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robot writes bad christmas song because we get the ai we deserve Robot Writes Bad Christmas Song Because We Get the AI We Deserve
GIZMODO Music is about feeling and robots cannot feel. Nevertheless, scientists at the University of Toronto programmed an AI to write a Christmas song, and... 11 hours
Apple Maps adds EV charging station data from ChargePoint
TechCrunch  Just in time for that cross country holiday trip, Apple’s bringing so key electric vehicle charging info to... 15 hours
Microsoft's building a smarter and more responsive Cortana with "Project Evo"
Windows Central Microsoft unveiled at its annual WinHEC event Project Evo — a new collaboration with Intel — to advance the hardware and AI that powers Windows 10.... 1 day
More from Apple’s AI talk: LiDAR research & beating Google’s image recognition algorithm
9to5Mac Earlier this week Apple’s director of AI research Russ Salakhutdinov... 2 days
apple s ai team working on lidar smaller neural networks image processing and more Apple's AI Team Working on LiDAR, Smaller Neural Networks, Image Processing and More
MacRumors At an exclusive invitation-only lunch at an AI conference in... 2 days
Unity poaches Uber’s machine learning head to tackle AI in AR/VR
TechCrunch  Unity has hired Dr. Danny Lange to take on the next generation of AI... 2 days
do you hear what ai hear Do you hear what AI hear?
CBC VIDEO University of Toronto researchers have developed an algorithm to help you deck your halls with computer-generated carols. 2 days
Apple to start publishing its AI research - CNET
CNET The company will begin sharing its research into artificial intelligence in a move that may help advance its efforts. 2 days
GE puts Amazon Alexa inside a funky table lamp
TechCrunch  Seems Alexa’s made her way into everything these days. Between Amazon’s own Echo offerings and an ever growing... 2 days
apple s top picks for the year include deadpool drake prisma and plants vs zombies Apple’s top picks for the year include Deadpool, Drake, Prisma, and Plants vs Zombies
THE VERGE If you’re looking for some distractions over the... 2 days
Apple is going start publishing its AI research - CNET
CNET The notoriously secretive organisation is going to start sharing its research into AI in a move that may help advance its efforts. 2 days
apple will break with tradition and start publishing ai research Apple will break with tradition and start publishing AI research
THE VERGE Apple, the most the secretive member of the technology industry, is starting to break down its... 3 days
Arago’s AI can now beat some human players at complex civ strategy games
TechCrunch  Arago’s flagship HIRO AI product plays Freeciv, a free civilization... 3 days
Apple AI researchers will be able to publish, likely a move to attract the best minds
9to5Mac Apple’s director of AI... 3 days
apple blames exposure to ambient air for iphone 6s battery failures Apple blames exposure to ‘ambient air’ for iPhone 6S battery failures
THE VERGE Last month, Apple launched a recall program for a number of iPhone 6S models... 3 days
honda teases electric concept car with ai powered emotions Honda teases electric concept car with AI-powered emotions
THE VERGE Honda has teased the first image of what looks to be an ambitious new concept car — an experimental vehicle... 3 days
Why education should become more like artificial intelligence
TechCrunch  Artificial intelligence is all around us. It’s in our cars, our homes and our pockets. With all this information, this... 4 days
Meet Zo, Microsoft's newest AI chatbot - CNET
CNET The tech giant introduces another AI chatbot, Zo.ai, but is limiting the topics it's able to address. 4 days
Uber will start up its own AI research lab - Roadshow
CNET Uber bought an artificial intelligence company -- artificial intelligence research comes next. 4 days
The TC Disrupt London Startup Battlefield finalists are InsideDNA, LiftIgniter, OxeHealth, PhenixP2P and Seenit
TechCrunch  Disrupt London Day 1 was a massive success.... 4 days
OpenAI’s Universe is the fun parent every artificial intelligence deserves
TechCrunch  Every parent’s worst nightmare is a student spending more time playing video games and surfing the... 4 days
dip into deepmind s 3d playground where ai comes to learn cnet Dip into DeepMind's 3D playground where AI comes to learn - CNET
CNET VIDEO How do you teach navigation skills to an AI agent? Why, you play laser tag with it, of course. 4 days
AI predicts the future by watching videos
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES An artificial intelligence is learning how to anticipate what is going to happen in the next few seconds. When you see a person sitting down at a tabl... 4 days
Uber acquires Geometric Intelligence to create an AI lab
TechCrunch  Ride-hailing requires a lot of machine smarts to maintain a competitive edge, so it’s not surprising to see... 4 days
Iris is an AI to help science R&D
TechCrunch  Most startups have a pitch. The team behind Iris AI has two: right now they’ve created an AI-powered science assistant... 4 days
DeepMind’s Mustafa Suleyman says general AI is still a long way off
TechCrunch  Mustafa Suleyman, the Co-Founder & Head of Applied AI, which Google acquired in 2014, took the stage at our Disrupt London event today to... 4 days
uber launches its own ai lab to make food deliveries faster and self driving cars better Uber launches its own AI lab to make food deliveries faster and self-driving cars better
THE VERGE Uber just announced the launch of... 4 days
Meet Aiden, your new AI coworker
TechCrunch  Let’s say you want to know where one of your digital marketing campaigns is getting the most traction: Twitter or Facebook. You might need... 4 days
DeepMind CEO Mustafa Suleyman says general AI is still a long way off
TechCrunch  Mustafa Suleyman, the CEO of the well-known AI company DeepMind,... 4 days
Microsoft has a new AI bot in town, and its name is Zo
Windows Central Microsoft has a new AI chat bot in town called Zo, first spotted on Twitter, which we're assuming is the "successor" to... 4 days
WTF is AI?
TechCrunch  Cogito, ergo sum. We’ve all heard that famous assertion, foundation for a modern philosophy of self, consciousness, and individualism. But Descartes had it easy: for him, thought was self-evident —... 4 days
microsoft s ai will describe images in word and powerpoint for blind users Microsoft’s AI will describe images in Word and PowerPoint for blind users
THE VERGE Artificial intelligence may be making small and steady advances in general-purpose situations like digital assistants. But it’s the more subtle AI accessibility features that... 6 days
Logojoy turns design into an AI-powered, iterative process
TechCrunch  If you’ve ever had to have a logo designed, you probably know that a lot of love, care, taste, years... 1 week
Bach to the future: AI, meet classical music - CNET
CNET VIDEO University of Washington researchers sound out a way to help computers think and even write like a composer. Roll over, Beethoven! 1 week
Facebook: Don't freak out about artificial intelligence - CNET
CNET The social network is making a concerted effort to educate the public about AI. It's not all killer robots, you know. 1 week
inside comma ai s garage warren g drake quotes and a message to elon musk Inside Comma.ai’s garage: Warren G, Drake quotes, and a message to Elon Musk
THE VERGE Comma.ai is a startup company known in equal measures for... 1 week
Toddler hand inspired AI child sex abuse tool
BBC An artificial intelligence system that can identify new images of child sexual abuse has been developed. 1 week
Facebook’s advice to students interested in artificial intelligence
TechCrunch  Math. Math. Oh and perhaps some more math. That’s the gist of the advice to students interested in AI from... 1 week
Comma.ai, still kicking, open sources self-driving cars - Roadshow
CNET Self-driving car startup Comma.ai released its software platform and plans for a hardware module, the Comma Neo, freely to the public today. 1 week
Amazon has a shiny new startup accelerator to advance conversational AI
TechCrunch  Big tech companies have been creating accelerators left and right to evangelize their brands... 1 week
amazon s image recognition ai can identify your dog down to its breed Amazon’s image recognition AI can identify your dog down to its breed
THE VERGE We’ve all had a lot of fun playing around with image recognition machine learning AIs from the likes of Google and Microsoft. Today, Amazon’s... 1 week
Amazon launches Amazon AI to bring its machine learning smarts to developers
TechCrunch  Amazon today announced the launch of its new Amazon AI platform at its re:Invent developer event in Las Vegas. This new service brings many... 1 week
Zero is a mobile automation app for email addicts
TechCrunch  Email apps are a dime a dozen. There are the regular emails apps that come with our phones,... 1 week
george hotz is giving away the code behind his self driving car project George Hotz is giving away the code behind his self-driving car project
THE VERGE Famed iPhone and PlayStation cracker George Hotz is resurrecting the DIY autonomous car project he canceled in October. But this time, there’s a twist:... 1 week
what in god s name has the power rangers movie done to alpha 5 What in God's Name Has the Power Rangers Movie Done to Alpha 5
GIZMODO Ai yi yi yi yi.Read more... 1 week
Guest post: The future of automated warfare by Nelson Lowhim
SFF WORLD There’s been a lot of talk lately about the trolley problem as envisioned by future artificial... 1 week
ibm unveils watson powered imaging solutions for healthcare providers IBM unveils Watson-powered imaging solutions for healthcare providers
PHYS.ORG VIDEO IBM today announced at the Radiological Society of North America Annual Meeting (RSNA 2016) it will preview new imaging solutions from Watson Health and Merge Healthcare (Merge; an IBM Company) designed to... 1 week
Triangle UFO at warp speed in the US
DISCLOSE.TV The TR-3B, a triangular anti-gravity flying platform, powered by nuclear power, appears to be the new aerospace technology craft designed and created by the (CMITF) Military Technology and Financial Industrial Complex in... 1 week
Japan kicks off AI supercomputer project
BBC Japan begins a project to build the world's fastest supercomputer by the end of 2017. 2 weeks
Become Michael Knight with Dashbot, an AI for your car
TechCrunch  Who needs a smart car when you have a cool car? The Dashbot is a $49... 2 weeks
Make voice payments with the Galaxy S8
Samsung Rumors Despite Samsung’s attempts to keep the Galaxy S8 leaks under control, the phone is seeing more leaks than a drilled canoe. The latest rumor is about the AI assistant that will be present in... 2 weeks
Japan looks to create a superfast supercomputer for deep learning
TechCrunch  Japan is reportedly eyeing a return to the top of the supercomputer ranks. The county’s Ministry... 2 weeks
Level Frames launches AI photo filters so you can be artsy IRL
TechCrunch  Prisma has made quite an impression on the tech world, and Level Frames is looking to capitalize on the trend. The YC-backed company, which... 2 weeks
Gralien Report Daily News for November 24, 2016
THE GRALIEN REPORT Here are today’s headlines… Thanksgiving in Space: Astronauts Will Be Working and Feasting Antarctic explorers help make discovery—100 years after their epic adventures Don’t mess with the coconut crab, one of the... 2 weeks
Google’s AI can now lip read better than humans after watching thousands of hours of TV
THE VERGE Researchers from Google’s AI division DeepMind and the University of Oxford have used artificial intelligence to... 2 weeks
Humans strike back: Korean Go master bests AI in board game bout - CNET
CNET After Google's AlphaBrain artificial intelligence beat one of South Korea's best Go players earlier this year, we humans get a... 2 weeks
Google hires up more AI talent to lead a machine learning-focused team in Canada
9to5Google Google‘s commitment to staying ahead of the game in the field of artificial intelligence is clear, and with the rise... 2 weeks
Google's DeepMind AI binges on TV to master lipreading - CNET
CNET After digesting 5,000 hours of TV programs, the AI system outperforms a professional lip-reader. 2 weeks
Google’s AI can translate languages it’s never learned, lip-read better than people
9to5Google A couple of Google announcements today highlight the astonishing progress being made in artificial intelligence. A Google Research blog post explains how the company’s switch... 2 weeks
'Shazam for shoes' shows how AI could transform your style - CNET
CNET Shoegazer, a prototype sneaker-spotting app, demonstrates the ways artificial intelligence could change how we shop. 2 weeks
Alphabet’s DeepMind aims to quiet critics with new deal to access UK medical data
THE VERGE DeepMind, the British AI firm owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet, has signed a new five-year deal to use data... 2 weeks
The SaaS Co. closes €800K seed funding to develop AI-driven sales assistant
TechCrunch  The SaaS Co., a startup that helps Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies with B2B sales, has raised €800,000 in seed funding, money it plans to use... 2 weeks
Don't fear the AI uprising: This robot can't even pass exams - CNET
CNET Torobo, a robot created by the University of Tokyo, has tried and failed to gain entry to the prestigious university four times. 2 weeks
Google’s AI translation tool seems to have invented its own secret internal language
TechCrunch  All right, don’t panic, but computers have created their own secret language and are probably talking about us right now. Well, that’s... 2 weeks
Google DeepMind knows you well enough to save your life - CNET
CNET The UK's National Health Service cuts a deal with the AI company to scan medical records to find at-risk patients. 2 weeks
NHS to use Google AI to treat patients
BBC A London NHS hospital trust has teamed up with tech giant Google to share patient data in the hope of saving lives. 2 weeks
DeepMind Health inks new deal with UK’s NHS to deploy Streams app in early 2017
TechCrunch  DeepMind Health, the division of the Google-owned AI company that’s focused on building links to healthcare providers to... 2 weeks
'Arrival', AI and Alien Math: Q&A with Stephen Wolfram
SPACE.COM Space.com talked with "Arrival" consultant Stephen Wolfram about the way science fits into movies, how aliens are like artificial intelligences and whether math is invented or discovered — and what... 3 weeks
AI-driven Findo secures $7M to be your human-like smart search assistant
TechCrunch  You just know that file or email exists, but you can’t find it. This is a problem all of us have every day — especially those... 3 weeks
Google opens new AI lab and invests $3.4M in Montreal-based AI research
TechCrunch  Google has invested a total of $4.5 million CAD ($3.4M US) in AI research in Montreal’s Institute for Learning Algorithms, with an academic fund... 3 weeks
News anchor tries to draw cannon, draws oh, look - CNET
CNET Technically Incorrect: When you play the Google AI game "Quick Draw," don't be too quick on the draw. 3 weeks
Digital Offers: Master AI and machine learning for $29 today only!
Windows Central Price alert: The price of this awesome bundle has dropped down to just $29 today, which is quite a steal. Be sure to act quickly if... 3 weeks
Don’t bother making beats, Google’s ‘Infinite Drum Machine’ has got you covered [Video]
9to5Google The beautiful thing about artificial intelligence is that due to its relatively back-end nature its applications seem to be virtually endless. Today... 3 weeks
This weekend, Alexa will tell you what’s on sale
TechCrunch  “Alexa, order a Star Wars robot” is an undeniably awesome thing to say to your helpful home AI assistant. And for this weekend, at least, it’ll actually mean something –... 3 weeks
​Intel determined to power AI revolution, not be left behind - CNET
CNET Artificial intelligence technology promises to revolutionize our lives. The world's largest chipmaker is working feverishly to make sure it can profit from the change. 3 weeks
Google working to increase cloud adoption in enterprise with Intel alliance
9to5Google In trying to compete with the likes of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud has been moving at breakneck speed. After a strong push into... 3 weeks
How mixed reality and machine learning are driving innovation in farming
TechCrunch  Farming is, by far, the most mature industry mankind has created. Dating back to the dawn of civilization, farming has been refined, adjusted and adapted —... 3 weeks
Alexa will soon be able to send text messages through AT&T
TechCrunch  Alexa’s on a quite a roll of late. Amazon’s AI assistant is adding new skills all the time, and this week the company’s adding one of... 3 weeks
Eero’s WiFi system adds Alexa commands
TechCrunch  A week or so after Luma announced Alexa integration, it’s Eero’s turn. It’s not really all that surprising that the former got the head start here, of course – after all, the company lists Amazon among... 3 weeks
Stop arguing with Comcast and let this bot negotiate for you
THE VERGE San Francisco startup Trim’s latest creation is a bot willing to wade into the darkest waters for you: negotiating service changes on your Comcast account. Trim... 3 weeks
Apple Explores Potential Chat Interactions With Siri in Messages Threads
MacRumors Apple is looking into integrating its Siri virtual assistant into the company's Messages platform, according to a patent published today, enabling the AI to provide directions, retrieve movie... 3 weeks
Google AI experiment needs your cruddy doodles - CNET
CNET Limber up your drawing hand. Google wants to see you fast-draw common objects to help an AI system learn. 3 weeks
Google shows the power of machine learning by enhancing blurry, low-res pictures
9to5Google We don’t need to further emphasize just how important AI and machine learning are for Google. Whether it be in its cloud services or... 3 weeks
Todoist Smart Schedule is adding AI smarts to your task lists
Windows Central Todoist, the popular cross-platform task management platform, has announced a shiny new feature it's calling Smart Schedule, bringing some AI smarts into your daily planning. ... 3 weeks
Google’s musical AI experiments include a rapping smartphone and an infinite drum machine
THE VERGE Google is in the middle of a big a machine learning push right now, announcing yesterday a pair of big-name hires as... 3 weeks
Todoist Introduces AI-Learning 'Smart Schedule' to Increase Productivity
MacRumors Popular task-managing app Todoist today announced a new AI-powered feature called "Smart Schedule," which intelligently takes into account user habits and pre-existing tasks to organize and schedule tasks on its own. The... 3 weeks
New AI algorithm taught by humans learns beyond its training
SCIENCE DAILY "Hey Siri, how's my hair?" Your smartphone may soon be able to give you an honest answer, thanks to a new machine learning algorithm 3 weeks
New AI algorithm taught by humans learns beyond its training
PHYS.ORG "Hey Siri, how's my hair?" Your smartphone may soon be able to give you an honest answer, thanks to a new machine learning algorithm designed by U of... 3 weeks
An AI project can tell you when the cow goes “Moo”
TechCrunch  A new project from Disney Research can recognize various objects in videos – cows, cars, very small rocks – and add appropriate sounds – “Mooo!”, “Vroom!”,... 3 weeks
Todoist now lets AI software schedule your due dates
THE VERGE The company behind productivity app Todoist, which lets you manage your personal and work lives with powerful to-do lists, is adding a new feature today: an artificial intelligence-powered scheduler. Now,... 3 weeks
Google’s new AI-powered Quick Draw game is crazy smart and addictive
9to5Google As it continues to increase its efforts in artificial intelligence, Google today launched a new web tool called Quick Draw. The website, which looks like a... 3 weeks
This Google-powered AI can identify your terrible doodles
THE VERGE As part of Google’s slew of artificial intelligence announcements today, the company is releasing a number of AI web experiments powered by its cloud services that anyone can go and play with.... 3 weeks
Google’s AI Experiments help you understand neural networks by playing with them
TechCrunch  Google’s work in machine learning and artificial intelligence is often interesting, but it can be a bit academic. People like to get their hands... 3 weeks
AI-powered virtual assistant, Mezi, pivots to focus on travel
TechCrunch  A startup that originally launched as an AI-powered virtual assistant, Mezi, has pivoted to focus on travel only. And why not? There’s little to do online that’s more annoying than booking... 3 weeks
Google grasps Snapchat’s head of research amid strong pushes in machine learning and AI for cloud services
9to5Google The more Google reveals its cards for the future, the more it seems clear... 3 weeks
Google is making a big machine learning and AI push in cloud services
THE VERGE Today, Google Cloud chief Diane Greene announced the company’s new push in machine learning and artificial intelligence. There’s now a new group... 3 weeks
Microsoft partners with OpenAI to 'democratize artificial intelligence'
Windows Central As part of its efforts to "democratize artificial intelligence" (AI) and make it accessible to all, Microsoft has announced a new partnership with OpenAI, an AI research non-profit backed by a number... 3 weeks
Microsoft is partnering with Elon Musk’s OpenAI to protect humanity’s best interests
THE VERGE Microsoft’s artificial intelligence research division has announced a partnership with the Elon Musk-backed nonprofit OpenAI. As part of the deal, OpenAI will get access... 3 weeks
Microsoft partners with Elon Musk-backed researcher on AI - CNET
CNET OpenAI also will use Microsoft's Azure cloud computing software to run its experiments. 3 weeks
Snowden discusses Facebook’s fake news controversy
TechCrunch  Facebook is facing post-election criticism that it did not do enough to weed out fake news on the platform, allowing viral false stories to spread and influencing the election result. The social network experimented with AI... 3 weeks
UK-based AI startup Gluru is building a smarter task manager
TechCrunch  Gluru, a UK-based startup that’s building an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered task manager, has raised a $2 million seed round. Backers include Sussex Place Ventures, SaatchInvest, Gecad, and Playfair... 3 weeks
Nexar’s vehicle-to-vehicle network will use dash cam AI to prevent accidents
TechCrunch  Cars are on their way to pooling their collective smarts, but vehicles that have built-in communication tech and intelligence processing are still a ways off for... 3 weeks
Humanity and AI will be inseparable
THE VERGE The Verge 2021 In celebration of our 5th anniversary, this month we’re publishing a series of interviews with innovative leaders about what the next five years hold. To read more about this series, read our editor... 3 weeks
Fully autonomous AI driving company AImotive expands to the U.S.
TechCrunch  Level 5 self-driving tech is the highest variety, which aims for fully autonomous vehicles with no need of human steering mechanisms. AdasWorks, a Budapest-based startup launched in 2015,... 3 weeks
Groundbreaking tech will make Cortana's hearing as good as ours
Windows Central If you feel like Cortana just doesn't get you, improvements may be on the way. We all want to know the person we're talking to is listening to... 3 weeks
Adobe makes big bets on AI and the public cloud
TechCrunch  Adobe held its annual MAX conference for users of its Creative Suite earlier this month. That’s where the company usually announces new and upcoming features to applications like... 4 weeks
Facebook chose to fight fake news with AI, not just user reports
TechCrunch  Facebook built two versions of a fix for fake news this year, and decided to trust algorithmic machine learning detection instead of only user... 4 weeks
The Sky(net) isn't falling. Yet.
CBC A reality check about the current limitations of AI. 4 weeks
From Reactive Robots to Sentient Machines: The 4 Types of AI
LIVE SCIENCE We need to do more than teach machines to learn. We need to overcome the barriers that separate machines from us – and us from them. 4 weeks
Defining our relationship with early AI
TechCrunch  AI has fascinated mankind for more than half a century, with the first public mention of computer intelligence recorded during a London lecture by Alan Turing in 1947. Once a plot device for science-fiction tales, AI... 4 weeks
Pro-Trump CEO gets booted from Y Combinator over harassment concerns
TechCrunch  Andrew Torba, founder of conservative social network Gab.ai, has been removed from Y Combinator’s alumni network. Read More 4 weeks
Pro-Trump CEO gets booted from Y Combinator over harassment claims
TechCrunch  Andrew Torba, founder of conservative social network Gab.ai, has been removed from Y Combinator’s alumni network. Read More 4 weeks
TechCrunch  Brexit and Trump; applied CRISPR and the Gigafactory; the rise of self-driving vehicles, the fall of pollsters; the global saturation of smartphones, the first mass-market VR headsets; the first drone-delivered terror bomb, the first drone drug mule; Signal and the... 4 weeks
Scientists gain a versatile, modern search engine with the AI-powered Semantic Scholar
TechCrunch  Scientific papers come out with such frequency that keeping up with the literature is practically a full-time job for anyone at the cutting edge... 4 weeks
Kitt.ai’s ChatFlow helps you build better chatbots
TechCrunch  The current generation of chatbots is, at best, disappointing. Kitt.ai, which is launching its private beta today, hopes to change that. The team of three AI PhDs that founded the company believes that its ChatFlow... 4 weeks
Kitt.ai’s ChartFlow helps you build better chatbots
TechCrunch  The current generation of chatbots is, at best, disappointing. Kitt.ai, which is launching its private beta today, hopes to change that. The team of three AI PhDs that founded the company believes that its ChatFlow... 4 weeks
Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of DeepMind, to speak at Disrupt London, Dec 5-6
TechCrunch  TechCrunch Disrupt in London is on December 5-6! Not long now! Grab tickets here. As well as Startup Alley and Battlefield, we have a... 4 weeks
PayPal iOS App Update Brings Siri Integration to Send and Receive Money
MacRumors PayPal has updated its iOS app to include Siri integration with support for a variety of languages across 30 countries. In a post on... 4 weeks
​How AI could help save the humble sea cow - CNET
CNET Google's neural network software is being used to scan thousands of photos to detect the cute mammals threatened by extinction. 4 weeks
Counting endangered sea cows is hard, so we’re going to make AI do it
TechCrunch  Can you spot the lone dugong in this image? Look closer. Closer… still no? Try this larger version. Give up?... 4 weeks