Clinton to declassify all the information that the CIA and the air force had accumulated about the... 3 months
Roswell UFO And Alien Corpses Were Stored Inside Top-Secret Hangar 18 At Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Whistleblowers Claim
PARANORMAL NEWS Following the alleged UFO crash at a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico,... 3 months
UFO Roswell Crash Similar Metal: Ultra-strong and Light Metal
PARANORMAL NEWS Researchers from the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science created an ultra-strong and super-light metal, with a density two-thirds that of aluminium at Li's Scifacturing Laboratory at... 3 months
UFO SIGHTINGS 2016 Alien Documentary Hangar 18 The UFO Warehouse, UFO Sightings Daily.
UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY This documentary has been on my mind a lot, so I want to share it with you. You may like it as... 3 months
London 7/7 cop ‘revealing truth behind' the Rendlesham Forest incident
PARANORMAL NEWS Gary Heseltine, who is now retired, is aiming to blow wide open the mystery that surrounds "Britain's own Roswell" – the Rendlesham Forest incident. The 56-year-old embarked on... 3 months
New Mexico Witness Wonders if UFO Responded to LED Lights - Open Minds
THE ANOMALIST Earlier this summer two witnesses were stargazing about 40 miles outside Roswell. Seeing a light flash that neither could identify, they opted... 3 months
Book Review: Silver Screen Saucers: Sorting Fact From Fantasy In Hollywood's UFO Movies By Robbie Graham - Mysterious Un...
THE ANOMALIST Disclosure may not happen, but that's not stopping Hollywood from... 3 months
New Mexico witness wonders if UFO responded to LED lights
MUFON by Roger Marsh on August 18, 2016 A New Mexico witness near Roswell reported watching a light flash response in the sky after setting off an LED light... 4 months
New Mexico witness wonders if UFO responded to LED lights
OPEN MINDS A New Mexico witness near Roswell reported watching a light flash response in the sky after setting off an LED light sequence on the ground, according to testimony... 4 months
'Area 51 agents gave me to aliens' Ex-soldier reveals men in black abduction experience
DISCLOSE.TV ALIENS: Bill Brooks' claims to have had encounters with aliens and Area 51 men in black. Bill Brooks joined the... 4 months
The Roswell Slides - Who Got the Five Grand? - A Different Perspective
THE ANOMALIST Kevin Randle dons a forensic accounting cap and this time tracks down the final resting place of a large sum of cash... 4 months
Astonishing Footage: UFO Being Transported Near Area 51
DISCLOSE.TV Accompanied by a police escort, a truck is seen with a disk-shaped UFO strapped to its trailer. The person who shot the film stated that the video was recorded near Area 51.... 4 months
Germany Reports That Red Baron Shot Down UFO On 81st Mission! Aug 2016, UFO Sighting News.
UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY Date of event: 1917-1918Location of event: French battle linesNews source: http://www.oe24.at/welt/Ueberirdischer-Roter-Baron-traf-auch-Aliens/246757390Its possible that the Red Barons two front... 4 months
Alien Being Tested in Area 51
DISCLOSE.TV This video takes a look at footage that was received by a Mexican officer in 1987 from a secret military base in the United States, presumably Area 51 ... 4 months
The Coming Destruction Of Minneapolis - Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog
THE ANOMALIST An extensive system of caverns lay 'neath the Twin Cities, perhaps leading to the Hollow Earth with its fountains of vril. Upon their discovery there was much hubbub... 4 months
CE5 - extraterrestrial contact - UFO
DISCLOSE.TV What is a UFO probably no need to explain to anyone, because all of us have of him-what he heard, saw, or at least read. The phenomenon has grown in popularity, especially after World War II,... 4 months
Shock Picture: 'UFOs' On Trucks On A34 Spark Claims There Is A British Area 51 - Express
THE ANOMALIST While some are declaring that the British government has been caught transporting super secret... 5 months
Government Chief's Death Bed Confession: 'I was shown inside alien UFO at Area 51'
DISCLOSE.TV A FORMER government emergency expert made a detailed death bed confession of how he was shown inside an alien flying... 5 months
Pokémon Go, Area 51 And Alien Mind Control - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST How can any anomalist not like Pokémon? The hunt for strange, mythical creatures resonates with us, the excitement of spotting and capturing a shiny, and now... 5 months
EBE the First Ever Captured Alien in Human History! Must Watch!
DISCLOSE.TV These were the alien caught by human.. captured in roswell accident and this been viral and been known as the first alien creature meet and captured... 5 months
Snipers and Choppers: A Chilling Glimpse of Security at Area 51
DISCLOSE.TV A pair of recently posted videos provide a remarkable look at the intense level of security surrounding the infamous Area 51 ... 5 months
Aliens, Archaeology, And The Atomic Bomb - MTV
THE ANOMALIST Brian Phillips hits every stop along the Extraterrestrial Highway, and all points weird on his road trip through the ruins of the American Southwest. Let's just say after Brian's swallowed by the... 5 months
UFO enthusiasts celebrate 'World UFO Day'
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Today marks the anniversary of the famous UFO crash that occurred in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Intended to help raise awareness of "the undoubted e... 5 months
New Mexico Town Still Celebrates Legendary UFO Crash Tale, 69 Years On
HUFFINGTON POST In early July 1947 -- the exact date is unknown -- something fell out of the sky, hitting the ground on a ranch 70... 5 months
NASA Head Tells School Kids Extraterrestrial Life Exists, But Us Government Is Not Hiding Aliens In Area 51 - Internatio...
THE ANOMALIST We must confess, we're not sure whether to... 5 months
$10,000 REWARD! Can YOU decipher this Roswell UFO memo?
DISCLOSE.TV To claim the reward a number of criteria will need to be met, including full reproducibility of the result (with methodology of the individual/lab completely explained and transparent so that... 5 months
Argentina: Researcher Proposed UFO Tourism For Salta Province - Inexplicata
THE ANOMALIST Houses are haunted, the forests of the Pacific Northwest are rife with sasquatch, but where can one see UFOs on a regular basis? Marfa? Psht, it's all touristy... 5 months
Smells Like Rain - Herald Tribune
THE ANOMALIST Billy Cox could be a professional humorist if he wasn't so good at writing about UFOs. This latest installment, focusing on Billy's experience with the OGIS, is a very worthwhile read. Also worth reading is Kevin... 5 months
$10,000 reward offered to decipher Roswell UFO memo
OPEN MINDS Last week UFO researcher and author Kevin Randle posted news of a $10,000 reward for anyone who can decipher the text of a memo seen in a picture of what is supposedly... 5 months
ROSWELL BREAKTHROUGH: Woman claims she handled 'unbreakable wreckage from UFO crash'
DISCLOSE.TV A WOMAN has claimed that she carried out tests on pieces of a flying saucer which allegedly crashed in the New Mexico desert near Roswell, 10... 5 months
Mark O'Connell Interview - A Different Perspective