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Russian Police Summon Priests to Exorcise ‘Poltergeist’ - The Moscow Times
THE ANOMALIST Typically, Russian news contains the best of the weirdest, but these two recent news items seem more like the worst of the lamest. In this first... 2 days
Enochian: The Lost Language Of Angels
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO John Dee and Edward Kelley are two occultists who in 1581 said that they had communicated with angels and the angles had given them foundations of a l... 6 days
Who Is The Valentine Vixen?
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS The Valentine Vixen is a former high ranking Cupid Angel named Casandra. She was fourth in command of Valentines Day behind Saint Valentine. She didn’t agree with the Archangels Of Heaven on the limitations of her powers. More... 1 week
Fallen Angels And The Six Digits Phenomenon
DISCLOSE.TV How popular is the six-digit phenomenon? There have been talks of giants once roaming the Earth who had not five but six fingers. Six fingers have als... 1 week
NASA to develop a new 'quiet' supersonic jet
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES The US government is funding a new experimental aircraft known as the Low-Boom Flight Demonstrator. Concorde, the British-French turbojet-powered supe... 1 week
The Woodlands Demon | Freak Lore
DISCLOSE.TV Living out in a remote area, a couple experienced the unimaginable. They shared their story with the Ghosts & Ghouls website. One night, while liv... 1 week
Hunting camera captures Angelic spirit in Michigan | Freak Lore
DISCLOSE.TV There are many photographs that defy rational explanation. This is one of them. A man named David Z. sent in a photograph to the Angels & Ghosts w... 1 week
Logan Paul Youtube Demonetization Censorship Conspiracy
DISCLOSE.TV Logan Paul is currently the latest victim of a YouTube demonetization censorship conspiracy that is shutting him down and losing him millions. This is... 2 weeks
Demonic App Aimed At Toddlers
DISCLOSE.TV Let this serve as a warning to all parents, this easy to download child friendly app allows your young child to receive phone calls from their chosen ... 2 weeks
Enochian: The Lost Language Of Angels
Dark Room (2017)
Stan Against Evil trailer is full of gore, demons and witches
Parallel State