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The "Close Encounter" Reality Fix -- The Great "Popular" and "Scientific" Ufology Divide - The Oz Files
THE ANOMALIST Veteran Australian researcher Bill Chalker uses a combined "Afterlife Explorers Conference" and "Close Encounters... 24 hours
Eternal Love And Other Supernatural Phenomena - EsoterX
THE ANOMALIST Twenty Sixteen is drawing to a close, much to the relief of the world, and EsoterX has an uplifting tale of a love that transcends life and death. Duke Casimir isn't too... 2 weeks
Scientists Revive Dead Brains, Discover Key To Consciousness - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Who needs séances and necromancers now that Canadian scientists are getting their Dr. Frankenstein on at Laurentian University? These zombie brains were only observed by Rouleau... 3 weeks
Do You Believe? Near-Death Experience Survivor Recalls 'Amazing' Encounter - Today
THE ANOMALIST While NDEs have no doubt been occurring since the dawn of consciousness, their study has become a growing phenomenon with more and more individuals speaking out... 4 weeks
A Ghost Of The Gallipoli Campaign - Haunted Ohio Books
THE ANOMALIST Not every ghost was a victim of the bloodshed in Gallipoli, writes Sydney Mosley. By way of Chris Woodyard, this is an account of a shared near-death experience... 1 month
How To Eradicate A Ghostly Haunted Mirror?
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS Spirits sometimes get trapped in mirrors when a human dies anywhere their reflection is mirrored. The persons soul is trapped by the natural mystical properties of mirror reflection and they’re unable to cross over to the... 1 month
NDE During Surgery? - Phantoms and Monsters
THE ANOMALIST This report is based on second hand information but is nonetheless wholly intriguing. We seem to be hearing of more NDEs that take place in environments designed to feel familiar or safe to the... 1 month
NDEs in the ICU - Michael Prescott's Blog
THE ANOMALIST Michael Prescott reviews Near Death in the ICU, by Laurin Bellg, MD, finding it fascinating but a little disappointing in its method of combining NDEs in order to protect the identities of... 2 months
Doc Describes Visiting HELL And ‘Smelling Burning Flesh’ In Horror Near-Death Experience - Daily Star
THE ANOMALIST An anesthetist in California recently experienced complications during surgery and found himself on the receiving end of a... 2 months
Myth of an Afterlife? - Paranormalia
THE ANOMALIST Robert McLuhan revisits his earlier review of a book written with the purpose of debunking the case for the afterlife. The book is titled The Myth of an Afterlife: The Case Against Life After Death, and... 2 months
A New Online Survey Is Available For LGBT And Non-Gay Near-Death Experiencers (NDErs) To Take For A New Study And A New ...
THE ANOMALIST If any... 2 months
Stafford Betty: You Don't Become Less By Dying: The Evidence
HUFFINGTON POST There is no need for the good man or woman to fear death. To regret it, yes. For there is so much that is yet to be done.... 2 months
Pete Burns Describes Previous Near Death Experience As ‘A Lovely Feeling’ on The Last Interview - Metro
THE ANOMALIST Only a short while ago the world mourned the passing of Pete Burns, but... 2 months
Spirit of the Blonde Lady
PARANORMAL NEWS The following story happened to one of my closest friends. It is by far one of my favorite true personal encounter stories. Her experience is one of those fascinating stories with a background which can really make a... 2 months
Indian American Physician Turns Spiritual Healer after Experience with the Afterlife - India West
THE ANOMALIST In a tale sounding as if it came from the script for "The Doctor," an Indian American physician has a... 2 months
The Danmar Experiments: Chasing Ghosts to the Tail of the Earth - Esoterx
THE ANOMALIST Back in the early twentieth century, research into the paranormal was anything but dull. William Danmar—architect, civil engineer, and psychical researcher determined... 3 months
Japanese Study Finds That 1 in 5 Dying Patients Experienced Deathbed Visions of Deceased Loved Ones or the Afterlife - D...
THE ANOMALIST Seems like the other side is... 4 months
Kim Treffinger: What You Don't Know About Your Dreams Can Change Everything
HUFFINGTON POST I am finally certain beyond a reason of a doubt that there is much more to reality than we have any idea. And I... 4 months
Dr. Jeffrey Long’s, God and the Afterlife – Science & Spirituality Have Collided - Skeptiko
THE ANOMALIST Alex Tsakiris conducts an insightful interview with Dr. Jeffrey Long, author of God and the Afterlife, and the... 4 months
Near-Death Experience Brings Peace to Vietnam Soldier - Epoch Times
THE ANOMALIST Bill Vandenbush joined the army in 1968 and headed to Vietnam. Suffering terrible injuries during a mission, this infantryman lay dying and suddenly experienced an instant of what... 4 months
Hypnotherapist Scientifically Proves Life After Death - Digital Journal
THE ANOMALIST It looks like Merriam Webster will be modifying the definition of "scientific" to omit adjectives like systematic, methodical, meticulous, or fact-based. Dr. David Newman at the International Hypnothoughts Live conference... 4 months
Latest Near-Death Experience Research Hit Job - Skepiko
THE ANOMALIST Alex Tsakiris interviews one of the authors of the latest NDE book, Near-Death Experiences: Understanding Visions of the Afterlife, and it's not pretty. Tsakiris questions Dr. Mitchell-Yellin regarding his lack of research... 4 months
Stafford Betty: The Looming Divorce Between Religion And The Afterlife
HUFFINGTON POST The question for me is not why Millennials, and not just Millennials, are inclined to divorce religion from the afterlife, but whether this is good for religion. Will... 5 months
The Implications of Natalie Sudman’s Unusual Near-Death Experience in Iraq - The Search For Life After Death
THE ANOMALIST When Natalie Sudman's vehicle hit a roadside bomb in Iraq, the NDE she experienced... 5 months
10 Crazy AF Conspiracy Theories About Dead Celebrities
PARANORMAL NEWS People die: FACT! Even celebrities with all their fame and money aren't safe from the afterlife. But death doesn't have to be the end. Oh no. 5 months
Doctor claims he saw the afterlife in out-of-body experience
PARANORMAL NEWS Dr Rajiv Parti was rushed into the emergency room at UCLA Medical Center on Christmas Eve in 2010 after complications removing his pancreatic cancer. There, he claims, he saw heaven. 5 months
The Death And Afterlife Of A Porn Star - Fate
THE ANOMALIST Frank Savoie was as restless in life as he was in death, recalls Connie Hall-Scott. It's a tale of unfinished business, unruly ghosts, and a psychic's intervention to... 5 months
What Penis Theft Tells Us About Belief, Culture, And Our Brains - Religious Dispatches
THE ANOMALIST Frank Bures makes a powerful case for the suggestibility of humans, and it's kinda concerning too. Vlad Chituc got the... 5 months
Channeling the 'Guardian Spirits' of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump - Mark Russell Bell Blog
THE ANOMALIST Spiritual medium Ryuho Okawa, best known for channeling the guardian spirits (GS) of those still among the living,... 5 months
Exploring Belief In An Animal Afterlife - Veterinary Medicine News
THE ANOMALIST Being a doctor of any stripe requires an understanding of the human condition, especially when it comes to the end of life. A new study asking "Do All... 5 months
T-1000 shape-shifting metal becomes a reality
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Engineers at RMIT University in Melbourne have announced a breakthrough in liquid-metal technology. The T-1000 from 'Terminator 2: Judgement Day' may ... 6 months
Afterlife on Film: Hospital Security Camera Captures “Human Soul” Leaving Dead Body
WEEK IN WEIRD An eerie CCTV video has been making the rounds this week, and it appears to show what many are claiming is a human soul... 6 months
Largest Study Ever Concludes That There Is Life After Death
DISCLOSE.TV There is scientific evidence to suggest that life can continue after death, according to the largest ever medical study carried out on the subject ... 6 months
In Near-Death Experiences, Blind People See for First Time - Epoch Times
THE ANOMALIST There is now more evidence indicating our consciousness does not cease at the time of death. Reportedly, experiencers of NDEs who were blind from... 6 months
Canal found under Mayan temple could be gateway to afterlife
DISCLOSE.TV Archaeologists in Mexico have discovered an ancient canal system under the tomb of a Mayan ruler, which they say could be the civilization's symbolic entrance to the underworld... 6 months
Why You Don't Know Your Own Mind - New York Times
THE ANOMALIST The ancient Greek admonition of "know thyself" is tougher than mainstream science believes, finds Alex Rosenberg. Outlining the counterintuitive and contradictory theories, like mind-reading, the hard... 6 months
Media Continues to Spread Misleading Information about Near-Death Experiences - The Search For Life After Death
THE ANOMALIST This post takes on multiple reports regarding the phenomena of NDEs and soundly wipes the floor... 6 months
Haunting photo from fatal motorcycle crash
FREAK LORE Freak Lore Freak Lore - Ghosts, Demons, UFO's and more!   There are certain moments which define your perspective on the afterlife. This photo is certainly one of them. It was taken by... [[ This is... 6 months
UCR Researchers Examine The Nearly Dead - The Press Enterprise
THE ANOMALIST Benjamin Mitchell-Yellin, now a professor of philosophy at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, is co-author (with University of California, Riverside philosophy professor John Fischer) of a... 6 months
eSkeptic for July 6, 2016
SKEPTIC In this week’s eSkeptic, Sebastian Dieguez, cognitive neuroscientist at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, reviews The Myth of an Afterlife: The Case against Life after Death, edited by M. Martin and K. Augustine. 7 months
Heaven is Not for Real
SKEPTIC If they were aiming for success and popularity, the editors of The Myth of an Afterlife have obviously not been paying attention to current trends in publishing that have given us such books as Heaven is for Real,... 7 months
Fourth Of July Founding Fathers Ghost Warning
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS During recent years we have had reports of increased Afterlife activity among the Founding Father’s of the United States Of America. This particular Fourth Of July will fling forth the restless spirits of any... 7 months
Independence Day Founding Fathers Spirit Warning
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS During recent years we have had reports of increased Afterlife activity among the Founding Father’s of the United States Of America.  This particular Fourth Of July will fling forth the restless spirits of any number of... 7 months
Deathnauts: Strange Scientific Journeys Into the Afterlife - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST There are scientists who are set on proving NDE's are more than hallucinations or the misfires of a brain shutting down. They are doing remarkable work, and neither... 7 months
Enormous Atmospheric Anomaly That Spans The Entire Planet Detected On Venus
INCREDIBLE! Man comes forward with physical proof of Bigfoot
Trackdown Shakedown - Snopes
Giant Staircase and Under-Ice Building Spotted in Antarctica - Mysterious Universe
Nanny Cam Captures Chilling Paranormal Activity
Ghosts of Seguin Island: Investigate an Isolated Lighthouse Haunted by a Bloody Axe Murder
Explained: Chilean Navy "UFO Video" -- Aerodynamic Contrails, Flights IB6830 and LA330 - Metabunk
Is Queen Silvia of Sweden's palace haunted ?
15th Century 'Ghost Prince' Photographed at Tower of London?
Maine’s Haunted Parsonsfield Seminary is Home to Aggressive Ghosts and Overwhelming Sadness
Footage Of Marine Biologists Encountering A Huge Glowing Sea Creature
Real Zombie Apocalypse Would Wipe Out Humans in Less than 100 Days
Chateau Laroche: Ohio’s Mysterious Loveland Castle is Haunted by the Ghost of its Creator
Former Game Warden Shares Trail Cam Video of Supposed Bigfoot
Was New ‘Amityville: The Awakening’ Film Sabotaged by Real-Life ‘Amityville Horror’ Survivor?
Legendary 'Chupacabra' Beast Captured In Ukraine
The Bloody History of the Edinburgh Vaults Has Made it the Most Haunted Place in Scotland
Rwanda Bans Witchcraft on the Soccer Pitch - Mysterious Universe