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this stuxnet mini doc shows a cyberattack from the point of view of a virus This Stuxnet mini-doc shows a cyberattack from the point of view of a virus
THE VERGE Virtual reality documentaries can sometimes feel a little... 1 day
nintendo s motion controlled arms is a fun but frustrating fighting game Nintendo’s motion-controlled Arms is a fun but frustrating fighting game
THE VERGE VIDEO As one of a handful of new games announced for its Switch console, Nintendo’s fighting game... 2 weeks
Hack and Slash your way to victory with Titan Quest Anniversary Edition
Windows Central Titan Quest Anniversary Edition is a role-playing game that sends you to Greece, Egypt and Asia to play out an epic battle of good... 4 weeks
No Signal: Egypt blocks the encrypted messaging app as it continues its cyber crackdown
TechCrunch  Egypt has intensified its cyber crackdown under president Abdel Fattah El Sisi. In recent years authorities have blocked Facebook’s controversial... 4 weeks
Tom Cruise's screams become a ringtone
BBC Tom Cruise's screams in a remake of The Mummy go viral after an error in a trailer for the new film. 1 month
The messed-up Mummy trailer is mutating faster than Universal Pictures can keep up
THE VERGE We live in an age of reboots and cinematic universes. And yet I had no idea that Hollywood was rebooting The Mummy... 1 month
Egypt Receives Ancient Stolen Limestone Relief
ABC NEWS The Ministry of Antiquities says Egypt's embassy in London has received a limestone relief that had been stolen from Queen Hatshepsut's temple in Luxor 1 month
Maker of Signal Says App Is Being Blocked in Egypt
ABC NEWS The maker of an encrypted messaging app often used by journalists and activists in Egypt says the program been blocked by authorities there 1 month
Signal, Encrypted Messaging App, Say Egypt Is Blocking It
ABC NEWS Signal, encrypted messaging app used by journalists and activists in Egypt, says authorities blocking it 1 month
Tom Cruise is accidentally hilarious in this broken Mummy reboot trailer
THE VERGE Universal Pictures' Mummy reboot is one of many attempts by production companies to start a new cinematic universe, but Universal seems to be taking its new... 1 month
Mummified child could change history of smallpox - CNET
CNET DNA from a mummy buried under a church indicates the contagious and sometimes fatal disease may have struck much later than previously thought. 2 months
Egyptian mummies virtually unwrapped in Australia
PHYS.ORG The hidden secrets of Egyptian mummies up to 3,000 years old have been virtually unwrapped and reconstructed for the first time using cutting-edge scanning technology in a joint British-Australian exhibition. 2 months
Whose mummified knees are these? Queen Nefertari's, probably - CNET
CNET Bone fragments thought to have belonged to the famous ancient Egyptian queen get the royal scientific treatment. You could say the findings have legs. 2 months
Mysterious mummified knees ID'd as Egyptian Queen Nefertari - CNET
CNET Bone fragments thought to have belonged to the famous ancient queen get the royal scientific treatment, and you could say the findings have legs. 2 months
How Tom Cruise's The Mummy will launch a Marvel-like reboot of the Universal Monsters
THE VERGE In the age of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, every studio wants a behemoth self-referential franchise to call its own. Last... 2 months
'The Mummy' full trailer takes off the wraps with a bang - CNET
CNET "The Mummy" takes an energetic stab at updating the classic Universal monster movie for the modern age. 2 months
The Mummy’s first trailer is Mission: Impossible with a supernatural twist
THE VERGE Marvel may have kicked off the current expanded cinematic universe craze, but the concept arguably started back with the classic Universal Pictures horror films — and... 2 months
Apple to Change App Store U.S. Pricing to Regional Currencies in 9 Countries
MacRumors Apple is set to change its pricing from U.S. dollars to local currencies for apps and in-app purchases in nine different countries... 2 months
Apple’s App Store switching from USD pricing to local currency for paid apps and in-app purchases in eight countries
9to5Mac Apple has announced to developers that it is switching up... 2 months
'The Mummy' teaser trailer puts Tom Cruise on the run - CNET
CNET An ancient evil rises up to terrorize Tom Cruise in a brief teaser hinting at tons of special effects in "The Mummy" reboot. 2 months
Egyptian Archaeologists Uncover Pharaonic Village, Tombs
ABC NEWS Egyptian archeologists have discovered a Pharaonic village and cemetery once used by officials tasked with building royal tombs 2 months
Microsoft Launches Classic Solitaire Game on iOS
MacRumors Microsoft today launched the "Microsoft Solitaire Collection" on iOS and Android, a package of classic Solitaire games that include Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid, and Tripeaks. As noted by The Verge, Microsoft's version of Solitaire... 2 months
First Click: This map paints a bleak picture of post-election violence in the US
THE VERGE Ushahidi, a crisis tracking startup based in Nairobi, launched in 2008 after Kenya's disputed presidential elections descended into violence. Since... 2 months
Logz.io raises $16 million so folks can better understand and monitor their networks
TechCrunch  It may not be the most compelling technology for consumers, but for businesses, it’s important to know what’s going on in a... 2 months
Guide to beacons in Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta
Windows Central How do I use beacons in Minecraft? Successfully activating a beacon in Minecraft is a pretty big deal. First, you have to kill a Wither and collect a Nether star,... 3 months
Two previously unknown 'cavities' found in Giza's Great Pyramid - CNET
CNET Non-invasive scanning technologies have revealed that the Great Pyramid still has significant secrets, 4,500 years after it was built. 3 months
iPhone 7 to Launch in Several Additional Countries in Late October
MacRumors Apple today updated several of its international websites with iPhone 7 and 7 Plus launch dates, announcing the expansion of the new devices to Egypt, Colombia,... 3 months
Apple confirms iPhone 7 launching in 7 more countries later this month
9to5Mac Apple has confirmed iPhone 7 launch dates for more countries today on its website including Egypt on October 20, Korea and Colombia on October... 3 months
Putting pants on rats and walking like a goat net scientists Ig Nobel awards
CBC A Swede who wrote a trilogy about collecting bugs, an Egyptian doctor who put pants on rats to study their... 4 months
Scholars Who Studied Liars, Put Pants on Rats Win Ig Nobels
ABC NEWS An Egyptian scientist who put pants on rats to see how they affected their sex lives and a Swede who wrote a three-volume series about collecting... 4 months
Nintendo’s motion-controlled Arms is a fun but frustrating fighting game